Psoriasis skin disease: stages of the disease, treatment, diet

Psoriasis is a skin disease transmitted by inheritance, manifested in the form of scaly red-purple plaques on the skin of the wearer. When diagnosing psoriasis, the following symptoms are distinguished: the surface layer of the plaque is separated in the form of a kind of shavings, point wounds are opened, the area of ​​the plaque is covered with a terminal film.

Types of Psoriasis

Although the course of the disease, psoriasis depends on the individual characteristics of the body of each person, all the same, four main stages can be distinguished:

  • Initial;
  • Progressive;
  • Stationary;
  • Regressive.

The initial stage of psoriasis can be recognized by the point rash of a red-violet hue mainly on the elbows, legs, head. Psoriasis of this form may resemble a burn or a simple allergic skin reaction. It is treated, as a rule, with moisturizing ointments, coupled with a rejection of bad habits and a special diet. Often, the disease in the early stages manifests itself in young children. It is believed that the cure of psoriasis at this stage prevents its transition to a chronic form.

The progressive stage is expressed in more dense plaques. Psoriasis treatment at this stage is strictly under the supervision of a doctor. As a rule, periodic intravenous and intramuscular injections with a subsequent "waste" course are prescribed.

The stationary stage is a kind of post - the medical stage of the course of the disease. Usually, in the stationary phase, positive changes are characteristic, such as: stopping inflammatory processes, stopping the development of all plaques, except for control ones, relieving itching, and reducing peeling.

The regressive stage is the final stage of the course of psoriasis. As a rule, at this stage the rash is reduced to a minimum, and the plaque itself becomes a flat spot, which, of course, does not mean that the disease goes away completely and will not return.

Some doctors believe that psoriasis, from a technical point of view, is simply a consequence of arrhythmic division of skin cells. In other words, these are patches of old dead skin that new skin does not quickly replace quickly, and that, in turn, does not have time to die to the end and appears as convex plaques. Given the long-established pattern between the nervous system and psoriasis, carriers of this disease can be advised to monitor the emotional background, first of all, and only then turn to medical care.

For the treatment of this dermatological disease, it is recommended to use Healthy cream for the treatment of psoriasis, which is made from beekeeping products and has many useful properties, both for prevention and for eliminating skin diseases. Cream is also effective. Psorilax, which consists of plant extracts that promote disinfection of the skin.

Diet for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease in which the skin is affected, but sometimes a feeling of discomfort in the joints and legs is possible. The diet for psoriasis has a gentle effect on all organs of the digestive tract. Only doctors can prescribe this diet, since they need to monitor the patient’s healing process, whether his metabolism has improved or not.

This diet helps to get rid of problems with the liver and intestines, it helps to cleanse the body of toxins, which is why after a short period of time, a person’s skin becomes normal.

Patients with psoriasis have practically no immunity, there are problems with the metabolism, there are malfunctions in the system responsible for the metabolism and restoration of oxides. Dietary factors have the ability to control psoriasis, sometimes exacerbating its processes or dulling them. Sometimes this disease has a hereditary predisposition.

When diagnosed with psoriasis, it is recommended to eat fruits, drink fruit juices. Grapes should be treated with caution, and blueberries, currants and cranberries should be consumed in limited quantities. It is allowed to eat apples and bananas, but only as a single product. It is strongly recommended that you consume vegetables, but it is advisable to eat meat no more than 2 once a week. You can include almost any fish in the diet, but only in boiled form.

Caution should be taken in the diet of meat products, cheese, sugar, and butter. It is necessary to completely abandon preservatives, products containing a large number of spices and dyes. Alcoholic beverages should be eliminated completely, especially champagne and beer. Eating seafood is also undesirable.

From dairy products, you should choose the one that contains the minimum amount of salt and fat. To prevent calcium deficiency in the body, eat raisins, cabbage and green turnips.

During an exacerbation, it is necessary to use an enema. To increase the alkaline reaction in the body, give up cigarettes, experience positive emotions more often, and exercise.

How to eat with psoriasis

Diet for psoriasis involves a significant reduction in the use of salt and salty products. It should be reduced to a small amount of sugar and sweetener consumption, refuse honey, sweets and flour products. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed by the body, leads to weight loss, weakens the inflammatory mechanisms in the body, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the treatment of the disease.

Eat foods that have polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids in the body lead to the regulation of biological processes in the body. PUFAs have an anti-inflammatory effect, improving the condition of cells and skin.

If you are prone to constipation, you should eat foods containing a large amount of dietary fiber, as well as dishes containing greens, salads with vegetable oil, vinaigrettes. These fibers have the ability to establish a metabolic process, maintaining the balance of minerals in the human body.

With psoriasis in the body, the balance of minerals and vitamins is disturbed, so it is important to eat foods containing a large amount of vitamins and minerals in the diet. A large number of B vitamins are located in the beef liver, but you can easily find bioflavonoids in citrus fruits.

The antioxidant maintains a good condition of nails and skin, therefore their use is important for everyone who suffers from psoriasis. Supplement your diet with foods containing a large amount of calcium, since it is calcium that has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. You will find a large amount of calcium in cottage cheese, as well as other dairy products.

The intake of zinc in the body should be timely, since zinc produces protein, due to which the wound healing process occurs quite quickly. It is worth noting that zinc enhances immunity in the body of a person suffering from psoriasis.

Diet for psoriasis lasts about 2-3 weeks, it consists of reducing fat intake per day to 75 grams, adding to this a large consumption of protein-containing foods. A large number of dairy products, fruits and vegetables are introduced into the diet.

Approximately several times a week, it is recommended to arrange fasting days to improve the metabolism. On fasting days it is allowed to eat meat broths consisting of 400 grams of boiled beef without salt. This broth must be eaten per day in 5 servings. It is allowed to drink a few glasses of rosehip tea or 2 mugs of sugar-free tea from the liquid.

A fruit diet will help bring your body back to normal. During the first breakfast, you need to eat a cabbage salad, which includes carrots and an apple. At 2 breakfast, you need to make mashed vegetables, drink it with a glass of juice. For lunch, cook yourself a soup without meat and prepare a vegetable salad. During snacks, you can drink a glass of broth of wild rose, as well as eat grated carrots. Dinner will consist of vinaigrette and a glass of dried fruit compote.

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