Dianol 1 - Dianol - capsules for diabetes mellitus therapy

Dianol is a drug created from natural ingredients, intended for people suffering from diabetes. The drug regulates blood sugar levels and helps prevent pathological conditions. Thanks to this product, you can restore ...
insumed medeurope - Insumed - to normalize blood sugar

Insumed Is a supplement created for people with diabetes. This capsule product lowers blood sugar levels, normalizes metabolism and improves overall physical condition ...
insumed kapsuly - INSUMED to normalize blood sugar and diabetes

INSUMED These are capsules for normalizing blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes. The action of the components of the capsules is aimed at preventing an increase in the amount of glucose, as well as protecting the walls of the blood ...
dialine i suganorm dlya lecheniya diabeta - Suganorm и Dialine for diabetes

These drugs are in demand in the treatment of diabetes. Compare their compositions and actions, consider the differences in the indications and contraindications, talk about the correct dosage regimens. The article describes in detail where ...
dialine diabet - Capsules Dialine for diabetes

Dialine This is a new diabetes product that has recently appeared in Europe and Thailand. According to the manufacturer of this drug, it is able to prevent the development of diabetes and lead to ...

The presented section contains the best medicines for the treatment of diabetes. These include the latest developments of leading pharmaceutical companies and drugs that have proven their worth over decades of use. Among the proposals are drugs:
• for insulin-dependent patients;
• those people who do not need constant administration of insulin.
The choice of the optimal drug is determined only by the doctor. The main result of taking each drug is the successful maintenance of blood sugar levels of 4,0 - 5,5 mmol / L.
Among the options offered are:
• Diabetic drugs derived from sulfonylureas. Their effect is to affect beta cells responsible for the production of insulin in the pancreas. This group of drugs is able to have an effective positive effect on the quality of the kidneys, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This type of drug is usually prescribed in the treatment of type I diabetes. The dosage is determined for each patient individually, depending on age, blood glucose level and other indicators.
• Stimulation of insulin production is also possible through the use of meglitinides similar in therapeutic effect. It is important to consider that this type of drug is not used in the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
• Biguanides help improve glucose uptake in the body. Equally, as prescribed by a specialist, they are used in the treatment of diseases of type I and II. Validity period lasts from 6 to 18 hours. During this period, the level of absorption of glucose and fat from the intestine is significantly reduced.
• We are similar in principle to the action of thiazolidinediones. Taking this medication option is associated with an increase in the number of adverse events. Cannot be used in the treatment of type I diabetes mellitus.
• The release of sugar from the liver and an increase in the level of insulin production are promoted by the example of a new type of medicine - gliptins. A feature of the new drug is the minimum number of such effects, they actually do not affect the change in the patient’s body weight.
All the medicines on the website page designed to help patients reduce the negative impact of a complex diagnosis on quality of life. Among the proposals are also presented combination drugs, alpha-glucosididase inhibitors and other modern medicines. The latest research and development of pharmaceutical companies nowadays prevent the development of this once complex disease, providing many decades of a healthy and comfortable life. The appointment of the drug can only be performed by the attending physician, depending on the type of disease and the nature of the pathology. Due to the wide selection of drugs, an adequate type of therapy is prescribed for each patient of different ages.