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Varicose veins - a disease of the veins of the lower extremities, which is quite common in people whose age is 30 years or older. Often, varicose veins become only a cosmetic defect, some do not even suspect that this is a dangerous disease that requires mandatory treatment. Symptoms of varicose veins are:
• heaviness in the legs, pain;
• the appearance of vascular asterisks;
• edema;
• cramps at night or in the morning;
• thin skin, itching, dry skin.
The development of the disease occurs mainly in women, only a small percentage of the stronger sex suffer from this disease. As a rule, it occurs in obese people, at an older age, with a sedentary lifestyle, during pregnancy, with large loads on the legs.
It is necessary to treat this disease!
On this page of our site you can find the most complete information about drugs for varicose veins. Here are all the most popular tools that will help you cope with this ailment:
• cream;
• gels;
• pills and so on.
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Please note that one or another drug should be prescribed by a qualified doctor after a thorough history of the disease. Self-medication, as well as treatment on the “advice” can only aggravate the situation and exacerbate the stage of the disease.
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