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If you need to ask a question or get advice, fill out the comments form under any article and a qualified specialist will call you back, who will answer all your questions. Please note that the more specifically the question and its subject are asked, the sooner you will receive an answer to your question. "

The most common mistakes visitors make due to which they cannot establish quality feedback:

  • Message subject not specified. The administration of the international medical journal Obzorofoff is not clairvoyant, therefore, it does not understand what kind of product review you have a question about and therefore cannot give a satisfactory answer. Please indicate in the subject line at least the name of the article you read.
  • Empty field in the message. Such a message is automatically detected as spam. Write specifically what the essence of the question is in order to get a detailed detailed answer to it.
  • Invalid phone number. Everything is clear here, if the specified number is incorrect, then it is impossible to get through to you. We recommend that you indicate the phone number in full, that is, in the international format, you can either with the “+” sign, or without it.
  • The page of the site related to your question is not indicated. As you have already noticed, our site is international and includes many different topics, on which the specialists responsible for their specifics work. Therefore, please indicate in the message the address of the page that you viewed and if any question arose on it.