Capsules Prostatricum for the treatment of prostatitis and urological diseases

In this article we will look at capsules. Prostatricum  intended for the treatment of prostatitis and other urological diseases. Prostatitis is a common pathology of sexual and reproductive function in men over 35-50 years old. The disease is increasingly common among young people between 18 and 30 years of age. Without treatment, acute inflammation quickly becomes chronic, complications in sexual life, problems with reproductive function appear. Therapy is conservative, it involves a course of drug therapy and auxiliary methods. The disease can be treated with a safe natural remedy Prostatricum, which is used by many men living in Germany and Italy.

Capsules Prostatricum against prostatitis

What is prostatitis and general information about the pathology

Prostatitis is an infectious lesion of the prostate gland of a bacterial, viral (less often fungal) nature. The disease is accompanied by increased urination, pain in the scrotum, penis, burning and swelling in the urethra, impaired flow intensity. With a complicated pathology, blood, mucus and pus from the urethra appear, erectile function is impaired. Prostatitis requires consultation of a urologist, andrologist with a further analysis of blood, urine, seminal fluid, prostate secretion, as well as ultrasound.

Preparation Prostatricum for the treatment of prostatitis

According to medical statistics, 43% of men over 30 suffer from inflammation of the prostate, up to 85% of patients with prostatitis complain of infertility, erectile dysfunction. The disease contributes to the oncological process, therefore it is so important to start adequate therapy on time.

How it works Prostatricum for the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis drug Prostatricum This is an innovation in the medical treatment of prostate inflammation:

  1. Firstly, the preparation contains exclusively natural components.
  2. Secondly, the full course of treatment allows you to permanently get rid of the disease, which is confirmed by numerous reviews and studies. Capsules Prostatricum have a directed effect against inflammation, as well as a complex effect on the entire genitourinary system:
  • Normalize, stabilize microcirculation of blood, lymph in the pelvic area;
  • regulate local immunity, increase the protective functions of the male body;
  • improve the quality of sexual life;
  • reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.

Given the variety of possible causes of inflammation, Prostatricum can be taken in combination with other medicines (such as antifungal, antiviral, or antibiotic). For recurrent or chronic inflammation, monotherapy is allowed. Capsules eliminate the cause of inflammation, relieve symptomatic manifestations during an exacerbation: burning, itching, pathological discharge from the urethra. At the same time, the capsules help to achieve the following effects:

  • restore tissue with damage to the membranes of the body;
  • destroy pathogens, prevent their reproduction;
  • normalize hormonal levels;
  • improve and stabilize urination, urine pressure;
  • eliminate stagnation;
  • provide psycho-emotional stability and reduce stress.

Capsule feature Prostatricum considered a comprehensive beneficial effect on the body, in particular on the cardiovascular, circulatory, nervous system. The main indication is acute or chronic prostatitis. Thanks to a combination of several directed actions of this drug, you can achieve a good therapeutic result.

How to buy capsules Prostatricum in Italy, Spain, Germany?

Buy capsules for prostatitis Prostatricum It is possible only in the online store at the official representative. The risk of counterfeiting or selling a defective product is excluded. Sale through the official website allows you to control the supply and distribution of the drug, as well as regulate the cost. Buyers do not pay for logistics, suppliers and intermediaries, so the cost is kept within democratic limits.

Capsules Prostatricum can be purchased at a discount of up to 50% in Spain, Germany and Italy.

Buy Prostatricum

Within 15 minutes after placing the order, the company manager calls the customer’s contact number, specifies the delivery address of the goods. As you can see, order capsules Prostatricum very simple, just request a call back or call the hotline. Specialists will answer all your questions. For regular customers there is a system of discounts and pleasant bonuses to purchases.

Attention! You probably often see ads for such drugs on social networks, so you risk buying a fake. Place your order only on the official pages of the suppliers of this product, which are indicated above. Otherwise, you run the risk of receiving a non-original product that looks like this.

Prostatricum counterfeit

Composition of capsules for the treatment of prostatitis

The composition of the capsules Prostatricumintended for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland, includes only natural ingredients: extracts, extracts of medicinal herbs, plants, flowers, natural substances. The following natural components are of key importance in treatment:

  • Zinc. An important component responsible for the full value of men's health. The substance enhances immunity, has a disinfecting and antibacterial effect. Thanks to zinc, blood circulation and lymph flow are restored, and reproductive function improves.
  • Echinacea officinalis extract. The plant component enhances the immune response at the local and systemic level, improves the state of the nervous system, and increases resistance to psychogenic factors. Over 45% of men reported improved sex life. Echinacea extract has a regenerative regenerative effect, starting the process of active cell division.
  • Ginkgo biloba. The plant extract is included in many medicines, cosmetic compositions due to a wide spectrum of action. The natural component has a bactericidal, antimicrobial effect, enhances immunity, restores damaged tissues, normalizes blood circulation and outflow of lymphatic fluid. Ginkgo biloba extract activates the production of testosterone, a male sex hormone that is responsible not only for sexual function, but also for reproduction.
  • Sabal palm fruit extract (palmetto). Natural extract has a powerful stimulator of potency, improves indicators of sexual and reproductive function, increases the stamina of the body.

Herbal composition of capsules Prostatricum

Plant extracts, natural ingredients in an optimal ratio help to get rid of symptoms, improve well-being after a month of continuous use.

Features and benefits of the drug Prostatricum

The benefits of the drug Prostatricum due to its rich composition. Capsules stand out significantly against the background of plant-based analogues due to a wide spectrum of action. According to the results of the study, the following advantages of this product are distinguished:

  • the natural composition of the drug can reduce the risk of side effects;
  • there is the possibility of a safe combination with synthetic medicines for prostatitis;
  • a small list of contraindications;
  • quick elimination of symptoms of the disease;
  • lack of addiction syndrome, withdrawal after stopping the medication.

Vegetable capsules Prostatricum reduce the inflammatory process, reduce symptoms, prevent the risk of complications. The medicine has undergone many clinical studies, it has only positive reviews, ideal for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. The drug is suitable for long-term use, prevents the early aging of the male body, improves resistance to infections of the genitourinary system.

Usage restrictions Prostatricum in the treatment of prostatitis

Despite its many positive effects and natural composition, capsules Prostatricum can not be used in the following cases:

  • allergic reactions to one of the components;
  • early postoperative period on the organs of the genitourinary or reproductive system;
  • chronic bacterial or fungal complex nature;
  • severe damage to the urethra with the need for catheterization of the bladder.

Relative limitations, usually doctors allow the drug Prostatricum as adjuvant therapy. Side effects when taking it are rare, however, when undesirable effects appear, it is recommended to stop treatment, replace the drug, and consult a doctor.

Instructions for use and dosage

The instructions for the drug indicate the allowable daily dosage and duration of administration. Capsules for prostatitis Prostatricum you need to drink 3 times a day 30-45 minutes after eating. The drug does not apply to medicines and active biological additives, therefore it is important to observe a daily dose. The treatment lasts 1 month, after which the reception can be repeated. To improve results and achieve stable remission in chronic prostatitis, you can take capsules Prostatricum within six months.

Capsules are washed down with plenty of water for better absorption. If necessary, you can drink with juice or milk. In no case should you grind it in advance or bite it in your mouth. The capsule shell should open in the stomach.

Comparison Prostatricum with similar medications

Comparison Prostatricum with similar medications

Prostatitis drug Prostatricum It has no absolute analogues, has priority over other medicines for the treatment of prostatitis and other male problems:

  • Prostero. The drug has a good therapeutic effect in relation to the first signs of prostatitis, has a powerful anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effect. Effective for impotence, erectile disorders caused by inflammation of the prostate gland. Prostatricum has a convenient form for admission, an extensive range of therapeutic effects against prostatitis. Unlike Prostero, capsules Prostatricum not only stop the symptoms of prostatitis, but also prevent complications.
  • Revitaprost... Despite the similarity in composition, the remedy helps more from problems with erection, potency, decreased libido against the background of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. Capsules Prostatricum act comprehensively, solving not only the problem of symptoms of prostatitis, but also its consequences.
  • urotrin. The drug affects mainly potency, maintaining testosterone levels in the blood, erectile function. Symptoms of prostatitis are best eliminated by capsules with a natural composition Prostatricum.

Unlike similar drugs, capsules Prostatricum they cope with the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland much more effectively, quickly eliminate the symptoms that cause the deterioration of health.

Customer Reviews on Application Prostatricum

According to the results of research and testing of the drug Prostatricum, reviews about it are extremely positive, both from doctors and from buyers. After a week of taking these capsules, more than 85% of men noted improvement in well-being, restoration of erection and natural libido. After prolonged use of the drug, almost 95% of patients experienced persistent remission in chronic pathology.

Reviews of doctors and customers about capsules Prostatricum

Doctors consider this agent safe to use, except in cases of sensitivity and allergic reactions to the components of the drug. This is what men who have already tried the action of the capsules write in the comments. Prostatricum on myself:

Maxim, 35 years old:

“I was suffering from chronic prostatitis since 33 years old, I was taking medications, its effect was temporary. After a long time taking synthetic medicines, side effects appeared. Capsules for me Prostatricum have become an innovation in urology ”.

Jan, 52 years old:

“Already after 2 months of admission, the condition improved significantly, exacerbation is not observed. Six months later, I will definitely repeat the drug intake Prostatricum».

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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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