Prostero for the treatment of prostatitis - composition of capsules, reviews, price in Europe

Prostero - A new tool for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis, as well as other urological diseases in men. This natural preparation has almost 100% effectiveness, it has few obvious contraindications and side effects. With the correct use of this medication, you can forever forget about the problems associated with unstable erection, decreased libido and pain during urination.

Prostero for the treatment of prostatitis

Impotence is a common problem in men. The disease is increasingly being diagnosed in people over the age of 35. The causes of this disease, as a rule, are bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and unhealthy diet. When the first symptoms appear, treatment should be started to avoid the development of complications. A drug Prostero improves blood circulation in the genitals, eliminates the effects of stress. The result is a persistent and lasting erection, increased sexual desire, stamina and performance.

You can buy a modern tool to increase potency through the Internet. In reviews, buyers write about the fast and long-term effect of the drug. After 2 weeks of treatment, you will again feel like a confident and sexy man who does not have problems with sex.

Where can I buy Prostero with discount

You can order the original drug for the treatment of prostatitis and impotence only on the official website. The price in Europe is 39 euros, in Russia 990 rubles. Manufacturers often hold promotions, so buy capsules Prostero You can even at a discount of 30-50%.

The agent for the treatment of prostatitis described in this article is not implemented through online stores and pharmacies. When retailing, the price of the product increases, and therefore the risk of purchasing fake medicine increases.

Delivery is carried out by post and courier services. Terms within 3-8 days. Shipping cost depends on the remoteness of the region. All parcels are delivered in tight packaging, no one except you will know what is inside.

Buy Prostero at a discount it is possible in many countries of the European Union. On the territory of each country, delivery from an official distributor


Prostero buy at a discount

Principle of drug action Prostero

Prostero Is a biogenic herbal preparation with a complex action. Helps men get rid of prostatitis, impotence, diseases of the genitourinary system. Useful properties - anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antioxidant. The tool is suitable for the treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunctions in men of different ages.

Let's look at how this drug works for the treatment of male diseases:

  • active substances relax the smooth muscles of the penis, improves blood circulation in the internal organs of the small pelvis;
  • prostate function is restored, increases the viability of sperm and the quality of seminal fluid;
  • an erection improves, the duration of sexual intercourse increases;
  • eliminates signs of the inflammatory process and pain, normalizes the process of urination;
  • restores the microflora of the genital organs, strengthens the immune system;
  • normalizes the level of testosterone responsible for natural sex drive;
  • restores an erection to stable norms.

The active substances of the drug are completely dissolved in the body, the ingredients begin to act after 20-30 minutes. This tool quickly eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of male diseases - decreased potency, pain in the groin and lower back, and pain when urinating.

Important! Prostero It directly affects the causes that caused the disease and successfully neutralizes them.

The composition and form of the release of potency enhancing agents Prostero

Prostero - a natural remedy, the composition contains only plant components. The ingredients enhance the therapeutic effect of each other, they are collected in ecologically clean places. The main components are antlers of the Altai deer, red root, beaver musk.

More detailed capsule composition Prostero You can see in the photo.

The composition of the capsules Prostero

Form of preparation:

  1. In Asian countries: Drops, which are used to treat and eliminate symptoms of prostatitis. Volume - 10 ml.
  2. For Europe, the drug is made in the form of capsules, which help maintain potency in the norm. Each capsule contains 500 mg of the active substance, in 1 pack of 20 pcs.

The plant components included in the capsule composition have been used for many years to enhance libido and restore erection. The tool helps to maintain sexual activity for men of any age, prevents the appearance of erectile dysfunction, dangerous pathologies of the genitourinary sphere. Before use, carefully study the annotation, it is in each package of the drug Prostero.

Indications for use Prostero

The main indication for taking capsules and drops Prostero - decreased sexual activity, unstable or weak erection, premature ejaculation. You need to take medicine for prostatitis for the following violations:

  • frequent urination, pain and pain when the bladder is empty;
  • sexual dysfunction of varying severity;
  • infertility caused by poor sperm quality;
  • psychological impotence;
  • the allocation of ureaplasma, pus, mucus, blood from the urethra;
  • frequent bouts of pain, tingling, pressure in the lower back, muscles;
  • periodically tormented by constipation or diarrhea;
  • frequent colds due to a decrease in immunity.

Also, many men use these capsules to prolong sexual contact, the drug provides a brighter orgasm. Do not forget about the preventive effect of capsules. Doctors recommend taking Prostero all men over 35 years old to prevent the development of impotence and dangerous diseases of the genitourinary organs.

Contraindications and side effects

Prostero should not be taken with individual intolerance to the components, persons under 18 years old, women. It is necessary to use the medicine with caution in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver. With the correct use of the drug, there are no side effects. Exceeding the dosage causes the risk of allergic reactions: rash, itching and redness of the skin. If used incorrectly, diarrhea, nausea are often observed.

Important! No sharing allowed Prostero even with small doses of alcoholic beverages.

How to use the drug Prostero

For effective treatment, take capsules and drops Prostero at the same time. With the right medication, sexual life is improved, health is improved, and nervous tension passes.

A drug made in the form of drops is easy to take. Dissolve 120 drops in 15 ml of warm water. The solution should be drunk immediately after preparation, 30 minutes before meals. Take the medicine in the morning and evening. Course duration - 1 month.

Take capsules 1 piece 3 times a day, half an hour before meals. Duration of treatment is 4 weeks.

Components of medication Prostero act quickly, have a cumulative effect. The positive effect of treatment is noticeable after 7-10 days, lasts long after the end of the course.

Instructions to the drug Prostero

The benefits Prostero before analogues

Prostero - a natural preparation that acts quickly and comprehensively, has a minimum number of contraindications and side effects. There are other effective medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and prostatitis, you can find their descriptions on the website

  1. Cream Healthy. Effectively helps with prostatitis, relieves burning, itching, normalizes the process of urination. But Prostero has a wider spectrum of action, taking the drug is much more convenient and pleasant than using an external remedy.
  2. Patch ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster. Eliminates many urological diseases in men. Acts a little faster, but not very convenient to use.
  3. Viagra. A popular tool to increase potency. Viagra has many contraindications, negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver. Price Prostero significantly lower, the natural product is absolutely safe even for older men.
Rating of drugs used to treat prostatitis
Rating of popularity of drugs for the treatment of prostatitis

Important! The drug for the treatment of impotence Prostero and prostatitis is mild, non-addictive. Unlike its synthetic analogues, it does not cause side effects.

How to order capsules in Russia and the CIS countries

Make a drug order Prostero just, you just have to do 3 actions:

  1. Go to the official website of the manufacturer.
  2. Fill the form. Enter your personal information and phone number. All information is protected.
  3. Click the Order button.

Prostero buy at a discount

A consultant will contact you within 15-30 minutes. You can ask him any questions about the drug. Prostero, confirm and place the delivery order.

Opinion of doctors and patients about the effectiveness Prostero

The drug for the treatment of the effects of impotence and prostatitis is positively answered by doctors and buyers. According to men Prostero really helps to cope with these problems, acts quickly and does not cause side effects. Patients note the low price of the medicine and the ease of use.

When writing a review about capsules for the treatment of prostatitis, in a medical journal customer reviews from specialized forums and social networks are used. Text, grammar and punctuation are preserved.

Mikhail, 45 years old, builder

“With age, problems with potency began to arise, then prostatitis was also discovered. Not life, but some kind of hell. I accidentally saw a site about the drug Prostero, I thought that was another divorce. But the price was affordable, I decided to order. And did not regret it. After a month, all the symptoms of the disease disappeared, and I had no such wonderful sex in my youth. ”

Kirill, 30 years old, office worker

“Because of my shyness, I always had problems with girls, stress after failures only aggravated the situation. Ordered Prostero on the official website, took a month strictly according to the instructions. Now I always and everything turns out, you just want to. There is no trace left of the complexes. ”

Pavel, 55 years old, military man

“I have no problems with potency, but prostatitis was tortured, exacerbations arose more and more often. The wife ordered the capsules, drank them for a month. The pain and all the symptoms disappeared, the disease has not bothered for 6 months. "

Sergey, 58 years old, security guard

“For a long time I suffered discomfort during urination, I really did not want to go to the doctor, now the specialists are not very. Accidentally found a site about this drug, read reviews, ordered. After just a few days, the treatment became much better. ”

Negative reviews of the drug Prostero most often associated with the acquisition of fake goods, non-compliance with instructions for use, individual characteristics of the body. Here's what a fake of this product looks like, which is often advertised on social networks.

Forgery Prostero

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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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  1. Anna

    About Prostero I decided to write (albeit a woman), because it is shameful for a man to admit such a disease. At least my husband thinks so. He is a trucker by profession. He contracted prostatitis this winter when his truck broke down and had to lie under the car for half the night before he could fix it himself. Naturally, the disease was not long in coming - it manifested itself in all its terrible symptoms. Of course, I cannot convey all his pain, but respected men who were sick do not need a description of the symptoms. I'd rather share my opinion about the drug that helped us. I say "us" because, although he was sick, he was, and we both suffered. First, of course, it affected the potency. Secondly, difficulty with urination. Well, plus all the rest of the unpleasant bouquet of manifestations ... Whatever the husband did, to whatever doctors he went, is useless. And only these pills really helped. It is important that the product is 100% natural. I think that is why it does not have side effects on the body and helps in a hundred percent of cases. The price is normal. But we were bribed by the fact that you can buy it only on the official website, which in turn excludes the possibility of a fake! This is important for us!

  2. Alexander

    After 30, my prostate made itself felt. I have all orz, orvi, I have kidneys and inflammation of the prostate. My legs have cooled a little, I'm already suffering. He did not sound the alarm until problems with potency began.
    The first signals began to appear at 37 years old. I began to notice that sex drive is disappearing. Although the work is not sedentary, it is not physical either. I don’t particularly get tired, but I wanted sex less and less. I did not attach much importance to this.
    At 41, he became very cold in winter fishing. There were excruciating pains when urinating. He went to the doctor, I was immediately prescribed a lot of tests and after the examination I had to pay more than 20 rubles for a long course of treatment. The pains are really gone, but for a while. As soon as I caught a cold, then everything returned.
    My wife found these pills. She was advised on the forum. I already had experience of treatment, and did not believe that something would save me, but my wife ordered. Delivery took 12 days to me in Tyumen. I started taking it on the same day according to the instructions.
    The pain disappeared after 3 days. I was surprised and continued to take the drug. I drank three weeks and already felt that my potency had changed. Sexual life has improved, everything has become much better than it was at 37 years old. Analyzes are clean. And most importantly, for half a year now I definitely do not know what prostatitis is. I continue to go fishing, even freeze, but the inflammation of the prostate does not bother me anymore. Definitely recommend a proven drug.

  3. Valery

    I was sincerely surprised when I contracted prostatitis. It seemed that this trouble would definitely bypass me, but it did not work. Although there were no prerequisites for the development of the disease. I lead an active lifestyle, I do not eat any nonsense, I observe the regime and do not abuse bad habits. And okay if there was only pain when urinating! So as a man, I became a complete zero. Problems with "going small" did not bother me much, but problems arose with the MOST MAJOR. Medicines did not help much, and I did not want to use Viagra and other things. There is considerable benefit from such things, they can help out in the event of force majeure, but they also give a huge load on the body. And what kind of man am I if I have to use such means? It's good that friends have not left in trouble, they advised ProsteroAn excellent remedy without side effects. It helped my friends, so it should be in the subject. I studied the official website, read reviews and decided to take a chance - I ordered the medicine. I took it strictly according to the instructions, and soon things began to improve. The pain is gone completely, the frequent urges have disappeared, and most importantly - the intimate life has improved and has filled with a key! There were no more problems with the lower floor and, I hope, will not be.

  4. Oleg

    So this common male disease did not pass me by, at first there were slight pains when urinating with a slight burning sensation, I did not pay much attention, I thought simple hypothermia. I went to the doctor when purulent discharge from the urethra had already appeared. The diagnosis was disappointing - chronic prostatitis. Treatment in the clinic did not give a positive result. And then there were problems with potency, they explained to me that this was due to my illness, nothing surprising. Honestly, my hands dropped, life was no longer the same, I felt like an inferior man, also these aching pains in the lower abdomen. He shared his problem with a childhood friend, it turns out that he also suffered from this ailment not so long ago. Well, how did he recover, but I did not? A friend advised to order a herbal preparation Prostero from prostatitis and to increase libido. He threw me a link to the official website of the manufacturer, I read the reviews, looked at the composition and immediately placed an order for several packages, for sure. The delivery was not delayed, the drug was in capsules, a convenient form for me, you can take with you to work. I took it clearly according to the instructions three times a day, before meals. Within a week I felt a positive effect, and at the end of the full course I completely forgot about my illness. Even the doctor at the next examination confirmed that I have no prostatitis. Thanks!

  5. Basil

    Good afternoon!
    In fact, the problem of a "second heart" for a man is very sensitive. And, as often happens, it sneaks up unnoticed. Sedentary work, constant stress - all this gradually accumulates. And the first "failure" always unexpectedly and painfully hits the pride. It is good that today there are many good medicines for the timely treatment and prevention of prostatitis. Prostero for the treatment of prostatitis - their worthy representative. Its most important difference Prostero from similar analogs - completely natural ingredients. Herbs, natural ingredients. And what is important for me personally - at a very attractive price. In Russia, you can buy for 990 rubles, or 39 euros in Europe. By the way, you need to follow the stocks, there is always an opportunity to buy much cheaper.
    I will share my impressions. The effect, of course, will not come immediately. But by the end of the monthly course, the changes will become more pronounced. Most importantly, nervous tension and self-doubt will subside. Confidence is worth a lot today. The erection and its duration will clearly improve. After a month's course, it is better to look at the sensations and take Prostero for prevention purposes. In general, I recommend it.

  6. Miron

    The problem of prostatitis began to appear in me for a long time. I put off going to the doctor more and more indefinitely. I explained my frequent trips to the toilet to myself as hypothermia of the kidneys and excessive amount of drinking water. And when problems began in bed with my wife, I was no longer up to explanations and reasons. I went to the doctor right away, underwent an examination and it turned out that my prostatitis had practically passed into the second stage. They wrote out a whole bunch of synthetic drugs from which it turned out to be of little use. Then they advised me a new drug Prosterorecently on sale, which has already helped many people. This drug is completely made from plant substances and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, bactericidal and regenerative effects. After some time, as I started taking it, I noticed a significant improvement in my urogenital system. The pills did not cause me any side effects, they are easy to carry and really really help. Now I'm sure that my complete cure is just around the corner. In the meantime, the endless urge to urinate has stopped and everything has returned to normal with my wife. I am completely confident in the effectiveness and positive dynamics with these pills and recommend to all men who have encountered such a problem as prostatitis.

  7. Victor

    Pills Prostero Is a very good solution to the problem associated with the treatment of prostatitis. My illness began relatively recently, I have already tried a lot of different drugs and none of them helped me to cure prostatitis completely. Then my friends recommended me to try this drug. Yes, these tablets are hard to find in regular pharmacies. You need to order delivery only on the official website, because a lot of fakes are sold. So, the drug must be taken strictly according to the instructions, you should not increase the recommended dosage. Although there seem to be no special contraindications, it is still better to be careful. I took this drug for about a month. Of course, immediately, there was no good result. But according to the symptoms, less and less I began to experience pain when urinating. After two months of treatment, these pains disappeared altogether. The drug is really worthwhile, there are no side effects. I am very pleased that I started taking this drug and ultimately defeated prostatitis.

  8. Oleg

    When faced with a disease such as prostatitis, the diagnosis was made six months ago, you do not deftly begin to think about your life. This topic is very painful for men and it is not particularly customary to discuss it. After I was diagnosed with this, of course I was prescribed a comprehensive drug treatment, which unfortunately did not produce any special (such as I would like) results. After consulting in several clinics, I was advised to try capsules Prostero, of course, I had not experienced any special illusions by that time, but as they say, hope dies last. The only difficulty is that it is not available in pharmacies, but in such cases there is the Internet, I ordered it on the site, from the beginning for testing, it costs a little. It should be taken in the morning and in the evening before meals, the drug showed a good result, after a couple of weeks I began to feel better, pain during urination began to pass. I liked the composition of the drug - herbal, which in itself is good. In general, I want to recommend this drug to all those who, like me, have encountered this disease, as it turns out there is a way out. And if there is an opportunity it is better to replace the usual drug treatment with treatment with these capsules.

  9. Igor

    The fact that I may have prostatitis, and even at 45, I did not even think about and did not immediately understand about it. At first, frequent urge to the toilet began (I got up 2-3 times at night), and then problems arose with potency, but at that moment my wife sharply drew attention and simply made me go to the doctor. Having gone through the examination, the doctor nevertheless ascertained a diagnosis so unpleasant for me as the initial stage of prostatitis already passing into the second stage. The doctor immediately recommended that I start not with synthetic drugs that are addictive and side effects, but with Prostero, which includes only plant components that are not addictive and side effects, but rather contribute to the restoration of libido and the solution of problems with prostatitis in general. One course consisted of 6 packs of the drug (1 capsule per day for 4 weeks).
    Actually, already in the second week of taking this drug, the problems with frequent urges to urinate disappeared, and at the end of the course the erection was restored, not only restored, but as if I were 22 and I was ready for anything))). Really can recommend Prostero to everyone who faced similar problems!

  10. Karina

    Recently, my husband had problems with potency and frequent going to the toilet, every half hour. Our lovemaking has become very rare. At first I thought it was a matter of psychology. But after being examined by a doctor, my husband was diagnosed with prostatitis. We tried many medicines, but only a natural preparation helped my husband Prostero, which has shown its full effectiveness in treatment. The tool has no side effects, which also speaks of its benefits for the male body. I even noticed that my husband became less nervous. After taking these capsules for a month, my beloved felt much better. He was no longer bothered by frequent urination and pain at the same time, the potency returned to normal. It even got better than it was before. Her husband's sexual appetite increased, the duration of contact became significantly higher. To say that I am satisfied is to say nothing! The price, of course, is not very cheap, but it's worth it. Moreover, we managed to order these capsules with a 30% discount. The application is processed quite quickly, there were no problems with delivery either.

  11. Alexander

    The topic for men is of course very scrupulous. But, unfortunately, with age, it becomes very relevant. I live in a small town in the Perm Territory; I found a prostatitis at the age of 45. It’s good that my wife decided to consult a specialist right away, only when the first symptoms appear. In general, the drug Prostero purchased via the Internet, I don’t remember the exact amount now, about 2000 rubles. It seems not so small, but with respect to all those drugs that I have tried for almost 2 years, it’s a penny. What can I tell you about effectiveness - now the problem of prostatitis does not bother me at all! Finally, there were such serious innovative developments that help people live. Since at my age, it seems, it’s not yet old, it seems like I want to live and my sexual desire has not died out, therefore it is extremely important for me to be healthy, for myself, my family, my wife, children!
    I would also like to note the herbal composition of the drug, which is very important for me and its mild gradual, therapeutic effect. The pain symptom disappeared already on the second or third day. Now I want to tell others who suffer from diseases of this kind that the drug is working, good, be sure to try it, just beware of fakes!

  12. Marina Kolotko

    We have been married for more than 20 years with our husband, we got married early, therefore, having been married for 20 years, we are not old. Children have already grown up and decided that it was our time to live for themselves. But, our happiness did not last long; my husband started having problems with potency. Although it was embarrassing for her husband to admit that we have to forget about sex. I, as a healthy and full-bodied woman, really upset me. I didn’t want to have a lover, because I love my husband very much. And I decided that I would make every effort to persuade my husband to see a doctor. With the hope that it’s not too late to heal. It cost me a lot of effort and tricks to persuade him to seem to the right specialists. I have succeeded. As it turned out, the husband has not lost everything yet, you can return his potency to him. He, as it turned out, has psychological impotence. The doctor attributed the drug Prostero. This drug has a good, natural composition. Used it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Capsules are very convenient and easy to use, very effective, without side effects. After taking the capsules, my husband turned into a real sex giant. I experienced an orgasm, such that in my entire life I have never experienced. Now these capsules are always at hand. Just now, I began to really live when my husband started using these capsules. We started just unforgettable sex. Men do not be ashamed of your problem, try Prostero and give unforgettable sex to your loved ones.

  13. Andrei

    It is not the first time that one has to deal with the problem of prostatitis. And for my sad experience and treatment received from doctors earlier, did not give the desired result. Once again, at the appointment, the doctor recommended me to take a medical course. Picked up the drug Prostero, since it has a rather strong effect on the body, but it was difficult to purchase it in pharmacies in stock, I could not find it. But good, my friend lives in Spain. During another conversation on Skype, I admitted to him that I have such a problem and that it is difficult to find this drug. To my surprise, he immediately responded and promised to find him. It turns out they have it sold in a pharmacy and is quite affordable. He came out for money there in Spain 39EUR, quite and not expensive for him, given our prices. I took the course as the doctor prescribed me, write in the morning and evening before the appointment. The result, oddly enough, became noticeable after a week of taking it, the pain sensations disappeared and the inflammatory process in the body began to disappear. In the next appointment, I explained everything to the doctor and received a satisfactory verdict. The process of inflammation is stopped, although I have category II and there is a high risk of a second process. Ordered for another course in two months, as directed by the doctor. Of course I am satisfied with the result, now I know what to do and what is being treated.

  14. Boris Rostulin

    I can really confirm the effectiveness of the drug Prostero in the fight against prostatitis. When other drugs prescribed to me by doctors did not give good results, I did not even hope that Prostero It somehow helps me, so I was extremely surprised by the result, because I still managed to get rid of prostatitis, although not immediately, because these pills had to be taken for a certain time.
    It is noteworthy that this drug fights not so much with the disease as with the causes, therefore, such an effect is good.
    I ordered such tablets via the Internet on one of the reliable sites. I waited for delivery for almost two weeks, but I can't call the price low either, but what can I do, it makes no sense to make any claims. The most important thing is that the disease has been eliminated.
    Of course, I should also thank the doctor, who immediately told me that everything that I had tried before was just cheap crafts, so they immediately advised me to buy Prostero, for which he really thanks a lot.
    Of course, I am now ready to recommend this drug myself to those who suffer from prostatitis - I hope that it will help you to easily overcome this ailment.

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