Adamour for potency: 10 capsules enhancing an erection and libido

Capsules Adamour return a stable erection 10 minutes after administration. The drug increases sensitivity, allows you to get an unforgettable pleasure from intimate caresses and again returns to the peak of sexual activity. Unlike analogues, it does not cause a headache, does not increase pressure and does not provoke tachycardia. All-natural capsule formulation Adamour It acts gently and effectively. Capsules Adamour for potency

According to statistics, problems with an erection appear in every third man. The reasons may be a decrease in immunity, hormonal disorders, prolonged sexual abstinence, and even overweight. In addition, sexually transmitted infections, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can affect an erection.

Failure in the intimate sphere can lead to stress, irritability, or prolonged depression. Erection problems can be dangerous for the development of prostate adenoma and prostatitis. It also often leads to parting with a loved one and loss of self-esteem. There is an easy way to regain masculine strength - capsules Adamour will make you a welcome lover at any age.

In a pharmacy capsule Adamour You can’t buy it, because they have not yet gone on sale, so read on the conditions for the purchase of this product in Europe.

Price Adamour capsule delivery terms and conditions in Europe

Preparation Adamour can be purchased at a discount can be in many countries of the European Union from the manufacturer of capsules to improve potency, their retail price is from 39 euros. After 20 minutes, the manager will contact you and specify the address for delivery of the goods. Buy Adamour to improve male potency, you can absolutely anonymously and safely on the official website of the manufacturer.

Buy capsules Adamour to improve male potency

You can get this product to enhance your erection by placing an order for delivery by courier or mail. Delivery times are 3 to 7 days. Now this product has a discount for new customers in the amount of 50% of the total cost of the capsules.

List of ingredients included in capsules to enhance erection

To the drug Adamour includes unique natural ingredients collected in ecologically clean places of our planet:

  1. Catuaba. This strong aphrodisiac native to the Brazilian forests increases blood flow in the vessels of the penis, providing a long erection. An extract from a plant helps produce testosterone and increases libido. Also, catuaba enhances mood, gives stamina, enhances sex drive.
  2. Muira puama. Another plant with strong aphrodisiac properties. In Brazil, it is called the potency tree. Muira Puama extract enhances the sensitivity of the penis and gives a vivid sensation during sex.
  3. Emblik (emla, Indian gooseberry, gray balan gray). An extract from the berries and seeds of this plant, which grows in Southeast Asia, helps to increase the duration of sex and improves sperm quality.
  4. Peruvian Maca. Increases sperm motility, prolongs erection and stimulates blood circulation in the penis. In addition, Peruvian poppy has a beneficial effect on the prostate and increases the stamina of the body.
  5. Tribulus. It is an extract from the aerial part of Creeping Tribulus, known for its properties to increase libido, fight impotence caused by stress and affect the duration of sexual intercourse. Also, such an extract from plants increases sexual desire and the production of testosterone, which positively affects male strength.
  6. Complex of zinc, L-arginine and nicotinic acid. The combination of these substances improves the quality of the ejaculate, and also contributes to better microcirculation in the pelvic area in men. In addition, this complex heals the body as a whole and increases endurance during intercourse.

All of the listed components included in the capsule have passed strict environmental and radiological controls. Thanks to such ingredients and herbal supplements in capsule formulations Adamour you can not only improve the quality of sex, but also prolong the sexual intercourse for a long time. You can now have sex as much as you want!

Capsule benefits Adamour for erection and libido

Adamour This is an original German-made drug that helps strengthen male potency and cause a strong erection 10 minutes after applying one capsule.

Preparation Adamour Suitable for men of any age and does not cause an increase in blood pressure during sex.

The modern pharmaceutical market offers many drugs to improve potency. Some of them are Erofertil и Erogan. Both of these drugs cost much less. Adamour, but unlike the latter, they are missing for a short time. They are available in the form of drops and capsules for oral administration and have a completely natural composition.

Thanks to the right combination of components Adamour does not increase blood pressure and does not have a negative effect on health. It acts gently and effectively, does not cause side effects and addiction. Reviews about the drug Erogan indicate that it is not suitable for hypertensive patients. Ginseng root extract in its composition increases blood pressure, and can cause a headache. It should be remembered that all of the listed drugs to enhance libido and erection should not be taken with hypersensitivity to any of the components that make up the composition.

Erofertil and Erogan to improve potency

Concerning Erogan, then the tablets are also inconvenient to take 2 pieces at once at a time, unlike Adamourcreated in the form of small capsules, the shell of which immediately dissolves in the body. This allows the components of the drug to be released almost instantly and begin to act within 10 minutes.

Rules for the use of capsules to enhance erection

Preparation Adamour you need to take one capsule one to two times a day before meals. You can drink it just before sex (preferably on an empty stomach). To wash down with a small amount of water or other liquid. Possible simultaneous administration with alcohol, but not in significant quantities. Adamour completely restores potency. The use of the course helps to bring the level of testosterone hormones to normal. It can also be used to prevent prostate adenoma and prostatitis. In addition, the indications for taking the capsules are:

  • impotence resulting from stress;
  • short sexual intercourse;
  • reduced potency;
  • disappearance of libido.

Persistent erection occurs 10 minutes after taking one capsule. You will receive unforgettable pleasure together with your partner. The sensitivity of the penis increases 4 times, and the amount of sperm ejected from the penis during ejaculation increases 3 times.

Contraindication to admission is individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition. An overdose can cause insomnia, increased heart rate, and upset stomach. The manufacturer warns that men over 60 should consult a doctor before taking Adamour.

Reviews of men about the action of capsules Adamour for erection

Many doctors prescribe to their patients Adamour. Men with potency problems can quickly regain their strength and libido. Experts recommend this drug not only for treatment, but also for prevention to anyone who has even minor problems with an erection.

Capsules for a quick erection

Capsules have a completely natural composition and all components included in them have passed mandatory certification. In addition, the substances in the composition do not contain chemical and toxic substances. Below are customer reviews of the drug Adamour, which can be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer. Men are honest about taking these capsules. All of the opinions below are collected on social networks and on thematic forums.

Heinrich, Berlin:

"I am 59 years old. At this age, almost all men suffer from potency problems. Until I found these capsules, I tried many drugs, but all of them gave a short-term effect and increased pressure. Adamour allowed me to get a stable erection again as in my best years. I used to not feel like a full-fledged person, but now I’m saying with full confidence that my self-esteem has increased, and all thanks to this miracle! Now I have regular sex, and my health is only getting better. ”

Alex, Madrid:

“Until I began to take AdamourI didn’t believe that I could have sex for so long! The erection has become stable, and the sex is beautiful! ”

Victor, Milan:

“Capsules Adamour come to the rescue when I need to stimulate my erection and improve it. I used to have problems of a sexual nature, but now I claim that they completely disappeared. The feelings that I get while making love are simply indescribable. Thanks to this, relations with his wife moved to a new level. A drug Adamour helped us save the family. ”

Pierre, Paris:

“Over the past few years, I have taken many different pills, drops and capsules, and I can say that Adamour no worse than expensive counterparts. Convenient reception and reasonable price make it a favorite among similar drugs. I want to add that after using these capsules, not only did my libido return to normal, but I also got incredible vigor. ”

Negative reviews are left by men who ordered fake capsules through social networks. Their intake can lead to negative consequences for the body. The cost of such drugs is lower than on the website of the official manufacturer Adamour for the treatment of impotence.

Editorial Board reminds that you can never save on your health and buy goods cheaper than the manufacturer's recommended cost of the product.

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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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  1. Nikita

    I never thought that I would have to face the delicate masculine problem that overtook me at forty with a little. I am happily married. In sex with his wife, everything was fine. The proximity happened regularly and there were no misfires. I love my wife. Recently, I began to notice some indifference. He attributed it to fatigue and sports (I do powerlifting). When the problem turned into a physical aspect, I was excited in earnest. As usual, I got on the Internet for information. I came across an article about Adamour for potency. I didn't want to get addicted to serious drugs with a bunch of side effects. In addition, the wife insisted on going to the doctor. I decided to order capsules. Firstly, the natural composition is based on herbal ingredients. Secondly - a minimum of side effects (practically absent). The third is accessibility. The result exceeded all my expectations. The drug adds strength, self-confidence. The wife is happy. My anxiety and complexes are gone. You can drink the drug in a course. Personally, I used just before intercourse. First, before each, then - every other time. Sexual activity has increased significantly. I completely forgot about impotence. Sometimes, even after ejaculation, the erection persists and you want to continue.

  2. Nikita

    The drug is quite high-quality, and most importantly effective, it works flawlessly and without side effects, at least I tolerate it without problems and as part of it did not notice any additives that can cause poor health. I tried many analogues, but the effect was completely different and it felt like a headache, this is not the most significant thing that could happen, mainly the tablets caused intense heat and fast heartbeat, which is not very good. Adamour in this regard, salvation, especially if you want to get newer sensations. I don’t suffer from impotence, I just get very tired at work and sometimes there is no desire or opportunity to have sex at all, but with Adamour everything becomes possible. It acts quickly, you begin to notice the effect in the first 10 minutes and after a while it intensifies. The main advantage is that the drug increases libido and sensitivity, while others simply accelerate blood circulation. The desire under this drug increases greatly, sensitivity increases by 40 percent, until you try, you do not understand that sex can be even more pleasant. The action of the drug stops smoothly, leaves nothing behind, so that the sensations remain normal. Do not be shy about your problem, use the right tools and everything will be fine with you.

  3. Alex

    In my case, on the contrary, there was a morning erection, in the morning there could even be a sexual intercourse. But ejaculation did not occur at all. And in the evening after work I did not want anything at all. At the same time, I have a young wife, and when I complained to a friend about problems with potency, he simply did not believe it. That is why I turned to the doctor for professional advice.
    Since I live in Turkey with my family and don’t really trust local doctors, I visited a urologist in Moscow on vacation. Sperm analysis showed that I am theoretically healthy. My doctor suggested that stress and living in another country may affect potency. He did not prescribe any heavy medications to me, but advised him to take a course of the drug Adamur. I didn’t find it in Russia, I didn’t want to replace it with analogues, so I bought it somewhere in a month during a business trip in Madrid. Immediately after the purchase, he began to take it as it was written in the instructions, and flew home about three or four days later.
    What was my surprise when tired, hungry, after the flight with transfers, I felt an irresistible desire for intimacy with my wife. And the sexual act finally ended with a sperm. I could not remember the last time I felt so good from sex. I felt like a man, full and healthy.
    As the doctor advised me, I drank the course. And during one of the trips I bought another. But so far it has not been needed. Everything settled down for me, no fatigue affects me, and lovemaking ends very successfully.

  4. Alexey

    I have always been skeptical of such drugs. But only until recently. Fortunately for me there is such an exception as Adamour. To be honest, I have nothing to compare with, since there was no previous experience with taking such drugs. This drug was very strongly advised to me by a good friend who there was no reason not to believe. Although, again, there were concerns (especially about side effects). I accept Adamour almost month. You can summarize some of the results. Firstly, he acts quickly. It is a fact. The first time I underestimated its speed, I expected that it would take more time, so to speak, to build up. For the first time, to be honest, there were some problems with sensitivity, but after a couple of applications it not only returned, but also intensified! Apparently, the body was simply not ready for such an effect right away. Desire increases significantly with it. I will even say more, it has become more stress-resistant (although, perhaps, this is the Placebo effect about stress resistance). As for desire and attraction, I physically feel that I look at my spouse differently. And she, of course, notices it too. I don’t know how to describe. Perception of sex is different, in general. More lively, more amazing or something. As for the side effects, I did not notice anything significant. Probably, if not abused, then there will be no side effects. And so, the head does not hurt, there is no lethargy. I feel normal.

  5. Haji

    Taking Adamour, I finally reached a full-fledged long intercourse. In the past few years, trucking has greatly affected my male power. This can be said to be our occupational disease. It's good that my friends advised me to order this wonderful drug.
    Separately, I would like to say about the increase in pressure. This is a "sore subject" of such drugs, the pressure jumps from them - just on the way! But here it is composed exclusively of herbs and plant extracts, which have almost no effect on the systolic blood pressure. And the vitamin complex of zinc, niacin and L-arginine only enhances their effect. I myself am not a doctor, but I have a good doctor friend who, having reviewed the composition of the drug, advised me to boldly use it. I did so, and was not disappointed.
    About ten minutes - the truth. The riser is provided almost immediately after taking the recommended dose. I drink it just before the act, so I can't comment on the after-meal system, I haven't tried it. But before going to bed with his wife, he is definitely worth accepting.
    By the way, the prostate has become less disturbing to me. This is one of its useful "side" properties.

  6. jose gaspar

    I can’t say anything bad about these pills. They fulfill their function 100%. My penis is like I'm 20 years old again, which means that adamour works! In general, every man should try these pills on himself, and the result of their effectiveness will be appreciated by the woman in bed with you.

  7. Danil

    Very effective and high-quality tool, especially when compared with analogues, then Adamour beats them, even purely by its composition, because it is natural and there is no chemistry or additives in it. Is acting Adamour quickly, real sensations appear 10 - 15 minutes after its application, and if other pills simply drive blood through the body, due to which an erection appears, but with it a headache, as well as pressure and a feeling of intense heat, then here is mainly the effect comes from increasing libido, the desire wakes up strongly. Of the advantages, I noticed an increase in sensitivity during intercourse and a quick recovery, so you can repeat it several times overnight. Side effects in Adamour no, they act gently and smoothly, so anyone can take it. There are no addictions to the drug either, so everything will work out without it. Ordered to Croatia, the order came in 4 days, the whole package, shelf life is okay, the original. I tried many remedies for potency, but Adamour I was most impressed, so I recommend the drug, tested it on myself, it works well even in the most difficult situations, but the main thing is that it is completely safe and suitable for any age and state of health.

  8. Konstantin

    It seems to me that every man has at least once encountered a problem with potency, but if at a young age these misfires are random and are solved by a short rest, then at a more mature age, the problem becomes constant and sex becomes less and less precisely because of the problem. In general, I was not a happy exception, and it just so happened that it was really sad in my bed, my wife certainly worried and reassured me, but I saw how hard it was for her, that she tried as best as possible, but I had even account- NOTHING. Having drunk with a friend at the bar, I decided to share my problem, he also told me that he had the same problem and the doctor advised him the drug and now he feels for all 18 years, of course I initially doubted whether to take this drug, but soon decided that I want my wife to be happy with me in all aspects of the relationship. The day after reading all the reviews on the Internet, I decided to order Adamour, now that I also feel 18, I can safely say that the drug is really working, it began to surprise me that even the morning potency returned, and my wife is now completely satisfied. I can safely recommend it!

  9. Igor Litvinov

    I happened to learn about this drug at the moment when I started having problems with potency. It all started with a premature ejaculation, and ended with the fact that I did not have an erection. Of course, this situation greatly depressed me, and even my wife constantly said that she no longer interested me. This drug was recommended to me by the doctor when I decided to visit him. Of course, I began to constantly take Adamouras the doctor recommended to me. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to wait long for the onset of the effect of this tool. Surprisingly, soon the morning erection returned to me, which I could immediately please my spouse, and later I was able to take part in a long sexual intercourse. For me, this is simply the best result of all that I could expect from taking this drug. I was afraid, of course, that some side effects might appear, but, fortunately, it worked out. I can not convey in words how much I am glad that this drug turned out to be so effective and could help me for such a short time. I would recommend it to men who are faced with a problem similar to the one I had.

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