Erogan to increase potency: price of capsules, composition, rating

A medicine to improve male potency Erogan, many doctors advise in case of violation of the genital organs, that is, in the presence of penile dysfunction at the time of sexual intercourse. These capsules are prescribed to increase the degree of erection, increase the sexual activity of men and to provide the pelvic organs with necessary microelements to avoid a variety of infectious diseases.

Potency Booster Review Erogan

Such a drug has several advantages over similar agents of this type:

  1. Capsules Erogan prolong sexual intercourse up to 5 hours without interruption (if there is sufficient physical activity of a man).
  2. Adds vital substances to the male genital organ to stimulate an erection.
  3. Makes the male sex more resilient in bed.
  4. Provides a protective reaction of the body against infectious diseases causing temporary impotence.
  5. The drug begins to act after 30 minutes from the moment of its use.
  6. It has no significant side effects and contraindications (exception: individual intolerance to the components of the capsules).

Potency Booster Review Erogan

Often, men over 40 face this problem, this can happen due to: a genetic predisposition, from a poor lifestyle, and the use of harmful substances. Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle leads to non-vitaminized eating, a depressed state, and a poor lifestyle.

Scientists have identified such advantages of this drug:

  1. Immediate effect drug Erogan begins to act after the first dose. After half an hour, you can achieve the desired effect and improve your potency without additional stimulation.
  2. Easy to use. The medicine can be purchased without a doctor’s discharge. It is only necessary to take into account the chronic forms of the disease, if they are, then it is better to ask the doctor for advice.
  3. Substance in capsules Erogan does not affect the body in any way, it is safe, excreted completely in the urine (usually 24 hours after application).
  4. Suitable for any type. In order to increase its potency, it can be consumed, starting at the age of 18, it acts completely.
  5. Visually enlarges the penis. Many male representatives have discovered the secret that this drug can increase the genital area. This is due to improved circulation in the head of the penis.

Price Erogan to enhance erection

Manufacturers do not offer their products through a pharmacy because they produce them in limited quantities. You can buy such a drug online. If on any of the sites you find such a drug at a lower cost, there is a XNUMX% guarantee that this is a fake. The cost is lower than on the official website of the manufacturer simply can not be! In addition, the manufacturer of these capsules has a good discount, tablets can be purchased for half the price. This condition applies only once to new customers.

Buy Erogan with discount

Buy Erogan at a discount you can in many countries of the European Union and Asia. Within 15 minutes after placing the order, the company manager calls the customer’s contact number, specifies the delivery address of the goods. Delivery to European countries is carried out by COD. To place an order Erogan follow the link to the official website, fill in the information about yourself, indicating a valid phone number. Within a few minutes, the manager will call you back to discuss further actions. Delivery is no more than 7-9 days!

Capsule action Erogan

With the constant use of this drug, such beneficial effects on the body of a man occur:

  1. Increased sexual activity and erection.
  2. Sexual intercourse is increasing. Men say that some even experience an orgasm 4-5 times.
  3. High sensitivity. Capsules enhance the perception of sensations received by the nerve endings of the penis.
  4. The duration of the orgasm increases to 30 seconds.
  5. No need for secondary treatment of sexual dysfunction, substance in capsule form Erogan restores lost potency. (Exception: lack of erection due to injuries and physical damage to the penis)

After the first application, cardinal changes in your sex life begin. It is recommended to take capsules 2 times a week to improve the state of erection.

Potency Booster Review Erogan

Structure of the preparation Erogan to stimulate an erection

In the preparation Erogan contains a large number of natural components:

  1. Tincture of cornflower prickly - to increase excitability and sensitivity, increases the entire activity of the body of the penis.
  2. Ginseng extract is part of the capsules to improve potency, and also eliminates physical fatigue during sex. Ginseng is also beneficial for the human nervous system.
  3. L-arginine - a useful substance for the male, makes sexual intercourse longer, which means it helps to bring a woman to orgasm with a 90% probability.
  4. Pine tincture - normalizes the genitourinary system and cleanses the body of toxins that impede a normal erection.

If we look at the effect of the components in the capsules, then we can understand that this drug is very useful for males.

Review of pills to increase potency Erogan

Instructions for use

How to take the drug correctly Erogan? To regularly take this medicine to restore potency, you do not need any knowledge and skills at all, for this you just need to follow the attached instructions:

  1. The use of the drug for medicinal purposes - if there are problems with potency of a chronic nature, then you need to take two capsules every day before breakfast on an empty stomach.
  2. For preventive and single purposes - one capsule Erogan swallowed before sexual intercourse, preferably 30 minutes before it begins.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

The product contains only natural substances, so it does not cause any obvious side effects. The only thing worth noting is that you should not use the drug for people under the age of 18 and people with hypertension. And, of course, if you are allergic to the components of this drug.

Sweet Pill Erogan It has positive feedback from customers who have tested the effects of capsules in practice. It contributes to good and quick results in achieving full penis erection after capsule use, thereby restoring male sexual ability. As a result, the potency and duration of the sexual act improves. The medicine can be drunk both once and in therapeutic courses.

Rating of tablets for improving erection
Rating of popular pills to accelerate an erection
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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

Comments: 4
  1. Igor

    I am not yet married, and there is no permanent partner and, accordingly, my sex is irregular, unstable. And this cannot but affect my potency and the erection itself, as well as the duration of intercourse. A friend of mine advised me to try Erogan. Of the declared advantages, I will single out: prolongation of sexual intercourse up to 3-5 hours without interruption (although this depends on many factors, in particular - on the general physical health of a particular man); stimulation of erection; protection against infectious diseases; no contraindications and significant side effects; the drug takes effect 30 minutes after ingestion. I have already experienced all the benefits by ordering the drug and taking it for a week. Delivered quickly, plus I got into the action and ordered 2 packages at once. To be sure, I consulted my doctor. There are no contraindications, so I began to accept it boldly, but without fanaticism. The composition of the preparation is natural - extracts of plants and trees, so allergies are not terrible either. I am satisfied with the result beyond measure - the sexual intercourse lasts as long as necessary, sometimes I feel that I am not morally prepared for such long pleasures. We will work on this. The drug is definitely a plus.

  2. Michael

    Recently, I began to notice that my sexual desire is gradually disappearing. After I turned 55 years old, the frequency of sexual intercourse decreased almost threefold. My wife began to notice this and sent to the doctor. The doctor attributed the pills to me, after drinking them I did not feel any changes. The result upset me. I did not want to lose my masculine power. A large amount of time I searched the Internet for a cure for desire. One friend advised me of the pills that he bought abroad. So I found out about pills Erogan to increase potency. Abroad, in Estonia, my friend bought them for 39 euros. After the first dose, I noticed a result. The duration of sexual intercourse has increased. I have been taking it for about a week. I did not notice any negative feelings or more. The wife is happy. These pills really help bring happiness to married life. If you are planning a romantic evening, then I advise you to drink for half an hour. Personally, I feel a surge of new strength and desire. Sexual intercourse always ends successfully. This medicine helps men feel young and full of strength again. I did not interfere with alcohol, but I think that no tablets can be combined with alcohol.

  3. Oleg

    For a long time I did not dare to write this review, because for a man it is a great trauma to realize that you have become worthless in bed with your beloved woman. At the same time, not only you suffer, but also your beloved. Constant reproaches and insults began that I had stopped loving her, suspicions that I had another. If something turned out, it was very fast, I did not have time to bring my beloved to orgasm. I myself was already embarrassed, I began to notice that I was trying to avoid sexual intercourse. But I’m only 37 years old, but many sources say that it is at this age that the first problems with men's health begin. I realized that in order not to become impotent in the near future, the problem should be solved as soon as possible. He began to look for drugs that will help me with this. That's when I found out about Erogan... First of all, I drew attention to the composition - there was nothing to complain about, the composition is completely natural, there is no chemistry, so it certainly won't be worse. I ordered 2 packages at once, the order came in 5 days. I decided to try it that very evening. Half an hour before bedtime I drank a pill and began to wait. After 15-20 minutes I already began to feel excitement and I wildly wanted to hug my wife. And in half an hour it already started! Now I have Erogan and no problem. I am confident, and my wife is happy!

  4. Eugene

    Pills Erogan definitely deserve attention, because they are capable of helping with poor erection without any side effects. I can’t say that I had serious problems, but I work physically and get very tired, so in recent months my attraction and sex have started to decline. My doctor recommended the tablets to me, said that they are absolutely safe and I can buy them without a prescription. He took according to the instructions before sexual intercourse in 30 minutes and the effect is not long in coming. Attraction appears almost immediately, it is felt how blood circulation improves and it does not become much hot. During sex itself, an erection does not disappear, but keeps even after it, so that you can easily repeat sexual intercourse. Composition in Erogan natural: cornflower, pine, ginseng root extract and other additives, so there can be no side effects or allergies. I ordered the drug to Croatia, it was just a 50% discount. The order came quickly, the tablets were packed well, there were no damages, the expiration dates are all fresh. I liked the drug very much, for 2 weeks it completely helped to get away from the problem and again begin to lead a regular sexual life. Take care of your health and take quality drugs.

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