Virgin Star cream for constricting and contracting vaginal muscles

Detailed gel description Virgin Star to stimulate the muscles of the vagina and improve the condition of the genital area: a review of the composition and properties, features and results of use, reviews.

Virgin Star - a special gel lubricant that enhances contractions of the vaginal muscles and muscles of the pelvic. It is applied superficially to the intimate area, provokes enhanced muscle contraction - as a result, they are strengthened and tightened. Gel Virgin Star (Can be found under the name Vagiline) created entirely on the basis of natural components - it is safe for health, practical tests indicate a high efficiency of use. Frequent use of the gel is permissible, because - there is no getting used to it. Products are certified according to international quality standards.

Virgin Star for vaginal muscle contraction 50 ml

Genital diseases, surgical interventions, pregnancy and childbirth, age-related changes - all this can lead to the appearance of discomfort in a woman during sex. Later, the problem can be exacerbated by the appearance of chronic pain in the lower abdomen (especially with frequent weight lifting).

The cause of the problem is a change in the position of the pelvic organs and weakening of muscle tissue. The most common problem affects the uterus and vagina. Changing their position is a fairly common problem in women, in view of the specifics of local muscle tissue. If the deviation is insignificant, regular gymnastics can help - in a few days you will feel a change in position and the appearance of tonus. With significant deviations, surgical intervention is required.

The sooner a woman pays attention to symptoms and begins prevention, the lower the risks of further development of the disease.

As the main and additional means of prevention and treatment, special lubricants, creams and gels, myostimulants are used. The most popular are compounds based on natural components. They include a lubricant Virgin Star, increasing the effectiveness of gymnastics and stimulating the muscles of the pelvis.

It is allowed to use Virgin Star Lubricant Gel as a separate tool in the following situations:

  1. Treatment of organ prolapse.
  2. Difficulties in pregnancy and childbirth.
  3. Various sexual disorders.
  4. Frequent violations of the genitourinary microflora, leading to the development of inflammation.

Gel Vagiline differs in pleasant aromatic properties, light consistency, quick positive effect for muscle tissue. The possibilities of use are expanded thanks to the external application of the product - it can be a stimulating drug during intercourse (enhances desire and sexual sensations, prolongs sexual contact).

Since the gel Virgin Star simple and pleasant to use, there will be no problems with the regular procedure. The preparation contains natural components, the main of which is xenia extract. These are natural remedies from which addiction does not develop and there are no allergic reactions. It is regular use that provides reliable muscle strengthening and the correct change in the position of internal organs. Accordingly, pain disappears, everyday and sexual life returns to normal.

Lubricant Virigin Star is suitable for women of all ages. Regardless of the frequency of sexual intercourse (or lack thereof), the gel will be an effective means of improving the condition of the pelvic organs. Effects of the gel with single and regular use:

  • Narrows the walls of the vagina.
  • Makes intimate organs more sensitive.
  • It slightly brightens the labia.
  • Makes fabrics more elastic.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the vagina.
  • Moisturizes the vaginal mucosa, prevents its excessive drying.

All specified effects Virgin Star guaranteed by the manufacturer. Please note that the best results from using Virgin Star are achieved with regular use, along with special gymnastics. So tissues and muscles will always be in a fit condition.

Why do we need virgin star gel

Virgin Star gel pricing, purchase methods

Important! Buy goods only on the manufacturer's website! Fake lubricants are spreading on the Internet. The use of such dubious means can lead to unforeseen consequences. Only use genuine Virgin Star!

Preparation Virgin Star helps to reduce pain in the lower abdomen, improves the condition of the vaginal muscles, stabilizes the position of internal organs, enhances arousal and sexual sensations. It has bactericidal properties, can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of urinary tract infections.

In Europe there is a similar product called Vagiline, which can be bought with delivery to Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Romania and other countries.

Intimate gel Virgin Star not sold in pharmacies and cosmetics stores. It can be purchased only through the official online resource of the manufacturer. A certified product, a doctor’s appointment for its use is not required. The cost of a female intimate gel Vagiline to reduce the muscles of the vagina is more than acceptable, and therefore you can buy a cream for narrowing the vagina, the price of which:

  • in the Russian Federation - about 1 thousand rubles;
  • in Kazakhstan up to 6000 tenge;
  • in Belarus 35 rubles;
  • in Ukraine - about 450 hryvnias.
  • in Vietnam - 790 dong.

Buy Virgin Star to contract vaginal muscles

Vietnamese can buy gel Virgin Star with delivery, for this you need to place a preliminary order on the distributor’s page.

Virgin Star cream for constricting and contracting vaginal muscles

Within 15 minutes after placing the order, the company manager calls the customer’s contact number and specifies the delivery address of the goods.

Virgin Star cream for constricting and contracting vaginal muscles

Components of Female Lubricant Gel Virgin Star

Main component Virgin Star, providing effective reduction and strengthening of the vaginal muscles, is a herbal remedy - American xenia extract. This plant grows in a tropical climate, among its properties - significant astringency. Thanks to the “astringent” properties, muscle contraction is ensured. Other useful features of the plant are pronounced antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Additional components Vagiline are caffeine and a special emollient viscous liquid - it moisturizes the genital mucosa, helps maintain tone.

How to use cream gel

Virgin Star - a drug used externally. It must be applied to the body area, it is not required to remove it after a while. Recommendations of the manufacturer for the use of the gel:

  • The application surface must be clean.
  • After applying the gel, it is not necessary to rub it in, it is also not necessary to rinse.
  • The frequency of use is different, but the interval should not exceed four days.

Effects of use Virgin Star

The results of practical tests show that this cream gel is a highly effective means for maintaining the health of the female genitourinary system. The composition of Virgin Sta is almost instantaneous, and for the first time, well-noticeable effects appear:

  • The mucous membranes in the intimate area are hydrated qualitatively.
  • The vaginal muscles contract.
  • The tone rises, the mood improves.

When choosing a drug, pay attention to the manufacturer's warning - if there is an individual intolerance to the gel components, its use may be unsafe. You need to check the effect of the gel on the skin, or just use it once in a small amount. If there were no allergic reactions, you can proceed to regular use for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes.

Cases in which the application Virgin Star contraindicated

Cream Virgin Star (Vagiline) well balanced, can be used without the advice of a doctor. Gel-lubricant does not have any negative effect on the reproductive system. Side effects are also absent.

Refusing to use the drug is recommended for people who are allergic to the components contained in Virgin Star - this is a xenia plant and caffeine. At the same time, the caffeine in the gel contains very little, and no negative reactions occur even in people with high sensitivity to this substance. You can conduct a preliminary test - by applying a small amount of gel to a section of the skin of the hand. If during the 20-30 minutes no signs of allergy appear, the drug is completely safe for you.

If there is irritation on the genitals (yours or your partner), you must temporarily refuse to use the gel.

Reviews of women with experience Virgin Star

There are few reviews on the Internet about drugs used to treat genital organs. However, they are, including about the gel Virgin Star - both positive and negative, but there are very few second ones. Making a final purchase decision based on such reviews is difficult, but they can give some idea of ​​the drug.

Mary, 31 year:
For a long time I could not get pregnant due to the fact that the vagina and uterus were in the wrong position. My husband and I decided not to rush with IVF, but to try to change the lifestyle, make it more athletic, with proper nutrition, with special cosmetics. One of them is lubricant gel. Virgin Star. In just 4 months of regular use, I was able to get pregnant! The 4 month of pregnancy has already begun, while I am not using the gel. I think he will be needed again in a year.

Victoria, 47 years:

Unfortunately, with age, genital tissue ceases to be as sensitive as before. The pleasure of sex is reduced, discomfort may occur. To enhance sensations, I sometimes use the tool Virgin Star - It really strengthens the muscles of the vagina. I am sure that for preventive purposes this is an excellent drug, especially if combined with gymnastic exercises. After several applications, pain in the lower abdomen disappears, the menstrual cycle normalizes

Oksana, 34 of the year:

From many I heard about the Virgin Star gel, read articles about it on the Internet. And now, it's time to try the tool on yourself. The results were contradictory. To achieve strong muscle contractions, you need to use a lot of gel, so it will end quickly. And the action is not long. I doubt that it is worth using it as an independent tool, only together with gymnastics. But for sex - the gel is very good!

Virgin Star cream for constricting and contracting vaginal muscles

Vagina operations: labioplasty, suturing and more

One of the most common postpartum problems is too wide a vagina. To narrow it, many pump muscles with vaginal balls. But in some cases it is necessary to resort to more radical methods - operations. Usually they are performed by gynecologists, but you can also contact a plastic surgeon.

Perform vaginoplasty approximately 3 months after birth. The intervention lasts about an hour. In this case, part of the mucosa is excised, and muscle tissue is sutured. After such manipulations, the vagina becomes narrower. In some cases, the operation is done immediately after birth (if there are gaps or the woman asked in advance). Rehabilitation lasts two months, and the sutures dissolve after a half. Since the operation is usually performed during lactation, the milk has to be decanted in order to anesthetize.

As the tissues lose their elasticity with age, the labia become flabby, and labioplasty is performed to improve their appearance. Earlier, fat was injected into the lips to make them voluminous. Now the problem is being solved by removing excess tissue.

Other vaginal operations include restoring virginity and filling point G with hyaluronic acid to produce vaginal orgasms.

The importance of supporting vaginal muscle tone

Muscle and other tissues located in the pelvic region support the internal organs of the genitourinary system and part of the intestine. The main purpose of muscle mass is to stabilize internal organs, which is facilitated by the gel Virgin Star... In the lower part of the pelvis, on the stomach and on the side of the back, there is a special group of muscles that are responsible precisely for stabilizing the position of the body in its lower part. The weakness of this muscle group leads to improper support of the internal organs. Their position changes, which can lead to a number of unpleasant results, including chronic ones. Consequences - inability to get pregnant, pain, urinary incontinence.

The weakening of the muscles of the pelvic area is facilitated by childbirth, frequent severe coughing, age-related changes, lack of physical activity. An additional negative point is the loss of pleasure from sexual intercourse, chronic pain in the back and lower abdomen. If you do not pay attention to the problem for a long time, even your posture may change.

Cream action Virgin Star

Does the vagina narrow in the absence of sex?

When it comes to health, there are many myths that we are not entirely sure about. One such myth is that the vagina shrinks over time due to lack of sex. Experts say this is not the case. - Many people think that women who are usually less sexually active have a smaller or narrower vagina, while women with more sex have more relaxed vaginal muscles. This is not at all the case, says specialist gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Wieder. The reason is that the muscles around the vagina are elastic enough that after intercourse they return to their previous state, as well as after childbirth, explains Dr. Wieder.

The vagina actually has only two major changes. The first is after childbirth, but after six months it returns to its previous state. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it still comes back. The second time a woman enters certain years - The older the woman, the lower the level of her hormones, and this is completely natural, and they decrease over the years. This relaxes the vaginal walls or muscles and becomes less elastic. However, it's not that scary, and the good news is that Kegel exercises can significantly slow this process down and even tighten the vaginal muscles, explains Dr. Jennifer Wieder.

According to her, when women have a feeling that the vagina is “narrow” during a relationship, this is not because they have not had sex for a long time, but because they are probably not “wet” enough. This problem can be easily solved with a long prelude or lubrication. You can also just use dildos more often and use them to keep your vagina in good shape. Also, do not forget that regular sexual intercourse helps a woman in sufficient quantities to release lubricant, in addition to sexual intercourse, you can also masturbate. Remember that the vagina is the same muscle that you need to constantly train in which Kegel exercises will help you.

How to develop vaginal muscles

There are three methods for training the vaginal muscles - this is Pilates, stick Doian and a special Kegel technique. As you know, Pilates is a type of fitness, which is characterized by a reduced intensity - exercises are performed slowly, but the muscles are worked out as efficiently as possible. Thanks to training, the pelvic muscles work in conjunction with other muscle groups, support movement, and restore the natural position of internal organs.

The involvement of muscle tissue depends on the magnitude of the tension, and to achieve good results, it is necessary to increase the stress along with the intensity of movements. To begin with, the simplest exercises are aimed at the initial training of the muscles of the walls of the vagina.


It is for the pelvic muscles that special exercises in Pilates are absent. It is necessary to look for effective exercises that affect the lower muscle group, and engage them most actively. The problem lies in the specificity of the muscles themselves - the vaginal muscles do not participate in the work of the rest of the group, and therefore the effect appears more slowly. At first, there may be doubts about the compliance of the actions with the requirements of the method.

It is possible to determine which muscles need to be strained using a special technique. It is necessary to feel the space between the sciatic bones, and imagine the reduction and slight rise of this area to the stomach. Isolation compression will result from stress. An alternative way is to imagine that a line passes through the body from the vagina to the crown of the head. Next, you need to visualize the flow rising along this line - along with it you need to lift the pelvic muscles, feel their contractions.

As for the Kegel technique, it has a special specificity. Exercise comes down to periodic muscle contractions (as for stopping urination). Identifying and feeling these muscles will not be difficult. The technique shows good effectiveness in restoring muscle tone after childbirth, but it does not help everyone, therefore it is recommended to use Virgin Star at least once a week.

Kegel technique

Well-known methodological complex, the development of which was carried out by Dr. Arnold Kegel. It is used to develop the muscles of the vagina, to isolate and increase the tone of the muscles belonging to the group of the lower pelvis. Long trainings of this type are unacceptable - just five minutes daily is enough. With this training regimen, you can achieve a good vaginal tone after 1,5 - 3 months.

The set of exercises is reduced to the following actions: It is necessary to compress and unclench the muscles, as when interrupting urination. For starters, it’s enough to do an 3 approach, each of which will have 10 compressions. If you cannot immediately find the right muscles, you can try to interrupt urination and feel which muscles are involved for this. You can’t do this constantly - this can lead to problems with urination.

You can check how the muscles contract with your own finger inserted into the vagina. In addition, squeezing the finger with the vaginal muscles is another very effective exercise. It is done in a sitting or lying position - the main thing is that it is as comfortable as possible. The pelvic muscles are pulled inward and upward by force, in this state they need to be held for 10 seconds. If this force is too hard, you can reduce the compression time to 5 seconds. There should be 10 seconds of relaxation between squeezes. The number of repetitions in one approach is from 8 to 10. If you want to seriously develop and enhance your sexual sensations, you need to seriously develop your vaginal muscles. Another development of Dr. Kegel - vaginal simulators - can help in this.

Using Kegel Balls

These vaginal simulators have many names, but the most correct is the "Kegel balls", because it was this specialist who created an effective methodology for their use. Balls are inserted into the vagina or into the anus, and genitals are stimulated. Using such simulators, you can also practice the technique presented in the previous section. In Western medical practice, the appointment of Kegel balls is a common practice aimed at increasing the elasticity of the vaginal walls. It is also a good way to prevent urinary problems.

If the weights are small, their compression will be almost a reflex - the body will work itself, and you won’t have to search for specific muscles. Using balls gives good results simultaneously with Kegel exercises - increased arousal, new sensations in sex, more pleasure for both partners. Kegel balls have proven themselves well in preparation for childbirth, as well as a means of restoring the muscles and the genitourinary system after labor.

How to use vaginal simulators: You need to empty the bladder, after which one by one insert the balls into the vagina. For better slippage, you can use the gel Virgin Star. The introduction of balls is similar to the introduction of tampons. If there is no experience in using this hygiene product, the actions should be as follows: the ball is inserted in a lying position, or standing, with one leg raised. You need to strain your hips a little, and then transfer the tension to the vaginal muscles.

A feeling of heaviness and some filling will appear. The weight of the balls themselves will also be felt. They must be in the vagina for at least 15 minutes daily. As your muscles develop, you can increase your daily use time to 2-3 hours. If the simulator falls out, it must be thoroughly washed with soap and only then inserted back into it. Removing the balls is not at all difficult - a slight reduction in muscle is enough. An alternative is to use balls interconnected by thread. For starters, it is recommended to use light balls of small diameter made of latex or plastic. In the future, you can increase the volume and switch to other materials - for example, to metal balls.

After use, the simulators must be cleaned - with soap under hot water, then wiped and stored in a hygienic packaging. If you are afraid of the consequences of using vaginal simulators, consult your physiotherapist and gynecologist first. It is advisable - with specialists who treat precisely the pelvic organs. You can use the Kegel complex as efficiently as possible if you receive recommendations for use from a doctor.

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Doctor Ermakova Angela Ivanovna obstetrician-gynecologist, highest category endocrinologist with 16 years of experience, experienced ultrasound specialist, pediatric gynecologist. Angela Ivanovna is the author of about 70 published works and guidelines for gynecology.

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