Treatment of superficial gastritis: signs, symptoms, diet

The modern rhythm of life, stress and poor nutrition lead to the fact that a person begins to hurt the stomach. As a rule, we do not attach much importance to such an unpleasant symptom. Well, it’ll hurt, they say it will stop, you can drink a tablet of pain medication. It seems relieved. This method of treating stomach pain leads to the fact that the disease becomes chronic. If we continue to ignore the disease further, then in the future a person will develop an ulcer or cancer of the stomach.

The cause of gastritis

Modern examination methods make it possible to identify the disease at the initial stage, when it can be cured quickly and with minimal costs for health and finances. All you need to do is undergo FGDS regularly.

Forms of gastritis

There are two forms:

  • acute;
  • chronic.

A chronic ailment has a relapsing course. As a rule, it contributes to the development of such pathologies:

  • destruction of the walls of the stomach;
  • atrophic gastritis.

If the disease in acute form can occur in people of different ages, then the atrophic form is most often diagnosed in people older than 60 years. By the nature of the course, it is considered a precancerous disease, and if untreated, it ends with cancer.

Superficial gastritis

What is superficial gastritis

When a person is diagnosed with gastritis, it seems to him that this is a non-serious disease that can not even be treated. But time passes, and the patient's condition begins to gradually deteriorate, the very 1 stage of superficial gastritis begins.

What is characteristic of him:

  • At this stage of the course, inflammation of the walls of the stomach does not yet develop.
  • There are no focal inflammatory processes.
  • No serious tissue damage.

From the point of view of doctors, this form of the disease is the most favorable in terms of prognosis. However, the main danger of pathology is that its course is very fast, with delayed treatment it becomes chronic.

Types of Chronic Gastritis

Chronic gastritis has several categories:

  1. Fundamental inflammation zone.
  2. Antral, from the point of view of histology, this includes:
  • surface;
  • hyperplastic;
  • atrophic.

The causes of the disease:

  • autoimmune;
  • bacterial.

Gastritis can be hyperacid, that is, with increased acidity or hypacid, if it is reduced, in some cases, secretory function may be normal.

Signs and symptoms of the disease

With superficial (catarrhal) gastritis, the inflammatory process affects only the topmost layer of the membrane of the digestive organ. Depending on the age, the ability to regenerate in the stomach may be different. If the patient is young, then the membranes of a vital organ are restored quickly.

As mentioned above, the degree of acidity of the course of the disease can also be different. If, after consuming a drink or products in the interval from 2 to 6 hours, pain appears in the stomach, this may suggest the occurrence of a disease.

Pain symptoms with a catarrhal form can be different:

  • weak
  • moderate
  • strong.

Most often, a sharp exacerbation of the disease occurs in men at a young age. In some cases, pain with increased gastritis resembles an attack of an ulcer. Most often, patients complain of unpleasant and pain after eating, which may accompany belching and heartburn.

Acute gastritis has characteristic symptoms:

  • loss of appetite;
  • fatigue;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • belching;
  • loose stools may develop;
  • very often there is profuse salivation;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

The pain can be different, acute, cramping, or tolerant. More often it is determined in the right hypochondrium. A sick person becomes pale, a white coating appears on the tongue.

Diagnosis of superficial gastritis

If pain occurs in the stomach, consult a doctor. The patient will be referred for an FGDS examination, which will make it possible to accurately diagnose.

In addition, it is necessary to analyze food, the use of which could provoke an attack of pain. The course of treatment must be completed without fail. If this is not done, then there is a risk that the disease will go into a chronic stage.

Diagnosis of superficial gastritis

Treatment of pathology

In the absence of appropriate treatment, inflammation in the stomach gradually begins to affect the deeper layers of the epithelium. On the surface of the shell, foci of the inflammatory process gradually appear. In order to make the diagnosis as accurate as possible, fibrogastroduodenoendoscopy (FGDS) is prescribed. This diagnostic method allows you to determine the nature of the course of the disease, the type and form of gastritis, as well as find out if there is a peptic ulcer or cancer.

In some cases, specific treatment of superficial gastritis does not require. The doctor may restrict the diet and recommend giving up bad habits, if any. Of course, after hearing that this is just gastritis, many calm down, but meanwhile, you need to undergo a full examination for the presence of antibodies.

Already today, it has been proven by medicine that the pathological microorganism Helicobacter pylori lives in the stomach. This bacterium leads to the fact that gradually the gastric mucosa is destroyed. Therefore, only one diet can not cope with the disease. To combat the disease, a gastroenterologist will prescribe a course of treatment with antibiotics, and drugs that normalize secretory function, for example gastric tea Gastro. Therapy and doses of drugs are prescribed by the doctor on his own.

Gastritis diet

  1. It is impossible: concentrated meat broths. Spicy and salty, as well as pickled dishes fall under the ban.
  2. You can: boiled meat, chicken, steam cutlets, rabbit meat, low-fat fish, mashed vegetables, juices.

The therapy of the disease with folk methods is widely used. Juice treatment is very effective. The most effective treatment is drinking potato juice. It must be squeezed, filtered, and drunk for 21 days 30 minutes before meals, three times a day.

There are several more ways to help the patient, however, folk remedies do not cancel conservative treatment. Therefore, before choosing a particular folk method, you should consult your doctor.

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