Skin regenerator Jetbalsam from ulcers, wounds and burns Jet Balm

Jetbalsam - an effective remedy for the revival of damaged skin. It is an excellent antiseptic and pain reliever. Recommended for use in case of pathological scarring of the skin, as well as for severe frostbite.

Jet Balm effectively heals wounds and ulcers, accelerates the treatment of pressure sores and burns of various degrees. Suitable for elderly patients as well as people with diabetes. It has no contraindications for a weakened immune system.

With Jet balsam, damaged skin tissue can be repaired without surgery (skin grafting is no longer required). The tool helps to eliminate pain and intoxication.

JetBalsam is an effective and safe treatment, and the high versatility of the product has been repeatedly proven during testing and the quality of products is controlled by GOST.

The product appeared on the market after more than 20 years of scientific research, it increases the regenerative properties of skin cells, disinfects and stimulates the epithelization of damaged skin areas. The components of the balm help to quickly and effectively restore the elasticity, softness and vitality of body tissues.

Where to buy Jet Balm

Buy Jetbalsam can be found on the manufacturer's official website on the Internet. To do this, you need to submit a formal application and leave personal data for feedback. Next, the store manager will contact you to clarify all the details of the transaction. The goods are paid upon receipt at the post office. Jet Balsam price:

  • in Russia - 990 rubles.
  • for residents of Kazakhstan - 5500 tenge.
  • in Ukraine - 400 hryvnia.

To order products in other countries, you need to clarify the prices on the site.

Composition Jetbalsam

Healing cream Jetbalsam created on the basis of natural components, it contains extracts of plants growing in ecologically clean areas of our planet. Let us consider in more detail the ingredients of the balsam and their main properties.

  • Sap. This is what is commonly called the resin of the cedar tree. Its active components contribute to the healing of wounds and the regeneration of damaged tissues. Zhivitsa has long been used for highly effective treatment of various diseases. Cedar resin enriches the human body with vitamins C and D. It consists of volatile substances and resin acids.
  • Shea Butter. This unique component in the composition of the balm has an excellent antiseptic effect. This is the worst enemy for all kinds of fungal formations, bacteria, germs and even viruses. Shea butter normalizes metabolic processes, relieves inflammation, enhances tissue regeneration.
  • Incense is red. It is used to eliminate toxic compounds. Excellent bactericidal agent. Prevents the inflammatory process, prevents cell mutation. Like other components of the composition of the medicinal product, it has good regenerative properties. Heals wounds and ulcers without scarring on the surface of the skin.
  • Balsam tree extract. It acts as an anesthetic, relieves inflammation. This is one of the strongest extracts on the issue of neutralizing bacteria. Balsam tree is valued for a huge amount of essential substances that contribute to the elimination of pain. The extract is effective for skin problems in diabetics and elderly weakened people. It copes with the healing of damage to the skin of the most complex degree. Helps to get rid of pressure sores and deep ulcers.
  • Myrrh. This plant loves a dry climate, grows in Sudan and Ethiopia. Mirra boasts a wide range of effects. The active substances of the plant are unique in nature. They contribute to instant healing and tissue repair, and tone the skin. Today it is an indispensable component in the production of many herbal medicines. This is because myrrh is completely safe for human health. A unique tool for maintaining and maintaining the health of the skin.
  • Adams Rhododendron Extract. Natural antioxidant has a beneficial effect on the human immune system. Protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, which is an important condition for severe body burns. Prevents tumor formation. It all does Jetbalsam a particularly popular product for adults and children while on the hot continents (for example, during family vacations in countries with hot climatic conditions).
  • Essential oils. The high effectiveness of essential oils has long been beyond doubt. They were used during the existence of ancient empires (more than 3000 years ago).


Essential Oils Jetbalsam:

  • Argan;
  • Tuberose oil;
  • Sandalwood;
  • Iris
  • Geranium oil;
  • Margose oil (Nimes).

These oils have a complex effect on the patient's body. Relieve inflammation, eliminate viruses, maintain optimal chemical balance. The essential oils that make up the product also have a positive effect on human immunity.

research results

The largest clinics in China, the USA, Russia, Japan and other countries took an active part in testing a new therapeutic agent Jetbalsam. Each study was different from the previous one, because the specialization of the clinics is different. You can see the official test results.

The testing involved patients aged 6 to 82 years. The calculations were carried out under the universal condition: Jet Balm is used without subsequent prescribing by the attending physician. In other words, other drugs are not used during the study period.

Treatment of burns

  • 100% of the subjects got rid of pain and felt a noticeable improvement in their general condition immediately after therapy.
  • 87% of the subjects no longer needed a skin transplant, and also showed the partial disappearance of blisters from a burn.
  • 68% of subjects reported complete healing of damaged skin after 7 days of application Jetbalsam.

Note: during the 100 re-examination,% of patients confirmed full recovery - even critical burns disappeared.

Wound treatment

  • 96% of the subjects indicated that skin inflammation and the accompanying pain syndrome ceased to bother patients immediately after applying the balm.
  • In 80% of the subjects, partial wound healing of various degrees was observed in less than 1 week of using Jet-Balsam.
  • 75% of the subjects showed complete healing of the skin after a second examination of the doctor.

Numerous studies of the healing cream have confirmed the high effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of purulent and bitten wounds.

Treatment of ulcers (including trophic)

  • 98% of the subjects partially got rid of skin inflammation and felt an improvement immediately after using the product.
  • 79% of the subjects refused a skin grafting operation, explaining their choice by the rapid improvement in their well-being.
  • 67% of the subjects showed a complete absence of traces of unpleasant sores on the skin.

Note: patients underwent repeated examination within six months and showed complete disappearance of symptoms of the disease.

Bedsores treatment

  • 97% of the subjects indicated a marked improvement in the condition of problem areas of the skin. Significant changes have also occurred regarding the inflammatory process - for the better.
  • 76% of the subjects refused the services of a surgeon.
  • 62% of the subjects noticed a sharp improvement in health after applying the balm.

Note: a long course of treatment through Jetbalsam in compliance with the rules specified in the instructions allows you to get rid of pressure sores and prevent their further occurrence.

Jetbalsam also confirmed its effectiveness in the treatment of the following ailments:

  • Dermatitis;
  • Boils;
  • Insect bites;
  • Bleeding nail damage.

Jet Balm is used for: the occurrence of purulent and bitten wounds, burns of various degrees (regardless of type), ulcers, severe flaking of the skin, pressure sores, inflammation of the skin, cracks in the skin of the feet, ingrown nails.

Pharmacological properties

As part of a healing balm Jetbalsam does not contain toxic and aggressive ingredients. The efficacy of a medicinal product based on plant extracts is due to the competent and accurate dosage of all components of the composition. The naturalness of the balm and a number of years of research are a guarantee that the product is safe for human health.

Jetbalsam - This is more than 100 natural components. Each substance is selected in order to optimally affect various manifestations of skin diseases. This is a reliable tool that will be the perfect protection against all kinds of infections. The medicine is used in small doses, so there can be no question of the occurrence of side effects and allergic reactions.

Some components in the balm are selected in such a way as to enhance the effect of each other. Essential oils and plant extracts have an analgesic effect, so the patient feels a significant improvement in well-being immediately after use Jetbalsam.

The healing of damaged areas of the skin is largely due to the fact that the biostimulating substances of the drug fall into open wounds and have a beneficial effect on the immune system and metabolic processes in the human body. These substances make protective blood cells work optimally. Thus, the risks of getting into the blood of various infections that complicate the disease are reduced. Thanks to the action of Jet Balsam, the skin is restored correctly and gradually, no coarse scars form on it.

Jet Balm is also recommended for use with cosmetic problems. The appearance of acne and acne is a vivid example of unhealthy skin on the face and other parts of the body. In this case, it is imperative to take care of its competent restoration. Balm allows you to achieve a beautiful appearance of the skin, as well as improve its condition.

How it works Jetbalsam and instruction

Injury leads to damage to protein tissues. The rate of their decay is additionally affected by toxic substances in the body, bacteria, and inflammatory processes. Accumulation of ammonia compounds and protein breakdown products are gradually deposited in the lesion focus.

All this immediately leads to intoxication of the tissues of the skin. The regeneration process becomes problematic, since bacteria and microbes adversely affect this function. Tissues lose their viability, a pus accumulation appears, inflammation is activated.

It is noteworthy that a disruption in the functioning of skin cells can lead to destabilization of metabolism. If the cells are not damaged much, the metabolism is enhanced, with critical damage it is suspended. This is how the mechanism of tissue stress works, leading to similar reactions of the body.

None of the processes mentioned is the norm for a healthy person. The effective action of Jet Balsam helps to solve this problem absolutely safely and without consequences. Jet Balm helps transform decaying proteins into a source of energy for unprotected skin cells.

Thanks to this tool, the patient gets rid of the pain syndrome, gains reliable protection against intoxication of the body, his swelling disappears. The active components of the balm make the human immune system work at the proper level. Jetbalsam protects open wounds on the skin from the penetration of various bacteria and fungus into them. Healing cream also contributes to the timely cleansing of the damaged surface of the skin from "dead" tissues. Jet Balm helps the skin breathe, improves its condition - regenerative processes are accelerated under such conditions, and you need to use it according to the instructions shown in the photo.

Expert opinion

Many people tend to panic at the most crucial moments. Instead of timely assistance to the victim, they are confused and do not know what to do. The later assistance is provided, the more difficult the situation may be. There are times when human negligence leads to the need for complex surgery. And few people know that this can easily be avoided. Jet Balm is a unique tool for healing burns and wounds. Active components easily penetrate into an open wound and contribute to the cleansing and regeneration of damaged tissue. Using the example of her patients, she was convinced that the healing balm acts quickly and effectively. Repeatedly heard flattering reviews about Jet Balsam and thanks for the good advice. Perhaps healthy patients are the best reward for any doctor. I am sure that this tool should be in every home medicine cabinet. Especially if there are small children in the house.

Nagornaya T. A., ambulance doctor, experience 11 years.

The range of remedies for burns is striking in its diversity. However, their action is often aimed only at eliminating pain shock. We have to talk about a short-term positive result, but not about the full elimination of a serious problem. The main advantage of Jet Balm is that this tool completely restores the damaged layer of the skin, and does not mask pain after a burn, as analogs do. Practice shows that application Jetbalsam saved a huge number of people from having to go under the surgeon’s knife.

Sergey Leonidovich, surgeon of the burn department, experience 13 years.

Nipple cracks are a common problem among women in the postpartum period. Often this is the result of insufficient child capture of the breast during feeding. This piquant problem can be solved with Jet Balm. Result: pain disappears, cracks heal. Minor damage is delayed after several use of the product, and in more advanced cases - on average, by 50%. When re-examining patients, things are much better. In most cases, large cracks in the nipples disappear completely. In my practice, Jet balsam has been positive for over 2 years.

Irina Oleinik, mammologist, experience 8 years.

Patient Reviews

Inga, 51 year:

There were serious problems with the skin of the face and back. It was impossible to look at yourself in the mirror - one frustration. Inflamed skin, everything itched, it hurt. The first-aid kit was bursting with the number of different aids, but now it all flew into the urn. It’s enough for me to have Jet Balm at home to be calm for myself and my family. Repeatedly tried the remedy for sunburn and cuts. The effect is wonderful.

Igor, 47 years:

Sorry for the details, a boil popped up near the causal place. Could not decide to go to the doctor. And when he came, he regretted it even more, because the woman was taking. Awful sensations. It was filled with paint like a seventh grader. It is a pity that I did not know about such a tool before. It helped literally in 6 days.

Victor, 53 of the year:

We live in the north, and from there there are constant problems with frostbite. Children are especially affected. The grandson complained that after the walk he did not feel his fingers. Quickly smeared Jet with balsam, made a bandage and sent to sleep. The next morning everything was super. Already he himself escaped after clearing the snow. What is there to do? Winter is almost all year round. Daughter sometimes uses a jet for cuts, also saves.

Sergey, 59 years:

In old age, nails began to grow into “meat”. It’s tolerant at home, but street shoes cannot be worn. Jet Balm helped in eight days. It just healed like a dog! I advise everyone.

Maxim, 35 years:

Did not ask our last family vacation. Drove to the sea and the sun, burned like coals in a fire. Blisters and other garbage. It burned with fire, terrible pain, skin as if not alive. The benefit of the hotel room neighbors was a good tool. The first experiment was put on me, as it was inconvenient in front of the family. I did not keep track. The pain passed in 15-20 minutes. The next day I already felt like a man. Relatives followed my lead, it all ended happily.

Andrey, 48 years:

And life is getting better! Helped out this balm. After the summer, the heels cracked at the dacha (garden, kitchen garden, bare feet). Somewhere not very much, but somewhere painfully. My wife made me give up the whole thing and get treated. Satisfied with the result!

Valeria, 43 of the year:

No idea what we would do at sea without Jet Balm, as we burned in the sun on the first day. I don’t want to leave, but it’s impossible to go outside. They slept terribly the first night, and in the morning they brought us a healing cream from the reception. By dinner, I remember, we felt great. We stayed a bit in the room and continued our rest. Before leaving, they even managed to tan again.

Natalia, 36 years:

I was prescribed this balm to treat skin dermatitis. A few hours after application, the skin is much softer. After three days I was able to dress normally, and finally it stopped being torture. The discomfort was minimal. I smeared the skin 4 more times, with a thin layer - this was enough to completely eliminate the problem. It is very pleasant to forget about this trouble, thanks to the doctor for the recommendation!

Tamara, 52 of the year:

Nature "rewarded" me with a terrible type of skin. And if in my youth I still somehow managed to improve her condition, then closer to retirement everything became too critical. Not a face, but a sharpei's face! Dry skin, deep folds, permanent peeling. Cosmetics no longer gave the desired effect. It’s scary to imagine how much money was spent on useless creams and masks. With Jet Balm, regained its former attractiveness. I advise!

Tatyana, 50 years:

I was worried about sore skin. I work with people, so I couldn’t appear in their eyes with a reddened face. It was treated with folk remedies, but it saved a maximum of a couple of days. I turned to a familiar dermatologist and learned from him about the healing remedy of Jet Balm. Unfortunately, he was not in the clinic, had to be ordered in the online store. I got the package and ran to test)). The inflammation has passed, the skin of the hands and face has become elastic. Now you can safely take a vacation and feel at your best.

Alexander, 44 of the year:

We went with friends on a camping trip. Usually everything was fine, but this time I severely cut my foot on a stone. There were almost no medicines, only little things. He began to sort out the first-aid kits of friends and found Jet Balm. The comrade thought that this was a remedy for burns, but the cream is suitable for different occasions. Station wagon. He washed the wound with water, smeared with balm and almost immediately exhaled with relief. The pain subsided, and this is the only thing that tormented at that moment. He continued treatment at home. There is no scar left.

Elena, 32 of the year:

There was a female problem: the nipples cracked. I ran to a doctor's friend for advice. They wrote me a product with the natural composition of Jet Balsam. After a week, the symptoms of the problem dried up, everything healed. Now I rejoice at the happy moments of motherhood even more!

Maria, 39 years:

The senior student was very interested in manicure / pedicure. She was not lucky with the master once, and after the procedure, a nail on the big toe was grown. Than just not treated! All by. There is still a graduation on the nose, but she can’t put any shoes on. We went to the doctor and started treating the finger with Jet Balm. This remedy quickly eased the pain, and the problem itself was eliminated in a week and a half.

Emma, ​​36 years:

I have been suffering from dermatitis since elementary school. This problem squeezed out all the life juices from me. Parents constantly drove to hospitals, doctors prescribed complex therapies, but the disease did not go away. There were funds that saved for a month and a half. As for Jet Balm, he was among my "favorites" in this matter. The last remission lasted almost 10 months! Although this is a temporary respite, it is so!

Marina, 63 of the year:

Mom exchanged nineteen and is often sick. She has a bed rest. For this reason, pressure sores began to appear. I immediately turned to my nephew (he has a medical education) with a request to help us. He brought a good cream, more precisely balm ("Jet Balsam"). Progress, although slow, is still there. We continue to be treated.

Timur, 42 of the year:

Terribly cracked heels. Some cracks began to “grow” and I could not walk at all. Even got a little fat during this time. Now everything is in the past, thanks to this cool tool. I feel great.

Denis, 49 years

We stayed in fishing for two days with an overnight stay. I'm not allergic, but after numerous insect bites, my body is covered with inflamed acne. Hands, feet, face. NIGHTMARE!!! The wife was in shock. I took this product out of the locker and let's spread everything. I denied, they say, still will not help. I do not trust such creams at all. It turns out in vain. The tool works, verified !!!

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Anna Evgenievna Bazilevskaya is the author of many feature articles on cosmetology, rejuvenation, treatment of various skin diseases and detoxification of the body.

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