Capsules Ares for potency and long erection: drug overview

Capsules for potency Ares strengthen erection and help in the treatment of prostatitis. The capsules contain 350 mg of fast acting substance. To restore potency, swallow the 1 capsule 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse and be sure to have a strong and lasting erection at 100% regardless of your age.

Capsules Ares for potency and strong erection

This article will introduce you to the description of capsules to restore potency, their composition, the action of components, and the effect on erection. You will learn about the existing advantages over other drugs designed to improve potency. And we will tell you where it is better to buy pills. Ares with a 50% discount and how to order them in Russia anonymously.

Description, method of operation and principle of operation Ares

The state of potency depends on the amount of testosterone (male sex hormone) in the blood. Its low level indicates violations of sexual function. Many men wonder why this happened. The causes of weakness in the stronger sex are many. This may be depression, excessive addiction to alcohol and smoking, lack of exercise, intoxication, unbalanced nutrition, in some cases, sexual excesses.

Acknowledging the fact of intimate problems can be considered the first step towards recovery. The second step is the purchase of drugs to improve potency. If for some reason it is not possible to visit a urologist, then you can always buy pills Ares at an affordable cost.

When treating impotence with Ares, a man can be sure of the presence of:

  • strong sexual arousal;
  • normal duration of sexual intercourse;
  • increased sexual stamina.

The result of using the drug will be self-confidence, in their capabilities, excellent mood and well-being, improvement of family relationships. Erection pills help well in the following cases:

  • increase the quality of intimate life;
  • contribute to the achievement of a persistent erection;
  • help to achieve a bright orgasm;
  • increase erection;
  • activate metabolic processes in the body;
  • improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs;
  • prevent premature ejaculation;
  • improve sperm quality;
  • prevent the occurrence of stagnation with prostatitis;
  • reduce the foci of inflammation in the prostate.

In other words, this drug helps to restore the potency of organic, psychogenic, mixed origin, and is also used to treat and prevent prostatitis and adenoma. Buy Ares and prove to your soulmate that harmonious family relationships are an achievable reality. Thanks to the strengthening effect on the body, the tool helps to restore not only potency, but also overall well-being.

Price Areshow and where to buy, delivery methods

You can order Ares directly from the manufacturer anonymously, for this visit his website and place an order indicating the phone number, address and delivery method. Within 15 minutes the manager of the company will call you back and clarify the details of the order. You should know that this drug is not sold through the pharmacy chain. There are several reasons for this:

  • Providing competitive prices. It does not include trade margins of intermediaries, which significantly reduces the final cost of the drug (approximately 2-3 times).
  • Caring for buyers. The manufacturer offers to purchase original products with a guarantee of quality. Thus, the possibility of acquiring counterfeit products is excluded.

Delivery is carried out by courier and postal services within 3 - 6 days (depending on the region of delivery). Retail price Ares varies between +/- 900-1000 rubles. The size of the discount on the official website of the manufacturer is from 30 to 50%.

buy Ares for potency

Try Ares pills to improve potency and give your soulmate a bright and unforgettable experience.

Impotence and dysfunction of an erection: signs, causes and treatment

Impotence is a condition during which the ability of the penis to remain in a state of arousal (erection) or the ability to maintain an erection during full sexual intercourse is impaired. More accessible, impotence is sexual impotence.

Erectile dysfunction has a very vague concept. After all, not every man is able to accurately assess the state of his body. What is powerless from the point of view of one man may be the norm for another. In addition, men do not like to openly declare their insolvency, preferring to hide their ailment with all their might. Only a specialist is able to determine whether the condition of a particular patient is the norm or a deviation.

Erection Dysfunction and Causes of Impotence

Erection implies a serious process, for the achievement of which many consecutive reactions are involved. The norm is considered when the process of achieving a full erection is up to 1 minutes of time.

Classification of types of impotence:

  • Organic It is a violation of the implementation of excitation. At the same time, the man feels attracted, but his embodiment in the form of an erection does not occur.
  • Psychogenic. The formation of the impulse, which is primary for the occurrence of an erection, is impaired.
  • Mixed. The combination of psychogenic and organic type. Most common.

The main signs of impotence:

  • Lack or decrease of an erection. A man can not influence the process, even with significant desire.
  • An erection does not occur to the end. The male organ increases by a size insufficient for sexual intercourse.
  • It is not possible to maintain an erection during the entire coitus.
  • Ejaculation too fast.
  • Lack of morning involuntary erection.
  • Weak sex drive.

It is worth noting that, rapid ejaculation with rare sex life is not impotence. Normalizing your sex life with capsules Ares, these features cease, and the body's work returns to normal.

Also, a decrease in erection is the norm in men who have passed the reproductive age, in the event that this process was gradual. A sharp loss of sexual strength is not the norm.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The main causes of male impotence:

  • Violations of a psychological nature.
  • Fatigue.
  • Endocrine system diseases.
  • Neurology.
  • Depletion or excessive fat mass, diabetes.
  • Affected vascular system.
  • Hypertension, pathology of the heart.
  • Penile Injury
  • Medicinal impotence.
  • Masturbation abuse.

Impotence treatment:

  • Normalization of the daily routine, adequate sleep and a healthy diet.
  • If there is a regular partner, it is necessary to establish psychological contact with him. Relations should be sincere, without fear and constraint.
  • If it is impossible to fix the problem yourself, you should contact a therapist.
  • Quitting smoking and drugs, stopping alcohol abuse.
  • Stopping too private self-gratification.
  • Treatment of common diseases and disorders.
  • Regular sexual intercourse.
  • Termination of promiscuous relationships with different partners.
  • Timely initiation of treatment for impotence.
  • Trust relationship with a sexual partner.

It is also very effective to use the following plants or medicines based on them: sea buckthorn, lemongrass, rose hips, eleutherococcus. They contain vitamin E, which improves male strength, both in young and in adulthood.

Using Ginkgo Biloba for Potency

The age of the found fossils of the Ginkgo Biloba plant is 270 million years. In ancient times, leaves could be consumed whole or cooked as a food source. In China, the ginkgo biloba tree was cultivated already in 500 AD, after its healing properties were discovered. Europeans first encountered Ginkgo bilŏba in the 17 century, while exploring Japan, and after that the demand for tree leaves grew worldwide.

Interest in this plant increased dramatically in 1859, when Charles Darwin called the tree a living fossil because of its age. The tree was brought to the United States in the 18 century, where it became a favorite among many architects, as well as botanists and specialists in the field of medicine. However, until recently, its beneficial effects on sexual health have been underestimated outside of Asia.

Ginkgo biloba tree

It is not surprising that where it originally grew, Ginkgo bilŏba remains the most popular medicinal plant for the treatment of impotence in China, where it is the official national tree. In Japan, the ginkgo tree is the official symbol of the capital of Tokyo. Ginkgo biloba is consumed throughout Asia, but its popularity is also well documented in the United States, Europe, Africa and South America. The plant is used as an antioxidant, to stimulate potency and the immune system, and even just to improve the taste properties of dishes.

Ginkgo biloba and treatment of erectile dysfunction

Ginkgo biloba has always been directly related to sexual health, but only in recent years has it been approved in the Western world as an alternative to prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. There are several theories about how Ginkgo bilŏba can improve sexual health in men, but the two main ones are based on raising mood and energy and increasing blood circulation in the body.

One study showed that 84 percent of men who consumed ginkgo biloba on a regular basis saw an improvement in their sexual qualities and pleasure. These figures do not reflect the results of all studies, but they emphasize the potential effectiveness of herbs and other natural remedies in the fight against erectile dysfunction. Men who have difficulty achieving an erection, physically arousing or maintaining an erection for the desired amount of time can appreciate these benefits of ginkgo biloba.

Mostly ginkgo biloba can improve erectile function by increasing blood circulation in the body. In order for a person to achieve an erection, a normal flow of blood to the penis must be carried out, as well as the presence of sufficient pressure to maintain blood inside the penis throughout sexual activity. All this requires a healthy, functioning circulatory system. Although there are many medicines that can improve blood circulation, few are as natural as ginkgo biloba. Since this plant can improve blood circulation in the body, it can lead to an easier achievement of an erection in men and sexual satisfaction of both themselves and their partners. Some studies also show that ginkgo biloba can increase nitric oxide, which relaxes the walls of arteries and has the same function as most drugs used for erectile dysfunction.

It is important to remember that not all erectile dysfunction is physical in nature. It can also be psychological and rooted in thoughts, feelings, or even sexual injuries. Depressed men who find that they cannot fully enjoy sexual activity can also struggle to achieve an erection. Although this is clearly a psychological reason, ginkgo biloba can still be incredibly effective. The antioxidants found in ginkgo biloba can potentially help with depression and increase energy levels, which is very useful when it comes to raising libido and enhancing sexual pleasure.

Sexual intercourse

Sexual disorders with concomitant pathologies have certain clinical features both in terms of form and dynamics of disorders of various components of sexual intercourse. So, for example, with frontal localization of the pathological process (hereinafter referred to as LPP), an early weakening of sexual desire is characteristic, while subcortical and focal anomalies of the posterior cranial fossa are recorded by an increasing drop in erections.

Erect penis

Especially common are disorders of sexual activity in diencephalic pathology (DEP). Unlike other LPPs in the brain (GM), here sexual abnormalities in a series of pelvic dysfunctions occupy a dominant place. Some evidence suggests the presence of certain disorders of sexual activity in DEP. It is enough to say that almost half of women suffering from DEP have menstrual irregularities and premature cessation of menstruation. There is also a natural relationship between the severity of diencephalic manifestations and the menstrual cycle. A sharp deterioration in the general condition in the pre, post and menstrual periods is noted. Some women have manifestations of hypersexuality, while others have sexual coldness of varying severity and duration.

An identical picture is observed in men. Of most patients, anomalies of different phases of intercourse occur. For sexual disorders of diencephalic genesis, an initial drop in sexual desire is characteristic with the further development of weakening of erection and ejaculation. All of the above serves as the basis to consider a sexual dysfunction as one of the private and inalienable signs of DEP. It is noteworthy that sexual anomalies are recorded almost equally often with any clinical variation of the diencephalic syndrome.

From this point of view, they are a characteristic symptom of not only the pituitary (with a fairly well-known clinical picture of sexual disorders), but also of the entire diencephalic department as a whole. This fact is worth serious attention, because, according to some observations, in some cases, sexual anomalies come to the fore and require appropriate treatment in this direction. Many experts believe that every patient with DEP should be consulted by a pathosexologist. This question practically deserves attention from the point of view that with erased forms of DEP or the prevalence of neurotic-vegetative manifestations in everyday practical work, both sexual disorder and DEP are often mistakenly assessed as neurosis.

A comprehensive examination of such patients (radiographic, encephalographic, gonadotropic hormones, especially 17 ketosteroids, metabolic processes, etc.) would allow for the correct differential diagnosis and targeted therapy.

With various organic lesions of GM (especially the tumorous nature of the frontal localization), sexual disorders can sometimes be an early symptom of a GM lesion, significantly outstripping the occurrence of other local symptoms.

Advantages Ares before analogues and traditional means

Statistics show that problems with potency often lie in wait for a strong half of humanity after 50 years. But, in recent years, often erectile dysfunction occurs at a younger age (40-45 years). Therefore, ointments, sprays and tablets for potency do not lose their popularity.

Each of the drugs has its own characteristics. For example, if you compare pills Ares with similar tools, you can notice a number of differences:

  • Vizarsin. Refers to a group of drugs that restore erectile function. Vizarsin has many contraindications: thrombocythemia, gastrointestinal tract diseases and the cardiovascular system. It is incompatible with a number of drugs. Tablets for potency Ares act faster, absolutely harmless to health, compatible with drugs.
  • Viagra. The main active ingredient is sildenafil citrate. Viagra is incompatible with a number of drugs and is contraindicated in the presence of renal, hepatic, insufficiency, cardiovascular pathologies. Compared to expensive Viagra, tablets Ares the price is less and there are no contraindications to use.
  • Libido Drive. Available in capsule form. Intended for the treatment of impotence, normalizes the function of the testes, improves the quality of sex. The course of treatment is two weeks, during which the drug must be used strictly according to the scheme: according to 2 capsules in the morning and evening. Such a reception scheme is not always convenient. The course requires 2 packaging for 30 capsules. Ares use only once every three days.

Given the many benefits of the drug, it deserves the attention of the most precise buyers.

The composition and action of the components

Erection Restoration Pills Ares, which includes components of plant origin: herbs, minerals from ecologically clean places, have a multilateral impact. A carefully selected composition has a huge range of useful properties, acting on metabolism, increasing the protective functions of the body. Herbal medicine is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that medicinal plants have a mild therapeutic effect without side effects.

The composition of the capsules Ares and component action

With a detailed composition of the drug Ares You can see the image of the package. The use of these tablets is a reliable prevention of complications associated with the use of pharmaceuticals, which often cause various complications.

Indications and contraindications

Tablets for potency Ares recommended for use by those who are tired of being afraid of constant setbacks in an intimate life. Indications for use of this drug is:

  • low sexual activity or its absence;
  • prostatitis;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • lack of orgasm;
  • age-related problems with erection;
  • decrease in sperm count;
  • excessive tiredness after intercourse.

The action of these capsules is especially effective for sexual disorders that occur under the influence of stress factors. Before ordering online Ares, you should pay attention to contraindications to their use. These include individual intolerance to the individual components that make up the drug, hypersensitivity to the ingredients. The use of capsules until full puberty is not recommended.

Capsule instructions Ares

Ares used 15-20 minutes before the beginning of intimacy. During this time, testosterone begins to be produced intensively, and blood flow to the genitals increases. Thanks to this, pleasant sensations increase, the duration of sexual intercourse increases.

Due to the prolonged action, an additional intake of tablets to improve potency is not required if you want to repeat sexual intercourse. Treatment Aresom lasts for three weeks on an 1 tablet 1 times in 3 days. In chronic prostatitis, it must be used for one month. A significant improvement in the condition of the prostate occurs after two weeks of using the capsules.

The dosage does not depend on age, weight, the presence of concomitant diseases. In the process of treatment with the drug, you can not be afraid to drink alcohol, but within reasonable limits. Just one pack will have a positive effect on your health by ordering Ares With a discount for a course of treatment, you will get rid of many problems. If you do not want other people to accidentally find out about them, place an order for delivery Aresbut anonymously.

Reviews and opinions of doctors and buyers

Reviews on pills to enhance erection Ares confirm its high efficiency. On forums, buyers share their opinions. In the vast majority of cases, it indicates the achievement of persistent positive results. Given the complex effects on the body, Ares According to doctors, it helps in solving other problems. A few negative reviews, as a rule, are left by those who purchased a falsified drug. To avoid this, order Ares at a discount on the manufacturer’s website and evaluate the result of treatment. Before placing an order, you can familiarize yourself with the reviews taken from the forum.

Reviews and opinions of doctors and buyers about Ares

Customer Reviews

Capsule customer reviews Ares

Alexander, 58 years:

I did not believe in my capabilities. Ares helped to survive the same pleasant sensations as many years ago. An added bonus - the need for inpatient treatment for prostatitis has disappeared.

Valery, urologist with 20 years of experience:

Herbal preparations were wary. Some of my patients took Ares by yourself. With a noticeable improvement in their state of health, they recognized that Ares was taken in addition to the main regimen. The results are impressive. Now I recommend it to my patients.

Vyacheslav, 38 years.

I didn’t think that problems with an erection affected me. Family relationships have worsened. Hard work almost seven days a week does not allow you to undergo a medical examination. Found on the Internet information about Aresordered anonymously. I regret that I did not do this before. Great remedy. I recommend.

Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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