Drops Cirrofit from stone formation, kidney repair and treatment

Drug review Cirrofit from kidney stones: the composition, how it acts on the body, instructions for use, reviews of specialists and buyers about this tool, how and where you can buy the original Cirrophyte, which was written about in the magazine Health more than two years ago. In this review, we will answer the question of why kidney stones are formed and how to deal with it with the help of Cirrophyte. As you know, urine is one of the main ways of excretion of processed food products, it is formed as a result of metabolism in the body, the kidneys contribute to the formation of urine, the composition of which is almost unchanged, but specifically, the salt content strongly depends on the food eaten.

Most often, crystals are visible in the urine with a neutral reaction, but there are cases that they can occur with an alkaline or even acidic one. What should be done when oxalates appear? It is important to remember that urine is a solution of various salts, and the formation of stones (a manifestation of "urolithiasis") indicates their excess.

Oxalates in urine are salts of "oxalic" acids excreted by the kidneys. They enter the human body in the form of various products, and are also arbitrarily transformed as a result of many biological reactions. It is considered normal if the body excretes approximately 30 - 45 mg with urine. oxalates daily.

Abnormal discharge is called “oxaluria,” the most important sign of changes in pathology. In the diagnosis of diseases, they also occupy not the last place. There are several types of oxalates, it depends on the metal, which is part of oxalic acid. So, for example, calcium oxalate is a kind of excretory and indicates a metabolic disorder.drops cirrofit for the treatment of kidney disease

Why are kidney stones formed?

In answering this question, one must remember the individual differences of organisms. The following are some of the main causes of excessive oxalate formation:

  1. Erroneous diet. Excessive consumption of foods such as tomatoes, apples, asparagus and more. The lack of B vitamins in the body, as well as magnesium, potassium or calcium. The reason for the formation of stones is often a lack of fluid.
  2. Gastritis, dysbiosis, diabetes mellitus, as well as its improper treatment. This also includes internal hemorrhage in the kidney tissue.
  3. Heredity. Impaired metabolism. The process of oxalic acid metabolism can be changed at the gene level. This means that there are congenital diseases of the urolithic system.
  4. Incorrect remission and therapy after removal of benign or malignant tumors.
  5. Excessive intake of vitamin D, ascorbic acid in the process of self-medication.
  6. Stress and constant psychological stress also affect the vital organs of a person, including the kidneys.
  7. Plant-based diets high in oxalic acid.

Description and properties Cirrofit

For the purpose of kidney repair was created Cirrofit which is a drop of 30 milliliters in volume, which also promotes not only the removal of kidney stones, but also prevents their appearance. Its analogue is the drug Renon Duo.

It is recommended to use Cirrophyte at the first appearance of edema and pain in the lumbar region. As for their composition, they are made on the basis of medicinal herbs growing in different parts of the world and, of course, in the Altai Territory. The drug was developed with the participation of a large German pharmaceutical company, has a quality certificate and does not contain harmful components and similar derivatives, is suitable for people of any age and has no contraindications. It is also used in the treatment of urolithiasis, chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis and other urological diseases.Cirrofit certificate


Price Cirrofit and where to buy the drug

As a result of the studies, it was found that Cirrophyte actually helps in 97% of cases. Its effectiveness has been proven by doctors and the presence of many certificates confirming its beneficial properties for the human body. Buy Cirrofit The volume of 30 ml is very easy, since it is freely sold in the manufacturer's online store without a prescription, the price of Cirrofit is also indicated there, which is available for purchase in many CIS countries, delivery is very fast, which allows you to start treatment in a few days from the moment of ordering.

Buy Cirrophit for kidney treatment

Doctors' opinion about the drug is more than positive based on its beneficial properties, and even this was said by Elena Malysheva in one of the issues of the Living Healthy program devoted to kidney diseases program, many after that having tried it themselves left grateful reviews about the drug Cirrofit. An article about this drug is written in detail by doctors nephrologists, which we recommend that you read in the Journal of Health about the drug Cirrofit.Malysheva about the drug cirrofit for kidney treatment

Doctor's opinion on cirrophitic drops and recommendations

cirrofit patient reviews after the course of treatment

The kidneys play an important role in the human body, as they perform a number of vital functions. These include the filtering process, as well as the process of separating filtered slags and toxins, and other foreign compounds. At the same time, the kidneys help maintain acid-base balance in the blood of a person. Another important function that the kidneys have is the regulation of blood pressure. Therefore, when a person has problems with the kidneys, then there is a malfunction of all these functions. As a result, it leads to the fact that a person begins to feel symptoms such as weakness, high blood pressure, swelling, pain in the head and lower back, fever and frequent urination. For involuntary and frequent urination recommended drug Diforol, which according to numerous customer reviews, has proven its effectiveness!

In case of manifestation of these symptoms, you should seek help from a specialist. However, in addition to traditional treatment, other methods can also be used. Of course, with the advice of a doctor. The use of herbs in the treatment of kidney diseases has long been widespread, and not only in traditional medicine. In many cases, doctors prescribe this type of treatment, especially if the disease is accompanied by inflammation. As a strong diuretic, a parsley decoction is used, however, in the presence of kidney stones, this is contraindicated, which once again confirms the need, when the first symptoms of kidney problems are manifested, not to self-medicate, but to go to the hospital and undergo an examination.

For edema and inflammation, bearberry leaves are used. This herb is part of Cirrofit has a disinfecting effect on the kidneys themselves. It not only relieves inflammation, but also creates an antibacterial effect. But if there is a small stone or sand in the kidneys, rosehip seeds are used. The dosage of this remedy should be strictly on the recommendation of a doctor. Since the stones can move from their place and clog the main ducts, after which a person will need surgical intervention.

Cirrofit a photo

In the case of excessive abuse of rose hips instead of a positive action, it will lead to negative consequences. Firstly, it leaches all calcium from the human body, and secondly, it increases the acidity of the stomach. In the case of treatment of the inflammatory process in the kidneys, the yarrow herb gained particular popularity. Since this herb has certain anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties. At the same time, it improves blood coagulability, promotes rapid healing of wounds and has analgesic properties. In folk medicine, onion peel is used in the treatment of many diseases. And kidney-related diseases are no exception.

A decoction of onion peel is used in the treatment of the bladder, cystitis, nephritis and pyelonephritis. Since the diuretic, as well as anti-inflammatory properties of this peel not only contribute to the early treatment of these diseases, but also restore the basic functions of the kidneys. However, it is worth remembering that when treating the kidneys with traditional medicine, you need to know not only the correct diagnosis, but also the sensitivity of the body to the use of the selected component.

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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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