Paste Sandra Sugaring for shugaring and quick depilation

To permanently get rid of unwanted hair and make the skin perfectly smooth, professional cosmetologists recommend using Sandra Sugaring shugaring paste. Women applying it claim that the procedures are completely painless, do not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

The main advantages of this tool are:

  • The ability to use with any type of skin.
  • 100% formula made up of natural ingredients.
  • Complete safety for the skin, no adverse reactions.

Sandra sugaring paste gives your skin softness and beauty. Moreover, the effect lasts for a very long time. You can perform the procedure only once a month and at the same time not think about the emerging hairs and the need to shave. Forget about complexes, wear revealing clothes and enjoy your attractiveness!

Sandra Sugaring Pasta

The leading specialists in the field of cosmetology took part in developing the composition of this paste for depilation, so it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. To take care of your beauty, it is not necessary to visit prestigious salons. With pasta Sandra Sugaring The procedures will be as effective as possible at home.

Sandra Sugaring not only removes hairs, but also provides gentle body care. It contains useful components that soften and nourish the skin, prevent drying out and irritation.

You should opt for this paste if:

  • You have to shave almost every day.
  • After shaving, redness and sores remain on your delicate skin.
  • It’s embarrassing for you to go to the salon for a deep bikini.
  • On the beach or in the pool, you are shy because you are unable to make your legs perfectly smooth.
  • You do not want to spend money on expensive professional procedures.

Sandra Sugaring Pasta Price

Given the quality Sandra Sugaring and the effectiveness of procedures with its use, the price of Sandra paste seems quite reasonable - only 990 Russian rubles. This is much less than the cost of one visit to a good salon. The widely advertised emulsions and waxes are expensive, and their quality cannot always be compared with Sandra.

To maintain the effect of the paste, it is enough to use it only once every few weeks. That is, one jar can last for whole 365 days! Imagine how much you would spend per year doing the procedure with professional cosmetologists. Now there is no point in overpaying, just buy Sandra Sugaring which will save you money.

Buy sandra paste for shugaring

Sandra paste action for depilation

Immediately after application, the active substances anesthetize the skin and “cling” to each hair so that it can be removed directly from the root. At the same time, beneficial components penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, cleanse, nourish and tone it.

When the paste is removed, harmful microorganisms and toxic substances (which negatively affect the skin and cause various cosmetic and dermatological problems) are removed with it. As a result, literally before our eyes, the skin is transformed. It acquires a special softness and silkiness. Such skin is usually said to “shine with health”.

And at the same time, not a single hair can be found on it, and new ones grow very soon. In addition, with regular use of the product, newly emerging vegetation becomes thinner and more invisible.

Sandra Sugaring Composition

 The high effectiveness of this tool is provided due to the complex action of such ingredients:

  • Glucose. It has the ability to bind fluid and captures every single hair. Thanks to glucose, the skin on 100% is freed from unnecessary vegetation and becomes perfectly smooth. Another effect is the removal of irritation and the prevention of allergic reactions.
  • Citric acid. Promotes deep cleansing of pores, normalizes local metabolism, has a tonic effect. In addition, it slightly whitens the skin, giving it an even, pleasant shade.
  • Fructose. Helps the skin retain moisture, preventing it from drying out. Relieves irritation, relieves hyperemia. Another useful property of fructose is the ability to fight against pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Water. Serves as the basis that regulates the density of the paste. Provides convenient application Sandra Sugaring on the skin.

How does hair removal paste work?

  • A thin layer of paste is applied to areas of the skin that need to be removed from the hair.
  • Skin anesthesia occurs.
  • Active substances “grab” each hairline.
  • Useful components penetrate deep into the pores and draw all toxins from the skin.
  • After removing the paste, you get well-groomed skin, the condition of which can safely be called ideal.
  • The skin remains smooth for a whole month. (This, of course, is an average indicator, the exact timing depends on the individual characteristics of hair growth).

How to apply Sandra Sugaring paste

Since the paste has been specifically designed for home treatments, it is very easy to use. The manufacturer recommends a preliminary peeling (about a day before the hair removal procedure). Scrubs with coffee grains or apricot kernels are best suited for this.

Immediately before shugaring, the skin needs to be washed well and wiped dry. Beauticians advise taking a hot bath - it will help to open all the pores, so that the effect of the procedure will be maximum.

When the skin is prepared, you need to take a little paste and evenly distribute it throughout the area from which the hair will be removed. After the agent has set, it is removed along with the vegetation. It is necessary to apply a high-quality moisturizer to the treated area.

If shugaring was carried out in the bikini area, after the procedure it is advisable to wear thin cotton underwear that does not impede the “breathing” of the skin. After three days, you can again peel. And depilation with Sandra paste will need to be repeated in about a month.


In developing the paste formula, experts took into account the fact that some women have very sensitive skin. Therefore, the composition was repeatedly tested in laboratories and passed a number of clinical trials. Studies have confirmed that the paste does not cause allergic reactions and other adverse reactions, is well suited for all parts of the body and different skin types. This means that Sandra paste has no contraindications; all women without exception can use it successfully. The main thing is to properly care for your skin:

  • Before the procedure, take a shower or bath.
  • Peel before knocking.
  • After shugaring, do not use scrubs for at least two days.
  • Do not forget about skin hydration.

Sandra Sugaring Pasta Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a paste cause harm to the skin?

No, he can not. It is made on the basis of natural components, so it does not cause side effects.

  1. How often do you need to repeat shugaring?

It all depends on the speed of hair growth. Many women have enough of one procedure per month, others perform it more often - once every three weeks.

  1. How many applications does one jar have?

When processing legs - 8 times. If we are talking about the armpits and the bikini area, then the jars should be enough for at least 15 times.

  1. Is it possible to perform procedures with paste at home?

Of course you can, it was for this that the tool was developed.

Reviews and expert opinion

Shugaring has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. And this is understandable, because it allows you to get rid of excess vegetation painlessly and for a long time. If the patient has sensitive skin, I usually recommend Sandra paste, because it does not cause irritation or other adverse reactions. These are the results to be expected.

 A. Belyaeva, master of depilation. 

shugaring result before using Sandra paste result after applying Sandra

Real reviews


Tired of constantly shaving my legs, I wanted to try another way, for example, shugaring, but still could not decide. I thought the procedure would be very painful. Girlfriend advised Sandra pasta. I tried and was satisfied. Done no discomfort! The legs are now smooth and beautiful!


For a long time I was looking for a suitable paste for shugaring. The fact is that I have very sensitive skin, and I need a really high-quality product. I decided to opt for Sandra, and did not lose. She inflicted, as it is written in the instructions, easily got rid of her hair, while there was no irritation. Two weeks have passed, and the legs are still perfectly smooth. I recommend this particular remedy to everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Previously, I used a different composition for shugaring, and there was always a slight irritation on the skin. But I thought that it should be so that side effects cannot be dispensed with. And then my sister bought a new pasta called Sandra. She said that now after shugaring she has no redness. I tried it and made sure of it myself. Now I will use only Sandra!


To remove body hair, I went to a prestigious salon. There for shugaring use this particular paste. She is very suitable for me, the skin after it becomes smooth and delicate. And then one day I decided to carry out the procedure myself. I ordered Sandra on the Internet, carefully read the instructions, and everything worked out fine for me! Why spend money on salons if you can get the same effect at home?

Why get rid of unwanted facial hair

Small clusters of hairs above the upper lip are absolutely all girls. Therefore, do not sound the alarm, worry and run to the hospital, if suddenly such an aesthetic problem appears. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is natural. Someone’s antennae are almost invisible, while someone has fourteen years old to begin an active struggle with them. It all depends on the color of the hair and its structure (they can be thin and light or coarse, hard and dark).

The reasons for the appearance of vegetation over the upper lip are not so many. First, genetics can always be blamed. Such a “gift” is often inherited through the female line. Therefore, the first thing you should ask your parents (mothers and grandmothers) is whether they have encountered such a problem. If so, then you can exhale and start a fight with a clear conscience. And if not, you will have to look for a reason elsewhere.

For example, it may turn out to be a hormonal malfunction - a very serious thing. It is strictly forbidden to joke with her; you should immediately contact a specialist. Only he can suggest a solution and find the right way out of the situation. The third reason is taking antibiotics. Some girls notice that the antennae darkens precisely during the period of active taking of pills. This is due to the fact that the liver suffers from antibiotics, and the appearance of unwanted hairs on the face is one of the ways to declare a decrease in its performance.

You need to mercilessly get rid of the hairs above the upper lip. That is, you should not try to mask them with powder or foundation - it will only get worse. You should also not turn to folk remedies, such as tinctures with ammonia, walnuts, soda. All these products only irritate and dry the skin.

The first way to remove facial hair is to use tweezers. This is the most effective tool, tested by time and millions of girls. Importantly, do not forget to disinfect the tweezers before use. This procedure is painful, so many girls tend to abandon it. Failure is usually in the direction of wax strips for depilation. The effect is the same, the principle of action, too. Yes, and it hurts, in fact, the same way. The only difference is that everything happens quickly.

After carrying out a similar procedure shugaring be sure to soothe irritated skin. This is done with a healing or moisturizer, and a photo spray is also suitable. Depilight.


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