Silane Guard Wilson protective glass for car tuning

Car tuning can be canceled if you choose a tool such as Silane Guard. With it, you can give the car body an initial shine, which is done as quickly as possible and with the greatest efficiency. The color of the machine will differ in brightness and saturation as a result of using the proposed tool.

Liquid glass can be purchased on the supplier’s website, where you can also see customer reviews, supplemented by photographs that serve as evidence of effectiveness Silane Guard, where there are many positive comments from motorists.

This product is being produced by Willson, a Japanese manufacturer of car cosmetics, which has been on the market for more than 50 years. In Japan, this manufacturer is a leader in its market sector, as it takes the most responsible approach to the process of developing drugs for car care. The company’s product in the form of Silane Guard - liquid glass, demanded worldwide. The composition of this product is one-component, and this eliminates the need to mix something with something. The volume of one package is designed for the possibility of applying from 2 to 4 layers of the product on the surface of a car body.

According to the manufacturer, through Silane Guard you can turn a car body into a radiant splendor with an exemplary shade. The effect obtained lasts for a long time - up to a year. At the same time, it is possible to achieve an additional result in the form of improved water-repellent properties in relation to the car body.

How and where to buy liquid glass Silane Guard

If you want to buy a really high-quality product in the form of liquid glass, you must order the original Silane Guard using the official Willson online store. Price Silane Guard in Russia it is 997 rubles, in Kazakhstan 10 thousand tenge, in Ukraine 1000 hryvnia, in Kyrgyzstan 1700 soms per package of 95 ml. Buy "liquid glass" Silane Guard Willson at a discount is available in many countries of the European Union.

Silane Guard Wilson protective glass for car tuning

Within 15 minutes after placing the order, the company's manager calls the customer's contact number, specifies the delivery address of the goods. Buying liquid glass Silane Guard, you get:

  • special solution;
  • a sponge that simplifies the process of applying the solution;
  • a napkin that provides the convenience of polishing the car;
  • latex glove, demanded to exclude the likelihood of the active substance getting on the skin of the hands.

Liquid glass SILANE GUARD from willson

What liquid glass is capable of: characteristics and capabilities

Car cosmetics in the form of Silane Guard can be used in relation to any car, regardless of their shades. With its help, you can guaranteedly change the appearance of the car in a short time without the need for serious cash expenses. Liquid glass can do a lot:

  • keep the color of the car body;
  • to give the car surface the best water-repellent properties;
  • make the body sparkle;
  • to provide protection against minor mechanical damage, which may be the same scratches, the effects of salt reagents in the winter and detergents used for contactless washing, which is possible due to the formation of a polymer film;
  • prevent the active development of the process that causes tarnishing of the surface of the car body.

Instructions on how to use liquid glass Silane Guard

A car prepared for applying liquid glass of the type in question must be washed and dried. Only after these conditions are met can you start the direct tuning procedure based on Silane Guard:

  • put on a glove;
  • take a sponge and immerse it in a wet solution;
  • apply means with a sponge to the surface of the body;
  • pause, waiting for the moment when the body dries;
  • use a napkin to wipe the car, observing the minimum pressure force.

Silan Guard liquid glass instructions for use

Pros and Benefits of Coating Silane Guard

The main advantages Silane Guard are as follows:

  • eliminates minor visual defects of the car, giving shine and novelty to the vehicle;
  • It does its job efficiently, although it does not include silicone and wax;
  • differs in extreme simplicity of use;
  • It is a one-component product, which also relates to the advantages of liquid glass from Wilson, so the process of its use is greatly simplified due to this;
  • provides savings in terms of expense;
  • due to affordable price.

Effect Before and After applying liquid glass to the car body

Liquid Glass Development Silane Guard was carried out by Willson by improving the performance of a tool such as Glass Guard, which is still popular with motorists today. It was this tool that allowed the company to enter the market with a modified product, which brought success.

Willson today is a company that is shaping trends in the field of protective equipment for car paints. This Japanese brand can be recognized as a market standard in terms of protective cosmetics.

Efficiency of use Silane Guard

Somewhat unreasonable to perceive Silane Guard in terms of liquid glass. These products have long reached a different level, and now they are more characterized as “ceramics” by creating a barrier in the form of silane protection.

Due to the simplicity of applying the product, anyone can cope with this task, since in this case experience and any professional skills are not needed. At the same time, the amount of funds in 95 mm is quite sufficient so that it can be used throughout the year.

For greater effectiveness, 3 silane coat should be applied:

  • The first layer is a base that absorbs paint and smooths out existing bumps;
  • The second layer is protection against external influences, able to maintain its characteristics throughout the year;
  • The third layer is an additional barrier of protection, which is optional, although with its help it is possible to increase the preservation of the obtained characteristics of the bodywork up to 2 years.

Typically, the protection of the surface of the car body from ultraviolet radiation and mechanical effects is ensured by the use of car waxes and polishes of various kinds. Such tools add shine to the car, and form a protective layer, which differs in such a minus as a short life - until the first wash. For the most part, wax and similar coatings perform decorative functions, not protective ones.

Concerning Silane Guard 2017 year, this tool on a one-component basis guarantees the effectiveness of the protective layer for one year. The applied silane base is a transparent and very durable shell, which acts as a protective barrier to ultraviolet radiation, which can also withstand various mechanical and chemical influences.

As a result, the car retains the integrity of the coating and bright color. If your vehicle is treated with liquid glass, then you will provide better metal protection against corrosion, which is guaranteed by the silane film "liquid glass".

Comparing Silane Guard with similar products manufactured by other companies, two conclusions can be made that speak in favor of liquid glass from Willson:

  • silane base is an exclusive moment of this product;
  • comparison in favor of certain brands is legitimate if they are real and verified, which cannot be said, for example, about Nanolux. Such products are made not clearly where, and also there is no contact information, which excludes the possibility of demanding a refund if the promised effect is not achieved.

Coverage Comparison Silane Guard with competitors

Editorial Board conducted an analysis and found that when evaluating competitors, only a few manufacturers of polishes providing the effect of "liquid glass" have the corresponding level of trust. For example, such manufacturers include Pika Rain, Koch Chemie and Wurth. At the same time, their products have several disadvantages in comparison with Silane Guard:

  • lower strength of the protective layer;
  • multicomponent means, which greatly complicates the process of applying such polishes.

It is also worth noting that liquid glass manufactured by Willson is more economical, that is, its consumption is lower compared to competitors.

When comparing manufacturers of polishes by such a parameter as the time it takes for a curtain of water to tilt at an angle 15 ° of the surface, the following data are obtained in relation to Silane Guard:

  • up to 50 sinks, the product retains its effect, and the liquid retention time does not exceed 10 seconds;
  • starting from the 50 wash, the time parameter determining the rate of liquid loss increases to 20 seconds.

comparison Silane Guard with analogues and the difference between them

comparison of liquid glass manufacturers

Within the given parameters, only liquid glass manufactured by Autosol can compete. At the same time, it is not capable of resisting other types of influences just as effectively, since its base contains wax.

In the same way Silane Guard wins in other indicators: cost, availability and benefit in terms of low consumption of funds needed to process the car body. You may have already heard about the remedy. Renumax to eliminate scratches on the car body, and if not, then read the article!

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