Handy Heater Rovus description and characteristics of a portable heater

Handy Heater Rovus It will help to heat the house easily and quickly, because this heater uses a wall installation and connects to a conventional outlet. A clear and convenient digital control, a timer will help you program the on / off of the heater for 12 hours. In the event of a device malfunction or a network malfunction, the circuit breaker will save from unpleasant consequences. Heater power Handy Heater Rovus 350 watts and allows you to achieve a comfortable temperature, avoiding the burning of oxygen and drying out the mucous membranes in the human body.

Handy Heater Rovus description and characteristics of a portable heater

This is very important for families with children and pets. Ergonomic design, developed in special laboratories, is suitable for rooms of various purposes. In the office, in the country, in the children's room, in the bathroom, in the sauna room, in workshops and in areas where maintaining stable and comfortable equipment is important, everywhere it fits seamlessly into any room. Heater element Handy Heater Rovus made of the safest ceramic. The plastic case is not prone to heat. All these factors can become a guarantee of warmth and comfort in your home!

Handy Heater Rovus It takes up very little space and does not require a special connector for connecting to the network. An ordinary socket, familiar from childhood, will not make it difficult to turn on for the most adult and the smallest. Despite its compact size, a room of the order of 20 square meters will become warm and comfortable in half an hour. Incredible heat transfer, in a matter of seconds, is provided by the thermo-ceramic heating effect.

  • Automation that protects against overheating and voltage surges in the network.
  • Economical heating - 350 W., will not ruin the family budget, but will give pleasant communication in a warm room.
  • The simplicity and reliability of the heating element is able to delight colleagues in the office with a comfortable environment for many years.

The Handy Heather Rovus heater is able to become a friend and assistant, protector and guard from the most severe frosts and cold weather!

Instrument characteristics Handy Heater Rovus:

  1. Compact, productive, low noise, high protection.
  2. Auto protection.
  3. Speed ​​mode selection.
  4. Easy installation and connection.
  5. The ability to adjust the temperature in the range from 15 to 32 degrees Celsius.
  6. 12 hourly timer with the ability to program on-off.
  7. The compact size allows you to easily transfer the device from room to other rooms and rooms, if necessary.
  8. The display (digital, LED model) will help in controlling the heater.
  9. Wall mount saves space in the room.

Where to buy Handy Heater and its specifications

We recommend to buy Handy Heater Rovus only on the official website of the manufacturer, the price of the Handy Heather heater is only 2485 rubles in Russia, 120 rubles. in Belarus, 18000 tenge in Kazakhstan, 4200 soms in Kyrgyzstan, while the cost of intermediaries and online stores is 40-45% higher.

To place an order, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and there you will find an order form in which you need to enter a name and phone number in international format. After that, the operator will contact you to specify the delivery address and provide advice. He will answer any questions you may have regarding the price, current promotions and discounts, and will advise on the company's latest products.

Heater Specifications Handy Heater Rovus:

  • Timer: electronic;
  • Category: thermal ventilation heaters;
  • Electrical power 350 W .;
  • Overheat protection: automatic;
  • Network voltage: 220 Volt;
  • Control system: electronic system;
  • The ability to adjust the heating: stepless (smooth) adjustment, in the temperature range from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius;
  • Availability of thermostat: electromechanical temperature regulator;
  • Ability to switch modes: two modes.

Handy Heater Rovus compares favorably with the models of this type on the market. Having connected your hopes with this heater, you can not worry about the approaching cold. Saving money will provide an adequate price, reliable design and economical energy consumption.

Types of electric heaters

Often the owners of suburban homes are faced with the difficulty of heating their homes, because many of them have not been supplied with either a central heating system or even gas. Then electricity becomes an alternative to it and, as a result, it becomes possible to heat with the help of electric heaters. Many of them can serve as an addition to central heating batteries, for example, a heater Handy Heater Rovus!

Convection heaters

One of the most common methods of affordable electric heating. The principle of its action is simple. Cold air from the room freely or forcibly enters the heater, where it heats up to a certain temperature and returns to the room. Such heaters are equipped with a shutdown system, which is triggered if the air is heated to the set temperature. But they have a significant drawback - due to the created temperature difference between the ceiling and above the floor, the circulation of dust in the air increases. Such heaters are often installed in homes and office premises.

  • Pluses: relative cheapness, profitability, safety, fast heating of the room;
  • Cons: oxygen absorption, dust circulation in the room.

Fan heaters

These compact heaters work on the principle of moving the air mass through a fan. The air in them is heated due to a red-hot spiral or ceramic element. The former are cheaper, but the heating element in them burns oxygen and dries the air. The latter do not have such a feature, but also cost more. Particularly powerful fan heaters are called heat guns. Often this type of heater becomes the only way to heat private homes.

  • Pluses: cheapness, compactness, fast heating of air;
  • Cons: low fire safety, noise from the fan.

Heat accumulators

This is a relatively new type of heating appliances, which has become popular with the introduction of different heating tariffs in the daytime and at night. This device accumulates heat during periods of least activity and load on the power grid, and then disconnects from the power supply and gives off heat. It is also advantageous to install this option of heaters where the space is heated by solid fuel. The tank gives off heat during the fuel loading period and immediately after its combustion, and absorbs it at a time when there is an excess of heat. This method allows you to reduce human participation in the system of autonomous heating.

  • Pluses: profitability, the ability to maintain one temperature, lower fuel costs.
  • Cons: large dimensions, not an affordable price.


This type of heater is a symbiosis of an electric heater with a fan. Inside such a device is either a spiral or metal threads. Most often, electric heaters are mounted in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Mostly large industrial premises are heated with such installations, but they are also suitable for installation in private houses. In order to balance the temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor, ceiling fans are often installed in the rooms, which also helps save money on heating.

  • Pros: relative compactness, ease of installation, the ability to heat large areas;
  • Cons: noise, a large temperature difference between the air above the floor and under the ceiling, overdrying.

Giving preference to this or that type of electric heaters, be guided by the area which is required to be heated and how often people will be in the room. Handy Heater Rovus Ideal for heating apartments, offices and garages!

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