Concentrate Orgonite for weight loss and muscle growth Orgonayt

Orgonite for muscle growth is an innovative drug that improves the absorption of nutrients from food and supplies the body with vital biological components. Its formula is a unique combination of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, plant sterols, anabolism regulators, as well as special substances that can add value to other biological compounds.

Orgonite has a complex effect, regulating metabolic processes and replenishing the deficiency of substances necessary for full life. Muscle mass will increase at an accelerated rate even with low calorie intake. In addition, it helps burn excess body fat.

The men's magazine MensHealth published the results of the effectiveness of the concentrate, as well as real reviews with the results Before and After training using Orgonite.Orgonite for muscle growth

Where to buy Orgonite and cost of goods

You can buy Orgonite in Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, price Orgonite quite acceptable, you need to clarify on the manufacturer's website - only he is guaranteed to purchase an original product with 100% efficiency, otherwise you run the risk of running into a fake, especially if you place an order through advertising on social networks. The price of Orgonite is slightly cheaper than that of the famous drug Aminocarnit to accelerate muscle growth.

How does the concentrate act on the body

Orgonight helps to cope with metabolic disorders and completely normalizes metabolism. Using it, you can achieve these results:

  1. Muscles not only quickly build up, but also form correctly.
  2. Due to the acceleration of metabolism, food is digested faster and more valuable substances are absorbed from it. According to recent studies in people taking Orgonite, proteins are digested 2-3 times better. We can say that the concentrate helps the body “draw out” the maximum energy from literally every calorie.
  3.  The elimination of toxic and unnecessary substances is accelerated.
  4. Vigor appears, tone increases, general health improves significantly.
  5. The work of the intestine is being established, its microflora is returning to normal.

The concentrate gives a lasting result that lasts even after the cessation of active training.

The composition of the concentrate Orgonayt

Means Orgonite different balanced composition, each concentrate ingredient has unique properties and the ability to enhance the action of other components.

We list the main ingredients that make up Orgonight:

  • Active keratin. This compound is synthesized in the human body from substances digested with food. Supplementary production of keratin molecules contributes to sports nutrition. Keratinophosphates have the ability to accumulate energy, and this is of great importance during intense sports loads. Increasing the level of active keratin will give you so much strength that you can train a lot without feeling tired.
  • Dry egg white. It is rich in vitamins B, PP, H, contains a number of useful elements - iodine, molybdenum, zinc, iron. Accelerates the set of muscle mass and makes it possible to maintain good shape in between sports training.
  • Functional Fiber It contains a lot of dietary fiber useful for the body, which reduces the concentration of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.
  • Maltodextrin. Serves as a good source of energy. In addition, it normalizes the intestinal microflora, favoring the growth of bifidobacteria.
  • Ginger (extract). Accelerates the process of fat burning, regulates digestion, normalizes blood circulation.
  • Flax seed. Refers to foods containing an increased amount of valuable omega acids. The organic compounds that make up flaxseed strengthen joints and make ligaments more elastic. Therefore, during sports activities, the risk of traumatic injuries is much reduced. Also, this plant component is involved in the normalization of protein metabolism.
  • Garlic extract. Known for its beneficial properties, garlic contains unique biological compounds: S-allyl cysteine ​​(SAC) and S-allyl mercaptocysteine. These active substances are the strongest natural antioxidants and are absorbed by the body almost completely - by 98%.
  • Group of enzymes. They accelerate the breakdown of protein, give the body the opportunity to extract the maximum necessary substances from food. This group includes pepsin, trypsin, bromelain, which not only actively break down protein molecules, but also improve oxygen supply to all organs and tissues.

composition orgonite

All the ingredients in Orgonight are natural products, so negative health effects are completely excluded.

Admission Rules Orgonite and instructions for use

To achieve the maximum result, you must take Orgonite, clearly following the instructions and without violating the indicated dosages.

Using the concentrate is very simple: 2 grams of powder are added to a glass with a carbohydrate-protein shake and the mixture is drunk immediately after sports. On days when intensive training is not planned, the drug is taken in the same dosage after charging or warming up.

The diet can be left the same, no special diets during the course Orgonite you don’t need to. The active formula of the concentrate allows the body to receive nutrients from any food.

There are no contraindications to taking Orgonite concentrate. But before you start a muscle building course, you should get a doctor's consultation. First of all, this applies to those who are prone to allergic reactions.

The principle of operation of the Orgonite concentrate

All food products are known to have their own efficiency. During the passage of food through the digestive tract under the action of acids and enzymes, protein breaks down into amino acids. Substances resulting from the breakdown are absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream.

At the same time, a significant amount of nutrients simply does not have time to assimilate and is excreted from the body. Concentrate Orgonite has the ability to improve digestive and metabolic processes, so the body receives much more nutrients.

With proper intake of Orgonite, this drug has a complex effect:

  • Peristalsis comes back to normal.
  • Metabolism improves.
  • Toxins, carcinogens, toxins and other dangerous compounds are removed from the body.
  • Due to the growth of bifidobacteria, the gastric and intestinal microflora improves.
  • Excess fat is burned.
  • The body receives additional energy.
  • Stress resistance improves.
  • The work of the immune system is normalized.
  • Vivacity appears, general health improves.
  • Muscle pain disappears.

In order to feel a surge of energy, just a few receptions of the concentrate are enough. At the very beginning of using Orgonight you will become more active and resilient, forget about stomach discomfort and a feeling of constant fatigue. Physical activity will no longer seem debilitating, and you can get real pleasure from training.

Moreover, the effect of training will become noticeable very quickly. After a few days, muscle mass will begin to increase. And after a full course, your body will become strong, sculpted and fit. That is, you will achieve a result that you could only dream of before.

Testing Orgonite Concentrate for Muscle Growth

To study the effect of the drug Orgonite to gain muscle mass, scientists conducted a clinical trial. The study involved about 100 volunteers. They were divided into two groups. The first group after training took Orgonight, and the second - no. The difference in results became noticeable already in the second week.

In volunteers from the first group, muscle growth was 10% more. A month later, the difference was already as much as 40%.

There is also an effective tool for losing weight without losing muscle mass. Aminocarnit, which athletes use to "dry the body".

Sports nutrition for weight loss

What kind of sports nutrition and whether it is needed at all depends on how many percent of subcutaneous fat a person has. If the mass fraction of adipose tissue consists of 30 -40% of body weight, then you can do without sports nutrition altogether. At this stage, the body does not need accelerators and additional nutrition. That is, the body, at this moment, does not need a lot of protein, which means there is no point in drinking protein mixtures. Metabolic accelerators are not needed, because it is enough to create a calorie deficit, and fat begins to burn very vigorously. If a person has a high, which means not a physiological level of subcutaneous fat, the body understands this and will gladly get rid of it.

All you need is to create all the prerequisites for this. That is, a calorie deficit due to diet, an increase in calorie expenditure due to physical activity, and also stimulate the release of the right hormones for burning fat thanks to a workout program.

A more complex and common stage among athletes and athletes is 15 - 25% subcutaneous fat. Protein can already be connected at this stage.

Whey Isolate and Casein. In a calorie deficit, the body can break down muscle to obtain amino acids for protein synthesis. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to ensure an adequate intake of protein from food and, in particular, you can take additional protein mixtures. Before and after a workout, using a fast protein or whey isolate will be the right decision, at other times you can use a slower protein that is gradually absorbed and does not cause an insulin jump, so it does not interfere with fat burning, but at the same time, provides muscles with the necessary protein and prevents catabolism.

BCAA amino acids. You can also take such good supplements as BCAA - 20 or 30 grams per day, before and after cardio and strength training. Dosage 5 - 10 grams, depending on weight. BCAA or complete amino acid complexes inhibit the catabolic process well, but at the same time they do not inhibit weight loss processes.

You can use pre training complexes. They perfectly cope with the fact that they provide additional energy when there is no strength to train on drying, and classes should not be abandoned. With these additives you can provide good intensity and increase energy consumption.

L-Carnitine - there is much talk about him, but it should be noted that this is not a fat burner, but a transporter of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they burn. L-Carnitine works well in conjunction with pre-training supplements. It is advisable to use before cardio workouts.

Vitamins and minerals. To burn fat, in addition to training, they use the benefits of various diets. But, at the same time, the body does not receive the necessary vitamins from food. This is where vitamin and mineral complexes help, especially since vitamins are also required for burning adipose tissue. Deficiency of minerals and vitamins can lead to poor performance during weight loss.

Creatine. On drying and for weight loss, it is allowed to use sports nutrition with creatine, as it increases strength, a person can exercise more intensively and, accordingly, burn fat tissue more efficiently. Also, its plus is that it does not retain water throughout the body, but rather, the water is concentrated in the muscles. The more muscle tissue is filled, the better the appearance of the athlete.

Omega 3 A very important dietary supplement. Figuratively speaking, these are healthy fats that displace useless adipose tissue. Nutritional sports supplements are indispensable helpers for the athlete. The main thing is to use them without fanaticism.

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