How to lose weight forever: advice from a nutritionist

Being overweight is a problem for many people. As a rule, women are especially worried about this. What we just do not do to make the weight desired. Strict and rigid diets, dietary supplements and pills - nothing helps! Even with weight loss, the joy is short-lived - often the weight comes back, and often in excess. What to do? Is there a way out? It turns out that there is such a solution!

And this is a familiar helper to all of us - a healthy lifestyle! This is proper nutrition, this is the way to real good health and active longevity. This way of life is a separate and extensive topic. This topic is a long-term plan. For now, we'll only talk about fast and effective weight loss and maintenance. But before you change the rules and habits of your life, we advise you to consult your doctor.

Constant overeating is a problem of overweight in a person, therefore, it is urgent and necessary to remove this negative habit. How?

First of all, motivation! You need to decide on her. It may be your love for a handsome man or a beautiful woman. The need to quickly and better look and enter the old, ten-year-old, beautiful and beloved clothes once. This is probably the case when fate calls you to this option as soon as possible.

Here you have to force your willpower to concentrate, set a goal and act! And if you are reading our article now, you are ready for action. We find the right option and follow it.

How to lose weight proven method

Fast Weight Loss Nutritionist Advice

I will give an example from the private practice of my friend's friend. She is pleased with her transformation and agrees to share her impressions of the result. Her technique is simple, clear and even pleasant:

  • On the first day - in the evening to do (preferably) bowel cleansing.
  • The second day - we get up on the scales in the morning (preferably naked) and fix the weight in the diary. We make a fasting day on cottage cheese or on buckwheat or on fish.
  • Curd day - 600 gr. Divide low-fat cottage cheese into 6 servings and eat each one after two hours. You can drink black coffee with each serving if in the morning (without fillers - sugar and milk). If it is during the day - only 120-150 grams. clean water with a bite of cottage cheese. On this day, you can drink clean water out of thirst - as much as you want. The next morning also weigh in - decrease to 1.2 kg. Checked.
  • Fish day - 600 gr. low-fat fish (pollock, hake, etc.) divided into 6 servings and eat in the interval every two hours with greens 50 - 100 gr. (dill, parsley, salad, etc.) You can drink clean water out of thirst. Weight loss 1 kg.
  • A day on buckwheat (very effective for weight loss). To one glass of dry buckwheat groats, add two glasses of hot boiled water, wrap in heat for 3-4 hours (can be overnight) and then use it, dividing 6 portions, without adding salt, sugar and butter! For the whole day add to the portion of buckwheat low-fat kefir or yogurt according to 100 gr. per serving. Pure water - by thirst. This day of unloading gives up to 1,5 kg of weight loss.

There are two such days a week. For example, Monday - buckwheat, Thursday - cottage cheese, next Monday - fish. And take turns changing them.

There are many other fasting days. Their use can also take place. We are just talking about those who gave a positive, stable result in a short time and in which we are confident.

Between these fasting days, you can eat whatever you want. The main thing here is that the portions should be small (one portion is about 200-250 grams, its amount is the contents of one glass) and such meals should be taken every 2 hours, that is, there should be 6 meals a day. Water before every meal. Additionally, you can still - out of thirst.

Weight loss in no time

So four weeks passed. You have reduced weight by 5-8 kilograms. Your body has rebuilt on the right path of nutrition. Then you can do these days once a week, and between them eat 4-5 once a day in small portions. Sometimes, after festive banquets, it’s nice to arrange an extra day of unloading. Subject to these rules, extra pounds will leave you forever and never return.

In practice, you will see for yourself how good weight loss is, how simple and easy it is, without stress, without hunger - you absolutely do not want to eat. There is no desire to overeat, does not draw on sweet and fatty foods, you forget about fried potatoes and other inedible foods. Lightness and weightlessness are felt in the body! Energy overwhelms you. The weight is reduced and pleasing. And all this happens without exhausting diets.

It's also a good idea to organize physical activity in the form of home dancing to rhythmic music, walking or Nordic walking - then things will go much faster.

The result will give you strength and self-confidence, tell you whether to continue to adhere to this path. And your body shape and radiance of your skin will delight you so much that you will want to live on and on.

What causes obesity and how to deal with it

A few decades ago, the life of full guys could become a complete hell: they were not like their peers and were subjected to numerous ridicule and bullying. Their weight became a real curse, because there were not so many chubby ones, and even if they met, they caused complete bewilderment of others. But now everything has changed.

Americans and Europeans have long been accustomed to the fact that young children can not fit in a child’s car seat: they are hindered by heavy weight. And now a third of European residents suffer from this terrible disease, which literally swept the whole modern world. This is not AIDS, not cancer, not hepatitis, but ordinary obesity.

What is obesity?

Where does obesity come from and how to defeat it

Naturally, extremely fat people have existed at all times. There were many hypotheses, each of which sought to explain this ailment in its own way. Each time brought more and more new versions, one more ingenious than the other. Overly religious people have stated that the obese Lord punishes people for gluttony, which is a mortal sin. Enlightenment has brought to the masses the opinion that obesity occurs in those people who abuse fatty foods, alcohol, junk food and flour foods.

From time immemorial, the stereotype has strengthened in our minds that fat people make them the wrong way of life: gluttony, drunkenness, laziness, and all that did not fit in the heads of our race, prone to a more ascetic lifestyle. In the Middle Ages it was believed that if a person cannot lose weight, then he does not have such a desire. In these harsh times, they tried to cure blood obesity from obesity. The development of medicine has offered fat people an alternative: starvation diets, numerous jogging, exercise, sports, as well as electroshock and even effervescent diet pillsthat just did not try obese people.

But not everyone managed to get even a little closer to the imposed image of a normal person.
History knows such cases when parents simply did not give food to their fat children, who, nevertheless, did not lose their large size.

Extreme sports are another know-how of figure fighters. In the last century, according to eyewitnesses, a very complete woman decided to lose weight in a very original way. She decided to jump with a parachute. Who knew that an unpredictable wind would carry it through the Alps and drop it directly onto the roof of a mountain dwelling. Just at this moment, the newlyweds celebrated their first wedding night in bed, standing just beneath this unfortunate place. The fat woman broke the roof and flew right to the young couple. Needless to say, the surprise of all three knew no bounds!

But progress does not stand still. Famous scientists have long thought why such promising methods in terms of theory do not work. But the twentieth century gave science a brilliant solution. Scientists decided to study one of the egg twins, because their organisms are almost identical. Just at this time, they began to study the entertaining fate of two twin sisters. They were separated when they were still quite babies, and they had different fates.

The first of the sisters grew up in a Jewish family, where she had to limit her diet for religious reasons. She also throughout her life sat on numerous diets and went in for sports. The second sister adhered to Catholicism. She was too lazy to visit fitness clubs, and she didn’t particularly limit her diet: fast food, fatty foods, buns, sweets - this good in her life was in bulk. And then the sisters suddenly collided on the street. Imagine their amazement when it turned out that their appearance is still practically no different. The sister, who tormented herself with fitness and diets, turned out to be slimmer by only a couple of kilograms.
Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that our weight depends not only on nutrition and lifestyle. There must be something else.

What affects body weight and fat

But what then affects the mass of our body? Some thin people dream of getting better, they eat a lot of sweet and fat at night, but their weight does not increase by a kilogram. Do fat men who eat almost nothing remain as obese? Some believe that this is the result of metabolism, which is slower in fat people, but faster in thin ones.

But this hypothesis turned out to be untenable. At the end of the last century, specialists in this field used a calorimeter that could determine how much heat is absorbed or released by the body as a result of its vital activity. At the clinic, several people were tested at night, who possessed tens of extra pounds. They were at rest so as not to distort the readings of the instruments. The results of the studies amazed both the experimental and the scientists themselves. Metabolism in obese people was carried out even faster than in their more slender comrades. Thus, scientists have found that metabolism and obesity are not related.

Perhaps the fact is that someone has the will to get rid of fat, while others are weak in character? It would be possible to draw an analogy with smokers: some quit a bad habit right away, and someone constantly returns to it, tormented by the constant craving for cigarettes. But here it is not so simple. There were fat people who, guided by the dream of losing weight, withstood enormous physical activity and diets, in which there were practically no products. One woman, trying to lose weight, ate six milk for six months. And what is the result? Kilograms are in place, despite all the masochistic efforts of the unfortunate bbw.

How to fight obesity

Who revealed the secret of obesity

The secret of obesity was helped to reveal two American scientists who made a discovery that turned the whole scientific world. Before their studies, experts believed that fat cells act as a kind of place to store excess fat "in reserve". But in the course of numerous experiments, it was found that fat cells are whole systems of microscopic size. They can stock up on nutrients and produce certain hormones.

So that the body does not die of exhaustion, the brain sends us signals that it would be nice to eat now. This signal is familiar to each of us and it is called appetite. It is he who makes us fill our cells with energy. But we could eat endlessly if the body did not stop brain signals. How is this process carried out? In fact, everything is very simple. The body has the hormone leptin, which is produced by fat cells. If a person is full, then leptin begins to function and gives the brain a signal that the necessary amount of energy has been received. If this hormone is not present, then the nutrition process may not stop for a minute.

Then scientists made an even more amazing discovery. It turns out that there is a certain gene in the body, NHLH2, which is also responsible for ending the meal. Its absence in the body of experimental animals led to their obesity. They also observed apathy and a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that both gluttony and laziness are interconnected and the same gene is responsible for them.

People suffer precisely from these substances or their lack in the body. If a person has a sufficient amount of leptin, then he is saturated in time and the need for food disappears for a while. But if the signals about satisfaction of the need do not appear, the unfortunate person begins to eat all the time, because the appetite does not cease for a moment. Such people may develop a kind of dependence on a large amount of food, which can be compared with drug addiction. This mental disorder is called bulimia nervosa. Treatment with diets or fasting is absolutely useless. Patients from time to time again begin to eat a lot, are not able to control themselves.

If the body has a gene responsible for gluttony, a person can begin to overeat as a result of any stressful situation: parting with a loved one, dismissal, and indeed it can happen in our difficult time.

Several years ago, scientists conducted another large-scale research, in which several tens of thousands of people took part. During various experiments, experts found that obesity provokes not one gene, as previously thought, but a huge number of them. Doctors know about fifty of these genes, and research in this area will continue for a long time. Who knows how many of them actually exist.

There is a gene called DNA-PK, the activity of which is to convert carbohydrates into fat cells in the body. Removing this gene leads to an amazing result: you can overeat sweet, and it will be impossible to get fat.

Known to scientists and such an insidious gene as FTO. It can exist in several instances that can function simultaneously. This gene is responsible for the formation of fat, and if it is duplicated in the body, no matter how hard a person tries, no matter what diets he uses, kilograms will not go anywhere from him.

But these are not the worst representatives of human genes. For example, the HMGI-C gene helps both fat cells and tumors formed from them to develop. MC-4 can contribute to the fact that the amount of fat stored in the body will exceed all possible norms. The villain NRXN3 will not only prevent you from gaining an attractive figure, but will also cause drug addiction if you have the opportunity to try a prohibited substance. And there are still a lot of such genes, most of them are not even known to scientists.

The secret to overweight and obesity

Custom Weight Loss Method

What to do for those who have long and unsuccessfully tried to deal with excess fat on their body? Is it possible that some genes can spoil their owners' whole life without letting them rejoice at their reflection in the mirror? No and no again!

There are many ways to deal with such "gene" fat men. Most often, you can do with the use of antidepressants. These medicines must be prescribed by your doctor. Do not self-medicate. Thus, the brutal appetite will no longer wake up, and the life of the glutton will become much easier.

Some doctors use radical methods to combat gluttony, and, as a result, are overweight. Patients are placed in the stomach with a balloon specially designed for therapeutic purposes. With its help, the amount of food that a patient can consume in one sitting becomes much less. Further, the patient is formed the habit of eating a certain amount of food at a time, and even without a medical balloon, a person is no longer carried away by gluttony.

Italian doctors have developed a new method of losing weight, which is called NEC. Its creator is the eminent surgeon Gianfranco Capello. The essence of this method of dealing with excess fat is that one end of the nasal-gastric tube is placed in the fat man’s nostril, and the other in the container in which the nutrient broth is located. For ten days, the patient does not eat. Its only source of useful and nutrients is the notorious container and broth, which contains all the necessary substances. You can drink tea or coffee, but not to maintain the functioning of the body, but only for yourself.

Thus, you can lose up to a kilogram per day. This method has already been tested by full Italians, and the result exceeded all their expectations. Already several dozen patients have lost weight with the help of NEC, and this is not the limit. But this method of treating obesity has one drawback: it is very difficult to switch to normal food after eating it in such an unusual way. To achieve this success, you will need the services of a nutritionist and psychologist.

Can genes be defeated on their own? We answer: “Yes! Can!". There are examples that prove that the predisposition of the body to fullness does not put an end to your slim figure. American medicine knows the case when two twin brothers, who were brought up together, went on different paths of development. One of them began to gain weight as a teenager. Now he is not an example thicker than his brother.

The second twin, throughout his life, was engaged in sports and various physical exercises. But the gene responsible for obesity was found by doctors in both brothers. Thus, one of them defeated the malicious gene, and the second went on about it. We can conclude: even if genes contribute to completeness, do not despair, because a slim figure is the result of only your efforts!

How to lose weight without diet and sports using a smartphone

Everyone has a smartphone, only a few have willpower. The article suggests a simple way to reduce weight without psychological restrictions. This is a kind of safe game with your body. The result is guaranteed even for stubborn skeptics.

Whatever methods the slimming people use, they all boil down to a few standard procedures:

  1. Hunger. Diets, malnutrition, exclusion of foods on various grounds;
  2. Physical Education. Sports loads, walking, running, swimming, etc .;
  3. Pills and supplements. Medical methods that accelerate the metabolism, interfere with digestion, remove fat, etc.

Rare people do not experience discomfort with diets. Most either feel a constant hunger, or a lack of some kind of product or taste (sugar, bread, salt). At the end of the diet, inevitably overeating with this product. Plus, psychological breakdowns, diluting a series of diets. All this leads to a rollback in weight and starting the process from the beginning.

Not many are involved in sports. For different reasons. For health. Due to lack of time. Due to unwillingness to appear in public in an unpresentable form. Some simply do not like serious physical activity, especially after a busy day.

Nutritional supplements without diets and physical education, especially none of the real people have yet helped to lose weight. There are, of course, Thai “parasite pills”, but this is more likely an unconventional method that definitely will not bring health benefits.

How to lose weight without a diet using a smartphone

Nutritionists and practice say that for effective weight loss without a return, you need to change your whole lifestyle and diet. Unfortunately it's true. Only no one wants to change their lifestyle. People understand that they do not eat well, that they need to reduce their weight. But why do things that do not bring joy? We offer a technique for this case.

The method is simple and effective. Nothing in your life is forcibly changed. The point is in one sentence: "Write down everything you ate." It seems like that is stupid. Not so difficult, but the effect is amazing.

Smartphone Diet

First you need to install a free application on your smartphone. For iOS and Android - "MyFitnessPal", for WP - "FatSecret". No smartphone, register at Registration is useful for data synchronization. Then you can record consumption data and analyze the results from any computer, tablet, smartphone connected to the Internet. It is not necessary to buy a paid application, all the necessary functionality is present in the free version.

Then everything is simple. Enter your data: gender, age, weight, height, lifestyle. Choose the slowest weight loss. The application will give recommendations on how many calories you need to consume per day. Do not pay attention to it. Start making all the food you have consumed per day in the app. It’s important not to miss anything. Do it everyday. When was the meal? In the morning, at night, after six in the evening, it does not matter. Record the quantity.

The effect of a smartphone diet

What's happening? After a month or two, a person himself not wanting it, not experiencing discomfort, without psychological stress and disruptions, begins to consume less high-calorie foods or significantly reduce portion sizes. Tested on hundreds of people. You can eat sweets, rolls, alcohol, and all that is a habit. The number of calories received per day will inevitably decrease. The main thing is not to skip recordings. It is necessary to fix every meal. Calories are added up, and the application shows how much is left to eat before the standard norm. Ate more, not scary, the main thing is to write everything down accurately and not to quit.

Calorie reduction will begin with someone because of laziness - once again you do not want to record, eat less. The second factor, a person will not hide his head in the sand. He sees for sure that he is overeating and this is expressed in numbers. When choosing food in the store, all other things being equal, a less high-calorie product will be purchased. The portions themselves will gradually decrease. Recording every day becomes easier. The program remembers the most commonly used products, and they appear first in the list. The process of fixing lunch is reduced to 30 seconds.

It’s best not to weigh the first two months. Then there will be a surprise. You don’t change anything in life, but the weight goes away. The decline will be small, but the dynamics are inevitably negative. The method is statistical. If a person spends more energy than he takes, then weight loss is inevitable.

In the third month, most users of the program come close to the recommended parameters for calorie consumption. The main thing is not to force. In no case do not go on a diet. Continue on slow weight loss. If you overeat, do not be discouraged. Statistically, over a long period, average consumption will not particularly change. Weigh yourself rarely. Better in the morning, once a month.

If there is a gyroscope in the smartphone, an additional calorie consumption from walking and running is recorded. Depending on the activity, the figure of recommended consumption may increase. So you can eat more. This stimulates walking again.

Losing weight with smartphone
Lifestyle, nutrition and movement changes without stress. Weight is reduced and normalized. He will not return, as happens after a diet. You just don't want to eat more than you need. Live in this mode for six months, and the process will become irreversible.

Depending on the ambitiousness of the goal, the time for its achievement varies from several months to several years. A noticeable result is shown in 3-4 months. Further, the result is important to consolidate. To do this, in the same application, the goal of "Maintaining Weight" is selected. The psyche, by the time the process of weight loss is complete, gets used to a certain amount of food, just below the norm for the current parameters of the body. When fixing the result, the calorie norm becomes higher. There is a feeling of celebration and easy overeating. It is important at this point to continue to record. By this time, the fixation procedure comes to automatism, and does not present any complexity.

The system is operational. Surrounding people see the result and join. If someone in the company monitors the power using the application, then gradually the others join the process. The same thing happens in the family. Healthy food is bought, light meals are prepared, and the size of the servings changes. As a result, losing weight, a person brings health to others.

This manual is for those who want to lose weight without stress, exhausting exercise and hunger. Love your body, lose weight easily!

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Dietitian, Kristina Yuryevna Lobanovskaya, a young and already successful nutritionist specialist who, in 4 years of practice, has already managed to help almost 1000 patients solve problems with overweight and underweight.

In his activities, the doctor advises his patients on nutrition. Carries out the development of individual nutrition programs for various diseases. In his career, he uses the use of modern approaches to the treatment of obesity or underweight, and also implements body correction methods based on an individual approach.

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