Practical tips on how not to get better in winter and New Year holidays

Why do we get better in winter? It's worth starting with the fact that a few kilograms are normal in winter. This is because the body begins to store fat to protect it from freezing. This mechanism was passed down to us by our ancestors. In the cold season, people begin to move less - the weather and depression that occurs in some affects. The craving for sweets also increases, often people overeat, since sweets act on the pleasure hormone. It is sweet and flour products that are first stored in the form of fat.

In winter, we need more energy (because the body needs not only to spend it on physical activity, but also to support vital functions). For these reasons, you want to eat something high-calorie, and in large quantities.

How not to gain excess weight in the winter? Firstly, try to spend as much time as possible on the street, since in winter the body needs sunlight especially badly. So that he does not begin to replace the pleasure received from sunlight with sweets, walk more in the daytime.

You can find yourself a new occupation, because boredom is the way to unnecessarily consume various types of snacks.

  • Start entering a food diary. Analyze what you eat will help to evaluate the calorie content and BJU of foods, as well as adjust the diet in case of problems:
  • Do not take thirst for hunger - in winter conditions it is easy to be deceived. Do not forget about the water balance - drink clean water.
  • Excess caffeine affects the rate of fat accumulation. Reduce coffee consumption or completely remove it from the menu.
    Exercise. Exercises in the gym or at home will help not only to deal with winter physical inactivity, but also to lose weight. Wishing to lose weight is especially important.
  • Replace hearty dinners with soups. They cause a feeling of fullness for a long time, although they do not contain many calories.
  • In winter, more fiber should be added to the diet - this will help to cleanse the intestines.

In the winter, there are a relatively large number of holidays. This is another reason for weight gain - a variety of dishes (mostly very high-calorie) and alcohol.
In order not to recover in the cold season, you need to pay attention to your behavior at the holiday table. Namely: to control the use of alcoholic beverages, monitor what you eat during the feast. If you couldn’t resist, and something extra was eaten, it is better to increase physical activity for a while after that.

How not to get better on New Year's holidays?

Ahead of the New Year holidays. A beautiful half of the population is already preparing for this event: it selects outfits and sits on diets. But how to make sure that all efforts for a magnificent figure are not lost. There are many temptations during the holidays: the table is filled with various dishes, and visits to the guests become regular.

How to save a figure and not gain a few extra pounds? You need to correctly organize the menu of the New Year's table.

What a table without Olivier! Sausage, mayonnaise is just a storehouse of calories. The solution is very simple: replace these foods with lighter foods. Sausage can be replaced with boiled chicken breast, and mayonnaise with natural yogurt mixed with herbs and spices.

There are surely more people at the table who like healthy eating more, then use it and make them happy. Steam or bake in the oven.

  • The cut should be a large number of vegetables, cheese and fish. Replace the sausage with thinly sliced ​​boiled meat or turkey.
  • The table is perfectly decorated with olives and olives. You can use a lot of greens to decorate the table.
    For dressing salads, you can use olive or linseed oil. Salads that cannot be seasoned with vegetable oils can be served on the table without dressing. Place the mayonnaise on the table in a separate container, then each guest will season the dish to his taste.
  • Instead of packaged juices, cook compote. Sweeten the compote with a sugar substitute, so the calories in the drink will be much less and you can drink it without harming the figure.
  • Before you sit at the table you need to decide what kind of dishes you will eat. You should only eat them, since you initially selected them as the right ones.
  • Chew food thoroughly and eat very slowly, so the amount of food eaten will be reduced significantly. Sitting at the table communicate more, when you are busy talking, there is no time for food.

Another trip to visit, the table is filled with various delicious dishes. The hostess now and then puts the food on the plate, persuading him to eat another piece. It's time to say "No thanks." You should not answer rudely so as not to offend. You just have to say that you ate and tried all the dishes, it's time to stop and give your stomach a rest. The hostess will not be offended if you praise her efforts from the bottom of your heart, the word “No” should be said to the dessert, as the sweet continuation of the banquet is always superfluous. Here you should choose: either eat dessert, or refuse any dish, so as not to overfill the stomach with excess food.

New Year has arrived, the feast continues. It's time to offer a walk on New Year's Eve. Try not to call a taxi, but walk all the distances in order to burn the recently received calories.

If the weather does not allow you to go outside, then you can come up with active New Year's contests or dance.
Plan the rest of the New Year holidays correctly. If you went to the gym, then start visiting it immediately, as soon as it opens.

Friends can be invited to ski, snowboard, cheesecake, ice skate and sled. All of these winter activities require a lot of energy! For example, in order to climb a mountain with a sled, you need 400 kcal per hour, and ice skating burns 340 kcal. This is a big piece of cake!

Play snowballs with children, mold snow figures. Have fun, and the figure will only say "Thank you." When you come to visit, help set the table or wash the dishes. Not the slightest chance to move should be missed!

Nobody has ever managed to spend the New Year without alcohol. But each alcohol contains a different amount of calories. The smallest alcoholic drink is beer, but no one will drink it at the New Year's table. It is better to choose the next drink in ascending calories: champagne. One glass of sizzling drink contains no more than 100 kcal.

The most high-calorie drink is vodka, which contains 240 kcal per 100 grams, but it is surprising that vodka is not deposited in fat, but is completely spent on energy.

Wine and liquor contain a lot of sugar and drinking in large quantities will affect the waist in the form of extra centimeters, but if you drink a couple of effervescent tablets before the feast Keto Guru, you don’t have to worry about the problem of gaining excess weight, as many experts in the field of dietetics claim.

When you drink alcohol, hunger is dulled, and your appetite increases. Remember that initially healthy foods were chosen on the festive table, and they should be eaten. For snacks, citrus fruits are good. They remove alcohol from the body and contribute to the burning of fat.

How to keep a figure during the holidays

During the holidays, on the New Year's table there are many high-calorie dishes, therefore, after the long-awaited feasts, often not only photos, gifts and memories remain, but also extra pounds. Nevertheless, there are tricks to avoid gaining excess weight.

  • Eat an hour before the meal. It should be a light snack - oatmeal, salad, or vegetables. This will leave less free space in your stomach, and you can easily give up more high-calorie dishes at the festive table. However, you should not get rid of hunger with pineapples or apples, as after these fruits the appetite increases.
  • Forget about bread. For the holidays, give up bread, so you will reduce the calorie content of the diet. If this is difficult for you, use only rye bread.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. The fact is that alcoholic beverages are high in calories. In addition, after consuming them, the appetite increases. It is better for people who follow the figure to replace strong drinks with light wines.
  • Chew food thoroughly. Scientists have proven for quite some time that a person who eats fast needs more food to be satiated. Enjoy every bite, and you won't eat too much until you feel full.
  • Stay away from the most nutritious meals. The most high-calorie dishes are usually in the center of the table. Therefore, sit as far away from them as possible - where you can only reach salads.
  • Sit next to those who eat little and love to talk. Naturally, the neighbors should be interesting. Carried away by the conversation, you can forget about tasty, but fatty meat.
  • Move a little more. Spend the holidays not only at the meal. Dance or take photos. So you will have many pleasant memories. In addition, it is impossible to photograph if your hands are occupied with a plate of dessert.
  • Take walks. Spending all the time at the table is not that interesting. Invite your friends to take a walk, play snowballs, make a snowman, or go skiing. This will not only burn extra calories, but also bring a lot of vivid emotions.

During all the holidays, monitor your weight, it is worth weighing every morning and making sure that the arrow does not go beyond the forbidden figures for you. Do not forget about the usual rules of healthy eating: a hearty breakfast and lunch and a light dinner. Follow all the recommendations and at the end of the holidays you will not find extra folds and fat at the waist!

The role of products for human health

A complex and, nevertheless, a perfect human body is created by nature so surprisingly harmoniously that, while ensuring the clear and harmonious work of all its organs and systems, a long, problem-free existence is ensured for a person.

Of course, many factors influence human life and health, such as heredity, lifestyle, climatic conditions and, even, nature. But, the meaning of nutrition, a kind of fuel for the body, people have understood since ancient times.

Unfortunately, the realities of modern life, lack of time, lack of awareness of nutritional rules, understandable human laziness lead a person to the use of poor-quality food, fast food, eating disorders, which cannot but affect health and general well-being. It is unreasonable to wait for the appearance of ailments that will be difficult to ignore. A smooth transition to proper nutrition, changes in food habits and methods of cooking will allow you to put your body in order, strengthen immunity, and gain vigor and energy.

Basic Nutrition

The basic principles of good nutrition can be briefly formulated as follows: moderation, variety, regimen. When choosing products, it is enough to be guided by intuitive, but often neglected rules:

  • monitor the quality of products;
  • exclude alcohol consumption;
  • increase the proportion of fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs;
  • reduce the intake of salt, sugar;
  • minimize the amount of refined products, smoked meats;
  • for cooking, prefer cooking and stewing.

Lifestyle, of course, limits the ability to comply with the diet, but, nevertheless, we must strive for regular 4-x food intake, and in small portions in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the case of the purchase of ready-made food, it is necessary to check its quality, pay attention to the composition and calorie content.

It is very important to understand that new eating habits will not be immediately accepted by the body. Reducing the volume of the stomach, the restructuring of the body to new sources of energy, any restriction will be perceived as a stressful situation, attacks of weakness, sharp mood swings are possible. Therefore, do not force events. A decrease in the proportion of prohibited products, a change in the method of their preparation should occur gradually, but inevitably. As a snack, you can eat a handful of berries, dried fruits, drink a little clean water.

A positive result can only be achieved by a smooth transition to a healthy diet, which should become familiar and bring only pleasure.

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Dietitian, Kristina Yuryevna Lobanovskaya, a young and already successful nutritionist specialist who, in 4 years of practice, has already managed to help almost 1000 patients solve problems with overweight and underweight.

In his activities, the doctor advises his patients on nutrition. Carries out the development of individual nutrition programs for various diseases. In his career, he uses the use of modern approaches to the treatment of obesity or underweight, and also implements body correction methods based on an individual approach.

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