Tire retainer ValuFix for correction of hallux valgus

Lock ValuFix provides correction of metatarsal deformity, manifested as a kind of growth on the big toe. This "bump" is not only a cosmetic defect, but also such discomfort as pain, which must be corrected urgently.

Using the proposed device, you can successfully deal with hallux valgus. Halux Bus ValuFix (hereinafter referred to as Valufix) it is conveniently fixed and does not interfere with walking, that is, its wearing is quite natural and painless. The effectiveness of the latch is confirmed by appropriate tests, the necessary result is obtained, and the manufacturer gives a guarantee of complete disposal of the transverse flat feet.

Appearance of the tire clamp Valyufiks

There are many positive reviews about the experience of using the Valufix bus in the transcript of the Little Things in Life program on Channel One from those who successfully cured the bone with the Hallux fixator Valufix.

What is hallux valgus and cost Valufix

The price of the Valufix fixator is presented below:

  • 994 RUB - Russia;
  • 358 UAH - Ukraine;
  • 7480 tenge - Kazakhstan;
  • check the cost in other countries on the manufacturer’s website.

Buy Valufix can be directly on the manufacturer's web page - it's simple and safe, since by doing this you are guaranteed to protect yourself from the Chinese counterfeit, which is written about at the end of the article.

Buy vallufix original with delivery

Hallux valgus includes such a phenomenon as a change in the position of the big toe, associated with a painful condition. It is believed that changes in this species are observed to one degree or another in half of the world's adult population. At the same time, it is suggested that this is due, for example, to gout and an excess of salts, but this is not so.

Hallux valgus is the result of the forefoot expanding, causing the appearance of transverse flatfoot. This disease mainly affects women, since the causes of its occurrence are often associated with wearing shoes that are characterized by a narrow shape and high heels. More recently, the solution to this problem required surgical intervention.

Today the situation has changed, as an alternative in the form of a bus has become available ValuFix. This device is not the only treatment option for hallux valgus. So, there is still a Valgus Pro lock, which is distinguished by a lower price in comparison with the device we are considering, but lower efficiency, which is associated with poor thumb retention by this lock.causes of hallux valgus

Hallux Construction ValuFix

In the development of the Hallux latch ValuFix famous German orthopedists took part. They created a device that makes it possible to exert the desired effect on the big toe for 24 hours, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the latch. Its wearing in no way interferes with the anatomical mobility of the patient, since in each case the biomechanical individuality of the foot is taken into account.

Design ValuFix includes four elements:

  • bandage required to hold the thumb;
  • a hinge that provides the ability to move without loss of mobility of the foot;
  • elastic lining;
  • a retainer holding the Valuyfix on the foot.

The four elements indicated make it possible to give the foot a certain position, and also provide an appropriate distribution of the load that occurs when walking.

Instructions for use ValuFix

For use ValuFix it is necessary to perform a simple action: fix the latch on the sore foot in such a way that the tire does not interfere with the mobility of the joint.

A certain uniqueness ValuFix compared to other similar devices, one can consider the greater functionality of this latch. In particular, with its help, it is not only possible to get rid of the "bump" on the foot, but also to cope with the cause of this disease, that is, transverse flatfoot.

As a result of using Valufix, the following results can be achieved:

  • maintaining joint mobility;
  • stopping the process of further deformation of the foot and the joint itself;
  • ensuring long-term preservation of the obtained effect;
  • implementation of foot correction within 24 hours.

In this case, the latch ValuFix can be used regardless of the type of shoe. It also has an affordable price and ease of use. Correction of a defect in the form of hallux valgus can take a long time, since this process depends on several factors:

  • stage of the disease;
  • constant wearing

If the transverse flatfoot is at an early stage of development, then bringing the metatarsal bones to a normal state will occur relatively quickly. At the same time, the following results depend on the regularity of wearing the lock:

  • bringing the position of the foot to a normal state;
  • early-stage curvature correction;
  • pain relief;
  • stop progression of transverse flatfoot;
  • the return of the metatarsal bones to their original state, corresponding to their natural form.

How to distinguish Valufix from fake

In order to avoid buying low-quality Chinese goods, and sometimes even handicraft production, it is recommended to purchase any products directly from the manufacturer or its official distributors. For example, what the tire looks like ValuFix fake Chinese manufactory in the first photo, and this is how the original Valufix of German production looks like (photo 2).Forgery ValuFix China

Features of surgical treatment of bone on the legs

The bones on the legs cause a rather uncomfortable sensation, accompanied by pain. With their appearance, the ability to wear beautiful shoes immediately disappears. This issue relates directly to orthopedics, and the defect itself is called valgus deformity of the foot. The reason is the deformation of the metatarsal bone, which causes the bone to deviate outward. Outwardly, this is manifested by a very noticeable solid bump, which has an inflammatory appearance.

When this problem occurs, at first you can get by with conservative methods and not resort to surgical treatment. To do this, you must undergo a course of physiotherapy, specially designed physical exercises, massage and various medical devices that are designed specifically for the treatment of this type of ailment, for example, a tire ValuFix. But it is likely that such a situation will develop that not one of the prescribed remedies does not help the patient who has applied, then surgical treatment will be the only way out.

Of course, modern medicine and orthopedics in particular does not stand still: earlier, when correcting such an ailment, I had to catch the bone, set the needles and walk with such a set for at least two months. And this in itself was quite inconvenient, and also very long in time.

Today, surgery has undergone some changes, and the operation is quite easy and fast. The surgeon corrects all the major nodes of the patient’s foot. After that, stitches are placed on the operated leg. The recovery period itself has greatly diminished in terms of time, and already on the fifth day the sutures are removed and you can gradually step on your foot. Also on the second day you can step on the heel.

Next, the process of final recovery begins. During the period, which should be a gradual load on the operated leg. And only after one or two months has elapsed, the restoration process can be considered completed.

It is also possible to carry out surgical treatment using the modern method, the essence of which is to perform an incision. Through this same incision, the tendon and the formation of the arch of the foot are corrected. Rehabilitation in this case will be no more than two weeks. This method is very effective and almost painless.

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