Natural breast enlargement

Every woman wants her breasts to be firm and healthy. This article presents homemade ways to increase your bust. They are one hundred percent natural and safe, which cannot be said even about plastic surgery (moreover, they are much cheaper). Read the article and find out the real method of breast augmentation without spending money and without risking. At the same time, without leaving home, which is an undoubted advantage of this technique for increasing breast size by 2 size.

The methods that promise a quick and painless bust enhancement do not seem so effective. However, home methods for safe breast augmentation were known to our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. The whole secret lies in the properties of some herbs, which in appropriate quantities and proportions can bring really satisfactory results. The most popular gifts of nature with this type of action are: fenugreek, red clover or fennel. Read below on what to eat (or drink) for breast augmentation and, as a result, to feel more confident and attractive.

Fenugreek for breast augmentation

Fenugreek, red clover and dill are herbs for breast enlargement. The first of the herbs mentioned above contains a lot of phytoestrogens (they replace the female hormone estrogen). How to use fenugreek for bust? The best way is to regularly consume infusions and teas. At the same time, it should be remembered that breast fenugreek should not be taken by women who have blood clotting problems and are taking thrombotic drugs. This herb also causes an increase in prolactin levels, which leads to increased milk secretion and increased lactation.

Red clover for breast augmentation is used as often as fenugreek. Some time ago an article was published on the pages of our portal about the beneficial properties of red clover, which is recommended, in particular, for various female ailments that occur during menopause. Like fenugreek, it contains many phytoestrogens, so it regulates hormonal balance and at the same time affects the strengthening of the bust. Red clover is most often available in the form of teas or capsules.

In turn, fennel is often recommended for people with digestive problems (which is why it is most often consumed as a brew). It is worth knowing, however, that it is also widely used for typical female diseases. Young mothers have probably heard that dill perfectly regulates lactation, but that's not all. It also contains phytoestrogens, of which atenol is the most important. Due to its presence, dill is often recommended for breast growth and includes various breast augmentation preparations. And since we are talking about such drugs ...

The considered herbs for breast augmentation give good results, but it is often much more effective to take nutritional supplements with a complex composition, which are a mixture of the herbs mentioned above.

Breast Enlargement Cream

Readers who value comfort and increased effectiveness will surely like specially formulated breast enlargement products. The most popular are those that come in tablet form. A good example of such a drug is UpSize. It includes, but is not limited to, the aforementioned fenugreek and fennel, as well as hops, L-tyrosine, calendula, and sweet almond oil. Their effectiveness has been proven in various types of scientific research conducted by experts from around the world. In addition, even seducers of earlier times knew about their effectiveness. These components are often found even in various types of traditional medicine.

Cream UpSize affects the natural breast enlargement by stimulating the mammary glands and cause a simultaneous increase in estrogen levels. According to the manufacturer, applying the cream twice a day is enough to increase the bust noticeably after a while (usually from 2 to 6 weeks).

Natural breast enlargement

It is worth recalling that the advantage of the cream for breast augmentation is not only ease of use, but also a more complex effect. Such formulations are several ingredients in one complete product. The independent creation of such a set of individual herbs is very often problematic, and often even impossible. Fortunately, at present, there is no need to carry out tedious searches and the entire process of preparing infusions or serums.

Many are concerned about the safety of such nutritional supplements. Indeed, each of these ingredients, despite their natural origin, can cause side effects in some people. But their proportions in this supplement were chosen in such a way that when applying the recommended dose UpSize does not bear any risks. Hormone levels rise without exceeding acceptable standards. It is worth noting that in the case of self-preparation of herbal mixtures, such a risk is higher - not everyone is a herbalist or pharmacist and can choose the right dose or proportions of ingredients. At the same time, taking them individually (it is easier to find the right dose here) will not be as effective. In this situation, it is best to rely on experts and the training they provide.

Upsize for breast augmentation: UpSize bust growth cream

This brief review of breast enlargement cream UpSize tells about its purpose, the effect of Before and After application, beneficial effect, composition and method of application. Dreaming of a luxurious bust, women are ready to take the most radical measures, right down to the operation.

But why spend a lot of money on plastic surgery and put your health at risk if there are more affordable and safer methods? Enlarge breast size and improve its shape will help a unique development from the company Hendel - cream UpCase.

Cream UpSize It does not affect the level of hormones in the female body and does not cause absolutely any side effects. Therefore, it can safely be used by all the fair sex. Changes will become noticeable in a few weeks - you can confidently wear revealing outfits, conquering men with seductive forms.

In the blog Ksenia Strizhenko written in detail about the effectiveness of the cream Upsize, and also published real reviews on the results of using Apsize with the results Before and After.Upsize for breast augmentation

All women know that one of the important components of beauty is a luxurious, toned chest. To have a beautiful bust, many women apply breast cream. However, various circumstances affect her condition and appearance:

  • the appearance of excess weight;
  • pregnancy;
  • drastic weight loss;
  • adverse environmental conditions.

The negative influence of these moments is reflected in the condition of the skin, the shape of the bust. Therefore, to maintain the bust in good condition, you need continuous care, specific care for it.

To create an effective positive effect on the pleasant appearance of the bust, you can use the cream for breast enlargement and care. One of the most effective reviews is UpSize. This cream for the bust was created according to the patented original technology in order to conduct proper care of the chest, neckline and neck.

Cream UpSize in its composition contains many environmentally friendly natural elements that have a variety of therapeutic and preventive qualities.

The main characteristics of bust cream:

  • gives good hydration, nourishes the skin in the area of ​​the mammary glands, neck, décolleté;
  • has a good lifting effect, strengthens and tightens the skin;
  • UpSize creates elastic, supple skin, protects against wrinkles and reduces the number of stretch marks;
  • reduces discomfort in the area of ​​the mammary glands in the premenstrual stage;
  • promotes the disappearance of various seals, bruises in the bust area, in addition, it is a good tool in the prevention of mastopathy;
  • during feeding, ApSize can protect against cracking on the nipples, and prevent mastitis.
  • cream for breast growth helps women to maintain their charm and beauty for a long time.

Cream purpose Upsize

The first breast size is quite common. And most women with such a modest bust experience strong complexes. Most often, they try to correct the situation with the help of special underwear with inserts, which visually makes the breast bigger. This, of course, helps to create the right impression on the man you like. But when it comes to an intimate encounter, serious psychological discomfort arises. To show a loved one a small breast for many girls is just awkward.

Breast development begins in childhood - from about the age of nine. Over the course of several years, the breast gradually increases in size. For eighteen-year-old girls, the bust is fully formed and will not grow anymore.

Even if a woman is comfortable with her breast size in her youth, things can change over time. In her life there will be many factors that will greatly affect the attractiveness of the bust. After pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, breasts often lose their beautiful shape, become saggy and flabby. Also, negative changes are possible as a result of hormonal fluctuations and significant weight loss in a short time.

According to 9 polls, 10 women are concerned about the imperfection of their breasts and would like to adjust its volume and shape. However, most of them are not ready to decide on surgical intervention. And the matter is not only in the high cost of plastic surgery. Many ladies are afraid of postoperative complications and do not want to risk their health.

Such fears are well-founded - far from always the operation gives the desired result without side effects. Breast plastic surgery is associated primarily with the following risks:

  • Deformation and distortion of the bust due to the fact that the endoprosthesis has taken the wrong position.
  • Endoprosthesis rejection causing severe pain.
  • Noticeable scars.
  • The development of inflammation.
  • Difficulties in medical diagnosis.
  • The likelihood that connective tissue will begin to grow.

That's why the drug Upsize - This is an ideal tool for correcting the bust. The unique composition of the cream helps to enlarge the breast, tightens it, and helps to improve the shape. And you do not need to spend a lot of money on surgical procedures, putting your body in serious danger.

Cream ApSize not only increases the bust, it has an additional anti-aging effect. The skin of the breast becomes smooth and elastic, ugly stretch marks disappear (a cosmetic problem familiar to many young mothers). And since the drug UpSize consists mainly of herbal components, side effects and complications can not be feared.

beneficial properties of breast growth cream

How much does it cost? UpSize and where can I buy cream

Breast Enlarger Upsize was created after several years of scientific research and soon gained immense popularity among residents of European countries. Today, an innovative cream has become available for women from the CIS countries, it can be purchased from an authorized Hendel distributor. To do this, leave a request on the manufacturer's website. Delivery is carried out within a few days from the date of order, not only in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, but also in the countries of the European Union!

cream for breast growth upside

At its cost, this is an effective tool to increase the bust is quite affordable for every woman. Price Upsize such: in Ukraine it can be purchased for 350 hryvnias, for residents of the Russian Federation the cost is 960 rubles, in Belarus the price is 32 Belarusian rubles, in Kazakhstan - 5800 tenge, more information about the cost and how to buy ApSize cream for breast enlargement can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Beware of fakes and do not place orders on dubious resources. Remember that the original drug is available only on the manufacturer's website and its official representatives.

In many countries of the world, the complex is now popular. ProBreast Plus, which is an optimal set for breast augmentation, consisting of a nutritional supplement and cream. The product contains high-quality ingredients that guarantee maximum effect. This kit is designed for women who are looking for a natural and safe way to increase their breast size to 3 sizes. Regular use leads to significant changes in just a few weeks.

Checkout product ProBreast Plus can residents of Europe, Asia and the United States the manufacturer's website.

Composition and properties of breast cream Upsize

When developing the formula for a new bust remedy, specialists took into account the characteristics of each ingredient. All proportions were accurately calculated, taking into account the combined action of the components with each other. The result was a unique drug that does not harm women's health and does not cause hormonal fluctuations.

Upsize consists of the following components:

  • Rose oil has a beneficial effect on the delicate sensitive skin of the female breast, tightens it and makes it more elastic, prevents stretch marks.
  • The root of Pueraria Mirifica is able to stop the aging process, has a rejuvenating effect on the chest, and stimulates its increase. In addition, this root has a protective effect on the woman's body - it reduces the influence of negative factors that contribute to premature aging.
  • Deoxymyroestrol rejuvenates the breast, activates its growth, and is able to slow down aging.
  • Macadamia oil contains a special substance - palmitic acid, which is also present in human skin. The oil provides gentle care for the bust skin, supplies it with useful substances, improves blood circulation and local metabolism.
  • Asphodeloid anemarrena (rhizome extract) promotes good blood circulation in the bust area, is an excellent prophylaxis of thrombosis, and does not block vessels. Helps to eliminate free radicals and other harmful substances that can trigger a malignant process.
  • Vitamin E is considered one of the most important factors in slowing the aging of the body. Promotes tissue regeneration in places of scars and stretch marks, activates metabolism and blood circulation in the chest.
  • Jojoba oil regulates the production of sebum, keeps the bust skin sufficiently hydrated during the day.
  • Shea butter has long been used to soften the skin and protect it from negative effects, it contains active ingredients that accelerate collagen formation and promote tissue renewal. As a result, the aging process in the delicate female breast slows down, the bust looks toned and beautiful.

Thanks to this unique and rich formula, the agent for accelerating breast growth acts quickly and gives excellent results without harm to health.

Properties of bust cream UpSize

The neckline is of particular importance to any woman. After all, it is here that the eyes of the fans first rush. That is why it is customary to pay so much attention to bust care.

Editorial Board I found out that there are many cosmetic developments that help improve the appearance of the female breast. But only the drug Upsize can be called a comprehensive tool that combines many useful properties, the main of them:

  • Stimulation of glandular tissues, so that the size of the breast becomes larger without hormonal changes.
  • Activation of recovery processes at the cellular level, breast rejuvenation.
  • Moisturizing the skin and saturating them with useful substances.
  • Gentle breast care, as a result of which the skin becomes soft and velvety.

It is worth saying a few words about the additional benefits of the cream. So, it improves the psychological state of a woman, gives her a sense of confidence, helps to forget about the complexes. The woman's emotional background improves, she easily arranges her personal life and makes career progress.

And all this is so easy to achieve! There is no need to collect money for surgical intervention, worry about the consequences with excitement, spend time and effort on a long and difficult rehabilitation.

Results before and after upsize

Side effects and contraindications

Repeated clinical trials of innovative breast cream Upsize confirmed its complete safety for the female body. This drug based on natural components does not affect the hormonal background and acts without side effects.

The only contraindication to the use of the cream may be the individual intolerance of one of the herbal ingredients. For this reason, cosmetologists recommend performing a small test before starting the course. A little cream should be applied to the elbow bend and wait about 20 minutes. If during this period there are no signs of an allergic reaction (redness, rash, burning, itching), then the cream is suitable for you, and you can safely use it.

According to statistics, the probability of an allergy is very small - no more than 0,01%.

How to use the cream Upsize

Before starting cosmetic procedures for breast augmentation with Upsize cream, you need to carefully read the attached instructions. It is very important to do everything according to the rules in order to avoid possible discomfort.

Instructions for use UpSize pretty simple:

  • The skin is cleaned well before applying the cream.
  • Using a soft towel, gently dry the chest.
  • A small portion of the cream is taken and rubbed into the skin of the chest with light circular movements. This must be done until the cream is completely absorbed. This usually takes no more than 10 minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure with the second breast. There is no need to rush, the movements should be gentle and accurate so that pain and discomfort are not felt.
  • At the final stage, both breasts are gently massaged. Massage is performed in a circle with light movements. The duration of the massage is about 5 minutes.

To get a good effect, the procedures should be regular. They need to be performed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The result for each woman is achieved individually, depending on the characteristics of her body. Some note positive changes within a few days, while others may require at least a month to enlarge their breasts. But in any case, you will be satisfied with the effect. The main thing is to follow the rules, and your chest will be transformed. Cream Upsize helps you become the owner of a luxurious bust with young elastic skin.

Despite the fact that the cream is a cosmetic novelty and only recently went on sale, many managed to evaluate its benefits. Cream Efficiency Upsize confirmed by the many endorsements on the Internet and the opinion of mammologists. Women share their success stories and talk about positive changes in life after using a wonderful remedy.

opinion of the mammologist

bust cream photo

According to the manufacturer, one of the effective methods for increasing the size of the bust is to use a cream UpSize. This drug stimulates the growth of fat cells under the skin. Due to this, they swell, the breast pours, becomes more attractive, increases its size.

If cream UpSize applied daily, then for 3 – 4 weeks the bust will increase in volume.

In addition, the use of this product will lead to the fact that the chest is more rounded and tightened, and the skin becomes elastic and velvety. The cream is based on a natural plant phytoestrogen. It promotes breast enlargement as well as the female hormone estrogen, only stronger, but without being a hormone.

The effect of using the cream Upsize for breast

In addition to cream UpSize for breast enlargement is used Bust Salon SPA. This fast-acting gel is recommended when skin sagging after pregnancy appears due to age-related changes or after trying to lose weight.

The bust cream, like ApSize, increases the volume of the mammary glands, slows down the aging of the skin, moisturizes, starts the regeneration processes, gives a beautiful natural look. It can also be used to correct the shape of the bust. The cream is recommended in the morning to get a quick result. In comparison with other means, it has a low price.

How to visually enlarge a breast without applying cream

Not every woman can boast of perfect self-esteem. Many of them have their own complexes regarding appearance. And one of the most common is a complex about a small breast. Probably, every owner of small sizes would like to at least visually make her breasts larger in volume and without applying cream UpSize. You will find the answer to the question of how to do this below:

  • Exercise for a few minutes a day for the chest, which stimulates its growth. Allocate 15 minutes in an overloaded schedule for your favorite. You must diligently complete certain exercises, and you will receive the free beauty of this unsurpassed part of the body.
  • First push-ups from the bench, and then from the floor. For this exercise, lower the arms directly onto your shoulders, and then raise both shoulders. Take your shoulders back a little, lower them down again. Repeat the procedure in the opposite direction and so several times in a row.
  • Another view for a similar purpose: stand on your toes, raise your right hand sharply up and try to reach for it as much as possible. Then raise your left hand and repeat the exercise.
  • Watch your posture. At first glance, this may seem like a trifle, but it's not so simple. Go to the mirror and begin to stoop, and then straighten up. See the difference? In the second case, the figure looks much better overall, the chest looks more voluminous, and the silhouette is more slender and elongated. Therefore, do not forget about it. Correct posture can be created using physical exercise in the gym or at home.
  • Also, during training, namely training of the upper pectoral muscles, your chest can be transformed for the better. Thanks to physical exercises, the muscles are strengthened, make the shape more rounded, taut and better traced. It is not necessary for this to constantly engage in the gym, even ordinary push-ups can help in this matter.
  • Pay attention to other parts of the body. It's all about proportions. For example, a slim girl with 2 size will look very good, and a fourth-size breast will look negligible against the background of a full woman with a sagging belly. The chest will appear larger when the girl has a slender waist. So hula-hoop exercises will also not be superfluous.
  • The right underwear. Many women rarely give due attention to measurements, and therefore, choose the wrong bra. The right bra that is right for you should sit comfortably, clutching your entire chest, not crushing it anywhere.
  • There are several types of bras for small breasts. The first one is Fly Bra with a Push Up effect, it does not affect the volume in any way, but raises the breast, creating a beautiful shape and hollow. Bras with cushions are suitable for those who do not want to lift their breasts much, but only visually add more volume.
  • Clothing can also correct this problem. Girls with small breasts should choose outerwear with different decor and volume. Lace, frills, ruffles, pleats are what you need to pay attention to. Many people think that clothes that are too tight will visually enlarge the breasts. In fact, no, on the contrary, it will make it flatter. V-neck blouses are also not suitable for girls with small breasts, as they focus on the small size.

Breast massage to increase bust size

It is worth knowing that the bust can be increased in other ways. One of the most commonly used is massage for breast augmentation. It supports the natural growth of the mammary glands, increases their elasticity, reduces stretch marks and at the same time reduces the risk of cancer.

How to make this massage? First of all, it cannot be painful. It is necessary to massage very carefully, avoiding painful manifestations. It is necessary to massage the chest towards the armpits, in circular motions from below to the sternum. It is recommended to spend about 100 circles on one breast (you can do massage at the same time). The hand should not come off the skin, but only slightly move along its surface. During a massage of the breast, you can alternately shower it with hot and cold water from the shower, which creates additional stimulation.

It is worth noting that the above drug Upsize available as a breast augmentation cream. It can be applied simultaneously with the massage or immediately after it, which will significantly increase the effectiveness of the therapy. Remember - don't rub the cream into your nipples.

There are many natural methods for breast augmentation. Which ones are the best? This cannot be said unequivocally. It is best to combine proper nutrition, cream Upsize and regular bust massage. To this is added regular exercises for the muscles of the back and chest - they will improve posture and optically enlarge the chest. The methods presented in this article will help to give your bust a healthy and beautiful appearance, provided that you use them patiently and regularly. Good luck!

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Doctor Ermakova Angela Ivanovna obstetrician-gynecologist, highest category endocrinologist with 16 years of experience, experienced ultrasound specialist, pediatric gynecologist. Angela Ivanovna is the author of about 70 published works and guidelines for gynecology.

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