Secret power of fingers and acupuncture

Human hands are our most indispensable helpers. They not only help to do various physical work, but also have the power of healing. In ancient times, people were treated quite differently than in our time. In addition to the tips and roots, our ancestors knew many active points on our body. By pressing in a special way on these points, a person could be healed.

Secret power of fingers and body points

Some of these magic points are on our fingers. For example, acting on the smallest little finger, a person is able to improve the health of the whole organism. Doctors of antiquity used several massage techniques when working with active points. They stroked or pressed on the fingers, sometimes making a movement, reminiscent of screwing. Ancient healers could use special needles during the healing procedure.

In our modern world, this technique will appeal to many people, because it is simple and affordable. Try it if you feel constantly tired. Do yourself acupressure on the hands of both hands. Such a massage will help relieve severe fatigue and nervous tension, as a result of which you will feel relaxed and peaceful. The advantage of massage is that it can be done not only at home, but directly at the workplace or on the way home.

Massage will not take much time, but will give strength simply colossal. Start the massage by massaging the little finger, which is on the left hand. Massage must begin with the nail phalanx and gradually advance through the entire finger to the base of the little finger. Massage should be by pressure. A similar massage is performed with each finger on both hands.

In winter, it often happens to catch a cold, in particular a runny nose. To quickly cope with the disease, you should call for help the thumb of your left hand. Try to find on it a painful point located in the center of the upper phalanx. Periodically during the day, press on it and you will see that the runny nose will pass very quickly. This method of massage can be used for absolutely healthy people for prevention.

If you want to lose some weight and gain a slim figure, and there is no question of doing sports, your magic fingers will help you again. Before eating, massage the very tip of the little finger by pressing. Such a massage will reduce your appetite and you will not eat much. Do this before each meal.

The index fingers in healing have another original name - "liver fingers". Therefore, any problems with this important organ can be solved with the help of the index fingers. If you have liver ailments of various kinds, immediately start massaging the corresponding fingers. The duration of the massage should not exceed three minutes, however, such movements must be done several times a day.

What is acupuncture

The treatment and prevention of diseases by the acupuncture method is based on the study of special biologically active points located on the human body and associated with internal systems and organs. By acting on acupuncture points, biological processes can be stimulated, which helps to restore affected areas of the body and relieves pain.

What is acupuncture

It has been established that reflexology sessions have a beneficial effect on the body’s immune system and increase resistance to diseases.

Acupuncture: The Benefits of Alternative Treatment

Unlike traditional medical methods, the acupuncture method is practically harmless to patients. It has no contraindications, with the exception of rare individual cases. Side effects are also absent. This is very important in our age when medicine was faced with the problem of pharmacological oversaturation.

Acupuncture can reduce the intake of drugs and even completely abandon them. At the same time, treatment with reflexology is comparable in cost to a traditional drug course.

Types of Acupuncture

In the world, many methods of stimulating biologically active points are practiced. Among the most popular ways:

  • Acupressure;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Warming up;
  • Microcurrent therapy;
  • Dentistry
  • Cryopuncture.

There are other methods that are successfully used in medical clinics around the world. Acupuncture is effective in the treatment of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, digestive systems, musculoskeletal system. There is positive experience with the use of reflexology in weight loss and gynecological diseases.

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