How to lower the temperature in a child without medication

The rapid jump in the mercury column on the thermometer scale means that an infection has entered the body and the immune system has reacted. Fever is accompanied by: chills, weakness, lethargy, aching, general malaise, a feeling of heaviness in the head. If several of these symptoms are found, it is advisable to measure body temperature.

Temperature limits at different agesDiseases in which there is an increase in temperature without symptoms.

  • Angina, ARVI. The change in temperature is due to the toxic effects of the infection. The thermometer reading rises above 38 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to take an antipyretic and a lot of warm drinks to remove toxins. You should immediately consult a doctor to establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Bed rest is necessary, it is impossible to experience such diseases on the legs, because complications may follow. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to take the drug. to strengthen immunity.
  • Tumor formations. The body reacts to pathological changes in organs and tissues by increasing body temperature. It is not recommended to shoot it down on your own, you need the help of a specialist.
  • Allergic reaction. Causes a steady but slight increase in temperature. You should stop contact with the causative agent of the allergy and take a medicine that neutralizes the allergic reaction: diphenhydramine, suprastin, etc.
  • Infective endocarditis is a complication of influenza, tonsillitis, transferred without bed rest. He needs to be treated in hospital mode, as the body temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius. Self-treatment is ineffective.
  • Meningococcal infection. Its sign is an increase in body temperature to 40 degrees in a short time. Independently bring down the temperature is obtained only for a short period of time, then it rises again. The clinical manifestations of this disease are not recorded immediately, therefore, the percentage of deaths from infection due to late access to medical care is high.

Do not postpone a visit to the clinic or call a doctor at home if a sharp change in body temperature is detected. At the time, the assistance provided will relieve complications.

 Asymptomatic fever - what to do?

Hyperthermia is a persistent increase in body temperature that every person has experienced during various diseases. It is necessary to learn how to lower the temperature without the use of drugs, since drugs will not always be at hand, and if the fever is very strong, they are not effective.

Method number 1 - cooling of the main vessels. Classical rubdowns have been used for a long time, but recently doctors do not recommend using rubbing with water with vinegar, chamomile solution, and lowering the temperature with vodka is categorically contraindicated. The fact is that vinegar and vodka can cause poisoning, due to their ability to enter the bloodstream through the skin.

An effective method is to apply a dampened towel in cold water to the main vessels. The method provides a decrease in body temperature in a short period of time. The main arteries are the aorta and its first branches, namely:

  • femoral artery;
  • axillary artery;
  • carotid artery;
  • celiac trunk.

It is difficult to reach the axillary artery, but it is quite possible to apply a cold towel to the femoral artery and abdomen. The central vessels are large, and the pressure in them is high, which ensures the flow of already cold blood to the tissues, causing a spasm of the capillaries. Also, you can apply a cold rag to your forehead, because the head has an abundant blood supply from several sources.

Method number 2 - cold water. Cool water will lower your body temperature internally. It is necessary to drink water in small sips, so as not to cause inflammation of the back wall of the pharynx, tonsils. This method is recommended to be used with the first one, in case of high temperature.

Method number 3 - folk remedies. Some berries have antipyretic effects, for example:

  • raspberries;
  • currant;
  • viburnum;
  • Strawberry.

The problem is that they help if they are boiled in boiling water. But, unfortunately, not everyone has raspberry jam in the refrigerator in the winter, or fresh berries in the summer, when you can not hesitate. Berries help with the temperature of 38,5, but not higher.

All methods can be applied simultaneously. We should not forget about the environment. A person with fever should be undressed, and windows must be opened. According to the advice of doctors, the temperature in the room can not exceed 20 degrees, but not lower than 16. According to the physical laws of heat transfer, a person will begin to lose heat, thereby lowering body temperature.

What to do to quickly lower the temperature in a child?

As a rule, the normal temperature in a child ranges from 36 to 37 degrees, while in the morning it is much lower than in the evening. However, when the baby becomes ill, then it immediately rises to 38-39 degrees. Moreover, it should be measured every 4 hours: you can install the thermometer in the usual way under the armpit or not in a very traditional way: in the mouth or rectum. But it is important to remember that in such places it is several degrees more than in the armpit. In addition, the clothes the child is dressed in and his physical activity often affect body temperature.

Where to measure the temperature in a child

Parents do not need to worry and instantly start to bring down the temperature when it has risen to 38 degrees, perhaps this is a normal overheating. If it arose during a cold, it means you need to give the body time to protect itself from pathogenic microbes. Moreover, it is always necessary to remember that at this time convulsions, cerebral edema can easily occur, or dehydration of the body will begin. In any case, you should definitely invite a doctor who will definitely give some practical advice for lowering the temperature.

Tips for parents:

  1. I need peace. Therefore, the child must be in bed. Do not let him run or jump, so that in the end it does not get worse.
  2. Give plenty of plain water, as well as tea with cranberries / currants / raspberries, fruit drinks, dried fruit compote, decoction of linden or chamomile, then no temperature will be scary.
  3. If antibiotics are given so as not to drown their actions, antipyretic tablets are not advisable. It is better to give them if suddenly convulsions or chills begin.
  4. If there is a chill, then you need to urgently wrap the child in a warm blanket to sweat well. If there is no chills, wear something light from your clothes, but at first it’s good to rub the body with a composition that combines vinegar with water and which must be slightly acidic so as not to accidentally harm the delicate baby skin.
  5. The temperature keeps 37 - 39 degrees, then you should urgently rub the body with a wet cloth, which is preferably moistened with water at room temperature in advance. Or gently wrap around the body. Then put him in bed, cover with a sheet and do a similar procedure every 15-20 minutes. For the best effect, you can take not water, but a yarrow infusion: 4 Art. tablespoons of leaves pour 1,5 liter of boiling water, insist 2 hours, and then cool. Apply this healing composition preferably within one day. After making a new one. If on the contrary it freezes, the head hurts, as well as all the muscles, then it is advisable to drink an antipyretic. Any wiping is completely prohibited.
  6. Body temperature has risen to a dangerous point, then we must again give something antipyretic. And if she holds on for almost three days and does not fall, then again it is worth calling a doctor.
  7. A convulsion has begun - you need to immediately call an ambulance, give a pill in order to quickly lower the fever. Then rub the skin with a composition of water or alcohol so that it turns a little red.

Paracetamol or other drugs that contain it are considered the best children's remedy for lowering the temperature: Kalpol, Panadol for children, Cefekon D or Nurofen. And you should always adhere to the dosage. It is recommended that the baby be given Efferalgan for children, which will not harm a child’s fragile body and will certainly help.

Ambulance for a child - important tips

But most importantly, parents should never panic and remember that their anxiety is instantly transmitted to their beloved child, who will immediately begin to act up and cry.

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