The need for sex: 10 problems in the absence of irregular intimate relationships

Sexual relations are an important factor for a full life, both men and women. In the absence of a permanent sex life, often there are serious hormonal disruptions that require serious treatment later.

Life without sex

Often after a divorce, a person puts an end to himself and ceases to have sex. The absence of this activity may also occur due to lack of proper time. The reasons for the lack of a permanent sex life can be various. The consequences due to irregular intimate relationships may also vary. This primarily depends on the age, gender and individual characteristics of the person.

If you take a break in sex for a couple of days, then this period will increase to 2 weeks. Over time, the intervals of abstinence will increase by a month and this will become a habit and will become your way of life. Over time, a person begins to feel that he begins to have serious health problems. Problems begin to arise from both mental and physical health.

The consequences of abstinence from sex

Problems that arise with irregular intimate relationships:

  1. The immune system suffers. Scientists, thanks to their numerous studies, have proved that prolonged abstinence reduces our immunity. In people with regular sex life, 30 percent higher resistance to infectious diseases.
  2. Nervous excitement. People who refuse sex are affected by stress and a bad mood. During sexual intercourse, the hormone of happiness is produced. Excluding sex from everyday life, a person thereby deprives himself of true happiness and complete discharge. If a woman or a man is completely satisfied with his sex life, then he looks more easily at difficulties and conflict situations.
  3. Sexual problems. This paragraph is especially true for males. After all, it is they who are then susceptible to early ejaculation or are at risk of becoming impotent.
  4. Chubby erection. The need of the body for sex is necessary, even if a person does not feel attraction. For this reason, dreams of a sexual nature begin, where he reaches an orgasm.
  5. Sex drive is reduced. Normally, a person should feel sexually attracted. Otherwise, he may get impotence or become frigid. In the absence of sex, the body begins to get used to this condition.
  6. Love disappears. Partners are so keen on everyday problems that they stop having sex all the time. Between the pair there is a ravine that moves them to long distances. Over time, this distance only increases and feelings burn out.
  7. Decrease in self-esteem. A person ceases to feel self-confidence. This causes the development of inferiority. The lack of sex, very hard on self-esteem, a person begins to think that he is not attractive to the opposite sex. Scientists believe that sperm is a natural antidepressant. When it is not there, a person begins a nervous state. That is why, experts urge you to have sex regularly. Condom protection provides good protection against unwanted pregnancy and disease. Although, thanks to research, it was found that this method of protection deprives you of a full-fledged partner.
  8. The development of cancerous tumors. This factor is especially true for men. After all, it is they who are at risk for cancer or prostatitis, to prevent which it is recommended preparation Prostero. In the journal article about these pills, their effects on the body are described in detail when the first symptoms of prostatitis occur and recommendations for its treatment.
  9. Gynecological diseases. Sexual relationships not only allow women to enjoy, but also help to strengthen muscles. If for some reason it is impossible to resume regular sex, then you need to provide yourself with physical exercise. The lack of intimate relationships does not accelerate blood in the pelvic area, for this reason serious stagnation appears. It is they that cause gynecological diseases.
  10. Hormonal disbalance. Rare sexual intercourse disrupts hormones. In women, there is an increase in male hormones, which leads to "skin problems". Experts believe that lack of sex is the cause of wrinkles and accelerates the aging process.

Males also have problems with "skin rash", and there is unbridled aggression and cruelty.

Sex in a person’s daily life is very important. After all, it is precisely his absence that can provoke obesity, insomnia, alcoholism and the appearance of a pronounced pain syndrome.

Long abstinence saves only from diseases that are transmitted sexually. Otherwise, the lack of sex gives a powerful blow to the entire human body.

Pay great attention to your sex life, this will save you from various ailments. It is only necessary to remember that the partner must be permanent.

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