Multiple Sclerosis Sex: Symptoms, Attraction, Orgasm

What is this disease - multiple sclerosis? If expressed in understandable words, then multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease in which the patient's immune system is "on alert" all the time. And, since the patient's immune system cannot find the virus, it begins to attack its own body. As a result, the myelin sheath of the patient with multiple sclerosis is affected. The function of this shell is to protect the human spinal cord and brain. And, due to damage, the patient begins to have problems with the eyes, legs, coordination, urinating etc.

Multiple Sclerosis Sex

It is quite difficult to diagnose a patient with multiple sclerosis. Especially, not having much experience in the field of neurological diseases and not having modern equipment to confirm the diagnosis. All by the fact that patients complain about the symptoms of the disease, not suspecting that they are caused by multiple sclerosis. For example, MS can cause vision problems. And, the patient, of course, will go to the optometrist to treat the eyes. While the reason for the loss of vision is multiple sclerosis.

However, if the patient lives in a large settlement, then usually there should be - the center of multiple sclerosis. In such places, specialists in this field work, able to correctly diagnose, the course of the disease and methods of treatment in a particular case.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

In multiple sclerosis, up to 600 of various symptoms can occur. But, the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis are:

  • Severe dizziness. And, because of this - a feeling of nausea and loss of coordination.
  • Vision problems. It can be - partial or complete loss of vision in one or both eyes.
  • Great weakness throughout the body. It becomes difficult for the patient to do simple, not complicated things.
  • Leg problems. The first signs of this problem are numbness and tingling of the toes. Then, weakness in the feet and knees. After which, it becomes difficult for the patient not only to walk, but even to stand or put on clothes independently.
  • Nerve problems.

A professional doctor should be able to identify and distinguish the symptoms of multiple sclerosis from other diseases. And if necessary, assign a confirmation of the diagnosis using MRI.

Sexual life in multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Sex

As a rule, the sexual life of patients is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Strong sex drive. Until a diagnosis is made or only at the beginning of the detection of a disease Often, at this stage, people simply roll over emotions and desires, erase all boundaries and rules. The patient can afford things in sex, which before that would never have decided.
  2. Problems with orgasm. During treatment. Nerves, fatigue, and a decrease in sensitivity lead to the fact that a patient with MS cannot reach an orgasm from 30 minutes to 5-6 hours.
  3. With a long period of illness, apathy may occur, loss of desire for sex.

In women, there may be a decreased sensitivity in the intimate parts of the body. Plus, problems with nerves and rapid fatigue contribute to a decrease in interest in sex in general. Well, if the patient wants to have a baby, then it is worth consulting with your doctor. As a rule, the doctor may advise you to stop taking any medications, at least during the period of conception, bearing the fetus and during breastfeeding.

In men, MS causes more problems in sexual activity than in women. Indeed, rapid fatigue affects sexual activity. A reduced sensitivity can lead to a long inability to achieve orgasm. Or, to the inability to bring the partner to orgasm, due to weakness and fatigue in the body. In this connection, many patients begin to experience uncertainty and disappointment.

The solution to this problem may be - communication with a sexual partner. Find a compromise. Poses in which both partners will receive maximum pleasure, and at the same time, spend a minimum of effort.

Despite the fact that for many decades the leading doctors of the world have been searching for cures for this disease, medicine has not really made much progress in this direction. Doctors do not even really know - what causes this disease. Not to mention how exactly it should be treated. But, it is known - how to relieve symptoms during exacerbation, how to prolong the period without exacerbations, and what should be observed to extend the period of remission.

As for the sexual life of patients with multiple sclerosis, then there may be minor complications. However, here partners can reach a compromise. After all, this disease does not lead to impotence. And the difficulties that arise with this disease are completely solvable. Following these tips from doctors, you can live the full life of an average person.

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis Pain

Each person in his life has experienced pain more than once, but the pain in multiple sclerosis has a significant difference from various others. Sometimes even the patient himself cannot really explain what kind of pain he is being followed.

For many people, the concept of sclerosis is in no way associated with unpleasant sensations in the body, and their presence is attributed to completely different diseases, but not multiple sclerosis. Some of the patients are sure that the disease provokes weakness, impaired coordination and reaction of the body, but it is not connected with pain, especially during sex. But wait! Multiple sclerosis is, first of all, a disease of the central nervous system, and we feel painful sensations precisely with nerve endings. Although the disease affects the brain and spinal cord, patients suffer from chronic pain throughout the body. Pain in multiple sclerosis is very variable and can spontaneously change, giving it to the arms, legs or other parts of the body. Often there is an increase in pain when engaging in anal sex, and then the same sharp decline and the onset of a bright orgasm. Patients are unable to describe the nature of the manifestations, and sometimes compare it with a toothache or a sharp cutting pain, then with a state of eternal bliss.

The causes of pain during sex in patients with multiple sclerosis are still unknown to modern science. In a normal state, the nervous system reacts to the presence of external or internal stimuli, so the reaction to a cut finger, bruise or muscle strain is quite adequate - there is a cutting, stabbing or aching pain. With multiple sclerosis, the picture is different, the affected nervous system itself sends signals to various parts of the body and responds with pain in them. An illusion is created that some part of your body hurts.

The sensations experienced by patients can be divided into several of the most common:

  1. Sharp pains. The spontaneous manifestation of pain in various parts of the body appears abruptly or recedes just as quickly. The pain is rapidly increasing and is pricking.
  2. A pain tic or upset of the trigeminal nerve is accompanied by the appearance of cutting pain in the face area. This can occur when the facial muscles are involved, whether chewing food or brushing your teeth. Headaches with multiple sclerosis. The manifestation of a head cracking from pain can also be short-term and intermittent. Still, the disease is associated with the nervous system, and the brain is directly related to it.
  3. Symptom of Lermitte. Rapid pain piercing the entire body from the top of the head to the heels, like an electric shock. Appears with sudden movements, turns or tilts of the head.
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Doctor Ermakova Angela Ivanovna obstetrician-gynecologist, highest category endocrinologist with 16 years of experience, experienced ultrasound specialist, pediatric gynecologist. Angela Ivanovna is the author of about 70 published works and guidelines for gynecology.

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