The main side effects of drugs

If you carefully begin to monitor what enters your oral cavity, you will probably notice that in addition to food, we use some kind of chemical compounds every day. In other words, drugs are not for nothing that our pharmaceutical industry is only gaining momentum. Aimless and uncontrolled swallowing of tablets can only add oil to the fire. You know, as they say in the people - one heals, the other cripples. But we are used to not looking at the number of sentences in the annotation for some kind of medicine. The main side effects of the drugs are obvious!

The main side effects of drugs

There are many people who simply cannot endure pain (this applies to the case when these are not acute attacks that are life-threatening). They got so stuck in drugs that the hand stretches mechanically like that. As with vaccination, all chemical compounds have their own side effects, and for some reason few people consider it. And there are a lot of them and you need to know about them:

  • allergic reactions, dermatitis and many other skin diseases;
  • dysbiosis, intestinal upset, constipation, bloating, etc.
  • overweight and obesity;
  • headaches, dizziness, and various anxiety conditions.

This is just a small list of the most common side effects. A vicious circle is formed when you begin to treat all your acquired side effects. And only excess weight is not amenable to tablet treatment.

Side effects of drugs and effects on overweight

The main side effects of drugs: the effect on overweight

I would like to dwell in detail on those drugs that can and cause you to be overweight.

  1. First of all, these are hormonal drugs. Alas and ah, there are a great many of them. The thing is that they can be an integral part of even a medicine for allergies or for a viral one, or for the same skin diseases. You can gain from 8 to 12 a kilogram of excess weight and this weight is distributed very unevenly over the body - that is, either your legs look very swollen, or your arms, or your butt. And if a doctor prescribed a course of such drugs for you, you should ask how long the course will last, and immediately after it begin to bring your weight back to the previous norm. Otherwise, it will become increasingly difficult to get rid of it over time. And always ask about this kind of side effect to be in the know. Other products are also available that do not cause much weight gain, for example pills Hoodix.
  2. Antidepressants and other similar phenomena. The story with them can be quite confusing. In the first case, excess weight can become the cause of depression, and then obesity will again be a side effect. Everything happens according to the scenario: obesity - depression - obesity. As you can see the vicious circle. In the second case, the reason may be different and all the same, after taking antidepressants, the problem of excess weight arises. The main side effect of such drugs is weight gain due to the fact that they fundamentally knock down hormones. Many psychotherapists know this and therefore you should adjust your dose of such a medicine. Another cause of weight gain can be a noticeable decrease in activity. the fact is that you begin to feel good and lead a sedentary lifestyle - they say, everything is fine with me and so on. Do not fall for this bait.
  3. And, finally, the most painful are drugs for the treatment of gastric ulcer and other gastrointestinal tract organs, for example tea Gastro. It is believed that it is antispasmodics, which are mainly prescribed in such cases, cause excess weight. However, this is not proven. Many are prescribed enzymes that enhance the digestion of food, hence the extra pounds. I want to eat more and more. Such a theory also has a place to be. At the beginning of your illness, you lose weight, then there is treatment and a return to excess weight. However, amid all medications and amid a general recovery, you just start to overeat. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your diet and, most importantly, its quality.
  4. In all three of the most important cases considered by us, it is important (in fact, as with weight loss) to observe the principles of proper nutrition and lead a healthy lifestyle. Simple carbohydrates, processed foods, smoked, fried and fatty should be minimized in the diet. Pay due attention to dairy and sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits (but only in the morning). Observing such simple and painfully familiar principles, you can easily eliminate the gained kilograms and thereby minimize the main side effects of drugs. But in general, the healthy lifestyle that you lead will save you from taking many medications.

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