We clean the liver at home on our own without harm to health

The liver in our body is constantly struggling with toxins, destroys and neutralizes them. The continuous operation of this organ leads to the fact that cells undergo damage. Consider methods of effectively cleaning the liver from harmful toxins and toxins, which we can use at home.

The liver, when it is not affected by harmful substances, has the ability to recover on its own. But if you constantly subject this organ to such difficult tests as junk food, drugs, alcohol, then irreversible processes occur in it. Liver cells convert to fat, which can lead to hepatosis. Another dangerous consequence is cirrhosis - the formation of connective tissue cells in place of dead cells.

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Liver health is inevitably destroyed by factors such as constant hard work, worms, diseases associated with viruses and infections, work in hazardous enterprises, where a person constantly inhales chemical vapors. The liver, cleansing the blood, accumulates all harmful substances in itself. Therefore, it needs periodic cleaning.

Methods for cleaning and treating the liver

One way to cleanse is to treat the liver with mineral water. You need to drink water in small quantities before meals 4 once a day in 120 ml. Do not clean with mineral water if you have stones in your bladder or gall bladder, or kidney, bowel disease has worsened.

Also, the liver can be cleaned with medicinal herbs. Such decoctions will not only cleanse the liver, but will also greatly benefit the body as a whole. Decoctions are very effective, and, in addition, are not difficult to perform and use. Such plant components as rosehip, wormwood, mint leaves, dandelion root are suitable. These components can be combined in 3-4 at the same time. On 12 g of the therapeutic substance, you need to take 530 ml of boiling water. Let the night stand. You need to drink such a decoction per day two times - in the morning and before you go to bed. The duration of this course is one month.

One of the easiest ways to cleanse this essential organ without the use of medication is to consume oil. You can take cedar oil, linseed, or olive. In the morning before eating, you need to take it in 15 ml. the duration of such treatment is not limited.

Another way is to cleanse the radish liver. Phytoncides, which are contained in its juice, neutralize harmful microflora. Such a cleansing is recommended to be done once a year. The first week of the course is 15 ml of black radish juice three times a day about one hour before a meal. Each week, the dose must be increased by another 15 ml. the duration of this course is about one and a half months.

Once a month, you can do this procedure. You need to cook 50 g unsalted boiled buckwheat. Do not add sugar or butter to the dish. Before going to bed, you must immediately consume all this portion and apply a warm heating pad to your right side. In the morning, cleansing should begin. There will be frequent stools, loose and dark.

Before any cleaning, follow a diet. Do not eat meat, fatty foods. Also, before each cleaning, prevention against worms is necessary. Cleansing procedures are recommended at least once every six months.

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