Life hack when buying Chinese erotic goods

If you want a variety in intimate life, go to the erotic goods store, this simple life hack will tell you what you should pay attention to first of all, in order to avoid disappointment after the purchase. You might even leave the sex shop empty-handed. After all, the trade margin on such products is high. Are people with a limited budget deprived of the opportunity to experience new sensations? We are in a hurry to please, this is not so. At your disposal are large online sites that deliver mail products from China.

Sex Shop Products

Chinese sex products

Among the thousands of items there is everything - and even a little more. In the assortment of most stores Doian's wand to narrow the vagina. Do you understand how developed the fantasy of manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom is? In practice, the Doyan stick for reducing the walls of the vagina has a lot of useful properties, which are confirmed by real facts.

An impressive selection of erotic lingerie. On the virtual shelves there are both classic peignoirs of seductive styles, as well as latex sets for connoisseurs. There are many interesting things for people with non-standard requests. Men's leather shorts, smoothly turning into a hat for a strong fixation of a partner. In demand, by the way.

You will see erotic toys of all colors and sizes. What is noteworthy, the cost of products starts at fifty rubles. There is reason to believe that these are the same products that are found on the shelves of Russian stores. Only with pleasant consumer pricing.

Lubricants with additional properties. Warming, cooling, narrowing. With the aroma of fruits and flowers. The absence of inscriptions in Russian and explanatory pictures allows you not to hide the treasured tube from prying eyes. In which case, the product can be passed off as body lotion.

Pitfalls when buying sex products

All this inspires optimism. There is a desire to immediately order a couple of parcels from China. But, before making a payment, familiarize yourself with the features of local products. This information will avoid disappointment.

Read the description carefully. Pay particular attention to dimensions. This applies to clothing, erotic toys, products from tubes and bottles. Otherwise, you risk getting a set of linen that you have to give to the cat. Because nothing else will fit on anyone else.

A Chinese dildo is not suitable for every woman brought up on fairy tales about Russian heroes. Even XXL of Asian descent is not always able to satisfy the need for love and affection. Do not believe promising labels. Decrypt in centimeters or inches.

Entertainment for men is also not always suitable due to physiological characteristics. After several attempts, an upset buyer goes to write a negative review. After all, a sexually mature man is unlikely to be able to use goods marked 18 +. Tip is the same: ask for size before buying.

The Chinese people are funny and love to give positive emotions. Pack long and oblong objects so that the shape of the product is easily guessed. This makes it possible to understand that it is worth delivering a notice as soon as possible.

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