Stone treatment: stone therapy and lithotherapy

Since ancient times, the world of stone attracts man. Pebbles and minerals serve as jewelry that pleases the eye and soul. But they are also able to give their owner strength and health, beauty and good luck!

The stones, having received a positive charge, retain it and subsequently give it back. If you put a stone on the windowsill, then in the afternoon it will be charged with the energy of the sun. And in the evening and at night, when you attach it to yourself, it will give all the strength to you. After each procedure, be sure to rinse the stones. Only water can eliminate the negative collected by the stone from your body.

Stone treatment

And now I bring to your attention four ways to use stones to improve your condition, which help me a lot. My wife and I have been treating with ordinary stones for several years. Scientifically, such a method is called stone therapy or lithotherapy. Stones are the oldest “tools” used for healing. And it’s not necessary to go to a special salon. Some treatments can be done at home.

We brought pebbles from the Black Sea coast. We have a whole set of stones: white and black, small and large. When my back begins to hurt, my wife or daughter spread warm stones along the spine on the left and right. My body heats up, the vessels expand, my muscles relax. This happens due to an increase in blood flow to painful areas and an increase in the activity of cells. And the pain goes away!

Adhere to the following rules when treating with stones:

  • If your muscles are excessively tense or inflamed, then apply stones heated to 40 ° C to the painful areas 3 times a day for 20 minutes.
  • For cystitis and urinary incontinence, apply a warm stone to the upper part of the sacral region of the spine.
  • For general toning of the body, with hypotension, prolonged colds, it is useful to massage the palms with heated stones. Put a few stones on the palm of your hand, cover with the other palm, squeeze a little and make clockwise movements for 15 minutes. Warming up the biologically active points of the hands, you provide significant support to the entire body.

My wife suffers from chronic pancreatitis. In addition to diet and medicine, she uses a malachite plate to treat. With a small slice of malachite, she strokes daily for 10-15 minutes, massages the pancreas. All movements are carried out clockwise. Sometimes on the pancreas she sticks a plate of malachite with an adhesive plaster for the whole night. It is believed that green minerals have a beneficial effect on the entire human body. They normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system, eliminate migraines, stabilize blood pressure and calm the nervous system. The impact of stone on the human body is not chemical, but energetic. And the most powerful healing properties among the "green" possess jade, chrysolite, chrysoprase and malachite. And self-treatment with semiprecious stones is called lithotherapy.

I sit at the computer all day at work. To neutralize the negative energy of my computer, on the advice of friends, I bought a pyramid of onyx and put it next to it. And soon two more pyramids appeared on my desktop - from shungite and from crystal. If you want to, believe it or not, but after a working day I was no longer as broken as before and began to feel much better. Apparently natural stones in the form of pyramids really have a beneficial effect!

Small obsidian balls are always with me. Three or four times a day, with their help, I do gymnastics for the hands. The results are excellent: he developed the joints, got rid of muscle cramps. But most importantly, overall health has improved. After all, the effect on the body occurs by stimulating active points on the palms of the hands.

You can also take advantage of our experience. Just be sure to adhere to the general rules of stone therapy. If you want to learn more about the effect of stones on the body and how to use them better, read the second part of this journal article.

4 method of stone therapy

Many doctors of antiquity, the Middle Ages and our time wrote about the healing properties of stones. But the general public knows only the healing properties of precious stones, such as diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, amber. And there is very little information about the healing properties of ordinary stones - granite, spar, etc. And they, according to scientists, are also very useful.
But there are clear rules for their application, which we described in the first part of this article. In short, the stones should be charged with solar energy before use, and after the session, be sure to rinse with cold water.

And today, read about four more methods of stone therapy, which I used to treat my ailments.

I have been suffering from kidney failure for a long time, I tried many methods of treatment. After reading a book about the healing properties of minerals and stones, I decided to test the effectiveness of the proposed painless method.

1. At night I glued a patch on the area of ​​the kidneys two pieces of light green jade. 3 also drank 1 a glass of jade water once a day. I prepared it as follows: thoroughly rinse a stone with a diameter of 1-3 cm under running water, lower it into a transparent vessel, fill it with one liter of filtered water and put it on the windowsill in the sun for 3 hours (if the weather is cloudy, –– on 4-5 hours).

When you have drunk all the cooked portion, again fill the stone with water and use it for treatment. Wear a jade ring or buy some crafts from this stone - a figure or a rosary. And try to keep the jade little thing in your hands more often. This will help you cope with the disease.

2. Shungite crumb helps me quickly relieve stress after a hard day. Someone insists on shungite water and drinks it, someone rubs the body with shungite, and I am doing foot massage. I pour the shungite chips into a metal tray or box. Then I get up on it with bare feet and for 1-2 minutes, slightly step over these small pebbles.

Such a procedure relieves nervous tension, fatigue and even eliminates pain during polyarthritis. My friend, as soon as he began to practice such massage, immediately noted that the pain in the knee joints became less.

And my wife once became convinced of the power of shungite. She accompanied the guests all day. By evening, from exhaustion, she just fell off her feet. I sat on the sofa, put my feet on the shungite crumb, and for about minutes the fatigue passed through 20.

Of course, when crushing crumbs on certain points of the foot, you can feel severe pain. This is a signal of a latent disease. Remember which point has declared itself brighter, and then rub this place with shungite for several minutes. So you can significantly improve the condition of the diseased organ.

3. We have installed an industrial water filter in our kitchen, you can’t do without it! But more often we use quartz for water purification. You can use quartz water for cosmetic purposes. Sometimes it’s easy to wash, sometimes add to nourishing creams. So you can get rid of acne, wrinkles will become less.

If I cut my finger, then I make lotions with quartz water. The wound heals quickly. And I regularly drink quartz water. I noticed that my stomach stopped hurting (and I used to have gastroduodenitis), that the flu epidemic can be slipped painlessly.

And another important point: quartz water is rich in elements that strengthen bone tissue and help to avoid acquaintance with osteoporosis.

4. I always carry a small pendant with amethyst. She brings me luck. Amethyst is not in vain called the stone of peace and balance. It absorbs negative energy in case of conflict situations. I also get rid of the headache with this stone: I put the amethyst on the area of ​​the third pelvis, I lie there like this for ten or fifteen minutes and begin to feel like a person again! But this is not all the merits of amethyst. Translated from Greek, "amethyst" means "not intoxicated." In order to recover from a festive stormy feast, I usually drink a glass of water infused with amethyst, or for 15 minutes I lay a stone on the solar plexus area.

These are the amazing abilities of ordinary stones. And we undeservedly forgot about them, giving preference to tablets with side effects. Let's recall the rich experience of our ancestors and collect a collection of healing stones. Indeed, to get rid of every sore nature has created its own pebble!

stone treatment and lithotherapy

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