The harm of smoking cigarettes and how to get rid of nicotine addiction

Many smokers say they can quit smoking at any time, just right now they don’t want to quit. Unfortunately, not many were able to escape from the captivity of tobacco dependence. A person continues to kill his lungs, spoil his skin, etc. It is time to already admit that it is difficult for a person who smokes to abandon this bad habit.

Smoking every day develops into a conditioned reflex, without which a person will not be able to live on, if you do not seek medical help in time. Consider a few examples, many people cannot imagine morning coffee without a cigarette, sitting at work without a smoke break, lighting stress. Smoking is a very serious illness. It becomes a habit not only on a physical level, but also on a psychological one.

The harm of smoking cigarettes and how to get rid of nicotine addiction

Let's consider several reasons for nicotine addiction. Let's not take into account that a lot of media have been released about the dangers of smoking, but this does not affect our population in any way. Even on packs of cigarettes they write that smoking kills, but no one pays attention to it.

The question immediately arises, what draws a person to a pack of cigarettes when he understands what the consequences may be?

According to psychotherapists, the cause of cravings for nicotine are unresolved internal problems of a person. It can also be stresses, lack of realization, misunderstanding of loved ones, problems at work, etc. Anything can accompany this. On a subconscious level, a person understands that smoking is harmful. But, perhaps, due to psychological trauma received in childhood, a person begins to smoke at a conscious age.

Each person has his own reason for smoking, but over time, it already becomes a way of life. And this addiction must be treated, like alcoholism, drugs.

A very important question that begs itself. How to get rid of nicotine addiction.

If you go to a therapist, he will help you get rid of this habit. He will be able to find the reason why you started smoking, and after some time, when you pass, the course of treatment, you will be able to tell yourself “STOP”. It may take a lot longer than YOU think, but the game is worth the candle. Do not forget that you will have to try both psychologically and physically. The doctor, although heals, but does not work miracles. It will be necessary to postpone the withdrawal at first. Since you are already used to this addiction. And getting rid of it is not so simple that you do not speak.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. It is both fashionable and beneficial for the body. It is worth giving up bad habits and finding an alternative to it. What will please you. This may be a new hobby, maybe you will start reading books, writing songs, playing games. Yes, anything. The main thing is that it does not harm your health and you like it.

You should think about this at an early stage, since then you can be dragged into a hole in which they will slowly kill you. Do not be surprised, the way it is. If you have not felt the changes in the body, they will not take long to wait. If you do not care about your own health, think about what will happen to your children. It will not pass without a trace. God forbid, of course, but smoking leaves a significant mark in human life. And mind you, not the best. Live well and you will be fine.

Health effects of smoking

What do smokers need to know and understand if they are not going to quit smoking?

  1. Yellowed teeth and bad breath. Smokers often develop periodontitis, gum infections, and tooth loss 6 times more often than non-smokers.
  1. Yellowed nails cannot decorate the hands of girls, women, and men, no doubt. And the nails turn yellow not at all from nicotine, which is eaten into the skin, but more often this indicates that the liver is experiencing chronic intoxication, and the gall bladder suffers.
  1. You can observe the bags and dark circles under the eyes. They are formed most often from lack of sleep. After all, a person who constantly has nicotine in his blood falls asleep very poorly, and his sleep is extremely restless.
  1. Smokers have dry skin. Her protective functions are reduced, she becomes dull. Nicotine directly affects the skin’s supply of oxygen, or rather, reduces oxygen transfer to skin cells. The skin at the same time loses its radiance.

All smokers experience rosacea, a circulatory disturbance in the capillaries and small vessels. The walls of the capillaries are thinned, and the layer of subcutaneous tissue is thinned. Therefore, in some places, blood vessels burst, blood pours out and freezes. Especially visible are “rosacea” cheeks, nose wings.

Due to the fact that the barrier functions of the skin are impaired, smokers heal wounds longer and the risk of developing cancer increases. Even those who seek the help of plastic surgeons may be denied surgery.

  1. Smokers have reduced immunity. 4 times the risk of contracting genital warts increases.
  1. Nicotine destroys the fibers of the connective tissue of the skin, so we observe an increase in subcutaneous fat in the middle part of the abdomen, and stretch marks.
  1. Look at smokers and non-smokers. Who has more wrinkles? Of course, smokers. They look a few years older. It is nicotine that destroys collagen and vitamin A, which is responsible for collagen synthesis.

This is due to the deterioration of blood circulation, and due to direct eye irritation with tobacco smoke.

  1. Smoking causes a violation of general blood circulation, early hearing loss.
  1. Tobacco smoke contains more 40 toxic substances causing cancer:
  • the oral cavity;
  • nasopharynx;
  • larynx;
  • the esophagus;
  • stomach and pancreas;
  • mammary glands.

The list of the effects of smoking on human health can be continued and continued, therefore, understanding these risks, a smoker can cope with addiction, because almost immediately:

  • Health will begin to improve;
  • You will increase life expectancy by 10-15 years;
  • You care about others, because secondary smoke has very serious consequences;
  • Save money;
  • Get rid of cough;
  • You will have healthy children;
  • Improve sex life and reproductive health;
  • The quality of life is noticeably improving: other tastes and smells, interests.

The main thing is to realize what smoking and health are and make a decision. And you can always choose methods and methods, recommendations, there would be a desire. Using popular medications you can easily quit smoking, for example, use Tabamex can save you from addiction in just 1 month.

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