How to fight inflammation with unhealthy diets

Modern life is filled with stress and stressful situations. A person has little time for proper rest and relaxation. Fast food and lack of physical activity negatively affect your health. In the body, inflammatory processes begin that affect all internal organs.

How to fight inflammation

Due to stressful overload, metabolic disorders appear. A person feels constant fatigue, lethargy, insomnia and depression. Oxidative stress and anxiety provoke serious ailments. Inflammatory processes cause heart diseasesautoimmune disorders arthritisdigestive disorders and chronic fatigue.

How to strengthen health

Inflammation is the body's reaction to overload. So the immune system accelerates the elimination of toxins and stimulates wound healing. Short-term inflammation begins and stops with the disease. The whole problem is that due to stress, chronic inflammation develops that are not associated with a specific disease.

Anxiety, poor sleep, psychological overload and poor nutrition provoke the appearance of diseases. Processed food and lack of physical activity adversely affect the functioning of internal organs.

You can fight unnecessary inflammatory processes. You need to be more in the fresh air, do meditation, choose healthy foods and regularly cleanse toxins.

Health largely depends on the diet. Some products provoke inflammation and activate the aging process.

Dangerous products

The list of dangerous foods that cause inflammation includes sugar, some grains and processed foods. Limit your intake of starch, syrup, cornmeal, and artificial sweeteners. For some people, the danger is represented by gluten, lactose, maltodextrin and other active substances that are found in common foods. It is recommended that you limit your consumption of chips, energy bars, fast food, crackers and confectionery.

It must be remembered that limiting the intake of pure sugar does not give a positive result. Sugar is part of mayonnaise, sugary drinks and ketchup.

Saturated fats and hydrogenated oils are a health hazard. Fats accelerate the production of insulin, provoke inflammation and oxidative stress. Wrong oils support the accumulation of body fat, impede the liver and overload the heart.

How to fight inflammation with unhealthy diets


There are some tips to help you build the right lifestyle. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary here. Reasonable dietary restrictions, physical activity, relaxation and good sleep are the main components of health.

You need to be outdoors for at least thirty minutes a day. Sunlight activates the production of "vitamin D", relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

It is recommended to exercise three times a week. The minimum training time is thirty minutes. It is helpful to remove all electronic gadgets from the bedroom. Before going to bed, you should stop watching TV, working at the computer and consuming caffeinated drinks. To improve sleep, you can take a warm bath, relax and calm down.

To maintain a good emotional state, you can turn to auto-training, yoga, breathing practices or just sit quietly for twenty minutes.

Researchers believe that good socialization prevents stress and slows down the aging process. It is important to maintain relationships with relatives, meet friends more often and expand the circle of friends. It is good to create an interest group on the Internet, and if necessary, talk with a therapist. Talking with a doctor is not very popular in our country, but an honest conversation helps to sort out personal problems.

Proper nutrition

To combat inflammation, you will have to reconsider the diet. It is important not only the quantity, but also the composition of the products. Experts advise sticking to the 80-20 formula. Where eighty percent of the food should not be considered inflammatory, but twenty percent to potentially dangerous foods. In practice, this means limiting the proportion of fatty meat and sugar, which are replaced by vegetables, gluten-free grains, garden herbs and seafood.

Fast carbohydrates, refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine should be discarded. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of trans fats and processed products.

It is useful to add vegetables, legumes, garden herbs, berries, spices and herbs to the diet. Healing plants are filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential acids. Active substances regulate blood composition, support cell regeneration, improve blood circulation and strengthen the heart.

fermented foods

Fermented foods are useful for digestion. Valuable biochemical compounds are found in sauerkraut, natural yogurt and kefir.

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