Why can't I fall asleep and how to deal with insomnia

You are tired and cannot wait to finally lie down in bed. Your head falls on the pillow, but there is a complete disappointment. You open your eyes in the middle of the night and look at the clock. And you just read recently that people who sleep less than seven hours die earlier. Relax. Modern people are so accustomed to chronic lack of sleep that maybe most of us don’t know what it is to sleep on 10-12 hours a day.

The causes of insomnia are different: from job changes, from family problems, from depression and from bad habits. Here are some of them that you have heard about and which you can successfully fight:

  • Drinking plenty of caffeine. Not everyone knows how long caffeine can remain in the human body, and this is an average of about five hours. This means that caffeine is still in the blood when you try to sleep. Therefore, when your child sips two energy drinks in one soccer mast, do not be surprised when he says that he cannot fall asleep.
  • As for sleep and work. Now it’s 23 hours, and you have one very important, early morning meeting, and you will have to wake up at 5: 30 to take a shower, apply makeup, raise children and make them breakfast. So every minute spent in a dream is important to you. And of course, all this creates a lot of problems. You worry, think about your meeting, wake up to look at your watch. This is a great way to insomnia. Referred to as psychophysiological insomnia (simply insomnia), this is a nightmare, especially for working mothers.
  • Alcohol, how does it affect sleep? Many people use alcohol as a relaxing remedy, but not many people know that alcohol can cause more than 15-25 awakenings per night. Most of these awakenings the brain does not remember, because you need up to 6-8 minutes to remember the moments of wakefulness. Plus, high alcohol consumption in the late night can cause severe insomnia, because the effect of alcohol on the brain is 2-3 times greater than during the day.
  • Smoking. For smokers, most of you are exposed to nicotine even while you are sleeping. Your brain, in most cases, wakes up an extra 15-20 once a night. What kind of rest can be said here, the body requires another dose of nicotine.

How to deal with insomnia?

The most common method of dealing with this ailment is the use of the drug Relaxis, which is designed to fight stress, depression and insomnia. Its use will not disrupt your daily habits, and the result surpasses the effect of all known drugs!

As for the change in lifestyle, the solution is very simple: use your body in the way that nature intended. Hide the clock behind a book or better remove it altogether. Stop caffeine abuse. Rest before bedtime, and avoid drinking alcohol late in the evening. Of course, quitting smoking is much more difficult, but the realization that the cigarette does not let you sleep will be another great incentive to quit this bad habit.

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