Atherosclerosis and hypertension in combination with type 2 diabetes

The cause of atherosclerosis - and at the same time its result - is hypertension or high blood pressure. At the same time, we are all in a very strange situation, which is characterized by how we are ultimately indifferent to our health, as long as its violations do not lead to significant ailments. And this despite the fact that not a single medical examination is carried out without measuring pressure, not a single parameter of the state is monitored as carefully as this one, although it does not directly indicate any organic violation. And this despite the fact that increased blood pressure significantly shortens life and significantly accelerates aging.

Atherosclerosis and Symptoms

Fact: Often high blood pressure is randomly diagnosed by an ophthalmologist.

Many people think that high blood pressure is a disease of the elderly. It is not true. Pressure can be elevated even in infants. Elevated pressure is only observed in the elderly, when atherosclerosis of the vessels has reached a certain stage. The only correct thing is that due to a decrease in the elasticity of blood vessels, pressure increases with age. However, doctors note with great concern that in our time, many people already in 30 years have sclerotized vessels with reduced clearance, and they are thus biologically older than their age.

Many still think that high blood pressure is a disease of men. That was in the old days, but now this is far from the case. In women, atherosclerosis has often been observed recently due to a change in social conditions, due to the double burden that falls on their share in the family and at work, and not least due to excessive use of contraceptives and smoking. Scientific studies have revealed frightening statistics: among young women taking birth control pills, the percentage of hypertensive patients has increased from 6 to 18%, and in older age groups, from 22 to 30%. If so, that means that one in three women over 35 taking birth control pills has high blood pressure.

It is known that hormones of birth control pills cause excessive fluid accumulation in the body, which leads to an increase in blood volume. In all likelihood, this is the reason for the increase in pressure. This means that all women taking estrogen should be especially careful about their blood pressure. Of course, with the advent of new pills, in which the hormone content is much lower, this risk has also decreased. Taking natural estrogen during and after menopause is safe in this regard.

It is also completely untrue that with elevated pressure, the face necessarily becomes characteristically red from a rush of blood. Hypertensive patients may have completely pale skin. In this case, the disease is even more insidious, since renal impairment has already occurred.

The fact that a person with high blood pressure is distinguished by an angry, furious temperament is also not true. Temper is a character trait. Much more dangerous is increased pressure for people who “swallow grievances”, who keep everything in themselves.

It is believed that high blood pressure is a hereditary trait. This is only partially true. However, as mentioned above, in people living together, pressure "comes" to some kind of general norm. Hypertensive patients are on vacation, especially when they find themselves in harmonious conditions devoid of irritants, pressure suddenly returns to normal.

The home “atmosphere” and psychological climate at work probably affects pressure and can lead to abnormalities. Therefore, in order to achieve quick and serious success in the treatment of hypertension, a person needs to be "pulled out" of the usual conditions, if possible, and at the same time to give him an idea of ​​new opportunities, a different lifestyle. Temporary return to normal values ​​is clearly not enough. If a person has not learned to calmly, prudently and calmly interact with the outside world, then soon after returning home his pressure will quickly rise again.

symptoms and causes of atherosclerosis

When treating hypertension, the doctor has many options at his disposal: Diuretics lower blood pressure by decreasing blood volume. At the same time, the body loses fluid. The so-called beta-blockers suppress the action of hormones responsible for arousal. This blocks the receptors with which these hormones bind. A specific or selective "cardiac" beta-blocker acts only on the heart muscle, while "non-selective" beta-blockers act on all other organs as well. The so-called "vasodilators", for example Detonic that dilate blood vessels and thereby reduce pressure.

capsules Recardio dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure

A completely different idea formed the basis for the creation of new drugs - ACE inhibitors and calcium antagonists. The former slows down the synthesis of the so-called angiotensin-converting enzyme in the kidneys and at the same time inhibits the functioning of the hormonal system, the activity of which narrows the blood vessels and thereby increases pressure; the second group of drugs prevents the release of calcium by the muscle cells of the vessels, so that they relax and expand.

In some cases, the doctor combines two or three of the above methods. All these drugs must be taken for a long time so that the effect of their use becomes noticeable. But all of them, as well as any drugs that are taken for several years, are by no means harmless. These drugs can cause serious blood circulation problems and significant blood flow difficulties.

Some believe that, as a rule, the doctor never deals with the real cause of the disease. It can only mitigate its consequences or, in the best case, ensure that a person gets rid of a possible cause of the disease, for example, overweight. Your doctor may recommend that you restrict your salt intake severely. In most cases, this can achieve a lot, especially in people who are sensitive to salt. The doctor can make sure that the person receives enough magnesium and potassium, while reducing the supply of calcium, which relaxes the muscles and prevents cramps. All this is very useful and even necessary. Such measures should be taken at the very beginning of the treatment of hypertension.

The danger of a combination of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes

Often, 2 type diabetes mellitus is combined with hypertension, which is very dangerous. It is necessary not only to lower blood pressure, but also to follow a diet, take the necessary pills. Usually the pressure in diabetes is 130 / 80 mmHg, and if it is higher, then everything must be done to lower it.

So why do doctors sound the alarm, and what is the trouble:

  • a stroke or heart attack may develop;
  • facing renal failure or blindness;
  • in patients with diabetes, the vessels of the legs are usually affected, which can cause gangrene.

The danger of diabetes

That is why diabetics just need to monitor the pressure, not allowing it to greatly decrease and increase. 2 type diabetes mellitus leads to cerebral arteriosclerosis. Deficiency of cell nutrition leads to necrosis, blood vessels lose their flexibility, and blood pressure rises. This can lead to heart failure, seizure, stroke, or kidney failure. Therefore, in the presence of diabetes, it is necessary to constantly monitor the pressure.

In 2 type diabetes, a large amount of insulin is present in the blood, this leads to a narrowing of the diameter of the vessels. In addition, the body itself with this disease retains water and sodium, which contributes to an increase in pressure. If hypertension has developed, then it must be treated.

Signs and causes of hypertension:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • visual impairment by periods.

Symptoms and complications of hypertension

Typically, hypertension in type XNUMX diabetes develops much earlier than diabetes itself is classified. Hypertension is one of the signs of diabetes mellitus that needs to be paid close attention to.

What else could be the reason:

  • magnesium deficiency;
  • advanced age;
  • ongoing stress;
  • damage to mercury, lead or cadmium;
  • overweight;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • narrowing of large arteries, and as a result, atherosclerosis.

These and other factors are associated with hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus. It turns out a vicious circle - diabetes mellitus affects the vessels, and they lead to an increase in pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right treatment for each specific case.

The problem of hypertension is that the pressure at night can be even higher than during the day, which interferes with healthy sleep, so it is very important to take pills and control blood pressure during the day and evening.

Treatment of hypertension

With this disease, it is very important to convey to the patient the idea that compliance with the rules will be lifelong. It is in this case that sugar and pressure can be kept normal. First of all, treatment includes diet, especially the exclusion of salt. It can be found in almost all foods, including canned food, mayonnaise, bread, and so on.

Naturally, it is necessary to reduce weight, for this you can use a low carbohydrate and fat diet, include sports. What this treatment gives:

  • pressure reduction;
  • improved lipid metabolism;
  • normalization of blood sugar.

In addition, the doctor will recommend pills that must be taken with hypertension. In no case should you buy them yourself, the selection of drugs is carried out strictly as prescribed by a specialist. All bad habits, such as alcohol and smoking, are excluded.

Factors Affecting Blood Pressure

A healthy lifestyle is recommended. Most often prescribed:

  • ACE inhibitors - they help stop kidney damage and stabilize blood pressure. Beta blockers: usually metoprolol and atenolol;
  • calcium antagonists - Verapomil and Amlodipine;
  • in modern treatment using a drug such as: Mokssnidin. This is a fairly safe medicine with a minimum of side effects;
  • Diuretics - These are usually diuretics that fight excess fluid in the body. Of the diuretics, Furosemide and Lasex are more often prescribed.

Prices for these medicines:

  • Metoprolol - 30 tablets (selective beta adreno blocker);
  • Amlodipine - 30 tablets (calcium channel blocker);
  • Atenolol - 30 tablets (selective beta adreno blocker);
  • Moxonidine - 60 tablets (Centrally acting antihypertensive agent);
  • Furosemide - 50 Tablets (Diuretic)

As you can see, the treatment of high blood pressure is quite accessible to everyone, so you shouldn't give it up. All prescription drugs are prescribed by a doctor. Many pills for hypertension have various side effects, including drowsiness, decreased performance, potency in men, but taking them is vital.


Hypotension, in contrast to hypertension in diabetes mellitus type 2, is considered even more dangerous, since it is very difficult to correct, and it quickly leads to the death of blood vessels.

Symptoms of Hypotension

What symptoms indicate hypotension:

  • lethargy and weakness;
  • sweating;
  • dyspnea;
  • special weather sensitivity;
  • cold limbs.

Many people have low blood pressure, and some do not at all perceive this as the beginning of a disease such as diabetes.

Atherosclerosis and hypertension in combination with type 2 diabetes

What is the reason for low blood pressure in type 2 diabetes mellitus:

  • prolonged use of tablets for hypertension;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • decreased vascular tone;
  • nervous breakdowns;
  • lack of sleep;
  • pathology of the heart and blood vessels.

What problems and complications can develop with low pressure:

  • vein thrombosis;
  • diabetic foot, gangrene, diabetic ulcers;
  • abnormalities of blood vessels, and as a result of strokes and heart attacks.

Hypotension Therapy

Most often, a whole range of measures is needed to treat this disease, so it is very important to comply with all doctor's prescriptions.

First Aid Hypotension

What is recommended:

  • good nutrition, balanced and rich in vitamins;
  • additional intake of vitamins if necessary;
  • quality sleep in the right amount;
  • contrast shower and massage if necessary;
  • the required amount of fluid.

Medicines and tablets:

  • ascorbic acid tablet;
  • 2 tablets of green tea extract;
  • if you need to increase the pressure quickly, then a small amount of ginseng tincture will come in handy, about 25 drops per glass.

Unlike drugs for hypertension, these drugs can be purchased without a prescription at a very affordable price:

  • ginseng tincture - 25 ml (stimulating effect of the central nervous system) - price 58 rubles;
  • ascorbic acid - 20 tab, (vitamin agent) - the price is 41 rubles;
  • green tea extract - 40 tab, (increases the tone of the body, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, antioxidant) - the price is 168 rubles.

Of the products you can use salted cheese, and of the stimulants: levs, lemongrass, eleutherococcus. Be sure to include foods rich in vitamins B, C and E.

Other treatment methods:

  • Touchi Natural Extract - for lowering blood sugar from Japan;
  • Glucophage, which fights diabetes and serves as a prevention of heart disease.
  • Dialine vegetable capsules in an activator medium for the treatment of diabetes of the first and second types.

Pressure monitoring in patients with diabetes should be constant. If in patients with type 1 diabetes the disability risks reach 50%, then in the second type it already amounts to 80%. Therefore, the treatment of hypertension and hypotension is very important for them.

Hypotonic Advice

What else can be used to treat diabetes and hypertension:

  • diet
  • grass;
  • physiotherapy;
  • Spa treatment.

Diet for patients with diabetes should be based on plant and milk foods. It is suitable for hypertension. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals will not only saturate the body with vitamins, but also help to get the necessary sugar, which is very important for diabetes type 2. By adjusting the metabolism, pressure stabilization can be expected. Such treatment is perfect for everyone and will not be particularly burdensome financially.

permitted and prohibited foods for diabetics

Of course, phytotherapy is also used:

  • aralia root extract;
  • decoction of the roots and berries of black elderberry;
  • blackberry berries and leaves;
  • tincture of Rhodiona pink;
  • dandelion;
  • elecampane, Schisandra chinensis, medunica, horsetail, and other plants and herbs.

Such treatment is quite safe, in addition, many herbs have diuretic properties, which is very important for hypertension, and avoids excessive use of drugs. In addition, cranberry juice is very useful, which also allows you to get rid of excess fluid and gives valuable vitamins.

Treatment of type 2 diabetes with homeopathy

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure, therefore, as soon as the first symptoms of an increase in pressure or sugar level appear, it is urgent to take preventive measures. This will help prevent serious complications and will make it possible to avoid terrible consequences, and most often it is a stroke, myocardial infarction, blindness and amputation of limbs. Think about it in advance!

In any case, the diagnosis is made by a doctor, therefore, before engaging in herbal medicine and other non-traditional methods, it is necessary to get advice on traditional treatment of the disease. Diabetes of the second type and hypertension is not a sentence and you can live with it if you comply with all of the above conditions.

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