Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, Hondrocream

Arthritis is an aching pain in the joints. This is how all inflammatory processes in the joints are indicated. Arthritis can be caused by allergic reactions and trauma. Arthritis can become chronic when internal systems malfunction.

Arthritis joints

Other causes of arthritis include:

  1. Infectious (viral, infectious diseases);
  2. Traumatic (not treated joint injuries);
  3. Genetic inheritance;
  4. Immunological (vitamin deficiency, unhealthy diet, ecology).

In chronic infectious diseases, over the age of forty-five years, the possibility of acquiring this disease increases. It is also noted that female representatives are more prone to arthritis. Since childbirth and frequent abortions also increase the risk of acquiring this disease.

Symptoms of Arthritis

By the nature of development, arthritis is divided into monoarthritis, oligoarthritis and polyarthritis. These forms differ in the number of joints prone to inflammatory processes. About different forms of arthritis written a separate article in the journal

Stages of Arthritis

As with any other disease, arthritis has four stages of the development of the disease:

  • At the first stage of the disease, stiffness in movements is present, pain occurs during physical exertion. In this case, you can see on the x-ray possible inflammation.
  • With the progression of inflammation, swelling in the area of ​​inflammation is observed, crunching during movements is possible. All this happens due to damage to the heads of bones, as as a result of inflammation, the tissues of the joint structures become thinner.
  • Progressive tissue destruction causes subsequent destruction of the joints themselves. Such changes lead to constant pain, limits in movements. Also, the joint partially loses its basic functions. All this leads to constant muscle tension.
  • At the last stage of arthritis, joint tissue pathologies become irreparable. As a result, the joints tend to become motionless.

Stages of Arthritis

Arthritis treatment

The correctness of the chosen course of treatment depends on many indicators of the disease, which include the form, stage of the disease, age, causes of the disease, patient characteristics. In order to suspend inflammation, drugs with anti-inflammatory properties and painkillers are prescribed. Physiotherapy with excellent effect can include magnetotherapy, electrophoresis. The main component of treatment are drugs that stop the destruction of bone and cartilage, contribute to the restoration and synthesis of new tissues.

If arthritis has an infectious component, antiviral drugs are used or, in the case of a more severe form, antibiotics are used. Arthrocentesis is used to treat the purulent effects of arthritis. That is, for each form and stage of development, its own set of drugs.
A diet is also used to treat arthritis. And also, for each type of arthritis, its own diet is selected, that is, with ordinary arthritis, you should choose light food. Red meat, spices should be excluded from the diet, eat as little salt as possible. However, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes should be excluded. The main menu should consist of dairy products, foods rich in fiber, and naturally vitamins.

Arthritis treatment

A separate form of treatment includes physical activity. Physical therapy courses will help to stop the disease and prevent possible complications.

Prevention and use of creams for the treatment of joints

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. So arthritis can be prevented. For this, it is only worth observing a number of the listed measures:

  • First of all, you must follow the nutritional rules. In the right menu should be a lot of fresh vegetables, fiber. Fatty, spicy foods must be ruled out.
    Particular attention should be paid to the vitamin complex. Vitamins A and C are responsible for the restoration of cartilage. Vitamin D is also very important for bone tissue.
  • Among the first measures to prevent any disease is a healthy lifestyle, namely the rejection of bad habits, overeating. Weight should be monitored. Extra pounds is an extra load on the joints, their additional wear.
  • Exercise can also prevent arthritis. The main thing is that they should not be excessive. A set of exercises should be selected by a specialist. If during exercise there is discomfort in the joints, you must immediately inform your doctor.
  • Comfortable shoes should be chosen to rule out possible arthritis in the leg area. Orthopedic insoles are also possible. Do not get narrow or too wide shoes. Shoes should be made of natural materials.
  • Separately, it is worth noting the need for a complete cure for infectious diseases, for example, acute respiratory viral infection.

Health is easier to monitor in a timely manner than to resort to expensive treatment with creams such as Arthrolon, Artrovex, Hondrocream.

A Brief Overview of Joint Creams: Arthrolon, Artrovex, Hondrocream

Arthrolon Europe’s most popular joint treatment cream.

Arthrolon for joint treatment

Arthrolon - is considered the most effective gel for the treatment of arthritis and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is distinguished by its fast action on the elimination of pain in the back and joints. Recommended for use by people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. You can read a detailed description of this gel in the magazine. To do this, you need to select the Sitemap tab and select your country. Thus, you will see product reviews in your “native language”. It will not be difficult even for a child to use the search on the site.

Articles about the drug Arthrolon available in most European languages, for example, a review is published for residents of Germany Arthrolon für Gelenkschmerzen, which describes in detail the composition of this gel, instructions for use, reviews of doctors and customers, as well as the official manufacturer's website where you can buy Arthrolon with delivery, at the best price.

Where can I buy Arthrolon in Europe?

Buy Arthrolon at a discount it is possible in many countries of the European Union. On the territory of each country, delivery from an official distributor operates, links to sites for placing an order for this gel are listed as:

  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamHungary;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamGermany;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamGreece;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamSpain;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamItaly;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamPoland;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamPortugal;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamRomania;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamSlovenia;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamCroatia;
  • Arthritis and joint treatment with drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, HondrocreamCzech Republic.

Within 15 minutes after placing the order, the company manager calls the customer’s contact number, specifies the delivery address of the goods. Gel price Arthrolon in Europe is 39 euros. Delivery is by mail.

Cream Characteristic Artrovex and its beneficial properties for joints

Artrovex, this cream is based on the recipe of which are 3 unique biological components that affect the restoration of cartilage.

Artrovex for joints

These active ingredients in the cream Artrovex, act on the affected joints and connective tissue, thereby restoring their structure in a short time. If you decide to cure joints, then the choice of cream Artrovex is the best solution according to orthopedic surgeons (based on the price = effectiveness ratio).

The main active ingredients in this joint cream are:

  • VSM-95 is nothing more than a Squalene extract from the liver of a shark and antlers of the Altai deer "Maral". This biological compound is a building material for joints;
  • HondroMAX - a combination in a certain proportion of 40 extracts of the names of medicinal plants. A mixture of HondroMAX in the cream is necessary to eliminate the inflammatory process in the joints that causes pain. The remaining components of the cream perform auxiliary functions, which are described in detail in the review of the cream Artrovex on the pages of

Hondrocream joint medicine

Short description Hondrocream for the treatment of joint diseases

Hondrocream the oldest joint medicine, which historically is the parent of the first two drugs described in This cream is interesting for doctors, only in terms of a brilliant pharmacological composition. The main benefits of the cream Hondrocream in the treatment of arthritis is the presence of 2's components:

  1. Glucosamine, which restores joint tissue and reduces pain;
  2. Chondroitin sulfates, which prevent the destruction of bone tissue, restore the joint capsule and replenish the joint fluid deficit.

And I would like to note the names of the most expensive joint creams, which are now actively advertised on the Internet:

All of the above creams have a composition similar to drugs Arthrolon, Artrovex, Hondrocream. They also all have the same principle of action and degree of usefulness in the treatment of joint diseases.

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Yarovoy Dmitry Mikhailovich Orthopedic and traumatologist with more than 10 years of experience. During medical practice, he conducted more than 800 successful operations.

He specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies, has professional skills in orthopedics, pharmacy and traumatology. It provides emergency care for injuries, diagnoses and helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as: arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis.

He practices conservative and surgical treatment of bone and limb fractures. It provides medical assistance for damage to the menisci or cruciate ligaments.

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