Gel Rekzemin from eczema: description, composition, reviews

Overview of the latest drug Rekzemin for the treatment of seven varieties of eczema and pruritus with a detailed description of the active ingredients that make up Rekzemin, medical reviews and recommendations for use. Skin diseases not only lead to the appearance of a cosmetic defect, but also pose a health hazard, while some types of these diseases are problematically treated. At the same time, there are drugs that can help get rid of the same eczema in a short time and without significant effort. In our case, this is gel Rekzemin, ensuring the restoration of the skin to its previous state when it was healthy and smooth.

Gel Rekzemin from eczema: description, composition, reviews

Already at the initial stage of applying the gel as a fighter against eczema, significant results are achieved, which are manifested in the removal of itching and getting rid of peeling, without fear of relapse of the disease. The last statement is explained by the long-term effect of the drug, which has a positive effect on the body for a very long time after its use is discontinued.

When the gel Rekzemin became available on the market, it almost instantly earned the popularity of consumers in many parts of the world, appreciating the value of its product. With his appearance, the need to use hormonal drugs, which were more harmful to health than brought relief from the disease, disappeared. Currently, a significant part of specialists recognize that Rezemin is the main treatment for eczema, which is safe to use, as it includes exclusively natural components.

To find out positive reviews about Rekzemin, just read the transcript of Live Healthy, where Elena Malysheva told how to properly treat eczema with a gel.

Gel price Rekzemin and a description of the drug for eczema

There are many tools and approaches to the treatment of eczema, but their effectiveness is doubtful. This is due to the fact that the percentage of people who have recovered is negligible in this case. Why is this happening? Are they really offering us “dummies” that are not able to alleviate suffering?

The answer to these exclamations to a greater extent than the questions can be ascertained by the fact that the previously proposed treatment of eczema was fundamentally wrong:

  • hormone-containing preparations were prescribed to patients, which led only to malfunctions in the functioning of the endocrine system against the background of the body getting used to the drugs taken;
  • pharmacies offered medications designed to combat eczema, which include a large number of components of synthetic origin, and this is a threat to the whole body as a whole;
  • traditional medicine did not fight with the disease itself, since it was not able to do it, but only with its symptoms, and the disease itself after a while showed itself with renewed vigor.

Gel cost Rekzemin for a bottle of 30 ml, it is more than democratic, since the retail price of Rekzemin is only 995 rubles in Russia and it will not be difficult to buy it on the website of the manufacturer LLC Aven. Friendly managers will always give high-quality advice completely free of charge, for this you just need to leave a request and a specialist will call you back and answer any questions.

Gel Rekzemin from eczema: description, composition, reviews

What is eczema and its consequences

A skin disease called eczema is characterized by a series of elementary lesions, following one after another, combining or simultaneously developing among themselves. These changes are caused by a painful inflammatory process that occurs in the epidermis and dermis, “epidermo-dermatitis”, which comprises several stages that are actually equivalent.

Clinically, these stages are expressed as follows: erythema, vesicle formation, weeping, crusting, lichenization, peeling. Histologically, changes are expressed in the epidermis (in the form of spongiosis, acanthosis and parakeratosis) and in the dermis (in the form of hyperemia, edema and moderate cellular infiltration).

This definition needs to be supplemented with three characteristic properties of the rash:

  1. its usual arrangement in the form of spots, plaques or large sections with irregular outlines, as if corroded, in the form of a geographical map or archipelago;
  2. the development of outbreaks with a tendency to peripheral growth and often to a chronic course with relapses;
  3. her more or less pronounced itching.

The eczematous process described in this way is the easiest to recognize. But it should be remembered that this eczematous process is not inherent in any one specific dermatosis; on the contrary, it is a relatively simple reaction of the skin to a number of irritations (mechanical, physical, chemical, parasitic and microbial).

Patients with eczema usually have various predispositions to diseases, congenital or acquired, lesions of internal organs and functional disorders, errors in hygiene and latent or overt infections, which can be very difficult to isolate.

When eczema appears suddenly on a rather large surface or during an exacerbation of chronic eczema, some common phenomena can be observed: intestinal disorders and especially malaise, anxiety, insomnia, weakness and mild fever.

A rash is a combination of redness, vesicles, crusts and scales. It is quite rightly noted that the most characteristic element is bubbles; nevertheless, some eczema develops in such a way that it is never possible to detect tangible vesicles.

In general, although somewhat schematically, because in general with eczema several stages are combined, the sequential development of eczema manifestations can be described as follows.

At first, bright redness appears, with spilled edges and a slightly shagreen surface, with more or less pronounced edema, tension, itching; it is an erythematous stage. Rarely, redness is absent or goes unnoticed, and vesicles appear on healthy skin. It is possible that the edematous nature of the red, having existed for several hours or a day, disappears, leaving behind a thin lamellar or pityriasis peeling; this phenomenon is especially often observed on the face and genitals.

Usually, a few hours after the outbreak begins, an abundant rash of very superficial vesicles with light contents, the size from the tip of the needle to the pinhead, very close to each other, which can merge into bubbles of a certain size, can be seen on the erythematous surface; it is a bubble stage. On the hands, feet, in areas where the epidermis is thickened, the vesicles are deeper, and they have a lower tendency to open. They can dry into crusts, which gradually fall away.

In general, the bubbles open quickly, spontaneously or under the influence of calculations, and emit a light liquid, a little viscous, slightly yellowish or cloudy, starchy underwear. This is the stage of weeping. It can last for several days or even for weeks, depending on the case. If a bandage is applied, then at the time of its removal the surface of the skin is red or bright pink; it also appears brilliant, mottled with superficial, round or polycyclic erosion, from which droplets of light and viscous serous fluid stand out.

In the absence of dressings and slight weeping, the liquid dries into thin amber crusts or brown masses if a little blood is mixed with serous fluid; this is the cortical stage of eczema - eczema crustosum.

Soaking after an indefinite time decreases and disappears; the crusts fall off, the surface epithelizes, but the newly formed stratum corneum remains thin, transparent, unstable, cracks from drying, exfoliates in the form of lamellar or bran-shaped scales constantly growing again. This is a peeling stage that can last a very long time. Usually the bubbles renew on a pink and flaky surface, individually or in groups, continuously or in flashes, causing weeping and the formation of new crusts.

The resistance of the eczematous process, which is facilitated by scratching, local conditions of the affected area and the general condition of the patient, leads to the formation of thickened plaques (protruding and densified); normal folds and furrows are sharply expressed, their surface is dry and wrinkled or flaky, or covered with a crust. This condition is called lichenized eczema.

The course of eczema is divided into acute and chronic, depending on whether the rash appears suddenly and disappears in a few weeks, or if it stays in the same place and resumes for a number of months or years. This distinction is artificial, and has only a purely clinical and descriptive meaning.

The prognosis of each given eczema depends, on the one hand, on the cause that caused it, and on the other, on the general condition of the subject and, in particular, on the degree of his predisposition to the disease.

beneficial properties of the drug Rekzemin

A radically different approach to the treatment of eczema is provided in those cases when a gel is chosen for the role of a therapeutic agent Rekzemin. This drug was created taking into account the latest scientific developments in the field of medicine. In 2013, the gel passed clinical trials on the basis of Moscow hospitals with the participation of patients with skin diseases in the form of eczema from different age groups. The results of such tests were positive, which was recognized by well-known dermatologists of Russia. After that, the quality of the drug was confirmed by the corresponding certificate of international standard, and the gel became available for purchase, that is, it appeared on the market.

The test results as a percentage of the total mass of patients:

  1. 98% - stopped feeling itchy.
  2. 87% - got rid of peeling.
  3. 86% - noted the healing of cracks and wounds.
  4. 100% - recognized the complete elimination of the fungus.

Along with this, not a single side effect was noted, and the action of the gel Rekzemin lasted about 9 months after the patients stopped using it.

Eczema Gel Effectiveness

Symptoms of eczema include rashes that occur almost throughout the body, including the arms and head. Visually, they are red spots that constantly itch. To accurately determine which disease is accompanied by such symptoms, it takes time, since even nerve overloads can be accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the body. Meanwhile use gel Rekzemin You can immediately, without waiting for a diagnosis, as it is completely safe for human health. The proposed gel is capable of:

  • relieve itching;
  • disinfect the skin;
  • eliminate peeling;
  • accelerate wound healing;
  • restore the previous condition of the skin;
  • normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • positively affect blood microcirculation;
  • prevent the possibility of complications as a result of eczema.

The effectiveness of the gel lies not only in the fact that it fights against emerging skin defects, but also in neutralizing the cause of the appearance of the disease itself, which is provoked by the fungus Malassezia furfur. Gel Rekzemin able to relieve you of eczema and prevent its relapse.

Composition Rekzemin and action of gel components

The formula Rekzemin can be considered unique, since it was created using a fairly specific set of components:

  1. Silver nitrate - excellent disinfection of wounds and drying of vesicles.
  2. Sophora Japonica - replacing damaged cells, keeping keratinocytes from growing, restoring immunity, and maintaining DNA cells unchanged.
  3. Clotrimazole is an inhibition of the development of fungi by destroying their membrane, which leads to the destruction of the source of the disease.
  4. Dacryodes oil is an effect on the skin in terms of moisturizing it from the inside, quick restoration of the former state of the epidermis.
  5. Artemia extract and pollen - a positive effect on immunity, normalization of sleep, which is associated with such an effect as the removal of anxiety.

The action of the drug and instructions for use

It is enough to use the gel "Reksemin" during the day to make sure of its effectiveness, manifested in the fact that the itching and accompanying burning sensation disappear. A week of using this medication according to the instructions and you will notice the healing of wounds and contraction of eczema, defined as "weeping".

Only 7 days of treatment with the drug Rekzemin provides an eczema patient with a comfortable existence, since weeping erosion does not make it possible, for example, to dress as you want.

The application of the gel in question is characterized by a simple action:

  • rinse the treatment area;
  • dry the skin with a napkin or towel;
  • apply the gel, making it so that it is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the problem area;
  • rub the product without applying much effort.

The procedure can be repeated up to 3 times a day. Using the gel does not lead to stains and allergies.

Action Rekzemin bottle

Attention! Cases of selling low-quality and useless goods through advertising on social networks have become more frequent, therefore we report that this gel  Rekzemin for eczema and itching is available in vials with a volume of 30 milliliters, and a fake in tubes and in the form of aerosols. And of course, the product is in the state register and has a corresponding document in the form of a Declaration.

In the presence of skin itching gel effectively helps Exolocin a description of which can be found in the journal Obzoroff.

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