Tinedol - cream for the treatment of nail fungus and elimination of mycosis on the feet

Foot cream Tinedol provides foot care, helps cure mycosis, removes itching and neutralizes odor. The unique formula of the drug is patented and includes active ingredients of natural origin (Farnesol Tinedol and Climbazole), vitamins and oils of medicinal plants.

Tinedol - cream for the treatment of nail fungus and the elimination of mycosis on the legs

The manufacturing company of this new antifungal solution guarantees high performance cream Tinedol in the treatment of fungal infections of the skin of the feet and nails. The ointment has passed laboratory tests and clinical trials, has all the necessary certificates, including a document confirming compliance with the EAC, which is attached at the end of this article.

There are a lot of positive reviews about the use of Tinedol ointment, which are posted under the report of a parasitologist of the highest category of the Russian Center for Parasitology, Orlov Boris Vladimirovich on the page of the Medical Encyclopedia, where methods of treating the fungus and possible consequences are considered if its appearance is not prevented in time.

Elena Malysheva made a short review of the drug Tinedol in the program Live Healthy about how it helps to cure fungal diseases, as well as tips for their prevention.

Cream price Tinedol and how to buy it in Europe

The drug is available in 75 ml tubes, the price of Tinedol cream in these countries is:

  • In Russia - 989 rubles.
  • In Ukraine - 400 hryvnia.
  • In the Republic of Belarus - 280 thousand Belarusian rubles.
  • In Kazakhstan - 5400 tenge.
  • In Armenia - 13880 dram.
  • In Uzbekistan - 98 thousand soums.
  • In Kyrgyzstan - 1410 som.
  • In Europe - 40 euros.

Since this remedy for foot fungus is a novelty in the pharmaceutical market, it has not yet arrived at the pharmacy. Buy Tinedol It is possible only through the Internet, on the website of the official representative. Also on the Internet there is the opportunity to read reviews about the drug Tinedol, go to the distributor's website in the CIS countries by this link.

The site of the manufacturer Tinedol from the fungus to buy

Buy cream for the treatment of mycosis Tinedol at a discount it is possible in the countries of the European Union and Asia. On the territory of each country, delivery from an official distributor is valid, links to sites for placing an order are listed as

Tinedol buy at a discount

The company manager calls the customer’s contact number, specifies the delivery address of the goods. For residents of Europe, an analogous product called Nomidol is released, which is described in detail in the journal MedEurope.info.

Cream action Tinedol for the treatment of mycosis

Dermatological diseases associated with fungi often affect the skin of the feet and nails. And everyone is at risk of infection, since mycoses are transmitted through the household. It is enough to try on someone else’s shoes or walk on the wet floor in the sauna without slippers. In case of infection, the disease will make itself felt very quickly - the nails will change color and become brittle, itching, irritation will appear, the skin will begin to peel off.

Some people in such cases go to a dermatologist for help, while others try to get rid of the problem on their own. Mycoses are difficult to treat, but if you carefully consider personal hygiene and use good antifungal agents, the chances of defeating the disease are very high.

One of the most effective means to combat foot mycosis at home is the medicinal cream Tinedol and Sangridok with betulin, which have the following medicinal properties:

  • Destroys fungi.
  • Improves skin condition, removes peeling.
  • Relieves burning and itching.
  • Does not allow odor.
  • Prevents the development of mycosis.

effect of tinedol application

Cream advantages Tinedol and the effect of its use

When a parasitic fungus gets on the skin, mycosis develops - a disease with extremely unpleasant symptoms. Unfortunately, most antifungal agents do not have a complex effect and do not completely eliminate the disease.

So, well-known drugs Micinorm and Akriderm alleviate the symptoms of onychomycosis, but have no effect on the causative agent of the disease. Burning, nail crumbling and smell disappear for a while, but the insidious fungus remains alive. And this means that sooner or later the disease will again become active.

There are drugs to kill the pathogen. These include Lamisil, Loceryl, Exoderil, Terbinafine. But all these funds affect only the surface of the skin, so not all fungus is destroyed immediately. To completely get rid of the pathogen, it is necessary to apply ointments until the upper layers of the skin become keratinized and fall away. That is, the course of treatment takes a lot of time.

The innovative Tinedol ointment has a double effect - it eliminates unpleasant symptoms and completely destroys the causative agent of the disease. The developer of the tool is Benefit LLC, and it is produced by INAT-PHARMA LLC.

Subject to all the rules of use, the manufacturer guarantees a permanent cure for mycosis. The drug was developed for treatment at home, so it is not necessary to be observed by a dermatologist.

Contraindications Tinedol absolutely not. All ingredients of the ointment are of plant origin, do not cause side effects and are completely harmless to health.

Cream Composition Tinedol for the treatment of fungus was selected taking into account the properties that each ingredient individually has. Moreover, each component complements and enhances the effect of the others.

The main effect of the use of Tinedol ointment is antifungal. It also moisturizes and softens the skin of the feet. By regularly taking care of your feet with this product, you will get rid of cracks in your heels and it will no longer hurt to step on them. With prolonged loads on the legs, you often have to feel that the soles literally burn, requiring cooling and moisturizing. Cream Tinedol quickly relieve stress and give you a feeling of comfort. 

Does the ointment have contraindications?

As already mentioned, ointment Tinedol completely safe, because it consists only of natural ingredients. The only limitation to its use is the individual intolerance of one of the herbal ingredients. 

The composition and components of the cream

The patented formula of this antifungal cream includes the following active ingredients:

  • Farnesol. This component effectively destroys fungi.
  • Climbazole Another anti-fungal component.
  • Vitamin E. Nourishes the skin of the feet, softens it and does not allow it to peel off.
  • Essential oils of plants, including peppermint oil. They refresh and soften the skin, relieve fatigue, tone, neutralize an unpleasant odor.
  • Glycerin, lanolin and wax. The base of these three components promotes the penetration of active substances into all layers of the skin, softens the coarsened feet well.

As a part of cream Tinedol all the extra elements that usually greatly increase the cost of such funds are missing. The formula includes only those substances that have a real effect in the treatment of fungal diseases of the legs.

The composition of the cream for the treatment of mycosis Tinedol and instructions for its use can be seen in the following photos:

Application Tinedol and storage conditions

Tinedol Composition and Cream Maker

 Cream Instructions Tinedol

The product is available in tubes packed in cardboard boxes. Each package should contain a description of the cream with detailed instructions for its use. It is not difficult to use the ointment, the procedure is carried out in this way:

  • A small amount of ointment is distributed over dry skin.
  • Rub until the product is completely absorbed.
  • Cream after application is not washed off.

Dermatologists pay attention to patients using ointment Tinedol, on the importance of personal hygiene. Apply Tinedol cream only on well-washed and carefully dried towel feet. Rub the drug into the skin of the feet carefully, with massage movements.

Follow the instructions for use, and then the ointment Tinedol It will have maximum effect, relieve fungus and give the feet a sense of comfort.

Important! During the course of treatment, try changing socks as often as possible to reduce the likelihood of reinfection with the fungus.

Count on instant cure is not worth it. Ointment Tinedol consists of natural ingredients that act gently, gradually. Be patient, use the drug regularly and after a while there will be a permanent cure for mycosis.

Doctor's opinion on ointments from Tinedol fungus

A photo of the Tinedol certificate is presented below.

tinedol certificate

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