Detonic for the treatment of hypertension: reviews, price, instructions

Detonic This is a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development. The complex effect of plant components of herbal remedies Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin and amino acids that regulate cholesterol metabolism, as well as preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic  for the treatment of hypertension

This article details the composition of the drug Detonic and the action of components aimed at treating diseases of the cardiovascular system. We also conducted a comparative analysis of this medicine with its analogues and described the method of its use. Those who already know everything about this medicine can visit the manufacturer’s website and buy a concentrate for the treatment of hypertension right now.

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As you know, the diagnosis of "hypertension" received at least a billion people living in different countries! This is evidenced by official statistics from the World Health Organization: every third adult in the world has high blood pressure. Pathology is actively progressing, leading to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms and the gradual wear of the heart muscle. Against the background of increasing blood pressure, other organs also suffer - the brain, kidneys, blood vessels, and the fundus. The most terrible consequences are strokes and death.

Hypertension requires the appointment of modern and effective drugs, among which are listed Detonic . This tool demonstrates the results that amaze experienced physicians with its quick effect on lowering blood pressure. A modern product allows you to permanently cure hypertension in people of different ages. The drug has a natural basis, does not contain synthetic compounds that cause unwanted reactions of the body. Hypertensive patients who took it were able to permanently part with the problem, improve the state of the cardiovascular system and return to a normal lifestyle.

How much does it cost? Detonic and how to buy this drug in Europe

The manufacturer does not sell the goods through the pharmacy network, online stores or other methods. You can order it only from official representatives of the BERNADATTE LTD company, selling this product in 19 countries of Europe. Current price Detonic in the currency of each country, is indicated on the supplier’s website and is equivalent to 39 euros.

Antihypertensive products delivery Detonic by courier or postal service. The order will arrive to you very quickly, within 4-8 days, from the time of application.

So to buy Detonic Residents of the European Union need to visit the manufacturer’s official website. You will need to specify information about yourself in the order form (name and number of a mobile or landline phone in international format).

A few minutes after placing the order, the manager will contact you. A call from a company representative is required to clarify the delivery address, as well as other details related to the purchase of this product. Attractive promotions are constantly held on the supplier's website. Thanks to such a loyal policy, new customers will be able to purchase Detonic up to 50% discount.

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Principle of drug action Detonic for the treatment of hypertension

Detonic It is a rare combination of efficacy and high safety in the treatment of hypertension. It is recommended to take it to everyone, including allergy sufferers. The drug is not addictive, its reception is not accompanied by side effects. This natural complex of herbal ingredients has the following effects:

  • lowers blood pressure, bringing it to the age norm;
  • normalizes heart rate;
  • relieves headaches, tinnitus;
  • stabilizes blood cholesterol;
  • eliminates venous thrombosis;
  • significantly improves overall well-being.

Unlike other medicines, this remedy has a mild effect on hypertension. Against the background of their use, there are no sharp jumps in pressure and related states. Price Detonic at the same time it is acceptable for owners of the average budget.

This antihypertensive product helps:

  • permanently stabilize blood pressure indicators;
  • eliminate the causes of hypertension;
  • Avoid the irreversible effects of high blood pressure.

To obtain a stable result, treatment of hypertension should be carried out regularly. It will be possible to get rid of hypertension only after passing a full course of therapy.

Product Benefits Detonic in comparison with its analogues

Users who bought Detonic on the Internet, note its excellent tolerance. Cardiologists appreciate the plant complex for its ability to harmonize the work of the heart and ensure complete recovery.

Comparison with some analogues will help to imagine the full effectiveness of the product in question. The table below shows a comparative description of this tool and Recardio:

Detonic Recardio (capsules)
Acts fast. Normalizes blood pressure for 5-6 hours.To improve well-being, prolonged use is required (at least one month).
Negative reactions do not develop.Causes unsafe side effects.
There are no restrictions on admission. During pregnancy or lactation DeTonic use in agreement with the doctor.It has a considerable list of contraindications.
Received a large number of positive ratings. He has earned the recognition of doctors and patients with hypertension.Often there are negative comments that indicate an insufficient antihypertensive effect.

Means Detonic  и Recardio for the treatment of hypertension

Also a drug DeTonic Got many advantages over other hypertensive products, for example: Cardiline ,Cardiowell, Cardiol, Carditonus, Cardiomagnyl. Unlike the latter, they can be combined with a variety of medicines, and are not prone to adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract.

The drug has undergone numerous clinical trials in which hundreds of volunteers of different ages took part. Studies conducted by leading institutes of cardiology, confirmed the full compliance of the tool Detonic manufacturer's specifications.

The composition and properties of the components of the drug Detonic

Composition Detonic represented only by natural substances. All ingredients are of natural origin, mined in ecologically clean areas. All components of this complex for the treatment of hypertension are easily absorbed by the body. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it does not cause addiction or negative effects.

Powder composition Detonic

The following are all the components that make up the formula Detonic, and also provides a detailed description of their therapeutic properties:

  • Aloe leaf extract contains a large number of vitamins, acids, active trace elements necessary for heart disease treatment. Helps to eliminate nervousness, improves the functioning of the heart muscle, improves blood flow, destroys blood clots and strengthens blood vessels.
  • Hawthorn fruits have a vasodilating effect, prevents the formation of plaques and improves blood quality. It normalizes blood cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.
  • Pumpkin seed extract as a medicine Detonic promotes the formation of red blood cells and antibodies necessary for respiration and cell growth.
  • Lemongrass. Due to the diuretic properties of this plant, it helps to remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Chaga birch mushroom extract has been known for its beneficial properties since the Middle Ages, thanks to the physician Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna). In modern medicine, "chaga" is used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, as a general tonic. As a powerful biostimulant, it is used to enhance immunity, normalize metabolism, and with cancer. The extract from this medicinal mushroom stimulates the central nervous and neurohumoral systems.

Recommendations for the use of the drug for the treatment of hypertension

Preparation Detonic It is recommended to take at various stages of hypertension. First of all, this drug is indicated for people suffering from symptoms characteristic of hypertension:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • an attack of nausea;
  • tachycardia;
  • noise in ears;
  • excessive fatigue.

This medicine is prescribed for patients who have had a heart attack, stroke, or microstroke. With the correct use of the described medication, there is a chance to prevent the reappearance of these dangerous diseases. Reviews about Detonic The forums report that after its use in 97% of cases, a full recovery occurs. The product also helps to defeat angina pectoris, arrhythmia, relieves neurosis, improves speech and motor activity after strokes, restores and strengthens memory.

Contraindications and possible side effects

Preparation Detonic It is intended for the treatment of hypertension in adults. The only contraindication to its use is individual intolerance to the components. Pregnant and lactating women, as well as people over 65 years old, should use this tool only after approval by a specialist cardiologist.

The developers say the following - all the substances present in the composition of the medication are completely natural and hypersensitivity to them is extremely rare.

Patients who are steadily following the recommendations and instructions for using the drug may not be afraid of the development of any side effects. The product does not contain toxic components, and can be used in conjunction with minimal portions of alcohol-containing products.

Undesirable reactions can occur only against the background of an overdose. Basically, taking antihypertensive supplements in incorrect doses leads to digestive upset.

Rules for the use of the drug: instruction and dosage

For hypertension, medication Detonic carried out as follows:

Single doseOne teaspoon (up to 5 grams).
Frequency of useTwice during the day.

It should be said that for better absorption, this drug should be taken after meals. It is recommended to drink it with a sufficient volume of clean water. The duration of the course of therapy is determined individually. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of hypertension. On average, this medicine is consumed for at least 15-20 days. Do not exceed the dosage recommended by the manufacturer!

Note! Already after one course of therapy with Detonic It is possible to achieve steady blood pressure. In all patients without exception, there is a significant improvement in overall well-being, the work of the heart muscle is being established, all pathological manifestations go away. That is why additional medicines will not be required.

The opinion of patients and doctors about the application Detonic

De tonic - opinions and comments about the drug

Responsible buyers leave useful reviews on the Internet to help other people better understand how this drug supplement works. Users claim that Detonic has a whole range of valuable qualities:

  1. Provides accelerated stabilization of blood pressure.
  2. It has a prolonged effect.
  3. Safe even with a tendency to allergies.
  4. Contributes to a better functioning of the whole organism

Many consider the cost Detonic not high. Also, its price is comparable with guaranteed results. Bad reviews about this tool are much less common. As a rule, they are written by people who are faced with a fake sold by dubious persons on social networks.

Need to remember! Counterfeiting is not only completely useless. It can cause negative reactions. The cost of a fake often exceeds the price of the original.Similar products and their fakes

Customer Reviews on Application Detonic in the treatment of hypertension

Further in this review, the opinions of customers taken from thematic forums are published, as well as the comment of a real doctor, the author of an article in the journal All application reviews Detonic filed unchanged, while preserving grammar and punctuation.

Customer Reviews on Application Detonic

Diana, 65 years old from Romania:

«Detonic helped me recover from a disease that plagued me for years. The improvement appeared immediately, and has been going on for more than a month. Instead of the usual indicators of 160 by 95, my tonometer now every day shows 125 by 80. Many thanks to the developers of this drug! ”

Nicholas from Slovakia, 72 years old:

“This drug lifted me to my feet after a stroke. Now I feel cheerful and energetic, speech and memory have returned to normal. Even doing sports slowly. ”

Cardiologist's opinion on the effectiveness of the drug detonic

My opinion, as the author of this article:

“I am a cardiologist with 20 years of experience. I consider this herbal complex to be one of those rare remedies that can relieve a person of hypertensive manifestations. I also find this remedy an excellent way of prevention and recommend it to patients at risk of heart attack and other dangerous pathologies. "

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Kakhanovskaya Lyudmila Nikolaevna, cardiologist with almost 20 years of experience. A detailed biography and information about medical qualifications are posted on the authors page of our website.

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  1. Alexander

    I want to order a detonator for cleaning vessels from you.

  2. Tatyana

    I heard that Detonik also treats cystitis, helps with weight loss, and not only fights hypertension. This is all due to the unique composition of the drug. Well done scientists who have learned to use the gifts of nature for the benefit of man.

  3. Obzoroff

    Verifying the authenticity of the product is very simple: if you bought on the site that is listed in this article, then this is the official website of the manufacturer and, accordingly, you bought a real one Detonic . If you place an order elsewhere, no one can guarantee authenticity.

  4. Shut up

    I bought Detonic Bulgarian production, how to understand: is it a fake or not? I take the drug for only a few days, so it’s too early to draw any conclusions. Ordered in Estonia, for 39 euros. Very fast delivery in 2 days greatly surprised me. I have no opportunity to see if this is original. But she began to accept.

  5. Milan

    When the pressure after normal use of DETONIK returns to normal, it is necessary to continue to use it prophylactically in smaller doses. Thanks for the advice.

  6. Alexander

    This drug has more benefits than pills. cardiol... Its most important advantage is its long-term effect and the absence of the need for a repeated course of therapy for a long time!

  7. Justina

    I have been combining application over the past 12 days detonic plus Cardiol. The effect is much better. It is a pity that there is no one drug that could combine all the possible beneficial properties.

  8. Florette

    Let me express my gratitude for this detailed review of the drug. On the network you can find many sites with descriptions of medicines, but they do not contain comprehensive information for the user. I wish you success in the development of your site!

  9. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Good day ! I want to tell my story of experience with this miracle - a tool.
    I am one of those people who received hypertension in my youth, I am 27 years old. The daily torment of high blood pressure, even without exertion, I think is familiar to everyone who has hypertension, and if you can get to the hospital with exertion at all. But I always dreamed of being at work with physical labor, an auto mechanic.
    For many years I was looking for an opportunity to get rid of the disease, but I only received encouraging phrases from various doctors like "this drug will definitely save you from the disease" and stuff like that.
    Once, while spending time at the computer, in search of information, I came across a forum in which there was talk about Detonic I was very interested. After reading reviews and articles about him, I decided to start taking it, and the results were not long in coming! After a month of admission, I already saw a difference in many ways. What would you understand, I started walking to the office! Slowly, of course, but this is already progress, isn't it?
    Speaking about its composition, I fully support it, because natural components are much better than any chemistry, I think many will support me. As for the price, I don’t think that it should be a pity to fight the disease, especially since competitors of such drugs have higher prices, and the product does not work.
    In conclusion, I want to say that there is no doubt that the effect of this drug has been proven for a long time and there is absolutely nothing to fear! I highly recommend it!

  10. Ksenija

    Grandmother developed high blood pressure many years ago. Drugs prescribed by your doctor do not give the desired effect. Of course, they help, but the relief does not occur for a long period of time. In the morning she took pills, and during the day the pressure could increase significantly, and again they can not be taken, because the daily dosage could be impaired. By evening, the condition could worsen on some days until the emergency call was necessary to normalize the pulse and pressure.
    The attending physician did not change the prescribed drug. But one day we decided to order a means for my grandmother, according to numerous positive reviews, Detonic . Together with the delivery, the drug cost about 3000 rubles. She consulted with a doctor about the safety of its use, and began to take. The condition began to improve. Reception was in the dosage indicated in the instructions. HELL did not bother during the day. She really liked that the effect comes immediately. With her usual drugs, he had to wait half an hour, or even more. This remedy really helps people with high blood pressure. Thanks to this tool, even with a diagnosis of hypertension, they can lead a normal life, sometimes forgetting about heart palpitations, tinnitus and other unpleasant manifestations of the disease.

  11. Valdis

    I am from the dynasty of doctors, my father was also a vascular surgeon in our own hospital. And, here you have it, frightening statistics from the source, so to speak, - in five years I have done more coronary bypass grafts than he has in all my practice. It’s not at all that medicine has stepped forward. In this case, the disease made a huge leap - the affected vessels are found at least three times more often than they were ten years ago.

    Sweet Pill Detonic always in our clinic in sufficient quantities. Fortunately, its shelf life is two years. We store it in the office for those patients who are dealing with the first, minor problems associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system. As a rule, they don’t get to our hospital anymore. Unless with words of gratitude - for the drug that saved them from serious complications.

  12. Robert Her

    After 2 weeks of using this drug, I noticed that my weight decreased by almost 12 pounds. Is this just what happened to me or is it a side effect of the medicine? I did not plan to lose weight.

  13. Georgy

    I have been suffering from hypertension for a long time, since I was 50. Now I am 65, I had a heart attack, everything seems to be all right. After a heart attack, the doctors prescribed statins and other drugs that lower my blood pressure. Of course, at first I followed the assignment - it was scary after all! Side effects began from statins - constant muscle pains, not critical, but I felt them and they began to bother me ((I was a little scared by the prospect of constantly taking medications for both hypertension and cholesterol. Moreover, with such serious side effects. I started reading on the Internet, by what means you can maintain your normal state. I found myself between two fires - on the one hand a medicine with strong side effects, on the other hand a disease that can have dire consequences. A sister who lives in Germany came to the rescue, she advised me to try the drug Detonic . She ordered this medicine from her, then sent it to me. I started taking it a month ago, I take it twice a day. There are no contraindications for taking, there should be no side effects either. At least I don’t feel them. During this time, I refused pills, I only drink drops. The condition is normal, the pressure is at 120/85! While I will continue to receive the apel, they have significantly improved my condition!

  14. Natalia

    Yes, this medicine really helps. We consulted with a cardiologist when we were in Italy and bought Detonic for a grandmother with a long-standing, neglected hypertension, in which other drugs prescribed in our hospitals have not helped much. The relief of symptoms began literally from the first days: the headaches subsided, the tinnitus stopped, the person “came to life”, stopped being afraid to suddenly get out of bed and, moreover, to leave the house.
    Separately, I will note the mild effect - there are no more sudden pressure surges with deterioration of health, and there is no "overdose" effect inherent in some other drugs, when the pressure drops sharply in a short time. Again, this is difficult for an elderly person to bear. In addition, no side effects were noticed: no heartburn, no swelling, no intestinal symptoms. I think this is the role of natural ingredients in the composition of the drug, which do not have negative effects on the body.
    The cost came out to about 40 euros per package - I think this is an acceptable price for the well-being of a loved one. You can buy, as far as I understand, only from the official representative of the company - fortunately, there are such in many European countries.

  15. Thomas

    To safely and effectively get rid of hypertension, it is necessary to use this drug, which constantly maintains pressure at the normal level, while helping the body cope with the causes of the disease. Detonic causes the expansion of peripheral arterioles and thus reduces the total peripheral vascular resistance. Its action leads to an increase in the level of oxygen supply to the myocardium in patients with vasospastic angina pectoris.

  16. Obzoroff

    Good afternoon Vilis!
    An order must be placed only on the official website of the manufacturer Detonic . All top-shop stores and the like, cannot sell the original product, as they do not have a license for this. The manufacturer sells its product on its own. On your site. We in the article indicated links to the manufacturer’s website and pages for individual countries of the world. Price detonic Lithuania, as in other European countries, is 39 euros. You wrote that indicated 37 euros. Such information is not indicated anywhere!
    The basic course of therapy lasts 30 days.

  17. vilis

    I live in Lithuania. I suffer from angina pectoris. I ordered all the rules
    in our top shop DETONIC. Billed at 97 euros (2 packages are paid and
    the third is a gift. They explained to me that this is for one month (basic course).
    On your site the price is 37 euros. Is it for one package?
    How long does the basic course last?
    I would greatly appreciate your possible reply. Your patient is Vilis.

  18. Obzoroff

    Many drugs are characterized by "cardio toxicity." This means that their active components exert a load on the lining of the heart and the muscle of the organ - the myocardium. With regular exposure, all conditions are created for the development of arrhythmia and other, no less aggravating pathologies. The patient has shortness of breath, chest pain, increased blood pressure, a feeling of lack of air. To prevent the risk of developing such an outcome, it is necessary to selectively approach the issue of the use of drugs. To do this, use only those funds that the doctor prescribed, and abandon uncontrolled therapy with various medications. Sometimes cardiotoxicity is determined by drugs that the patient takes on the recommendation of a specialist. The load on the heart and associated problems arise only when the prescribed dosage and frequency of use of the drug are exceeded. To avoid stress on the heart, it is important to comply with the doctor’s instructions and not deviate from the established treatment regimen.

  19. Jarek dvořák

    For the third day in a row, when I want to buy Detonic, and I do not have time to send a delivery order. I heard that the manufacturer does not have time to manufacture this drug in large quantities and therefore does not sell more than 100 pieces per day for one country in the world. I live in the Czech Republic, and if anyone knows how to get this medication as soon as possible, please answer me.

  20. Marina Petrovna

    I believe that the appearance on the market of this wonderful drug is a real salvation for millions of people suffering from high blood pressure. I was convinced of its effectiveness and safety from my own experience. 8 years ago I suffered a stroke. And, as a result, once every six months it is necessary to undergo treatment. And if I miss, then headaches, and more recently, tachycardia, are tormenting. I am very afraid, or rather, afraid of a recurrence of a stroke. This drug was found for me by my daughter, she is a doctor, and she understands what’s what. So here. After the first course, and the first time I took 3 weeks, 2 spoons a day, my condition became so stable that not only me and my daughter noticed improvements, but also all my friends and even the doctor in charge. By the way, at first I hid from the doctor that I accept De tonicbut then admitted. The doctor approved. He noted that not only pressure was stabilized, but also heart rate. As well as improved complexion and skin condition. Here is such an effect! I refused other medications such as aspirin cardio, cardimagnyl, enalapril and others. I do not use them even after completing the course of therapy. I don’t need them yet. Especially since Detonic quite affordable price and I can afford to periodically buy it. I am sure that stroke no longer threatens me.

  21. Mckinley

    I have been using this medicine for two weeks. I can’t say that this remedy is a panacea, but I won’t deny that Detonic really helps to normalize blood pressure. At the same time, he copes with the task, much faster than the well-known high-speed drugs: losap, veroshpiron and amlodipine. The whole secret of the effectiveness of this tool is hidden in the amazing and correct combination of plant extracts that are part of this powder.

  22. Natalia

    Preparation Detonic for the treatment of hypertension for me was saving in the literal sense of the word. Closer to delivery, blood pressure rose. Then I was a little surprised and blamed everything on the error of the apparatus for measuring pressure, since this had never happened before, and I felt satisfactory. But after childbirth, pressure began to rise more often. It was naturally influenced by sleepless nights, overwork. It was then that I learned from a woman friend about the drug De tonic. At first there were some doubts, but since I was breastfeeding, I could not use the usual means to lower the pressure. The pressure bothered me more and more. I was especially tormented by severe headaches and my heart began to pound hard. The composition of the drug was natural. It bribed me. The price is reasonable. Delivered fast enough. The effect hit me. I did not think that immediately I would feel relieved. Pressure after the first dose began to return to normal. Gradually, she stopped hearing the beat of her own heart. I believe that this is an excellent result with a natural composition. I am very glad that I found out about this medicine and did not take aggressive medications to reduce blood pressure.

  23. Tatyana

    It is a pity that now you can not buy this drug or place a preliminary order for delivery. I hope that in the near future the manufacturer will resume production of this product and I can get it. I have heard many different opinions about the benefits of this tool and I definitely want to try it.

  24. Catherine

    My grandmother suffered from hypertension, my mother has high blood pressure and she has a disability. I have a hereditary predisposition to this disease, which began to manifest itself with age. I am attentive to my health and understand a little from what the increase in pressure occurs. The main reason for this is the work of the heart. They say all the problems are from the nerves and they are right. You need to start in order to ensure a calm life, since the state of the nervous system affects the functioning of the heart. I used to make herbs. But I also bought ready-made preparations based on natural ingredients. I have now completed a course of therapy with a remedy Detonic ... I liked the fact that the composition is natural and there is aloe extract. We do not underestimate this plant. It is a powerful antioxidant and has powerful beneficial properties. High blood pressure is a disease associated with the state of blood vessels. Therefore, it is no coincidence that hawthorn, a well-known medicinal plant, is included in the composition. I just heard about lemongrass during a trip to Italy. Its diuretic properties remove excess fluid, which is important for hypertension. Maybe belief in the drug or self-hypnosis - I don't know what helped - pressure after the course Detonic it does not rise above 130 to 80. For me this is a very good indicator, because before that it was 150-180 to 80-100

  25. Max

    I have been suffering from high blood pressure for a long time. The most unpleasant symptom of course is a constant migraine, which simply does not allow you to live peacefully, periodically there are tingling in the heart, a heart palpitations. Detonic just saved me, I don’t know how long I would still have to suffer, if not for this drug. I was advised to try this drug by our local therapist from a local clinic, indicating the absence of side effects from the drug, the drug does not even affect the gastrointestinal tract in any way, not to mention the more serious side effects that appear from drugs for hypertension.
    After the end of the course, at the end of the course, the pressure returned to values ​​of 120 by 80, when before that there was always 200 by 90, without side effects, which could not make me very happy! After reading the composition, I realized why this drug is so good, there are not a single synthetic component in the composition, everything is only natural!
    In addition to the main effect in the form of normalization of blood pressure, the drug normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also improves immunity. There is even a slight stimulation of the central nervous system, like coffee. Now this drug will be in my medicine cabinet on an ongoing basis!

  26. Joseph

    I want the author of this article to add another useful property to the description of this drug. Sometimes I have to use pills to improve the quality of an erection, but they cause a sharp increase in pressure and cause an increase in heart rate. When I combine the application Detonic with pills for potency, then I do not have problems with blood pressure, which means that the "power of herbs" that make up this wonderful remedy acts on the male body as a kind of "stabilizer". I think this medicine will be useful for many men, not just people suffering from hypertension.

  27. Dmitriy

    My heart problems began at an early age and only increased over time. But even the symptoms themselves were not of great concern, although there was little pleasant in them - tinnitus, constant dizziness and recurrent headaches. I’ve got used to all this, one might say. Most of all I was worried about the consequences for the body, because this high pressure gradually destroys it, I often felt tired, although I did not do anything heavy during the day. Tried the medicine Detonic, this is not the first drug that I took, but it turned out to be the most effective. Most importantly, the drug works in a comprehensive manner, and not like the others, which only temporarily remove individual symptoms, such as pressure. Here, immediately, the heart rate is restored and the pressure normalizes. My headaches and constant tinnitus disappeared, I’m already used to it over time. In general, my health improved, I was significantly freshened up and there was activity. I took 1 teaspoon twice a day for three weeks, there are different indications for use, the doctor advised me to pause after 21 days and look at the result. I am completely satisfied with the effect.

  28. Ksenia Savina

    I can now say with confidence that Detonic - this is really an extremely effective method of dealing with hypertension, and at any stage, as indicated here.
    This remedy was prescribed to me by a doctor, and sensible, to whom I prefer to contact constantly in those situations when something threatens my health. He told me that such a medication will help me not only to eliminate the symptoms of this unpleasant illness, but also to understand its causes, which is important. I did so, I started taking this powder, and only under the supervision of a doctor, so that everything was in perfect order.
    After some time, and this is about a couple of weeks, I received good results, hypertension did not seriously bother me, and after a couple of weeks I did not even think about it - I hope that I will not have to think about it in the future. It is clear that Detonic I will not call it a magical tool, but it is simply impossible to ignore its positive effect, therefore I am ready to advise it to all those who still suffer from hypertension, to whom other medicines do not help at all, and so on.
    Of course, that there is no talk of self-treatment, here you need the help of a really sensible doctor who will monitor you.

  29. Emma Ay

    Ever since school age, I was diagnosed with arterial hypertension. Headaches, shortness of breath even with normal walking, heart pain, tachycardia, dizziness and high blood pressure are often tormented. Often, the head simply breaks up due to the fact that pressure is jumping and recently I notice that I am very tired, even if I don’t do anything special. I drank a lot of different pills for hypertension, but they gave a temporary effect and had a bad effect on the stomach. According to the recommendations of my friends, I purchased a package Detonic, and was surprised: after a course of administration, the pressure decreased to 120 * 80 without any side effects. I read the composition and understood why this drug was so suitable for me. The product has a natural composition. It includes aloe leaf extract, hawthorn fruit, pumpkin seed extract, lemongrass, chaga birch mushroom extract. With this tool, the body is filled with health and energy, nervousness decreases, heart function improves, the risk of thrombosis develops, blood cholesterol levels normalize, immunity rises, central nervous system stimulates, and much more. I will take this drug on an ongoing basis, as I am very pleased with the result.

  30. Xiomara

    I want to add that the goal of treating a patient with hypertension is to quickly reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. With medical methods, a decrease in blood pressure below the level of 140/90 mm Hg is recommended. Art. or even lower if hypertensive is normally tolerated by the body. In patients with diabetes mellitus, blood pressure should be adjusted to 130/80 mmHg. Art. Unfortunately, in many cases, especially in people over 50, it is difficult to achieve a level of systolic pressure not exceeding 140 mm Hg. Art. and in this case, the use of the drug is allowed Detonic .

  31. Alexander

    I, too, have been tormented by hypertension and tachycardia for the past five years, I have been with doctors, but no use Detonic bought on my own, it became much better. Now, at work, she doesn’t suddenly feel bad, she doesn’t have to ask for dinner after dinner. And in general, I noticed that the body is returning to normal, the head hurts less often, and work capacity has increased. The order was made through the supplier’s website, there the prices are more or less adequate, you do not have to endure the sky-high prices of pharmacies and intermediaries. I take the medicine regularly, I try not to miss the reception, even when I'm at work. I noticed that there are no side effects either.

  32. Rodrigo

    As a specialist in traditional medicine, I want to say that the content of Aloe extract in the drug Detonic, favorably affects the treatment of heart disease.
    It has been known for many years that the effect of this plant on the cardiovascular system is primarily due to enzymes that help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. In addition, aloe vera prevents the formation of blood clots in blood vessels and can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Aloe juice contains carotenoids and the substance catechin. These microelements have excellent anti-allergic properties, increase the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and normalize fat metabolism. And most importantly, organic acids and tannins contained in Aloe have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect, as well as normalize the microflora in the human body.

  33. Corinne

    I really like surfing, but this activity sometimes causes an increase in pressure and therefore I have to use medications to be always in shape. I have been living in Thailand for several years, and we recommend that we treat hypertension Giperolekt. Recently traveling around Europe, I saw an advertisement for the drug Detonic and was forced to buy it, as there was no other alternative with a quick effect. The result left me 100% satisfied - my blood pressure returns to normal within a short time after using this wonderful medicine. The power of herbs in its composition helps to forget about your age for a long time. But I will soon be 62 years old in the upcoming 2020.

  34. Olga Ivanova

    Now I’m 72, I’ve been suffering from hypertension for more than 20 years and now I’ve tried to get rid of this ailment with the help of “Recardio" In principle, he coped well with lowering the pressure, but he could not cope with tachycardia and tinnitus, plus it caused side effects in the gastrointestinal tract.
    And only when I changed the treating cardiologist, to a younger doctor, did I learn about a newer herbal-based drug, which he attributed to me - “Detonic " The work of this drug became noticeable immediately after taking the first portion (after about 2-3 hours). Unlike "Recardio", De tonic It does not cause side effects and copes well not only with hypertension, but also with tachycardia, which I now practically do not feel. I take it 2 times a day, one small spoon.

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