Drops CardioActive to lower blood pressure in hypertension

CardioActive Is a new generation drug designed to normalize blood pressure. It is produced in the form of drops in vials of 20 milliliters. The plant extracts included in the drops help to fight the attacks of hypertension.

Additive CardioActive to lower blood pressure

As you know, the first place in the ranking of medical causes of death of people around the world is taken by cardiovascular diseases. They account for about a third of all causes of death. Despite the knowledge of prevention methods and the possibility of early diagnosis, heart affairs remain a global problem of mankind.

One of the main causes of hypertension is a violation of the ratio of some hormones (renin, angiotensin II, aldosterone). A sharp increase in some and a decrease in others leads to serious consequences, up to and including death.

The main tasks of cardiologists in the treatment of essential hypertension are gradual lowering blood pressure and preventing end organ damage. Due to the special molecular structure, the antihypertensive drug CardioActive allows you to achieve these results.

Why CardioActive better than other drugs?

There are many similar drugs available to lower blood pressure. What's the difference?

  • Normalife Is an antihypertensive drug in the form of drops. Long lasting therapeutic effect Normalife achieved already in the first week of use. The presence of motherwort and hawthorn in the composition provides a calming and mild sedative effect. Unlike Normalife, CardioActive does not contain these herbs, therefore it is not contraindicated when driving a car. It can also be prescribed to patients over 65 years of age without the risk of excessive sedation. A rigorous calculation of the amount of active ingredient fixed in 1 drop of CardioActive reduces the risk of overdose and its consequences to zero. In the case of powder, it is impossible to control the dose and it is very easy to consume more than needed, which can be life-threatening.
  • Recardio - another solution for the treatment of hypertension, created on the basis of natural ingredients. In addition to the main function of the drug, the presence of ginkgo biloba extract in the composition helps to improve the cognitive abilities of the brain and strengthen the immune system. The main difference CardioActive from Recardio is the protection of the urinary system from the destructive effects of hypertension due to the mild diuretic effect and regulation of hormones.
  • Detonic - a powder that has antihypertensive properties. The drug is based on plant extracts. It has the quality of a rapid decrease in blood pressure. Comparison of the properties of drugs: CardioActive, Detonic, Recardio

As compared with Detonic, drops CardioActive are a safer way to deal with high blood pressure and its consequences. Main disadvantages Detonic are in the dosage form of the drug:

  1. Even with a careful study of the instructions and following the advice of the attending physician, the patient can very easily exceed the required dose. This can cause serious consequences, from poisoning to shock and death.
  2. Fine grinding can irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose.
  3. Absorption through the mucous membranes increases the amount of the drug in the body, which can lead to the consequences described in paragraph 1.

The second significant drawback is a very sharp action. An instant drop in blood pressure always leads to a sharp outflow of blood from the brain and other vital organs (kidneys, lungs). Ischemia, in turn, leads to hypoxia and cell death. The consequences can range from stroke to patient loss.

Composition CardioActive and the effect of components on pressure stabilization

CardioActive contains more than five valuable plant extracts. Along with the primary task of lowering blood pressure, these substances:

  • Promote more productive brain function;
  • Improves memory and sleep;
  • Helps maintain a vigorous body throughout the day;
  • Protect against most infectious diseases;
  • Increase the threshold of exposure to depression and neuroses.

The drug does not contain allergenic components:

  • The vitamin complex supports the immune system (C, D), restores nerve fibers (group B, folic acid), prevents the development of osteoporosis (C, D).
  • Trace elements have an antioxidant function. By neutralizing free radicals, they regulate the acid-base balance of cells.
  • Amino acids play an important role in the regulation of building processes such as maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane and restoring the structure of the cell skeleton.
  • The main plants that make up the drug CardioActive shown in the image.

Plants that make up CardioActive drops

Creation technology and clinical trials of the drug

Drops CardioActive created by the technology of potentialization of structural components.

This approach provides:

  • maximum result using the minimum amount of active ingredient,
  • reducing the risk of potential side effects caused by each component separately,
  • change in the form of release of the drug during the development process for more convenient administration (in the form of drops).

Each element of the drug is an active molecule aimed at solving a specific problem. A scrupulous selection of starting materials with a study of the unique properties of each of them, as well as modern technologies of the pharmacological industry, make it possible to achieve a complex effect.

The minimum amount of active substances eliminates the risk of developing addiction to the drug and the need to increase the dosage or switch to complex therapy with the addition of one or two additional agents.

CardioActive helps not only to reduce blood pressure at the moment, but also to keep it normal for another day, until the next dose. The achievements of bioengineering have reached such a level that for the rapid and effective absorption of the composition of the drug, you do not need to drink liters of water, just one glass is enough.

Recommendations for the use of drops CardioActive:

  • essential hypertension of I, II, III stages;
  • secondary hypertension associated with kidney disease and disruption of the hormonal status of the RAAS;
  • hypertension against the background of migraine;
  • postinfarction hypertension.

Undesirable effects that may occur during the use of CardioActive drops:

  • individual intolerance of components;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • anaphylactic shock and a history of Quincke's edema;
  • tumor diseases;
  • age to 14 years.

Use with caution to persons over 65 years of age. Before use, be sure to consult a specialist. The use of Cardio Active in parallel with alcoholic and narcotic drugs, as well as neurotropic drugs is contraindicated.

Normalizing blood pressure with CardioActive

Side effects are very rare when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, there have been cases with the following symptoms after taking the drug:

  • slight dizziness;
  • dry mouth;
  • insomnia;
  • increased irritability.

How to use the medication and the recommended dosage

To achieve a stable therapeutic effect, it is necessary to use one drop once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach. CardioActive must be taken with a glass of water. To maximize the effect, food should be avoided. In some cases, two or three applications of the drug are prescribed during the day. A customer support specialist on the manufacturer's website will consult in detail about this.

You can not use the drug sublingually in its pure form. The duration of use of the drug depends on the stage of the disease and the current symptoms. The period of therapy is determined by the cardiologist individually for each patient.

Customer reviews and doctors' opinions

It is rare for a patient to see a doctor at the first signal of an insidious heart disease. Previously, medicines to lower blood pressure were usually asked from neighbors during a hypertensive crisis. Today they are searched for on the Internet.

Often the patient chooses the drug, the actions of which are described in reviews and reviews of people who are convinced of the benefits / harms of a particular drug. And often the recipe is in second place in importance: the main thing is popular rumor

Studying the opinions of patients on the forums, you can see that negative reviews are written by buyers who are faced with a fake or expired product. To avoid purchasing substandard or unlicensed products, order only on the manufacturer's official website.

Below are customer reviews collected on thematic forums and social networks. You will also find here the authoritative opinion of doctors and cases from their practice.

I always try to use only natural and natural: products, cosmetics, and now here are medicines. I am very glad that there is a worthy high pressure fighter among herbal preparations. For the first bouts of hypertension, I only use CardioActive.

I did not pay attention to the pressure until I began to notice problems with men's health. I went to the doctor. It turned out that hypertension undermined the genitourinary system. By the end of 1 month of admission CardioActive everything gradually returned to normal. Now I will never leave my blood pressure unchecked!

For a long time I was looking for a drug that would help solve several problems at once: high blood pressure, frequent respiratory diseases, memory loss and impaired attention. And finally I found it! CardioActive helped me to restore active, and most importantly, constructive activity of the brain and copes well with hypertension.

I am a fan of all kinds of medicinal supplements. I have been without medication for many years, but I never thought that I could bypass the standard medication to stabilize my blood pressure. It turned out that hypertension can also be treated with the active components of herbal extracts. And in the form of drops. No need to brew teas and prepare tinctures.

I bought the drug in one of the online stores. Having received and printed the order, I immediately noticed that I was holding a different product from the one I saw on the screen. Having carefully examined the packaging, I realized that it was a fake. It's good that I didn't start using it! Immediately contacted the managers on the official website of the manufacturer CardioActive and ordered an original product. The order arrived on time, and the naked eye could tell the difference. Now I will order only on the official website!

Real drops CardioActive - photo of the bottle

Brian Smith, cardiologist:

For many years I have been studying alternative medicine. I know firsthand about the widest spectrum of plant properties. Considering that each extract contains many very different elements and molecules, it can be argued that with proper study and proper use of these resources of nature in medicine, tremendous success can be achieved in the treatment of various diseases.

One of the striking examples is the treatment of arterial hypertension. The drug CardioActive, created on the basis of natural ingredients, is in no way inferior, and in many respects even surpasses its synthetic competitors.

The main thing that I would like to note is that the therapeutic effect occurs gradually and lasts for a rather long time. This is a very valuable indicator, because it is the sharply reduced pressure that very often leads to irreversible brain ischemia.

Richard Byrne, physician nephrologist:

I work in the nephrology department. Due to the fact that some kidney diseases are a consequence of arterial hypertension, very often you have to interact with cardiologists. Collaboration is about choosing the right drug for treating a primary disease (hypertension) without the risk of developing secondary diseases.

CardioActive is one of the medications suitable for this condition. A positive effect is observed in patients who applied at an early stage of kidney damage against the background of high blood pressure. After taking control of the tonometer indicators, one can count on a slowdown in the development of renal failure.

Where can I buy CardioActive in Europe?

Price CardioActive in Europe is 39 euros per pack. To order CardioActive on the official website of the manufacturer. The drug is not sold in online stores and pharmacies for the following reasons:

  • Intermediaries impose a high percentage of mark-up on the drug;
  • The risk of distribution of expired products increases;
  • Buyers can get fake.

Buy drops CardioActive it is possible with a discount. To do this, you need to place an order on the official website, so new buyers will save 30 to 50%. As soon as you fill out a short form with contact information, the company manager will contact you and inform you about current promotions and discounts.

Buy at a discount in Europe

Before choosing a medicine for the treatment of hypertension, familiarize yourself with all analogues in the corresponding section of our website. You can buy pills or drops to normalize blood pressure not only for yourself, but also for loved ones. The main thing is to consult a doctor before use.

When you receive your order, always check the packaging for defects and the expiration date of the drug. If you find problematic signs, you can always contact the company's managers and replace the product with a new one. Drop delivery CardioActive carried out to Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Poland.

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