Spray My Sleep Good from snoring and insomnia May Slip Good

Description of My Sleep Good, implemented as a spray for ease of use, provides relief from snoring and insomnia. Its effect leads to the fact that the tissues of the soft palate cease to vibrate actively. This is what provides the effect of a quiet sleep, if you use the drug on a regular basis before going to bed. This review will examine in detail the composition of the drug, its useful properties, the May slip hood operating mechanism, instructions for use, how to distinguish a real MySleepGood from a fake, and of course, real reviews and opinions of the doctor about the use of an aerosol that prevents night snoring are provided. It has an analogue called Snorex, which has a slightly lesser effect, but is quite suitable for use as an alternative.

The spray is a pleasant taste that correlates with the aroma of citrus and mint. The composition of May Slip Hood includes natural ingredients, which explains the safety of the drug and its effectiveness. The manufacturer guarantees that with the help of the proposed spray, you can finally get rid of such a thing as snoring. The product is certified, it is not addictive and has no age restrictions on use.

Alexander Myasnikov spoke in detail about the useful properties of this tool, and also the opinions of somnologists about the effectiveness of the spray are published there. My Sleep Good and real reviews of people who got rid of snoring.packaging and spray My Sleep Good from snoring

Price My Sleep Good and where can you buy in the CIS

Today the cost of the spray "My Slip Good" is as follows for these countries:

  • 1483 rubles - Russia;
  • 397 UAH - Ukraine;
  • 29,3 rubles - Belarus;
  • 5385 tenge - Kazakhstan.

The price in other countries for this drug is indicated on the manufacturer's website, Buy My Sleep Good from snoring with a volume of 26 ml is possible through the application form on the website of the spray developer located in Moscow at 29 Clara Zetkin Street.

Buy MySleepGood Spray from Snoring

The photo below shows a photo of what a fake looks like. My Sleep Good volume of 30 ml, which scammers distribute through the social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, therefore we urge you: be careful, the appearance of the fake is noticeably different from the original!

what fake my sleep good looks like

Description of the action and benefits of My Sleep Good

In drug development My Sleep Good narrow specialists participated, whose main job was to study health problems arising from snoring. A detailed study of this specific process was carried out, due to the malfunctioning of the oropharynx, which was the cause of the occurrence of negative phenomena such as poor sleep, short termination of respiratory movements and headache. All these problems are determined by the main factor, which is the lack of oxygen supply to the body.

As a result, ingredients of natural origin were selected, which made it possible to tone the tissues, which made it possible to provide support for the weak breathing characteristic of sleep. My Sleep Good became a drug that can relieve snoring and eliminate all the unpleasant consequences of this process, it acts as follows:

  • normalizes the functionality of the nasopharynx, which stops snoring or reduces its intensity as much as possible;
  • calms the nervous system through the action of ingredients of natural origin, thereby ensuring a comfortable sleep;
  • eliminates the likelihood of a state of apnea when a short-term respiratory arrest is detected, which avoids such negatives as morning headaches and periodic onset of dizziness;
  • provides safety in terms of application, since it does not contain dyes and chemicals.

Composition My Sleep Good and action of ingredients

If you look at the composition of My Sleep Good, you may be somewhat surprised at what kind of ingredients were used to create this product, since they are easy to find in the kitchen of any housewife:

  • lemon balm and mint - toning the tissues of the larynx, relieving spasm and getting rid of pain, which ultimately guarantees a quiet sleep;
  • lemon extract - relieving tension in the muscles of the larynx and improving blood circulation, which is correlated with the appearance of light breathing, causing a greater flow of oxygen to the tissues of the body;
  • sage extract - an antiseptic effect, which makes it possible to get rid of inflammation with the achievement of a relaxation effect.

Each of the above components has its own positive properties, but together they can achieve a much greater effect.

composition and properties of the ingredients of the drug My Sleep Good

Instructions for use My Sleep Good  and efficiency

To get the desired result from My Sleep Good, just use the spray before bedtime by spraying it in your mouth. The taste of the drug should not cause you to be rejected, since it combines mint and citrus fruits, and 1 – 3 clicks will be quite enough in one procedure. The positive effect of the spray will be obtained instantly with the guarantee of its conservation throughout the night.

Spray Efficiency and Results

When the disease is started, the use of the drug may not lead to the complete elimination of snoring, but only to partial, that is, it will become quieter, but not completely disappear. In this case, the desired result is possible only on the condition that My Sleep Good will be applied long enough.

The effectiveness of the spray depends on the stage of the disease. If you have snoring that scares others, then positive results can be obtained almost immediately after using the drug.

doctor's opinion on the drug may slip good

Spray My Sleep Good passed the necessary tests and has a permit for sale, which is confirmed by a documentary declaration:

MySleepGood certificate document

Why are we sleeping and why do we need a dream

In a dream, people spend a third of their lives. After all, sleep is the time that the human body needs to regain strength after working days with the goal of accumulating energy the next day. During sleep, the work of vital organs continues, but most of them slow down.

For a huge amount of time, various scientists have been trying to find the answer to the question, why should I sleep? They also identified several theories, implying answers to the question of interest to all.

  • Information theory. Human memory consists of long-term and immediate memories. The long-term one accepts any amount of information for its permanent storage, but the immediate memory is limited by its space. All everyday information gets into it and by the end of the day the brain resembles a warehouse full of goods, where it is necessary to clean up, closing it for a certain time. Therefore, sleep is an ideal way to saturate and filter out unnecessary information for you. Thanks to the function of processing the received data, the human brain can store information that he no longer remembers, which has the ability to emerge at a certain moment, for example, in some extreme situation. You can even remember such an expression as the whole life flew by in glimpse before your eyes, this is just the same case.
  • The psychological theory. Psychologist Sigmund Freud put forward the assumption that a person is not able to endure the world around him for a long time and that he needs to periodically return to the state in which he was before he was born in a place where it is quiet, warm and dark. The purpose of sleep is rest. And it is this part of life that is not subject to the world, so every morning begins as if from a new birth.
  • Energy theory. In a dream, energy is restored from wakefulness. Sleep and wakefulness are considered two inextricable criteria of human life. Man is sleeping and awake to live.

The main amount of time allotted for an adult to sleep should be approximately 7 hours. Children, of course, need to sleep more, since all growth processes in the first stages of life occur during sleep.

There is a certain period of time from 10 p.m. to 5-6 p.m., which is most suitable for recreation. At this time, especially from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., the nervous system is restored. But from 1 to 5 nights, the body is cleansed. And scientists also noted that in a dream the aging process slows down, so the more a person sleeps, the less he ages both externally and physically. To improve sleep and get rid of insomnia, we recommend trying the drug Sonilyuks.

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