Immunetika: drops Immunetics to strengthen immunity

Immunetika to strengthen immunity, it will become an indispensable assistant in winter and in case of colds. A review of the drug will tell us about the following: the composition of Immunetics drops, a description and method of action of the components on the human body, the effectiveness of the ingredients for colds, indications for use, composition, doctor's and customer's reviews. Cough worried? Tortured by a Runny nose? Shoots in the ears? How to treat a cold? Is your head noisy? No problem! Drops Immunetika will solve all the problems associated with colds and weakened immunity. As you know, the consequences of respiratory diseases lead to a high degree of risk of getting the most serious complications. Their danger lies in the fact that they can affect any organ in a negative way and become chronic. This happens in the case of a late visit to a doctor or with the wrong therapy and most often due to self-medication with non-traditional means. Of course, each of us will not run to the doctor with the slightest symptoms of a cold, but who knows how it will turn out further if you do not use drops in time Immunetikastrengthening our immunity all year round.

Photo Immunetika real colds

Price, description and properties of the drug Immunetika

Buy Immunetika a volume of 10 ml with delivery can be found on the official website of the pharmaceutical company, the price of Immunetics does not exceed 995 rubles in Russia, and in the countries of the European Union and the CIS it is very often much cheaper, thanks to promotions and sales due to the support of the manufacturer by the state. The manufacturer gives all customers a discount of up to 40% if you first decide to order Immunetika. To take advantage of this discount means to become the owner of the drug to strengthen immunity for the whole year!

Buy drops immunetika from the common cold

You need to have strong immunity, able to fight viruses and this is now possible with Immunetika, a new generation product for strengthening immunity and fighting viral diseases.

The human immune system is nothing but a complex biological mechanism that can protect our body from the effects of bacteria and increase its resistance to their negative effects. It works for every person throughout his life, either reducing or accumulating his defense. Her unique ability is to develop special antibodies that help cope with the disease when it reappears. The so-called memory effect.

Unfortunately, the current ecological state of the world around us is increasingly adversely affecting the human body and it is becoming increasingly difficult for it to cope with even the simplest infections on its own.

A reasonable question arises: how to protect yourself from the influence of viruses? Modern scientists in the field of immunology have developed the drug Immunetics, which can tens of times increase the protective properties of the immune system. Most therapists now recommend taking Immunetika to their patients to strengthen the protective properties of the body.

Immunetics advantages of the drug over analogues

Useful mysterious properties Immunetika

Due to its composition and unique formula, Immunetika fundamentally different from immunostimulants of previous generations. Scientists from all over the world were able to prove to the whole world that direct stimulation of the human immune system gives the opposite effect, thereby greatly weakening the body's ability to protect. Imunetics does not affect the biochemical functions of the immune system and has a soft and harmonious effect, thereby inducing cells to self-defense. Summing up, we can say that the body receives a kind of shield around the clock from various pathogens.

Preparation Immunetika become indispensable in the autumn-winter period of "stuffy noses", when the warm summer weather is abruptly replaced by the season of drizzling rains and even frosts. As statistics show, during this period, the time for epidemics of viral and infectious diseases most often occurs than during the year. Doctors strongly recommend that you immediately use any protective equipment and stock up on an Immunetics complex in a timely manner, not antiviral drugs, to strengthen the whole body.

Doctors recommend using drops Immunetika with such diseases:

  • Influenza, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, acute respiratory viral infections and even pneumonia;
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Strong immunity is known to cope with such an “infection” as gonorrhea and trichomoniasis.
  • Immunetics are recommended for measles prevention. It is known that measles primarily affects the human body with weak immunity.

Where can I buy Immunetika original

Unfortunately, many drugs simply cannot be found or purchased at the nearest pharmacy, Immunetika It is not an exception and is not sold at retail outlets and even in specialized online stores. You can buy drops of Immunetics by first filling out an application on the website of the official distributor. Only they can give 100% guarantee of the authenticity of the drug. On the packaging there is a protective hologram with protection against fake!

Price Immunetika is the equivalent of 11-12 dollars per unit of goods with a standard volume of ten milliliters, the cost is quite adequate in comparison with similar goods of this pharmacological group that can be bought at a pharmacy.

The price of immunetica to promote health


In 2020, a new pharmaceutical market appeared on the pharmaceutical market to strengthen the immune system and fight against viral infections. preparation Immuten... It is actively used in European countries to combat acute respiratory diseases and is used as a prophylaxis for the "known deadly virus".

What problems can handle Immunetika

Immunetika It has advantageous advantages over its predecessors, which are outdated in order and no longer perform their functions due to the rapid modification of viruses. Clinical studies of the drug gave an excellent result, proving that drops Immunetika can do the following:

  • Activate the work of cells, thereby strengthening the "protective screen" of the body.
  • With timely use, it is able to eliminate the initial symptoms and destroy the infection within a day.
  • It has a positive effect on the action of white blood cells, thereby activating their work. As a result, active white blood cells literally kill the infection, preventing it from developing complications. The result - a full recovery for 4-5 days!
  • Prevents the manifestation of gastrointestinal disorders that constantly occur during colds from taking antibiotics.
  • Immunetics normalizes the microflora in the intestine.
  • Protects from the appearance of cancer.

Immunetika for colds and flu

Indications for the use of drops Immunetika

Immunetika is a biogenic concentrate made from extracts of plants and extracts from animal fat has a direct effect on the treatment of the following diseases:

  • immunodeficiency of varying degrees;
  • respiratory and infectious diseases of the respiratory organs (sinusitis and tonsillitis);
  • instability of the endocrine system;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • herpes and its consequences;
  • ear otitis media;
  • measles;
  • oncological diseases.

In addition, the drug has a mild analgesic property, and is able to neutralize spasms that cause an unpleasant pain symptom.

Composition Immunetika and description of components

Immunetika composition of drops for immunity

Complex Immunetika consists of natural substances and extracts of 18 medicinal plants, which tend to increase the level of activity of the cells of the immune system, namely:

  • Beekeeping products: natural propolis and beehive. Strengthen the properties of immunity and improve metabolism.
  • Badger fat. The composition of the drops is intended to provide an immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cedar resin It removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body.
  • Cordyceps Sienis is a miraculous mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is inherently a natural antioxidant, removes salts of heavy metals and blocks the growth and development of tumors.
  • The hood of the maned caragana (popularly camel tail). Relieves fatigue and depression, thereby restoring a person’s working capacity.
  • Algae brown algae combined with extract from the inhabitants of the sea. Designed to improve blood circulation and enhance brain function. It also cleanses the walls of blood vessels and lowers cholesterol.

Instructions for use Immunetika

Immunetika recommended for use in two cases: for treatment and for the prevention of diseases. For the treatment of colds, it is necessary to take Immuneika 4 times a day for 5 days. The course of prevention is one month, during which the drug is taken twice a day before meals. How to properly take the tool for clarity is shown in the image.

Immunetika mode of application

Contraindications for use Immunetika

The drug has no contraindications. Natural composition Immunetika makes it absolutely safe for use by people of any age. It is recommended to pay attention to the list of components in the composition of Immunetics, in order to avoid a possible allergic reaction to any ingredient of the product. Also, it is not recommended to give children under the age of three years without appropriate consultation with the attending physician, for individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Thanks to the creation of this wonderful remedy, you can forever forget about all kinds of potions and throw out expensive pills and aerosols. To have this complex in a home medicine cabinet is enough to avoid infection with viruses known to science.

Doctor Immunetika doctor's review

Feedback and quality certificate

Immunetika reviews from doctors and buyers receive more and more often. All of them are extremely positive, which confirms the effectiveness of the drug and its health benefits.

You can also read the article about additional useful properties and with reviews about the drug Immunetics in the article by Alexander Myasnikov on the website of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the admission of the drug for sale is permitted by the relevant documents: Certificate and Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union.Immunetika certificate

Immunetika Declaration

What to do if fever rises without cold symptoms

Do not rush to take Immunetika if you have a fever for no particular reason. The main thing to understand is that the temperature does not rise just like that - this is evidence of any pathological processes in the body. Very often, the temperature can rise from without the symptoms of a cold. This condition is extremely dangerous, so you should not put off going to the doctor. In children and in adults, there can be different causes of fever.

Fever in adults

  • Infections and ulcers. Signs of this cause are as follows: headache, nausea, discoloration of urine. If the temperature jumps during the day, then this indicates the formation of an abscess. A variant with tuberculosis is also possible. At elevated temperatures for several days, infection of the genitourinary system can be assumed. A situation is possible when the temperature drops the next day, this outcome indicates the possibility of an abdominal type;
  • Injuries. The cause of the fever may be hematomas and bruises received by you;
  • Tumors Benign or malignant, with temperature sometimes being the only sign;
  • Blood disease. These include leukemia, lymphoma and the like;
  • Chronic inflammation of the kidneys;
  • Joint diseases. Oddly enough, diseases such as arthritis can cause fever;
  • Meningococcal infection;
  • Allergy.

Temperature in children

  • A disease of an infectious or bacteriological origin;
  • Overheating of the body. It is mainly observed in the summer, if you spend a lot of time in the sun;
  • Tooth development. At a time when the child's teeth are being cut, an elevated temperature may be observed, which is easily removed with the appropriate drugs.

Sometimes, fever is safe, in such cases you can do without going to the doctor and you should not use drops Immunetika. Here in such cases, do not worry:

  • A person has recently suffered a stressful situation;
  • He was in a hot room for a long time;
  • There is a vegetovascular dystonia. Such a disease manifests itself as a periodic increase in temperature;
  • Teenage years. May be accompanied by short episodes of sudden fever.

The approaching season of exacerbation of the common cold can be a real test for people whose body can not be called hardy. Some people have to be sick throughout the autumn-winter period - in this case they speak of reduced immunity, the inability of the body to fight infections. People who rarely get sick, easily suffer even severe colds, the real lucky ones - even during epidemics, they can safely attend crowded events without fear of catching something serious.

For those who want to know what type of people he belongs to, as well as evaluate how correctly he assesses his state of health, our medical test will be interesting.

Take the test and find out the causes of your ailments, learn how to deal with them!

The principle of immunity

Any citizen who knows how to write, read and listen can clearly and simply explain the meaning of the word “immunity”. We are taught to understand the meaning of this indisputable fact from the life of our physiological nature, innate or acquired, almost from the day we begin to understand the meaning of my mother’s words: do not touch - it is dirty, do not eat - it is unwashed.

In everyday life, speaking in simple human language, immunity is a way of measuring the ability to survive. In pseudoscientific medical circles, this word has the following decoding: the ability of the human body to defend itself against alien harmful influences that are genetically incompatible with its nature. Well, a strictly scientific explanation of this phenomenon is not the subject of this report. The principle of operation of this ingenious mechanism is like a Windows program. Do you want to continue? Well no! Do you want to stay on the page? Well no! Do you want to save this resource? Well no! The organism asks the microbe: are you your own or a stranger? If yours is good, if not, then you are antigen! A command is given to develop antibodies and destroy the “alien”. This is the scheme of the drug Immunetika.

Microbes surround us everywhere and everywhere, there is no need to list surfaces and spaces - it is easier to say “the world consists of microbes”. Little man - a child comes into the world, already having immunity in stock. He has something on this subject in his blood, inherited from his mother, because their blood for 9 months was the same. But he is already exhausting this reserve by about 6 month of his life. Unfortunately, one must understand that parents do not always give their child immunity, sometimes a child inherits his absence. It follows from this that he, his childish body, needs to work on protection issues independently.

Everyone is susceptible to disease. This can be explained. The body conscientiously releases antibodies (diligently forms immunity) to each harmful microbe, respectively. But the world of microbes is also moving forward. It develops and expands in its unique inexhaustible variety, and this often happens at a higher rate than the development of immunity in the human body, therefore Immunetics drops come to our aid. There is something else interesting in this - evolution, including for this reason, has not stood still. Man and microbes have been at war all their adult life. As a result of this war, man has achieved such a perfection of brain activity that today allows him to create masterpieces of chemical origin, capable of helping him to participate more effectively in this battle. But, no matter how ordinary pharmacy masterpieces or ingenious folk recipes a person is armed, there is no more perfect combination of Immunetics with the natural mechanism of antibody production.

If a certain unlucky child “caught” the virus as a result of friendly communication with children in a kindergarten or at a party, then, having penetrated the blood, the microbial virus begins to spoil it. A harmful and aggressive virus is trying to destroy the vital balance of blood, because its nature is as follows: it is necessary to settle in the human body and multiply. Thanks to the drops Immunetika the body, having figured out that the virus does not correspond to its genetic characteristic, produces antibodies that kill the virus. There is no virus, antibodies have destroyed this particular species, but the ability to destroy it remains and is genetically remembered. This natural mechanism of immunity is the preserved ability to kill an already familiar virus. But not just a virus. Our ingenious nature is able to create antibodies to fight poisons, cancer cells, poor-quality or even the right medicines.

In the human body, many more various assistants are produced in the fight against harmful alien entities. One of the most famous of them, for example, the mechanics of action is the protein interferon. Our body produces it at high temperature. This fighter with harmful aliens indiscriminately destroys all harmful microbes, without concentrating like antibodies on any one virus.

There are some important features of these protective technologies - the body produces antibodies in a week, and interferon protein in 2 days. The development of protective mechanisms in the body is a constantly repeating biological process. To prove the truth that everything that happens in our body needs to be developed and improved, and especially in childhood it is a meaningless exercise. In order for a child to grow up healthy and tempered, loving parents should be aware of the fact that as soon as he stops drinking his mother’s milk, his immunity and biological protective mechanisms must embark on the path of self-improvement. This business should not be left to chance.

We unconditionally believe that immunity will save us from all diseases, it just has to serve us faithfully and unconditionally. But in fact, in order to get immunity, as a good servant, we need to work hard and devotedly to him, for his benefit, as the first and main lord of our life. How to work? It is necessary unconditionally and, in some cases, sacrificially, to devote one's strength to its creation. Everything that works inside us - our internal tireless workers - the heart, digestive system, respiratory and circulatory organs, needs training just like our limbs. And if a person has already figured out muscles and bones, he knows that physical education and sports are right, then a person does not think about training internal organs.

It is quite acceptable to get sick if the child’s body is trained, and all the nodules and mechanisms of his body work correctly, he will cope with the disease quickly. Otherwise, he will be ill for a long time, weakened oppressed defenses will slowly and listlessly fight against viruses. This is partly the reason for other harmful phenomena - allergies or allergies to infections. After all, allergy is also a protective function, but what is this protection? This defense is extreme. Such protection consumes human resources.

How to train and maintain the correct vital activity of the internal organs and life-supporting systems of the body? The correct timely healthy diet, the correct sleep and rest regime for the child, reasonable and moderate physical activity of the child. It is necessary to strictly avoid overloads and respond in a timely manner to fatigue or overwork. The general good condition of the child's body with timely intake of drops Immunetika, will ensure the production of the necessary proteins and antibodies, which will strengthen the immune system and give the child a chance to successfully fight diseases with his internal natural mechanisms.

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