Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

Orbitrin tablets are designed to restore the lost ability to distinguish between various objects at close and far distances, as well as help maintain eye health without laser correction, surgery, glasses and lenses.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

A person receives up to 80% of information through the eyes. Long pastime behind the monitor, use of contact lenses leads to loss of visual acuity. The eyes get tired, redden, itch, there is a burning sensation, dryness, sand in the conjunctival pockets. Unpleasant signs arise as a result of overwork, a feeling of gloomy blindness develops. To relieve painful symptoms, it is not necessary to go to the doctor. Visit the site https://obzoroff.info, we will tell you where to buy Orbitrin capsules to restore visual acuity.

Orbitrin is a mixture of herbal extracts that has been placed in capsules to protect against the damaging effects of gastric juices. The dietary supplement improves vision, prevents ophthalmic diseases, dilates the blood vessels of the eyeball, thereby reducing intraocular pressure.

Orbitrin restores vision without surgery. Recovery occurs after a course of treatment lasting from 10 to 30 days, depending on the type of disease and the severity of the pathological process. Elderly patients believe that their vision is impaired due to age-related changes. If the interaction of the eye muscles is disturbed, the sphere is flattened, visual acuity weakens.

People put on glasses, but with their help it is not always possible to correct flaws. Orbitrin capsules help restore visual acuity when other methods of conservative treatment do not lead to the desired result.

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We share information that will be useful for the following groups of people with visual impairment:

  • schoolchildren, students, office workers who spend a lot of time in front of the monitor;
  • drivers;
  • lovers of reading or watching television programs;
  • patients stopping after surgery or injury;
  • elderly people whose vision weakens against the background of age-related changes;
  • to anyone who has lost their visual acuity.

We recommend the Thai food supplement Orbitrin, which relieves twilight blindness, improves visual acuity, moisturizes the eye sphere, relieves the feeling of sand. The drug is produced in capsules, the contents of which are dried extracts of medicinal plants and vitamins. You will experience the first positive sensations 5 hours after taking the first pill.

Take Orbitrin and you will minimize the impact of negative factors on the organs of vision. Since the dietary supplement regulates the work of the musculature of the lens, the light rays are focused in the correct position. Sharpness of vision returns, blurring disappears.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

A striking effect is achieved by patients who combine the intake of the drug with gymnastics for the eyes. The inflammation of the conjunctiva stops. Rainbow circles disappear, black or multi-colored dots in front of the eyes disappear. Take Orbitrin healing capsules and take off your glasses, you won't need them.

The biological additive has a unique composition, the following drugs act similarly to it:

  • Cleanvision only sold in Europe and Vietnam;
  • OftalMaks out of production, so hard to find;
  • MaxiVisor have a limited shelf life due to the specific storage of raw materials for the manufacture of the drug;
  • BiOculist limited to delivery regions;
  • ActiVision obsolete vision product.

Orbitrin contains the following ingredients that are not used by manufacturers of other dietary supplements:

  • grape peel extract prevents macular degeneration and stops the development of cataracts;
  • green tea improves the condition of the eyelids and mucous membranes;
  • the combination of tocopherol and ascorbic acid normalizes blood circulation in the retina.

The manufacturer has posted information on the composition of the drug on the package.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

Orbitrin tablets have the unique ability to improve and restore vision and stop irreversible processes. Due to the natural nature of the composition, the drug is completely safe to use, does not cause side effects. To understand whether this is true or not, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of Orbitrin capsules, their effect on the human body, their composition and their comparison with alternative treatments.

The combination of the components of the food additive changes the aggressive acidic environment of the stomach and enters the small intestine. The weakly alkaline reaction of the duodenum allows digestive enzymes to dissolve the capsule shell. The active components of the food supplement are absorbed and transported by the blood to the tissues of the eye.

The capillaries expand, so the intraocular pressure decreases, the nutrition of the retina is restored. Flickering in the eyes disappears, black spots floating from left to right, annular opacities. The objects in question stop fluctuating, the veil falls, sharpness and clarity are restored.

The pain in the eyes disappears, the symptoms of twilight blindness cease, the pain subsides, and the bright light ceases to irritate. There is a feeling of comfortable hydration of the cornea - dry eye syndrome disappears and profuse lacrimation stops.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

The composition and action of the components included in the Orbitrin capsules

Orbitrin consists of the following herbal extracts:

  • Blueberries: their berries hold the record for the content of antioxidant anthocyanins. The complex of biologically active substances enhances visual acuity, cures cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: normalizes blood circulation in the brain and eye area. It prevents the growth of intraocular pressure, stops degenerative processes in the optic nerve. Relieves swelling, increases tissue resistance to viruses and bacteria, eliminates the symptoms of visual fatigue.
  • Grape peels - a natural antioxidant “Resveratrol” stops lens clouding, enhances insulin secretion, which prevents damage to retinal vessels, age-related macular degeneration.
  • Green tea - catechins protect the organ of vision from the development of glaucoma, moisturize the cornea, and prevent dry eye syndrome.
  • Vitamin E slows down age-related changes in the lens and fiber, protects the iris from ultraviolet radiation. Ascorbic acid binds free radicals and eliminates their harmful effects on the retina. Vitamin C strengthens mucous membranes, vascular walls, prevents bleeding in the eye area.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

Indications and contraindications for the use of Orbitrin capsules

Orbitrin is made from medicinal plants that are harvested in ecologically clean areas. Therefore, the food supplement has no side effects. The drug is prescribed in the following situations:

  • objects become blurry in dim lighting;
  • small text is not readable;
  • the conjunctiva or the eye sphere reddens;
  • the intensity of lacrimation increases - epiphora occurs;
  • rainbow circles or black, randomly moving dots appear;
  • eyelids swell;
  • a veil appears before the eyes;
  • annoying bright light.

Manufacturers claim that after taking the drug, a person restores the ability to enjoy the brightness of the colors of the world around him. The healing agent not only restores the sharpness of visual perception, but also protects the eyes from the destructive effects of particles, which have unpaired electrons on the outer shell. Therefore, the risks of dangerous ophthalmic diseases are reduced.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

Contraindications for use have not been established, nevertheless, individual intolerance to any active ingredient and excipient cannot be ruled out. If, after using the drug, lacrimation increases, skin rashes appear, itching occurs or digestion is upset, taking symptoms of an overdose, however, do not store the drug in places that are accessible to children.

There are no direct indications against the use of Orbitrin capsules, however, no trials have been carried out on pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, or preschool children.

In patients over 65, the hormonal status changes, chronic diseases develop, including pathologies of the organs of vision, therefore, in order to undergo a course of treatment, an ophthalmologist's approval is required.

Treatment of eye diseases is not a reason to deprive yourself of the little joys of life. The volunteers tested the compatibility of Orbitrin capsules with alcohol and found that one glass of dry wine per day does not interfere with the treatment process.

Reviews of specialists and customers about the drug for vision

Tests of the effectiveness of the nutritional supplement were carried out on 675 volunteers with various ophthalmic diseases or visual perception. The course of treatment lasted 30 days. All patients, with the exception of 34, stated that their visual acuity was restored with a weak sensation, blurring of perception disappeared. They began to distinguish between small print on the monitor and paper media. The manufacturer posted information about clinical trials on its own website.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

We managed to find reviews of an ophthalmologist, vascular surgeon and therapist about the use of drugs that are included as components of Orbitrin capsules. Doctors report that they prescribe herbal preparations as adjuvants for the treatment of diseases and the prevention of exacerbations in chronic eye diseases:

Ophthalmologist: people have vision problems due to overload. Before the onset of a critical condition, patients do not pay attention to the problem. When vision weakens completely, they carry out laser correction, wear glasses or lenses. I have tested Orbitrin capsules on my patients and recommend a nutritional supplement for eye treatment in the initial phase.

Physician: I prescribe Orbitrin when patients complain of blurred vision, nervous disorders, headaches. The dietary supplement cleans blood vessels from cholesterol and removes obstacles to the passage of nerve impulses. A person's mood improves, health improves, visual acuity increases.

Vascular Surgeon: I consider grape skin extract to be an excellent natural remedy for removing the fragility of the capillaries that supply blood to the eye tissue. I recommend eating dark colored grapes with the skins, I prescribe food supplements containing freeze-dried skins. The use of Orbitrin allows to do without surgical treatment of eye diseases.

Patients report that the extracts of blueberry, Ginkgo Biloba, grape peel, green tea included in the dietary supplement help to restore visual acuity or do not lead to the manifestation of an ophthalmic disease.

Instructions for use of Orbitrin vision capsules

The drug is a white capsule packed in blisters of 10 pieces. Orbitrin capsules are available in cartons of 2 packs each. The names of the active ingredients were placed on the box. The manufacturer does not disclose the percentage of each of the ingredients in the mixture.

The manufacturer's instruction recommends taking capsules twice a day, with an interval of 12 hours, the average duration of therapy is from 10 to 30 days, depending on the type of disease and the severity of the pathological process.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

The manufacturer did not specify when to take the medicine - before, during or after meals. To eliminate interference with absorption from food masses, take the medicine between meals. If it doesn’t work, it’s best after eating. When you miss a medication, do not despair. The components of the drug accumulate in the body, only the duration of the course of treatment increases.

To prevent the capsules from sticking to the walls of the esophagus, drink half a glass of still water. Juices, milk and spirits are not suitable for washing down the capsule. Do not open the capsules, they protect the contents from the aggressive environment of gastric juice. The shell dissolves in the slightly alkaline environment of the duodenum. Dietary supplement Orbitrin - does not treat chronic diseases in advanced form. If after a course of therapy recovery does not occur, contact an ophthalmologist.

Price, how and where to buy Orbitrin, delivery methods to Thailand

Orbitrin tablets are not available in pharmacies. Dietary supplements for vision are often counterfeited, and the manufacturer values ​​​​its reputation and does not trust unscrupulous traders. Do not try to find the manufacturer and buy the drug directly from him. Fraudsters pretend to be manufacturers, announce that their page is the official site. If you go to the manufacturer, buy one or more packages, it will turn out that the cost of delivery by mail or courier will be higher than the price of the drug. Producers of goods prefer not to sell them, but negotiate with regional dealers who distribute goods. Regular sellers are given a wholesale discount. So, on the manufacturer's website, a package of medicine costs 990 Thai baht, and at the dealer - 890.

To buy Orbitrin, go to the website of the official dealer, then introduce yourself to the sales manager, leave your phone number. Customer support staff will call you back, specify the terms of delivery, payment method. Fill out the form with your address and zip code. The drug will be delivered to you by a courier or you will receive a mail notification. Pay for the goods after receiving it in cash or cash on delivery.

Orbitrin for improving vision: composition of capsules, instructions, price

The administration of our magazine wishes you good health and sharp eyesight.

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