Eye-Plus Drops for vision restoration

Eye-Plus is a drop for restoring vision and treating ophthalmic diseases, in this article we will consider a description of the active ingredients that make up the drug, instructions and indications for use, as well as real reviews from experts and customers who have used this wonderful tool. Under the drug Oko-Plus should be understood as a medicine that has a special therapeutic and prophylactic property related to drugs with antioxidant effects. The composition of Oko-Plus includes components characterized as biologically active, which guarantees a successful fight against various types of ophthalmic diseases.

Certificate of Quality and Eye-Plus Drops Packaging

Scientists have spent about ten years on the development of the drug. During this period, a verified selection of components for Oko-Plus was made. The result was that we managed to create a tool whose effectiveness exceeds the capabilities of similar drugs from other manufacturers. The drops contain active substances that can have a healing effect almost instantly. Oko-Plus medicine is distinguished by deep penetration, which ensures the achievement of the required result in relation to the eyeball and retina.

The use of Eye-Plus allows in certain situations to eliminate the need for laser correction. Already after one course of treatment, vision begins to gradually return to normal, which makes it possible to hope, if not for a complete exclusion of surgical intervention, then to delay the need for it for up to several years.

photo packaging drops for vision eye plus

The composition of Oko-Plus includes flavonoid and beta carotene, which resist the aggressive influence of free radicals, which inhibits the aging of cells and leads to the prevention of a number of eye diseases:

  1. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eyes due to the negative effects of bacteria or viruses. As a result, profuse tearing appears, and the eyes begin to itch intensely.
  2. Cataract is a predominantly age-related disease characterized by clouding of the lens with its atrophy in the future.
  3. Glaucoma is a disease caused by high intraocular pressure, which worsens the peripheral perception of the world.
  4. Barley is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland, accompanied by purulent discharge, which manifests itself on both eyelids.
  5. Dry eyes - arising from damage to the tear film, leading to redness and the appearance of pain, in particular, it seems to a person that dust or a grain of sand has got there.

Eye-plus is characterized by many positive aspects, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • complete safety of use, since the drug is created on the basis of components exclusively of natural origin;
  • the use of the drug does not cause any pain;
  • the universality of the drug makes it possible to treat several types of eye diseases with a guarantee of maintaining the result for a long time;
  • revitalizing effect on the visual system, which implies an improvement in blood circulation and bringing intraocular pressure to standard indicators.

Where and at what cost can I buy Eye-Plus drops

The bulk of the drug’s sales is carried out using the manufacturer’s official resource through its own online pharmacy, at the same time it is also possible to turn to the pharmacy network to buy Oko-plus, as some institutions selling drugs have the drug in question in their nomenclature .

As for the cost, the price of Oko-Plus for a 10 ml bottle depends on the country in which you live:

  • 990 RUB - Russia;
  • 370 UAH - Ukraine;
  • 6990 tenge - Kazakhstan;
  • 349000 RUB - Belarus.

Eye-Plus drops to buy to restore vision

Attention! On the Internet there are a lot of sellers and various intermediaries who trade in counterfeit products, which fully applies to Eye Plus drops. Beware of fakes! A special code is applied to the packaging of the original drops, which is a set of numbers with which you can verify the authenticity of the drug on the official website.

When buying Oko-Plus on the manufacturer’s website, it should be borne in mind that for this you will have to place an order, wait for it to be received, and only then pay for the goods received, that is, prepayment is excluded in this case.

Eye Plus Drops Composition

Eye Plus Drops Composition

Eye-plus includes substances of natural origin, that is, this tool is spared the presence of chemical components. In particular, the composition of the drug includes:

  1. Carnosine is an antioxidant that provides restoration of vision due to a positive effect on the cornea with the lens, including the optic nerves. Carnosine is also able to slow down the development of cataracts.
  2. Carotenoids are natural substances, including zeaxanthin and luteolin, which feed the retina and act as a barrier to free radicals. By their role, they are a kind of light filter.
  3. Red clover in the form of juice is an antiseptic that disinfects the cornea, which helps to reduce inflammation of a purulent nature. It leads to a decrease in intraocular pressure and an improvement in capillary circulation.
  4. Barley juice is a kind of accumulation of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids, which removes toxins from the human body. It has natural anti-allergic properties and heals the retina due to the fact that it contains a large amount of beta-carotene. It is characterized by the presence of anti-allergic qualities.

vision restoration methods

Eye-Plus Benefits for Vision

Studies have confirmed that about 75% of people suffer in varying degrees of various eye diseases. This is due to poor ecology and the features of modern life, when, for example, prolonged sitting at a computer contributes to the deterioration of vision.

Oko-plus - drops that have received the approval of leading experts, which is supported by the availability of appropriate quality certificates. By applying these drops, you can:

  • restore normal one hundred percent vision without the need for various kinds of surgical interventions that are characterized by a high level of risk;
  • reduce the occurring intraocular pressure;
  • remove the feeling of eye strain that appears, for example, as a result of sitting at a computer;
  • prevent the appearance of various diseases in the form of the same glaucoma, which can completely deprive a person of vision;
  • carry out vision correction without the use of laser technology, which allows you to abandon glasses and contact lenses.

Eye-plus should also be taken as a tool that can be used to achieve a preventive effect in order to maintain the quality of vision at the proper level. In this case, the drug is suitable for everyone, and even children!

Useful properties of Eye Plus

Indications and contraindications

It is recommended to turn to the therapeutic effect of Eye-plus drops in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • vision falls due to age-related changes;
  • there is high intraocular pressure;
  • the so-called dry eye causes discomfort; redness occurs, accompanied by irritation in the eyes;
  • the fact is determined when problems arise with the eyes due to infection;
  • when your eyes are over-stressed;
  • myopia syndrome is noted.

Instructions for use Eye Plus

All Eye-Plus Drop Sets are provided with appropriate instructions that describe the rules for use. In this case, the drug is available for purchase without a doctor’s prescription, although it contains potent components. This is due to the fact that for the manufacture of drops using substances of a natural nature of origin. This is exactly what the creators of the drug aimed for when they developed this tool, which was supposed to be affordable and safe, as well as effective.

The course of treatment is determined for a period of one month. If during this period it was not possible to achieve the desired effect, then the course can be repeated again after some time. As for the direct use of the drug, it is necessary to adhere to certain recommendations:

  1. It is undesirable to interrupt the course of treatment even if the painful symptoms have disappeared. Only meeting the deadline gives hope that vision will recover and the disease will not return.
  2. The correct use of the product is to instill drops in the conjunctival sac.
  3. It is considered normal when Oka-plus is used three times a day, provided that each eye has three drops of the drug. If the case is severe, then the number of instillations may well be increased, but only taking into account the mandatory pause between doses of the drug, which should be at least 45 minutes.

Doctor's opinion on Eye Plus drops

Reviews and documentation for the drug Oko-Plus

Here you can read the opinion of Elena Malysheva about the drops in the TV show Live Healthy and real customer reviews of Oko-Plus.

The considered drug was introduced to the drug market relatively recently. During this time, Eye Plus drops received more than a thousand of the highest ratings from ophthalmologists, as well as those people who in practice used this medicine and were satisfied with the effect. In this regard, in order to once again make sure that Eye Plus eye drops are really an excellent working tool for the treatment of diseases associated with impaired vision, you should read the relevant reviews, which are easy to find on the Internet.

Eye-Plus drops have all the necessary certificates and are approved for sale in the CIS countries.

certificate and declaration of quality for drops oko-plus

This Eye-Plus drug has an analog available in capsule form. Maxivisor possessing no less useful properties for restoring lost vision.

Myopia and vision correction methods

Myopia is a disease of the lens of the eye in which vision is impaired. This disease can appear at any age and if it is not started, then it is possible 100% recovery of vision to the parameter "1".

In addition to the use of Eye-Plus drops, the most common treatment for myopia is the selection of glasses and lenses. Depending on the degree of visual impairment, they must be worn either all the time, or only when performing work related to eye strain. During their use, eye drops are used in parallel to reduce eye strain and moisturize the cornea. In case of deterioration, as well as improved vision, new glasses are prescribed with more suitable lenses.

Examples when you need to take breaks:

  • to sleep;
  • five-minute breaks for charging for the eyes;
  • while eating, if vision is not very badly damaged.

It is necessary to wear glasses in the following cases:

  • when working at a computer;
  • when reading books;
  • during the study of prices in the store at a distant location of the window;
  • while driving on the road, but if vision is low.

Medication for myopia

Drug treatment is divided into several parts:

  • Vitamin preparations are prescribed to strengthen the sclera (calcium, ascorbic acid);
  • To speed up the metabolism in the retina and eyeball (aloe, taufon);
  • To relieve spasms in the eye (1% methasone);
  • Improving blood circulation in the eyeball (the drug "Trentap").
  • For high-quality treatment with Oko-Plus medication, it is carried out with therapy complexes twice a year.

Surgical treatment of vision

Surgical treatment of vision is the most effective. In this case, the use of Eye-Plus is not necessary. At the moment, all surgical operations to restore vision are performed with a laser, so another name is laser microsurgery. For this reason, it is expensive. It is used with a strong degree of myopia "-6" and more.

Next, the main options for the surgical treatment method will be considered:

  • Laser vision correction at a given time is the best and most effective method of treating myopia and complete restoration of vision. With this operation, the shape of the cornea of ​​the eye is changed. Thus, the shape of the cornea with a laser is obtained like a lens, which for each patient has its own parameters. It is used for visual impairment up to 15 diopter. This operation is done in 1 day and does not require a sick leave.
  • Lensectomy is the replacement of the eye lens. This treatment is used with a significant degree of myopia - from 16 to 20 diopters and impaired eye focus. This method consists in removing and replacing the lens of the eye when it ceases to fulfill its functions. At the same time, an artificial lens of the necessary strength is placed inside the eye. All operations are done using a micro incision and ultrasound conversion of the lens into a liquid. Then it is removed from the eye and replaced with artificial. The duration of a standard operation is an average of 15-20 minutes and is seamless.
  • The method of radial keratotomy. This method at the initial appearance made a breakthrough in eye operations. With keratotomy on the cornea, radial incisions are made that are not through. When they heal, a change in the shape of the cornea occurs and the optical power improves, and hence the patient’s vision.

There are many negative aspects of this treatment method:

  • Requires a sick leave due to a long recovery after surgery;
  • Only one eye is operated on in one operation;
  • The result is impossible to predict;
  • There can be severe complications during exertion (heavy physical work, exercises in the gym, weight transfer during repairs or rearrangements in the house);
  • This method is used very rarely in our time and with great care, for the most part radial keratotomy is performed at the request of the patient.

From this article, we can conclude that the best treatment for myopia is its prevention by taking vitamins, eating carrots and blueberries. If the disease has appeared and is progressing, then it is best to look towards laser microsurgery, since glasses (lenses) are a kind of "crutches".

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