Titan Gel to enlarge the penis and accelerate penis growth

Titan Gel for penis enlargement at home by 5-6 cm in just 4 weeks: description, composition, reviews and instructions for use Titan Gel. How to enlarge your penis? This question is asked by thousands of people and now it has become possible to accelerate the growth of the penis thanks to a completely unique tool for accelerating the growth of a man's penis, reviews of which exploded on all social networks. And this is not surprising, because the cream Titan Gel many actors in the porn industry have been using it for a long time and the results are really impressive: those who saw films with the same participants should have noticed the difference!

What can I say? This so-called "Chlenokrem" has become unrealistically popular thanks to the successful development of the closed institute SeXiGamer "located in Germany, a country known for its special technologies in the development of Adult culture, and now enjoys incredible popularity among most men living in various parts of our planet. Today, our friend called the Internet, of course, has a lot of information about it, but we decided to make a fair and correct review of this product in order to talk about its advantages, in terms of the benefits of the cream Titan Gel for penis enlargement in the amount of 1 month.Titan gel original

What's happened Titan Gel to increase the size of the penis?

It has long been the case that the size of the male genital organ is one of the most popular and discussed issues among women. Often, most women claim that it is the size of the penis that affects the strength of their sensation of orgasm. Nevertheless, the latest results of an anonymous survey show that over 75% of women who want to have a large penis in their men. What for? Personally, as an author of an article, I don’t understand Waiting for comments!

penis enlargement results with titanium gel

The modern adult and sex services market offers a variety of intimate products that help to achieve significant male genital enlargement with the least amount of effort. However, most of them are not beneficial or even harmful to the body. For example, a classic vacuum pump often results in painful symptoms after use. At the moment, in the world of modern medicine, there is not a very pleasant solution to the issue - this is a surgical procedure. However, the cost of such operations is very high and the risk of injury or side effects is also very high.

That is why Russian scientists, thanks to the secrets of the Siberian peoples, have developed this product that will help to achieve positive results without side effects and without pain. This product is called Titan Gel and is patented in Switzerland, also successfully sold in Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Titan Gel for penis enlargement has many positive reviews in the CIS countries, although the question arises why they need this tool for them, and so nature gave them more than they need!

The complex of the accelerator of the growth of the penis to increase its size and volume, an important sexual organ of any man, includes the joint results of innovative developments of scientists and sexologists. A unique cream has been developed to increase the length and thickness of the penis Titan Gel with a patented formula that was invented by German scientists. Thanks to this, Titan Gel received the maximum number of positive reviews and comments from experts in the field of sexology.

Scientists, using the recommendations of the Association of Leading Urologists in Europe, have developed a unique gel that is guaranteed to increase the size of the penis in just 30 days and make it more voluminous. At the same time, the cream has no side effects, is not addictive, and has no effect on the genitourinary system and is absolutely safe. This is confirmed by the international Quality Certificate of the Titan Gel product.

What size should an ideal penis be?

A lot of talk is being conducted about what size the genital organ of a “real kid” should be, because if you look at the nature of the men, it’s about how deer measure their horns, and men measure their genital organs. Unfortunately, for fans to brag of this particular subject of their body, only the size remains a certain advantage over others - visually.

For other parameters - for example, the ability to extend your genus - size will not matter, and there are no advantages left. Therefore, all the "euphoria" about large sizes, "giant hoses" and other statements becomes no more than an empty concern, but it also gives rise to a lot of talk about the possibility of increasing the size of the penis, which, in principle, is possible by using a gel to increase the penis Penilux or Titan gel.

Regarding the girls who, as they believe, it is vitally necessary to have a guy with a huge cock, this does not always become a “smart” idea, if only due to physiological characteristics (it is likely that instead of pleasure you can get only a long breakdown in a causal place) .

Similarly to the size of male genital dimensions, this reasoning applies to female genital organs. The woman’s vagina also cannot be very small - otherwise, either the woman cannot relax, or this is a physiological feature of the hymen. In other words, the vagina should be sufficiently normal in size for the reason that the fetus should fit in it.

Similarly, it is a mistake to think that the vagina may turn out to be “too huge” - the problem may lie in the small variety of selected poses during sex, and you should choose something new (for example, so that the partner’s hips are tightly pressed together). It is the size of the genital organ that will determine those poses that will give the greatest pleasure to a particular couple, but not more.

Regarding the penis of a man in an unexcited state, this is not the main factor here - with an erection, the penis will take on its “true” appearance. Continuing the theme of the size of male genitalia, it can be extended to male testicles - small or very huge does not affect their direct function.

In practice, larger penis enlarged using Titan Gel young women should be wary, especially if it is on top - it is likely that it can get an ovarian injury (men experience the same pain when they hit the testicles). In all other respects - go for it and experiment in achieving what you want.

Application effect Titan Gel

Absolute naturalness of the composition Titan Gel, provides the best results for an increase in the size of the penis, and as an additional bonus, it strengthens its stable erection, increases libido and sexual desire on the part of the female. Taking this tool, a person can have sex for no less than the duration of 2-3 hours in the "Non-stop" mode, you and your body will not experience any difficulties and fatigue.

Yes! It is guaranteed! In addition, Titan Gel helps ensure guaranteed maximum orgasm for your girlfriend, which will present you for her the best lover from the first possible. (She does not know about the secret of using this tool and believes only in her feelings!)

Based on the fact that the cream does not contain any hormonal and chemical components, it can be used daily. Agree, this is a very nice property?

What is definitely worth saying about the action of the product Titan Gel: Size increases by 42-46% of the original size, moreover, this is due to the fact that the product is clinically tested and certified.

Action Titan Gel based on the natural activation of the reproductive system to increase testosterone production and increase the flow of blood in the genitals:

  • The effect of penis enlargement is noticeable after 2-4 weeks after the start of use;
  • This is 100% natural and safe drug, it only affects the penis itself and does not affect other internal organs;
  • It is very easy to use at home;
  • Fairly affordable price and quality of the product, which is very easy to find on the Internet.

Where to buy Titan gel anonymously with delivery

To buy Titan Gel and to become its next owner, it is enough to go to the store of the manufacturer of this product, the price of Titan gel very pleasantly surprises customers and allows them to return to buy as a gift for their friends.

Buy titan gel for penis enlargement with delivery

The Titan Gel product is certified and approved for sale in 57 countries of the World, a list of which can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

If you want to buy anonymously Titan Gel at a discount, it is quite easy to do, since this cream is sold in many countries of the European Union and Asia. On the territory of each country, delivery from an official distributor is available.

Titan Gel to enlarge the penis and accelerate penis growth


Within 15 minutes after placing the order, the company manager calls the customer’s contact number and specifies the delivery address of the goods.

How to apply Titan Gel for best results

The answer to this question is unequivocal: Titan Gel easy to use, just apply the cream on the penis 2 hours before intercourse and let it be absorbed completely. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to use olive oil together with Titan Gel to achieve the best effect. It is strictly forbidden to use various lubricants with this cream, as its effectiveness is reduced by almost 2 times.

reviews about titanium gel

Exercises for penis enlargement using Titan gel

Penis Enlargement Exercises Using Titan Gel

Performing these simple exercises in combination with titanium gel, you can easily do without a vacuum pump and the use of an extender.

How to increase penis size without surgery

Next, we will talk about how to increase the size of the penis in six months without using Titan Gel  and surgery at home. Penis enlargement is a fairly common topic, since the size of the male genital organ has always and at all times worried not only men, but also women.

Then we’ll talk about one old, unpopular, you can even say forgotten methodology for increasing manhood, because everyone wants everything to be on top during intercourse. Many men in solving their problems use various advertised creams, go for surgery, but this is far from an option, since it often negatively affects their health.

The technique that will be discussed is not very complicated, but it is categorically important before it is used to undergo examinations by male specialist doctors, such as a urologist, andrologist, and make sure that everything is normal with health. Only after a full examination can you put on yourself experiments on the application of this miracle technique, both with and without the use of Titan Gel cream.

The essence of the method is that the male genital organ is gradually “stretched”. Cells lengthen, and the formed voids after a while begin to fill with other cells. The cells of the male organ begin to grow both diametrically and in length. Literally in half a year you can achieve an effect in plus 4 cm. Of course, the result also depends on the characteristics of the body. It can vary both up and down. It all depends on the elasticity of the cells.

The algorithm for applying the penis enlargement technique is as follows: at the very base of the organ, the penis must be squeezed for 20 seconds as much as it can, in order to reduce blood flow. The main thing is not to overdo it in pursuit of the expected result. Then we take a break for 30 seconds. After each exercise, be sure to take a break of half a minute so that the blood flow does not stop, but only slows down a little. With this method, the body will go into an erect state. Next, the penis must be pulled straight within 20 seconds. Do not forget that you do not need to be too zealous. Zeal is good, but the purpose of the technique is not to do harm, but to do better. After a break of 30 seconds, repeat the exercise of pulling up and down on yourself, observing the time intervals.

That is the whole exercise. Pretty light and fast. It is better to engage in this technique after a certain relaxation, for example, after a bath, and it is imperative to be in a standing position. The exercise must be repeated systematically for 6 months. After a couple of months you will notice how your body will increase by 1,5-2 centimeters. But you do not need to immediately enjoy the results and throw the course. In order for the new parameters to consolidate and continue to please the eye, and not only, the exercise must be repeated for at least six months daily. Also, periodically, the exercise time must be increased by 2 seconds until you reach the 5 minutes in each step. As soon as you manage to achieve five-minute training, you should continue all exercises until the expiration of six months without changing the time interval.

There is no need to be ashamed, doubtful or afraid. It is better to discard all prejudices, because this exercise really works. Try this technique and you won't regret it. But, before starting your classes, it is strongly recommended to visit the necessary doctors, and then only observe certain intervals of exercise and not overdo it in compressing and stretching your "unit". Remember that rich is not healthy, and the purpose of this technique is to improve the parameters given by nature and not harm yourself. Also, do not forget that every human body is unique, and the fact that for someone the result of 4 centimeters is not the limit, but for someone 3 is beyond praise. All people are unique, and you need to love yourself for who you are, and not use Maral gel and other creams for quick penis enlargement.

Reviews on the use of titanium gel

Reviews Titan Gel and the comments of men who experienced its effect on themselves are full of admiration for the results achieved in a short time. Now there is no need to be shy about the size of the penis, because it is very easy to increase it at home without surgical intervention and various devices, for example, what they write in the MAXIM magazine about how Tarzan increased his volume and length of the penis in just a couple of weeks.

Often on the Internet they are looking for what the packaging of a real titanium gel looks like, who is its manufacturer, and so friends, in order not to run into a fake, pay attention to the image of the original Titan Gel product, which indicates a volume of 50 milliliters, which is enough for use for two people.

Original titanium penis growth gel

customer reviews titanium gelIn addition, it is recommended to read the article on the causative agent of women Fort Love, yes, yes, about that very Forte Love known in narrow circles of famous pick-ups and seducers of the fair sex, who always have sex on a first date!

Who cares, you can read an article about an equally effective tool Titanium for quick penis enlargement in length and thickness. It has been used by many people in Europe over the past two years, which means that the gel really helps to increase the size of the penis of a man. There is no need to resort to surgical intervention!

Recommendations on how to prolong sexual intercourse

As a rule, a woman during sex needs more time to reach orgasm. A familiar situation: a woman has just entered a rhythm, and a man has already reached a peak of pleasure. This can lead to disagreements, quarrels and breaks. To maintain a relationship, you can use the methods of prolonging sexual intercourse:

  • Masturbation. Rare sexual intercourse is another reason that leads to rapid ejaculation. In this case, masturbation on the eve of a meeting with a partner would be the best solution. This will help relieve stress and increase the chances of prolonging sexual intercourse.
  • Muscle training. Kegel exercises help not only women, but also men. They are used for problems of the genitourinary sphere and for prolonging sexual intercourse.
    First you need to find the pubic muscle. To do this, during urination, you need to stop it without the help of the legs, buttocks or abs. If everything is done correctly, it was the pubic muscle that came into tension. Kegel exercises for men suggest tensioning this muscle with three sets of 15 repetitions daily. In this case, you can only imagine the process of urination, without at all visiting the restroom.
  • Lack of anxiety. If before sex a man feels that everything will end too quickly, then most likely it will be so. Do not cheat yourself, because you can bring your partner to orgasm in other ways.
  • Prelude. Prelude allows you to think about a partner and get the maximum level of arousal. It allows you to delay the pleasure and make the orgasm more vivid.
  • Condom use and Titan Gel as a lubricant. Lubricants with an anesthetic will allow prolonging sexual intercourse, delaying the moment of ejaculation. In this case, the good old condom can also become an assistant: as a rule, sex with a condom lasts longer. You can use condoms for anal sex: they are thicker than classic ones and treated with an anesthetic lubricant.
  • Use of erection rings. These are such sex toys that allow you to delay ejaculation, this is due to the slow outflow of blood from the penis.
  • Change of position during intercourse. This will not only diversify the sexual life, but also for a short time to distract from sexual intercourse, and this, in turn, prolongs it.

Techniques and exercises to delay orgasm

Try these simple exercises to make a slight delay in the onset of orgasm:

  • Cessation of stimulation. This technique can be used both during sexual intercourse and in the process of masturbation. It consists in the termination of stimulation, if the man feels that the orgasm is already close, and its resumption, when this sensation disappears.
  • Deep breath. When a man feels that a release will come soon, he slows down his movements and takes several deep breaths. This allows him to relax and be briefly distracted from intercourse.
  • Slow penetration. Fast movements should be avoided. First, a man slowly penetrates into a partner and makes several slow translational movements within three seconds. In the following 5 minutes, frictional acceleration is possible. If a man feels that his orgasm is close, you can stay inside the partner for a while, and then continue sexual intercourse.
  • Technique Seven-nine so as not to finish for a long time. The secret is to make seven quick and nine slow movements during sex. This will help the woman enter a comfortable rhythm, and the man to delay the release.
  • Distracted thoughts. If a man feels that the orgasm is close, you can briefly focus on some extraneous thought, this will reach the peak of pleasure a little later.

Multi orgasm in men and the secrets of oriental practices

Eastern sexual practices hold many secrets, among which, according to followers, and multiple orgasm in men. The basic principle is to restrain ejaculation and spread sexual energy throughout the body. It is believed that this way a man can extend his pleasure and give a woman more pleasure, regardless of the size of a penis pumped with Titan Gel  or its European counterpart Maral Gel.

First of all, you need to know that ejaculation consists of two stages. The first stage is the reduction of the prostate, in which the sperm prepares to enter the urethra. The second stage is actually ejaculation. In order not to end too quickly, prolonging sex, and experience new sensations of orgasm without ejaculation, you need to learn to control both stages. This means that it is necessary to recognize when the contraction of the prostate occurs, and to be able to restrain ejaculation.

For this, according to Taoist practices, it is necessary, first of all, to strengthen the pubic-coccygeal muscle (abbreviated as PC muscle). It is this muscle that turns on when you hold back urination as needed. The stronger this muscle, the better the erection, the brighter the orgasm, and the higher the ability to delay ejaculation. In addition to training the PC muscle, you need to learn how to breathe correctly, with which you can distribute energy throughout your body. First step. To begin with, you should practice when urinating - each time hold back the stream for a couple of seconds, then relax. You must repeat these steps 3 to 6 times. In this case, you train the PC muscle, which subsequently will help to restrain ejaculation, since seminal flows go through the same muscle group as the urinary. So we do the following exercises:

  • We pump the LK muscle. To make the LK muscle even stronger, you first need to exhale deeply and relax it, and then, taking a deep breath, tighten it as much as possible. You must repeat these steps 10-12 once daily. You can do this exercise anywhere and at any convenient time. For best performance, breathe slowly while increasing muscle contraction time.
  • Learning to breathe. According to Taoist practices, proper breathing promotes the distribution of sexual energy throughout the body and helps to maintain ejaculation, thus allowing an orgasm to be experienced throughout the body. In order to learn the breathing technique, you need to sit straight on a chair, relax your shoulders and put your hands on your stomach. Then inhale deeply through your nose and feel your stomach rise. Then exhale, contracting your lower abdomen, leaving your ribcage relaxed. In this case, the penis and testicles should tighten. Repeat 18-36 times.
  • Take control of the orgasm. First you need to retire and provide a calm and comfortable environment so that nothing bothers you. Relax and caress yourself, focusing on the sensations. Try not to immerse yourself in fantasies, they will not allow you to focus on your body. Also pay attention not only to the penis, but also to the scrotum, vary the rhythm and intensity of movements. The bottom line is to smoothly increase excitations, while not provoking ejaculation.

When you feel close to orgasm, stop petting and take a deep breath. So your sexual energy, concentrated in the genital area, will spread throughout the body. When you feel that you are absolutely ready to cum, try to contain the cum. To do this, stop touching the penis, take a deep breath and inhale, and squeeze the PC muscle as much as possible, holding your breath. At the same time, tense other muscles in the body, count to 10 and relax. You should feel the contraction of the prostate, as it does with orgasm, but there will be no ejaculation. Plus, you will feel that the sexual energy is still with you.

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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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