StandUp Gel for penis enlargement: new opportunities for men

StandUp Gel This is a special, non-medicinal product, the action of which is aimed at increasing the male genital organ. A cream to improve penis growth in length will allow you to achieve results after several dozen applications. With this cream, a man will be able to normalize his sex life. In addition, he will begin to feel more confident when communicating with members of the opposite sex.

StandUp Gel for penis enlargement

Cream StandUp for penis enlargement in length begins actively with actions on the genitals after the first application. And for a man, the course of using this drug will solve the following problems and open up new possibilities:

  • Rapid ejaculation. This problem negatively affects the duration of sexual intercourse. After applying the substance, the head of the penis will become less sensitive. Thanks to this, it will be possible to prolong sexual intercourse by blunting the nerve endings of the penis;
  • Low testosterone. This sex hormone is produced in the testes. Its production affects sexual desire and reproductive function. But with age, testosterone production is significantly reduced. Because of this, a man has health problems. A decrease in testosterone negatively affects sexual desire. In addition, the lower the amount of testosterone, the greater the risk of developing depression;
  • Infertility. Using penis cream optimizes sperm movement. Thanks to this, sperm quality becomes higher. This has a positive effect on the reproductive function of men.

Instructions for use StandUp Gel

StandUp Gel It is recommended to use for men regularly, since only with constant use of the product will the result be visible. The cream must be rubbed daily into the penis with light massaging movements for 10 minutes. After this, you need to wait until the cream is completely absorbed. You can not wash off the substance, since in this case a positive result from the use of the product will not follow. The course of applying the cream for penis enlargement should be at least 1 month. If you want to achieve new opportunities and even greater results, you need to use the tool for two months. It is also recommended to periodically repeat the course of use StandUp Gelbut it’s better to do this no more than once every six months.

Advantages StandUp Gel before traditional methods

Advantages StandUp Gel before traditional methods


Now most of the stronger sex is concerned about the size of their penis. Therefore, many manufacturers began to produce drugs that are aimed at penis enlargement. But StandUp Gel surpasses similar substances in many ways, even the famous cream Titanium. The following properties should be attributed to its advantages:

  • The speed of achieving the result. The substance will begin to positively affect the male genitals after the first procedure. And literally after three or four uses of the cream, your penis will become much larger, and the duration of sexual intercourse will increase;
  • Structure. Unlike analogues, this penis enlargement cream does not contain components that adversely affect a man’s health. Even with prolonged use, the substances in the composition of the drug do not cause allergies;
  • Replacement with other contraceptives. During intercourse, the cream can be used as an intimate lubricant, it is suitable even for anal sex;
  • Saving the effect of using the cream for a long time. Most men in their reviews note that their member has not changed in size for a long time after the end of the use of the drug;
  • No addiction. Thanks to the natural components in the composition of the cream for enlarging the penis, a man does not have a dependence on its use;
  • Reasonable cost. Price StandUp Gel much lower than that of analogues, and cream consumption is less. This allows you to save money and get a noticeable result.

Clinical Trials of Cream StandUp Gel

The composition and action of the components StandUp Gel

The penis enlargement cream contains substances that are safe for the man’s body. Therefore, the drug does not cause an allergic reaction even after prolonged use.

Cream StandUp Gel contains exclusively natural ingredients that have no synthetic analogues. In addition, the safety of each component in the product has been tested empirically. As a result of testing, it was found that the substances have a positive effect and do not contribute to the appearance of any diseases.

The detailed composition of the cream for increasing the size of the penis is presented in this picture.

The composition and action of the components StandUp Gel

Indications and contraindications

Penis enlargement cream is intended for all men who have problems with the size of their male penis. You can start using the tool to all those who have already begun to have sex. Thanks cream StandUp Gel young people will be able to feel more confident during sex. Also, penis enlargement cream should be used by those at risk of infertility. The drug stimulates the production of sperm, therefore, has a positive effect on fertility.

Due to the fact that the composition of the substance contains only components of natural origin, there are no contraindications to the use of this agent. But before applying the cream, it is recommended to study what it is made of, since a man may have intolerance to certain substances.

Reviews and opinions of doctors and buyers about the gel

Customer feedback on action StandUp Gel

Although the penis enlargement cream went on sale not so long ago, many experts already recommend it to their patients. This happens because this drug is the best of its kind. Doctors note its natural composition and quality of active ingredients. During the testing of the cream, no urologist revealed an allergic reaction from the use of the drug.

Reviews StandUp Gel Customers leave from 20 to 40 years old. Almost 90% of those who use this cream note that they saw how their penis enlarged after 5-6 rubbing. And after the course of use, everyone says that their penis has become longer by at least 5 centimeters, and the thickness of the organ has increased by 1,5-2 cm (these figures may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the man’s body). Moreover, such a result was preserved even after several months.

Also in the reviews on the penis enlargement cream it is said that there are no side effects. The drug affects 100% of men exclusively in a positive way. All men note that the cream StandUp Gel allowed to diversify their sex life. After all, the drug not only contributes to the production of testosterone, but also solves problems with erection.

Effect from application StandUp Gel

Price, how and where to buy StandUp Geldelivery methods

Buy StandUp Gel You can on the official website of the manufacturer, in addition, new customers can count on a good discount of up to 30-40%. Only there you can find the original tool at the best price. Do not trust the reseller stores, as there are often fakes, which in their composition contain substances that have a negative effect on the body.

Ordering a cream for enlarging the penis can be easily done on the manufacturer’s website. Delivery is carried out by mail to anywhere in the world. The buyer will be able to receive his order with cream in just a few days. Before shipping, the goods are carefully packed, so the products are not deformed during transportation, and no one will know about the contents of the parcel. The cost of drug delivery depends on how far the settlement is from the warehouse. You need to pay for the cream when you receive the parcel in the mail in any convenient way: by credit card or in cash.

Where can I buy StandUp Gel with delivery

Price StandUp Gel in Russia is 990 rubles, the delivery of this cream for penis enlargement is carried out by mail to the following countries: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine.

A few words about sex safety

Sexual abstinence is the only 100 percent way to avoid becoming pregnant. If there is no sexual activity, then the eggs cannot meet with sperm. Most teens do not have sexual experience. However, if a couple in love decides to have sex, then they should adhere to the rules described below.

The composition of contraceptives includes the same hormones that are in the girl's body. They regulate the menstrual cycle and counteract the fertilization of the eggs. Today, pharmacies offer many such pills with different combinations of hormones. Most often they need to be consumed regularly (most daily). It’s best to consult a gynecologist before you start sexually so that your doctor can examine you and prescribe contraceptives that are best for you. The correct and timely use of the tablets is almost 100-percent guarantee of an unwanted pregnancy.

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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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