Penilux Gel for quick penis enlargement in length and thickness

Too many men experience complexes due to the small size of the penis. Until now, surgery was considered the most effective method of dealing with this problem. But not everyone can decide to have a penis enlargement surgically. Fortunately, an effective and safe alternative - cream for men - has recently become available. Penilux Gel, which allows you to quickly increase the member in length and volume in a few weeks, without the use of vacuum pumps and extenders.

Penilux was tested in laboratory conditions and successfully passed clinical trials. According to the results of studies, the quality of the drug and its harmlessness to health were fully confirmed. Gel formula Penilux based solely on natural ingredients that do not cause adverse reactions in either men or women.

The effect of Penilux gel on the growth of the penis is impressive, since with proper use, the size of the penis can increase by 5 cm per month. Moreover, the achieved effect will be very persistent. It is enough to complete one full course and enjoy the result.

Interesting fact! Initially, the gel was developed for porn actors. Therefore, it is easy to verify that the tool really works. A persistent erection and an impressive penis size of actors is the result of applying this cream, which means it will help everyone!

The men's magazine Hustler contains an interview with the famous porn actress Sasha Gray, who talked about how they prepare actors for filming films and how they help Penilux Gel reach a large member in length and volume in a very short time.

Cream for penis enlargement Penilux Gel box and tube

Composition of Penilux Gel for Penis Enlargement

All active ingredients of the male Penilux gel are of vegetable origin. Penetrating into the tissue of the organ, they stimulate their growth, and the penis begins to grow significantly. And while there is no need to use auxiliary methods, such as pumps.

Other drugs in addition to gel Penilux also do not need to apply. This means that a man’s body will not be affected by potent toxic components.

The natural components in the gel activate the production of male hormones, the level of which determines the development of the genitals. All extracts for the production of the gel are obtained from environmentally friendly plant materials, so unpleasant side reactions are completely excluded. Men's cream Penilux gives excellent results thanks to the combined action of such components:

  • Horse chestnut. It has a powerful tonic and firming effect. Makes blood circulation in the intimate zone more intense, due to which the tissues are filled with blood, more oxygen and nutrients come to them. Therefore, the genital organ increases in size, and the erection becomes persistent.
  • Ginseng extract. It has a beneficial effect on the reproductive organs of men. Able to increase libido and enhance erection. In addition, under his action, the quality of sperm is significantly increased, sexual intercourse is much longer, and pleasant sensations are enhanced.
  • Ginger. This root has earned a reputation as one of the best natural aphrodisiacs. It accelerates the synthesis of testosterone in the male body and is one of the most reliable ways to prevent impotence.
  • Japonica. Tones up and stimulates the reproductive system, improves the quality of the sexual act.
  • Muira Puama. It has a wide range of therapeutic effects. It prolongs an erection, increases libido in a man and his partner, improves reproductive health, and has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system.

Penilux Gel Composition

Where can I buy Penilux and what is its price

Currently, this drug is not sold in the pharmacy network. Given that many men are embarrassed to personally buy such a cream, its order is easier to place on the Internet. To do this, go to the official website and leave a request.

We draw attention to an important point - the gel for penis enlargement began to enjoy immense popularity, which can be used by fraudsters selling fakes. Therefore, beware of dubious intermediaries and order the cream only from an authorized representative: buy Penilux it is possible in 27 countries of the world absolutely anonymously, the price of Penilyuks gel is about 900 rubles in Russia, 400 hryvnias in Ukraine, 5500 tenge in Kazakhstan, more information about the cost can be found on the official website, and also get a free consultation by phone.

Penilux Gel for quick penis enlargement in length and thickness


Features of the use of Penilux Cream

Effective gel for men Titanium gel in use is quite simple. It should be borne in mind - to achieve a good effect, the cream is applied regularly, once a day. It is advisable not to miss a single day.

The cream is rubbed into the organ with light movements for 10 minutes. You cannot wash off the product, otherwise most of the useful components will not be absorbed into the tissues. Therefore, hygiene measures are first performed, and only then the gel is applied. The minimum course is about one month. During sex without a condom, the cream can serve as an intimate lubricant even for anal sex.

Advantages of the drug PeniluxGel for penis enlargement

Recent scientific studies have shown that nature has laid a natural growth potential in the male genital organ. Therefore, it can be increased by at least 5 centimeters, if you choose the right stimulant. Penilux Gel is one of the safest penis growth stimulants. We list its main advantages in comparison with other drugs:

  • Quickly achieve noticeable results. In just four weeks, the organ increases by several centimeters.
  • Lasting effect. Most of the men who used this gel note that after the termination of the course they managed to maintain the result.
  • Normalization of erectile function. With regular application Penilux Gel, men achieve an erection faster, and it lasts much longer.
  • Increased libido and improved sexual capabilities. Arousal comes quickly, the quality of sexual intercourse improves, pleasant sensations become more intense.
  • Complete safety for the body. Since the product consists of plant extracts, adverse reactions can not be feared.

Thus, the drug has many advantages. That is why the reviews of men about Penilux Gel is mostly positive. Moreover, men note that after applying the cream, not only sexual life improves, but also a feeling of self-confidence appears. Psychological complexes are leaving, successes in business and career are outlined.

How does work Penilux and results

After applying the cream, the complex of active ingredients penetrates deep into the tissues of the body. They become elastic and stretch, resulting in enlargement of the cavernous bodies of the penis. During the Penilux course, you will notice the following changes:

  • In 7 days, the length of the penis will become 1 cm longer.
  • After 2 weeks, the organ will grow half a centimeter in volume and add another 1 cm in length.
  • After 3 weeks, the thickness of the organ will increase by another 0,5 cm, and the length by 1 cm.
  • In a month (when the course is completed), the general indicators will be as follows: plus 5 cm in length and plus 2 cm in thickness.

Penilux Gel Results

The effect of using the penis enlargement gel Penilux

Gel for men Penilux has a comprehensive healing effect on the organs of the reproductive system:

  • The course of the drug allows men to make love when they want, and not when the genitals are ready for it.
  • Already at the initial stage of the course, a man's erection is much improved. There are no side effects.
  • In just a month, the penis grows several centimeters.
  • Sexual arousal occurs regularly.
  • The duration of the sexual act increases, the likelihood of premature ejaculation is reduced.
  • More active sperm cells appear in semen.
  • The feelings of both partners become more vivid and intense.

The opinion of doctors and user reviews

According to medical research, the benefits of the gel for male reproductive health have been fully confirmed. According to doctors, one of the main advantages of Penilux Cream is the narrow focus of its action. As a topical preparation, Penilux acts exclusively on the tissues of the penis. Other important body systems are not affected. That is, the cream has practically no contraindications. It can be safely used by all men (even the elderly), without fear of side effects.

Laboratory tests confirmed that the 100% formulation consists of natural ingredients. In the cream, not a single chemical compound harmful to health was detected. In addition, doctors confirm that the active components of Penilux act at the cellular level and accelerate the regeneration of organ tissues. This ensures rapid growth of the penis and a significant improvement in erection.

Men who applied the cream evaluated it according to a simple principle - it works or does not work. According to polls, more than 80% were satisfied with the effect. The rest, most likely, acquired a fake or used the drug irregularly. On average, the penis growth rate per course was 4,5 cm.

Naturally, there were men who discovered some flaws in this gel. By the disadvantages of its use, they attributed:

  • Too strong an erection, because of which sexual intercourse lasted a very long time.
  • The likelihood of acquiring a fake.
  • Price Penilux gel (about 1000 rubles in Russia).

Some users feared the cream might be addictive. According to doctors, these fears are in vain. As practice shows, after the cancellation of problems with an erection does not arise, but the result remains. The penis grows both in length and in thickness, and a man can get maximum pleasure from his intimate life. There is information that the production of this cream is suspended, because the product is branded Titanium. Perhaps this is due to the refinement of the composition of this popular cream.

Penis size matters to women

Contrary to popular belief, almost every girl, if her man is even slightly unsure of himself, convinces him that size does not matter. But still? How is everything really?

Men, starting at about fourteen, are already starting to think about the size of their penis and attach importance to this. But where did this myth come from, that the greater the dignity, the better the sex? This is not known at 100 percent, however, discussions on this topic are constantly being raised in purely male companies.

The average performance. In a state of calm, that is, not erect, the penis is eight to ten centimeters long. And only eight percent have deviations from these indicators. And, of course, to check whether the man is not out of those eight percent in a depressed state, immediately after taking a shower, if the person is sick or even just cold in the room. Such experiments can only reinforce complexes or even create new ones.

Based on statistics, scientific researchers confidently argue that the size of the genitals is not associated with either height or weight, and even less so with the size of the foot or thumb. The highest rates, according to statistics, were men with average height and weight. And this is quite normal. At the same time, very tall people and dwarfs did not differ in any special indicators, but in the same way they entered normal groups.

And what about an erection? Here nature thought about the fertilization productivity of men with varying penis sizes. In men whose indicators are longer closer to the upper norm, during an erection they increase by 75%, and in the opposite group of men, they double. Thus, nature provided that in the face of sexual attraction, all men were approximately equal - fifteen - eighteen centimeters.

And now it’s worth taking a look at the question of the pursuit of centimeters on the female side. The average length of the vagina is approximately seven and a half centimeters. When excited with Penilux - up to ten centimeters minimum. But the female genital organs are designed in such a way that they have as little chance of getting a mechanical injury. It was for this purpose that nature presented the woman the opportunity to adjust to her partner. That is, if the male genital organ is even slightly larger than the indicated ten centimeters, then he is already guaranteed to have a chance to give the girl pleasure.

Rarely, with a very slow introduction or hyper-excitement of a girl, the length of her vagina can adjust and increase in size by two hundred percent. That's just how much it is a laid-back process for a man? Yes, the girl is likely to cause only unpleasant and painful sensations.

And what conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? And how can this knowledge be applied in practice? Closer to the body. Yes, the size still matters. This is undeniable. But you can't go overboard. After all, the myth that the bigger "he" is, the better is just a myth. In bed, the most important thing is that both are good. There are different people, different desires, preferences and parameters. If a woman is really good with a man, then she really doesn't care how many centimeters his dignity is.

Comment by a urologist 

Over the years of medical practice, I often met patients dissatisfied with the size of the penis. Fortunately, today they can be helped with a completely safe method - to prescribe a four-week course of gel Penilux Gel. This modern drug not only solves the main problem, but also contributes to the overall strengthening of the male reproductive system. Almost all of my patients were satisfied with the results, and none of them had any adverse reactions.

KT Antonov, urologist of the highest category.

User Reviews

Anatoly, 27 years:

Scary complex because of the small penis. From self-doubt and psychological complexes began problems with an erection. I read an article on the new gel on the Internet and decided to try it. Ordered Penilux on the official website and has already passed half the course. I am very pleased with the result - my penis became thicker and increased by 2 cm. I completely forgot about erection problems!

Maxim, 22 of the year:

In less than two weeks the course, as my penis grew by as much as 3 cm. In addition, I noticed that the sensations during sex became much sharper. There was such a self-confidence that I had not felt before. I began to get acquainted with girls with ease, and I use them with great success! The gel is just super, I advise everyone!

Andrey, 35 years:

There were problems in the intimate life, and Penilux ordered it as prescribed by the doctor. It turned out that it really works. I have not had such a persistent erection for a long time. In addition, the penis has grown by almost 5 cm! My sex is now just excellent, my wife is happy, the atmosphere in the family has improved. I am very grateful to the doctor who advised me this cream!

Reviews of doctors and customers confirm the high effectiveness of the cream Penilux Gel. It quickly restores a man's sexual function, helps him feel self-confident, fully enjoy his intimate life and establish a wonderful relationship with a woman. The drug gives a lasting effect, is not addictive and has no side effects, its full analogue under the trademark Titan Gel it is delivered to all countries of the world and is in unreal demand among men aged 20 to 40 years.

Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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