Cream GigaMax to increase penis and improve potency

On the Internet you can often see ads of various gels and capsules for penis enlargement, GigaMax was no exception, therefore, in this review we will talk about its useful properties aimed at accelerating penile growth, the composition and mechanism of action of Giga Max cream on erectile function.

Cream GigaMax for penis enlargement

Many factors influence sexual viability - from stress to malnutrition. More than 80% of men regularly experience intimate problems. In the case when misfires in bed happen very often, a cream will help GigaMax, which can be ordered anonymously and inexpensively on the official website of the manufacturer. It not only enhances erection, but also increases the size of the penis to 5-6 cm in length!

Lack of control over an erection turns sex life into hell. But the situation can be corrected, because the action of the cream GigaMax directed to:

  • improvement of blood circulation of the inguinal region;
  • increased testosterone, responsible for sex drive;
  • maintaining the synthesis of nitric oxide, which provides high-quality relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis upon stimulation;
  • elimination of foci of inflammation;
  • normalization of the nervous system;
  • comprehensive recovery of the body.

Important! Unlike synthetic analogues - Viagra (Sildenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil), GigaMax acts gently, without provoking an increase in blood pressure or the appearance of a headache.

Cream GigaMax Designed for course use for four weeks and helps:

  • stabilize an erection;
  • eliminate the problem of early ejaculation;
  • increase the size of the penis by 3-6 cm;
  • enhance sexual desire;
  • improve sperm quality;
  • prevent age-related decrease in potency;
  • reduce the risk of developing prostate diseases.

Price, how and where to buy, delivery methods

You can order GigaMax absolutely anonymous on the Internet by contacting the manufacturer’s website. In ordinary pharmacies, the drug is not sold, as this significantly increases its real cost. In addition, this is how the manufacturer protects itself from the numerous fakes that scammers spread on social networks.

The cost of a cream for penis enlargement and restoration of potency varies between 950-1000 rubles. The manufacturer offers new customers a discount of up to 50%, so you can buy GigaMax 2 times cheaper. In order to order this cream, you need:

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s website;
  2. Fill out an application with only the name and phone number.

Within 15 minutes, the manager will call you back to specify the delivery address. No personal data is required, as the manufacturer adheres to the privacy policy. To receive an order, you choose any of the delivery methods:

  • by courier within 1-3 days;
  • postal services within 3-8 days.

The site holds promotions from time to time, so you can order GigaMax cheaper by 45-50%. Thanks to GigaMax cream, you can improve your intimate life and increase your male dignity!

buy GigaMax with discount

In Europe, many men use penis enlargement Titanium Gel. Detailed information on this product on the page of the official manufacturer.

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The benefits of the cream over similar products for penis enlargement

There are other medications available for treating erectile dysfunction diseases that are reviewed on the website

Amarok - This is an effective drug to restore male strength. The natural complex includes a spray intended for external use and vegetable capsules for oral administration. Many patients note that it is inconvenient to use both spray and tablets at the same time. In addition, in comparison with the system LEXOPOL, GigaMax provides powerful potency and leads to an increase in penis parameters. This is true for couples in which the partner can not boast about the size of his manhood.

Cream Mighty Tool for penis enlargement - improves the potency and quality of sex from the first days of use, but is contraindicated in diseases of the prostate gland and is incompatible with alcohol, even in the smallest quantities.

Unlike the legendary Viagra, which is a synthetic drug and contains sildenafil as an active substance, in the cream Giga Max for there are natural aphrodisiacs that exclude any side effects. A powerful PDE-5 inhibitor of the Sildenafil type often provokes headache, jumps in blood pressure, nausea, flushing and redness of the face, etc.

Cream Benefits GigaMax

Due to the soft action, deterioration of health when applying the cream Giga Max, which is confirmed by reviews, does not occur. But the results are more impressive - after the 30-day course, more than 70% of consumers note a complete restoration of potency and an increase in penis size by 30-35%.

Important! Compared to Viagra, which is forbidden to combine with alcohol even in small quantities, GigaMax goes well with alcohol.

About cream Giga Max buyers leave mostly positive reviews on the forums, as its use allows you to restore the reputation of a tireless macho in bed.

Composition and Properties GigaMax

The cream to accelerate penile growth and enhance erection contains only plant components that have been used to maintain male strength since ancient times. As a part of cream GigaMax there are such ingredients, the effect of which is presented in the image:

Composition and properties of cream components GigaMax

Additional components in the composition of Giga Max cream:

  • extract from the umbilical umbrellas, eliminating inflammation in diseases of the genitourinary sphere;
  • deer antlers tone the body, provide useful trace elements and amino acids, increase endurance and normalize sexual function;
  • Rhodiola rosea extract stimulates the synthesis of testosterone and arouses attraction;
  • safflower-shaped leuzea activates sperm production, improves its qualitative characteristics and ensures blood flow to the genitals;
  • marshmallow cough eliminates the inflammatory processes of the prostate;
  • an extract from a field yurt normalizes the hormonal background and prevents stagnation in the pelvic organs.

Healing herbs are grown in remote ecologically clean areas. Due to the herbal composition of the cream GigaMax there is no pharmacological addiction for potency and penis enlargement. The cream for accelerating penis growth is compatible with any medication and does not cause allergies.

Important! All components GigaMax have a complex effect on the body, neutralizing the effects of daily stress, chronic diseases and improper lifestyle.

Indications for using penis enlargement cream

The drug is intended for men over 18 years who want to improve their sex life and increase libido, as well as prevent the development of prostatitis. Cream application GigaMax shown in the case of:

  • small penis size;
  • unstable erection;
  • early ejaculation;
  • low testosterone levels;
  • increased physical and psychological stress;
  • prostate diseases;
  • desire to diversify intimate relationships.

Giga Max contributes to new and vivid sensations during sexual intimacy. By increasing sexual stamina, a man is able to have a prolonged sexual intercourse, which will allow partners to get the most out of communication.

Cream Comparison GigaMax with other drugs

Contraindications and side effects

Since in the composition GigaMax only plant components are present, then it is contraindicated to take them only with individual susceptibility. Young men who have not yet reached adulthood should also refrain from the idea of ​​quickly increasing the length of their penis.

Subject to the recommended in the instructions to GigaMax dosages side effects do not occur. Exceeding daily concentrations can lead to an overdose, which is accompanied by:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • dyspepsia;
  • deterioration in overall health;
  • allergic reaction.

Patients older than 65 years who have decided to use the cream Giga Max as a stabilizer of potency, you should consult your doctor!

Important! The joint use of GigaMax cream in order to improve an erection with small doses of alcoholic beverages is allowed and does not increase the risk of side effects.

Instructions for use GigaMax

In order to increase the length and volume of the penis GigaMax used according to this scheme:

  • mechanical rubbing of the cream into the body of the penis at least twice a day;
  • Not more often than 6 once a week with a break on 1 day.

In order to restore erectile function, cream GigaMax  must be used once a day without interruption. The minimum course of therapy aimed at restoring potency is 2 weeks, the recommended course is 3-4 weeks. GigaMax cream is used regardless of the time of day, as this does not reduce the effectiveness of biologically active substances. It is allowed to combine the use of the cream with small portions of alcohol in the blood.

Using cream GigaMax, You will be able to demonstrate your partner an excellent sexual form in a few days. A nice bonus will be that during the week there is an increase in penis size by 1-2 cm, and at the end of the course - at least 5-6 cm!

Instructions for use cream GigaMax

Reviews and opinions of doctors and buyers about the cream

Men who have problems with the sexual plan, before buying a medicine, seek to find detailed information about its effectiveness and side effects. Consumers note that cream GigaMax for enlarging the penis and restoring potency has several advantages, for example:

  • well tolerated, as it has a completely natural composition;
  • goes well with alcohol;
  • the first results are already visible after 3-4 day of application;
  • the drug really works.

But negative reviews about the cream GigaMax also found quite often. This is due to the fact that buyers learned about the new product from social networks, and did not buy the cream on the official website. As a result, they simply encountered a fake, and therefore remained dissatisfied with the therapeutic effect obtained. Some note that after using the drug, the state of health worsened - nausea, arrhythmia, and headache appeared. This is only possible if the patient has not read the instructions and the body through the tissue of the penis has taken a dosage 2-3 times the daily norm.

When writing a review about cream GigaMaxEditorial Board uses real customer reviews that can be found on forums or in social networks:

Yuri Anatolyevich Kiriyenko (andrologist):

“According to my observations, impotence is noticeably younger. Complaints of a flaccid erection and premature ejaculation come even 30-year-old men. Of course, rarely do any of them turn right after the appearance of discomfort. They self-medicate more often for a year or two, until the situation becomes critical. A drug GigaMax well established, since there are no side effects, and the effectiveness is very high. In addition, penis enlargement is an undeniable bonus of GigaMax cream. ”

Eugene, 45 years, manager:

“After 40 years, I noticed that I was no longer the same. I do not want sex, an erection is weak even in the morning. My wife was tired of everything, and she undertook to treat me. I read reviews on the forum about GigaMax. I bought it myself, I only had to pay. The result exceeded all expectations. Now I am again in the stream and we have sex regularly. ”

Victor 35 years, programmer:

“I noticed that in order for an erection to appear, you need to try hard. At first I thought that I was overworked, but when the problem did not disappear even after the vacation, I went to the doctor. He advised this particular drug and said that potency has weakened due to lack of movement and physical activity. I started taking it, I noticed the result after a couple of days of treatment. ”

Anatoly, 30 of the year, athlete:

“I noticed the problem almost immediately. My friend was always ready before, but here I just could not control an erection, it simply did not exist. Guys advised GigaMax. I bought it, since there was still a discount. Nonsense, I thought, but I began to use it as an intimate lubricant. I was amazed after 9 days when at the next date I noticed that my durex elite could hardly fit on the head of the penis! ”

Reviews about cream GigaMax

Penile Transplant - Penis Transplant

It is generally accepted that cases of penis loss are sporadic. In reality, the percentage of men who encounter such a problem is quite high, but it is not customary to talk about this over a cup of coffee. The most common causes of loss of male dignity include: injuries, penile cancer, and circumcision, which were done in unsanitary conditions.

In the spring of 2018, doctors at Johns Hopkins University performed a very complicated operation - a penis transplant with a scrotum and a section of the abdominal wall. For ethical reasons, the scrotum was transplanted without testes. The operation lasted fourteen hours, and 11 surgeons took part in it.

Penis transplant

It is worth saying that transplantation of the penis is a more difficult task than transplantation of dense organs. In such cases, vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) is used. Operations of this kind also include face and limb transplants. The first successful VCA was carried out in 1998, but even today such operations are quite rare due to their complexity.

Progress in transplant medicine slows down the need for immunosuppressants after transplantation of any organ or tissue. At the same time, transplant rejection with VCA is observed much more often than with dense organ transplantation (80% versus 10%). Immunosuppressive therapy has many side effects, and with prolonged use, which is necessary after transplantation, it can lead to arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, osteonecrosis, kidney damage, bacterial and viral infections.

The attitude of the medical community towards transplantation of genital organs (penis or uterus) is very ambiguous, because the absence of these organs will not lead to death, unlike pathologies that require a heart or kidney transplant.

It is worth saying that with VCA it is possible to use immunosuppressants locally, while avoiding the systemic effect. Perhaps inside the vascular and subcutaneous administration, as well as superficial local therapy. But do not wait for the rapid implementation of these methods in medical practice, since at the moment their effectiveness has not been proven.

Penis transplant history

The experience of doctors from Johns Hopkins University was not the first in this area. Before them, penis transplants were performed in China and South Africa. The operation performed in China by Yin Bayem was completed successfully and there were no signs of rejection in the recipient. But serious psychological problems of the patient led to the fact that doctors were forced to remove the organ. More successful was the experience of Andre Van der Merwe from South Africa. His patient lost his penis as a result of ritual circumcision, but the operation helped this young man return to normal. Only three weeks after transplantation, erectile function was restored.

Ritual circumcisions are common in South Africa. In some local tribes, circumcision is an obligatory rite without which a young man cannot become a man. The procedure is carried out in unsanitary conditions, which causes sepsis, gangrene and requires amputation of the penis.

penis transplant

Vascularized composite allotransplantation is a fairly new phenomenon that is associated with a host of ethical issues, especially with regard to transplantation of the face and penis. The data of a social survey in America indicate that only 50% of Americans are ready to donate to the above bodies, while nine out of ten respondents agree to give a kidney or heart. Recipients may also experience psychological problems, which requires careful work with each transplant candidate.

At the moment, the procedure for transplantation of the penis is only being improved, but in the future it will certainly become widespread.

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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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