Types of prostatitis and its treatment with “Zdorov” cream

Cream "Zdorov" is intended for the treatment of prostatitis in men. It is used externally. This drug, with its regular use, relieves of a huge number of sexual problems in men, eradicates inflammatory processes, relieves the feeling of discomfort. Cream "Healthy Prostatitis" gives only joy and gives more self-confidence.

It is considered proven that the cream relieves itching, all kinds of painful sensations, as well as constant urge to urinate from the first days of use. This drug was produced by scientists for the male adult. The drug can be used by men at any age. Cream "Zdorov" - helps to cure not only prostatitis, but also prevents the development of inflammation in the prostate gland.

Cream "Healthy" for the treatment of prostatitis

What is prostatitis and its types?

Prostatitis is called inflammation of the prostate gland. This disease can occur in men at any age. Prostatitis is considered chronic if it lasts more than three months. This disease is formed due to inflammatory processes. According to statistics, the prevalence of this disease reaches 50% and is found in representatives of the stronger sex at the age of 20-40 years. It used to be that prostatitis is a sexually transmitted disease and is transmitted sexually. Today, studies show that only in very few cases can prostatitis be contracted through sexual contact.

You should beware of prostatitis if you have undergone a catheter medical procedure, if you have an enlarged prostate gland or an urinary tract that is not formed properly.

The cause of prostatitis can be malnutrition, hypothermia, alcohol abuse and a sedentary lifestyle.

If a man has prostatitis, then first he begins to feel a slight inconvenience when urinating. Even after a visit to the toilet, the patient may experience frequent urination. Burning in the urethra, problems with an erection, the presence of floating “threads” in the urine - all this is prostatitis.

With these symptoms, you should immediately contact a urologist. The doctor will prescribe you a bacteriological examination of urine and prostate secretions. In accordance with the results, treatment is prescribed. Bacterial prostatitis is treated with antibiotics, not bacterial - with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Types and causes of prostatitis

There are four types of prostatitis:

  • acute (bacterial);
  • chronic bacterial;
  • chronic non-bacterial;
  • asymptomatic chronic.

Bacterial prostatitis is infrequent due to the rapid course of inflammation, as well as the rapid transition to a protracted form. Chronic, non-bacterial type of prostatitis, in another way it is called the syndrome of ongoing pelvic pain, proceeds in an inflammatory and non-inflammatory form.

Pathogens are considered the root cause of bacterial prostatitis (viruses, germs, fungi). Often, the “initiator” of the disease are:

  • E. coli;
  • streptococci;
  • staphylococcus;
  • pathogenssexually transmitted diseases.

A significant proportion of microbes is present in the intestine, on the skin, however, penetrating the prostate, they stimulate inflammation in it. Usually, the root cause of the disease is not 1 disease initiator, but several types of bacteria.

Acute prostatitis is a very serious disease. Detecting it is quite difficult, because:

  • The disease is very rapidly becoming chronic.
  • Many patients usually “cure” the symptoms of acute prostatitis at home.

In most cases, patients with prostatitis turn to the doctor in a chronic form of the disease with erectile dysfunction and other symptoms. The acute form of the disease occurs against the background of:

  • high body temperature;
  • fevers;
  • other symptoms of intoxication (impotence, apathy, lack of appetite and others).

With prostatitis, painful sensations appear in the perineum, groin, scrotum. His characteristic, in addition, is frequent urination with the presence of pain. Sometimes in the urine white purulent discharge is noticeable. In addition, a sick person notices a lack of night and morning erections, insufficient erection during the period of intimacy and a sudden shortening of sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of advanced bacterial prostatitis can disappear or occur in the acute phase. This phase is characterized by pain in the groin, lower abdomen, they are often given to the sacrum, lower back, and scrotum. There are characteristic signs of urination disorders: a weak flow of urine and rapid urination, despite weak urination.

The task of etiotropic therapy, focused on eliminating the root cause of prostatitis, is the destruction of the source of the disease. Depending on the discovered root cause of prostatitis, doctors prescribe medications, antiviral or antifungal drugs, they also use urological patch. The duration of treatment for acute prostatitis is about 10 days, with a chronic form - about 8 weeks. It is very difficult to get rid of a disease such as prostatitis without a thorough examination and serious treatment. It is very important to take exactly those drugs that are most effective in combating the disease and at the same time do not harm the body. There is such a drug that treats the patient with just such a condition, and this is “Zdorov” cream for prostatitis.

Cream photo is healthy

Description of the cream Healthy from prostatitis

  • Eliminates the frequent urge to go to the toilet and normalizes the outflow of urine;
  • Relieves pain and discomfort while urinating;
  • Eliminates itching and burning;
  • Improves sexual function;
  • Relieves swelling of the prostate.

The cure for prostatitis must be instant, timely and with maximum results. Otherwise, this disease can become complicated and go into more complex stages. Benign and malignant neoplasms are possible. Therefore, at the first manifestations of prostatitis, it is necessary to immediately chop the disease on the vine.

That is why the cream from prostatitis “Healthy” is the same drug that will affect the focus of the onset of the disease, and all symptoms disappear after the first application.

What is “Healthy” cream made of?

Apply this cream in the treatment of prostatitis as efficiently as possible because it contains the following natural components:

  • Propolis extract - normalizes venous outflow, eliminates edema, tones the venous wall, and also prevents the formation of thrombosis;
  • Zhivitsa cedar - helps accelerate blood flow, remove inflammatory processes, eliminates thrombosis;
  • Bee venom - relieves spasm, improves blood flow;
  • Olive oil - accelerates the circulating processes of the blood;
  • Natural wax - helps restore damaged prostate tissue; Horse chestnut extract - eliminates stagnation, improves venous outflow, relieves inflammatory processes;
  • Bee extract (subpestilence) - relieves swelling and itching;
  • Bee extract (mumps) - eliminates the inflammatory process, increases venous tone, increases tissue elasticity.

How to apply the cream “Healthy” and what are the doses?

It is possible to use a cream from prostatitis at home. The method of application is quite simple. It is required to apply the cream daily, namely to massage massage movements into the area of ​​the disease. You can notice the result after the first use of the cream “Healthy”. With each day of use of the drug, the patient's condition improves significantly. Edema disappears, and itching as if there was none. To achieve the maximum result - at least 2's cream jars should be used.

Some packages contain a syringe in order to measure the amount of the drug. If there is no syringe, then you can purchase it at any pharmacy. It is worth taking a syringe, retract the required amount of cream (4-5 mg) at a time. Install the applicator on the syringe, then grease it with oil, for a more convenient entry. The leaning posture will be more convenient, which will lead to a more convenient entry of the drug into the anus. After entering the syringe, the contents should be squeezed out to the stop. After the procedure, it is recommended to wash the applicator and the syringe itself with a soapy solution, as well as any disinfectant.

How to use a cream for prostatitis

With erectile dysfunction, it is worth using a cream half an hour before sexual intercourse.

About the duration of treatment is worth talking like this:

  • if you have a chronic degree of prostatitis disease, then the cream should be used for 2 months;
  • in case you havebenign prostatic hyperplasia, then during 3-4 weeks;
  • if the diagnosis of infertility is made, from 2 to 6 months.

Since the drug is 100 percent natural in composition - there are no contraindications and side effects. This is also a virtue, if the cream is used by older men.

When is it worth using a cream for prostatitis?

Cream from prostatitis “Healthy” will help to eliminate:

  • discomfort, as well as a sensation of itching in the pelvic area;
  • inflammatory processes at elevated temperature and a feeling of chills;
  • disorders associated with the sexual function of men;
  • blockage during outflow of urine;

The main advantages of the cream brand "Healthy":

  • fast result;
  • affordable price;
  • no side effects;
  • The cream consists exclusively of natural ingredients.

All of the above facts indicate that the drug is the best drug for prostatitis. It is it that contributes not only to cure the disease, but also prevents its development once. The drug acts not only on a diseased organ, but also on the whole body as a whole, making a man fully and doubly healthy. The drug can also be used to prevent diseases of the pelvic organs.

prostatitis cream in a pharmacy

Cream from prostatitis “Healthy” will help to fix all the problems that have arisen in the field of intimate life of a man, thereby give confidence and heal forever! You can buy it on the official website.

Types of prostatitis and its treatment with Zdorov cream

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