ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster - Urological patch for men

Transdermal urological patch for prostatitis "ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster»Produced in China. Its advantage is that the healing components enter directly through the skin into the human body, act faster and more efficiently. The idea of ​​the patch was suggested by Tibetan monks, modern scientists only finalized it with the help of science.


What diseases will help a medical urological patch for men:

  • Prostatitis, including its chronic forms;
  • Infertility;
  • Jade and renal failure;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Frequent urination with painful sensations;
  • Pain localized in the scrotum and perineum.

Most valuable in patch ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster  it can be called that its action is focused on eliminating the causes of all these diseases, and not on removing the symptoms. The danger of urological diseases lies in the fact that they begin completely unnoticed, but cause a lot of suffering. Statistics show a constant increase in the incidence of prostatitis in men aged 25 to 40 years.

Unfortunately, no man is immune from urological diseases. The probability of their occurrence at the wrong time is high at any age, for various reasons, and can make a huge amount of discomfort in life. This is pain, and difficulties with using the toilet and the impossibility of a romantic relationship with the opposite sex. Urological diseases bring not only physical suffering, but also psychological, can even contribute to the development of depression.

Official medicine, for its part, can offer only pills to alleviate the condition, for example, popular in Europe Prostero for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. But after all, medications, as a rule, only relieve the symptom, but do not cure the causes! Moreover, each drug has an impressive amount of side effects. Therefore, I would like to supplement the traditional treatment with something useful and safe.

Finally, we can say with confidence that a tool has been developed with the help of which it is really possible to cope with the problem of urological diseases in men. The most effective remedy invented to date is a special transdermal urological patch for prostatitis ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster for men. Even urologists recognized its effectiveness and offer their patients to buy it, as it really improves the dynamics of the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. In addition, the price of the transdermal patch is only 975 rubles.

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How to apply a medical patch for men?

The belly in the navel should be rinsed with water and wiped dry, fix the patch in this place ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster. A certain area on the human body is chosen by chance. Here are the vessels that feed the genitourinary system with blood. In China, the navel is considered a kind of center responsible for the health of the whole organism.

How to apply a urological patch for men

The effective period of the patch from prostatitis is 3 days. Under the influence of body temperature composition ZB Prostatic Navel Plasterapplied to its surface melts, and drugs enter the body through the skin. The entire period of exposure to the patch can not be removed during sleep, too. This method provides a systematic and uninterrupted supply of healing components to the diseased organ. After three days, it is necessary to remove the patch, rinse the skin again properly, withstand a break of one day. Then repeat the procedure with a new patch. It is important to ensure that water does not get on the patch.

How to stick a urological patch

The most effective, this tool manifests itself in course application. For one course, 6 plasters will be required. The recommended number of courses is from 2 to 3. Transdermal patch ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster  In no case does it replace therapy with drugs, but is used as an effective supplement, since several packages are required for the course of treatment, so ordering a urological patch for men will be more profitable immediately in the required quantity.

During the course of treatment for prostatitis, the use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited, refrain from spicy and salty foods, meat and dairy products. There is no need to stick a urological patch on wounds - cuts, scratches. If you are allergic to any of the components, you must stop using the patch completely. It must be stored in a place protected from light and moisture.

What do you get when applying a urological patch for men:

  • A simple and inexpensive way to cope with prostatitis;
  • Quick effect;
  • A natural composition that does not harm the potency;
  • Deficiency of negative effects on other internal organs;
  • No need to control medication;
  • Treatment without invading a comfortable lifestyle.

What is included in the ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster?

Components of the urological patch

The composition of the urological patch ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster for men, only the most effective and natural ingredients are included. It does not contain any ingredients of chemical or synthetic origin; it fully complies with international quality standards ISO 9001: 2008. All herbs included in the patch from prostatitis are selected in a special way in order to enhance the beneficial effects of each other. This effect is called synergy. Next, we list the main ingredients used in the manufacture of a patch for the treatment of prostatitis:

  • Bornean camphor - has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects, improves blood circulation;
  • Cinnamon - has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, improves blood circulation and potency;
  • Vaginal worm - has an antispasmodic and calming effect, promotes the resorption of blood clots;
  • Two-toothed gem - has a regenerating and hemostatic effect, is a natural antibiotic;
  • Dyeing safflower - due to its properties, active ingredients penetrate especially deep into the layers of the skin;
  • Asian plantain - improves blood circulation;
  • Purslane - has healing and tonic properties;
  • Corydalis doubtful - has a tonic, strengthening, diuretic and analgesic effect;
  • Verbena officinalis - has an astringent, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect;
  • Amur velvet - has antimicrobial properties;
  • Chastuha is the best plant for the treatment of nephritis, including chronic.

What do doctors think about the urological patch?

Doctors and representatives of official medicine leave a patch ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster  decent reviews and confirm that it is really effective in urological diseases.

Testing the effectiveness of the urological patch was organized in the Netherlands in 2013. The control group consisted of 1000 men of different ages and various disorders in the genitourinary system. The application of the patch lasted 3 weeks. Studies have confirmed that in 95% of cases, improvements occurred after a few days. In 50% of cases, a complete disappearance of all signs of the disease was observed.

Testing a urological patch

There were no cases of complications or manifestations of side effects. The authenticity of the results of the study is confirmed by doctors. Now, urological patches have become an integral part of the treatment program for most male diseases, including prostatitis.

Chinese plaster on television

In the television program on the treatment of prostatitis, which was on central television in America, well-known stars spoke out using medical plasters, including Bradley Cooper and even Bruce Willis. In addition to the popular stars of show business, the "luminaries of science" and medicine spoke about this method of treating prostatitis.

Should I replace the tablets with a Chinese patch?

Tablets and potions are a long-standing dosage form for modern man. Patch ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster It has also been used in Russia for a long time, pepper was the most famous, but Chinese versions “for all occasions”, produced by modern manufacturers, literally work wonders. With the right choice, they can easily cure impotence, cope with urological problems, lose weight and stop smoking. But, if they are so effective, maybe they should completely replace the traditional dosage forms? There are many pros and cons of such a decision.

Arguments for: Chinese plasters, like a panacea

Fans of this method of treatment highlight many advantages, and consider them to be almost a panacea for any disease. Still, because medical plasters:

  • Effective - this is confirmed by both multiple studies and real customer reviews. They really help in curing many diseases and relieve pain.
  • Safe - unlike tablets and medicines, patches act through the skin, therefore, bypass the stomach and do not affect the liver.
  • Affordable - cost much less than many drug complexes.
  • They are easy to purchase - you can buy adhesives in the online store or through intermediaries who work with goods from China.
  • They have a diverse assortment - there are options for other diseases: from excess weight, from bad habits.

But, along with many advantages, there is a list of disadvantages of a fashionable method of treatment.

Arguments against Chinese plasters

With all the attractiveness, ease of use and effectiveness, Chinese plasters, as proven by practice, are not a panacea. Among the arguments of their opponents, the following are considered the main ones:

  • Maximum efficiency is manifested only in combination with other drugs, therefore, taking tablets is still inevitable.
  • You can buy Chinese plasters anywhere, but the number of low-quality goods is large enough, therefore, you can’t get the therapeutic effect you are counting on.
  • Some patches can give a strong allergic reaction.

But the truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. So, the conclusions of the magazine Obzoroff.infothat reflect the true state of affairs:

  1. Chinese patches are not an absolute panacea, but they are excellent helpers in the treatment and solution of some problems. They work better in combination with other drugs, and significantly reduce the duration of treatment, but this only applies to treatment options. Those that relieve pain work great and alone, reducing the painful condition. Substances that help in reducing volumes are also better to combine with additional techniques, in particular, with exercise and proper nutrition. However, even without increased drug loading, Chinese plasters ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster will be quite effective, just in combination with a complex for the treatment of prostatitis Urethroactive, things will go much faster.
  2. Simple application ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster is their indisputable advantage, and in order not to run into low-quality goods, you should contact the online stores, which are famous for their impeccable customer service, and also value their reputation. It is definitely impossible to be disappointed in them, because they work only with trusted suppliers and with a high level of responsibility monitor the quality of the goods sold.
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Urologist Novitsyuk Dmitry Fedorovich for 20 years engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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