Soyuz-Apollo device to restore erection and enlarge the penis

Modern life dictates its own rules, we often have to focus on the deterioration of health when the first symptoms of the disease appeared. Many men face problems in the intimate sphere, regardless of age. Scientists have taken care of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, have developed an apparatus for combined vacuum-magnetic therapy with an alternating vacuum and a traveling pulsed magnetic field, called “Soyuz-Apollo”.Soyuz-Apollo device for restoration of erection

Who is the Soyuz-Apollo physiotherapy device suitable for?

  • Men between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five;
  • People leading a sedentary lifestyle;
  • With congestion in the pelvic area;
  • With obesity and erectile dysfunction;
  • Patients with prostate adenoma;
  • With kidney and bladder diseases.

The history of the appearance of the Soyuz-Apollo device

Initially, the device was developed by the Institute of Scientific Research Medicine for astronauts who returned from orbit. The method is based on magnetic-vacuum rehabilitation, which allows improving health in the shortest possible time. Soviet doctors-sexopathologists under the patronage of the famous scientist Rostislav Vasilyevich Beleda invented rehabilitation pants, which they named with the mysterious word "Chibis". On the basis of this unit, an innovative device "Soyuz-Apollo" was developed.

Soyuz-Apollo pump to accelerate the growth of the penis

How does a penis enlargement device work?

As part of the procedure, the patient received pulses of magnetic beams and vacuum action on the perineum. The blood rushed to the pelvic organs, the lymph outflow was activated, metabolic processes were accelerated. After completing one course, men noted an increase in sexual desire, increased potency, and the disappearance of the problem of premature ejaculation. After some time, the device began to be used in the therapy of disorders of the intimate sphere of “earthly” men.


  • Inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system;
  • Erectile disfunction;
  • Cholesterol plaques on the vascular wall;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Prostate adenoma;
  • Lack of potency.


  • Skin diseases in the acute period;
  • Oncological diseases.

Advantages of the Soyuz-Apollo physiotherapy device

The action of the device is aimed at quickly getting rid of health problems. One course involves seven to ten procedures, but the average number of sessions is selected individually. Already after the first day of using the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus, you will feel an improvement in the state of the body, increase activity, and increase the duration of sexual intercourse. The device helps not only to eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis, but also to completely heal - its main difference from competitors. One use of the device guarantees a high quality of intercourse. See for yourself by purchasing an innovative development of modern scientists. With us you will feel like a sex giant, no matter how old you are. Persistent erection, long-term intercourse, sufficient time of ejaculation will make you a real Apollo in bed! Another indisputable advantage of the product is the complete absence of side effects.

Properties of the device for improving erection:

  1. Strengthening the protective functions of the body.
  2. Getting rid of the problem of frequent urination by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
  3. Restoration of testicular structure through cell regeneration.
  4. Improving sperm quality, sperm production is activated.
  5. The activation of blood circulation in the perineal region is an excellent prevention of hemorrhoidal disease.
  6. Prevention of prostate adenoma. Special macrophage cells destroy damaged cells of a benign neoplasm of the prostate gland. The adenoma noticeably decreases in size without surgery, and then completely resolves. The probability of its transformation into cancer is reduced by ninety-nine percent.
  7. The strongest blood flow to the perineum activates the natural renewal of the affected testicular tissue. This process takes place due to the renewal of immunity cells: macrophages "absorb" damaged cells, lymphocytes cancel the growth factors that regulate the division of the surviving whole cells. In the described way, the damaged tissue is restored, the scrotum is renewed.

Reviews of patients and doctors about the Soyuz-Apollo device

Anton Igorevich, 55 years old

Ironically, I work as a sex therapist. I faced the problem of potency violation after an old injury to the groin area. Knowing the entire history of the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus and its influence on potency, I decided to try it. After the third session, I did not recognize my body! Sexual activity increased markedly, I could enter into intimacy two or three times a week, versus once every two weeks before. It was a victory! From now on, I boldly recommend the device to patients, arguing the advisability of using it not only by my own experience, but also by the research carried out in this area.

Pyotr Ivanovich, 65 years old

About three years ago, doctors diagnosed me with a terrible (as it seemed to me then) diagnosis. And he sounded "Prostate adenoma". I've read all of them, I've heard a lot of friends who have a similar sore. What I just did: drank pills, was treated with herbs, but the load remained there even now. Time passed, and a colleague at work, whose wife is a doctor, advised me to try the new Soyuz-Apollo device. And what do you think? My adenoma significantly decreased in size, and then disappeared altogether! There was no limit to my delight. No, at first I couldn't believe it was true. I went to another medical institution for examination, but even there they confirmed to me: there is no more adenoma! Now I want to take one course in a month, and the second a little later, to restore my intimate health. I feel not 65, but XNUMX.

Olga Andreevna, 53 years old

Soyuz-Apollo for men was advised to me by a friend-nurse. She works in the urology department of one of the hospitals. And I believed her! You know men ... Until the thunder breaks out, they will not cross. My husband was no exception. Recently, he began to have problems with erection. She was, but quickly disappeared. Also, pulling pains in the lower abdomen worried. We ordered the device on the advice of the above-mentioned friend. We can say that I persuaded my spouse to undergo treatment. After the first use, he noted improvements. Yes, I can also say that now sex is in our life, and not as before ... Thanks to the creators of the device for such a miracle!

How to order a device with delivery?

You won't need a lot of time to buy the device. You need to go to the manufacturer's website, leave your phone number and name in the order form. After you have left a request, a company specialist will contact you to clarify the details of the order and answers to all questions. The order is formed in the shortest possible time. Delivery within the country is free of charge. After delivery by courier, you can inspect the device, see the accompanying documentation, certificates of conformity, a copy of the license, and a product quality certificate.

Questions about the application itself after purchase usually do not arise: the entire algorithm of actions is described in the instructions. At the same time, specialists are always happy to help customers by providing them with information and moral support. Hurry up to feel the effect of the apparatus for improving potency. With the Soyuz-Apollo device, the quality of life will change instantly. See for yourself!

Soyuz-Apollo device to restore erection and enlarge the penis

Indications for the use of the penis enlargement machine

Sexual dysfunction in men caused by vascular diseases and neurogenic disorders:

  • disorders of sex drive (decreased libido);
  • erectile dysfunction (including weakening of erection);
  • ejaculation disorders (premature ejaculation, prolonged intercourse, lack of ejaculation);
  • orgasm disorders;
  • chronic diseases of the genital area (including abact chronic prostatitis).

Contraindications to the use of the device:

  • systemic blood diseases;
  •  alcohol intoxication;
  • the presence of implanted pacemakers;
  • acute purulent-inflammatory diseases;
  • malignant neoplasms.

Technical characteristics of the apparatus for combined vacuum-magnetic therapy effects with alternating vacuum and traveling pulsed magnetic field:

  • The device is powered from a 220 volt alternating current network with a frequency of 50 Hz.
  • The power consumed by the device from the mains does not exceed 30 VA.
  • The mass of the device without packaging is no more than 3 kg.
  • Internal dimensions of the flask: length 200 mm, diameter 50 mm.
  • The amplitude value of the magnetic induction in the geometric center of each of the five sections of the inductor - the source of the magnetic field - (30-9) mT.
  • The maximum repetition rate of pulses of the magnetic field in each source of the inductor (6-10%) Hz.
  • Vacuum in the flask, adjustable from minus 100 hPa to minus 350 hPa. With a step of 50 hPa and a deviation from the nominal 50 hPa is allowed.
  • The device provides intermittent operation: 20 min (max) - work, 10 min - break (for treatment on an outpatient basis). After the set operating time, the machine automatically stops the procedure.

Complete set of the Soyuz Apollo vacuum pump:

  • 1 - control unit;
  • 2 - inductor;
  • 3 - a bulb for a penis;
  • 4 - sealant;
  • 5 - vacuum tube.

The device for combined vacuum-magnetotherapy action with alternating vacuum and a traveling pulsed magnetic field is made in the form of two interconnected blocks - a control unit and an action unit. The impact unit consists of an inductor and a plastic bulb. The control unit and the action unit are connected by an electric cable and a vacuum tube.

On the top panel of the Soyuz-Apollo control unit there are: a mode status indicator, a magnetic field indicator, mode adjustment buttons. On the rear wall of the control unit housing there is a connection for connecting a vacuum tube, an inductor cable, a power cord and a power switch.

Instructions for preparing the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus for use

After transportation or long-term storage (more than two hours) at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, before turning on, keep the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus in a room with a temperature of +10 to +30 degrees for at least two hours.

  1. Remove the rubber seal from the flask and rinse the inner and outer surfaces of the flask and the seal with a gauze pad moistened with a household detergent approved for contact with the skin of the body and penis, then rinse with running water. The flask must be wiped dry with a napkin, and the sealant must be allowed to dry freely.
  2. Check for the presence of a filter mat in the fitting on the rear of the control unit and connect a tube to the fitting. Insert the flask with a tensioned seal into the action unit and connect it with a vacuum tube to the control unit of the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus.

Operating modes of the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus

On the top panel of the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus there are buttons that allow changing the parameters of the factors of therapeutic effect. The device has two modes of operation: initial setting mode and operating mode. Switching between modes is made by buttons "Start" and "Stop" on the control panel.

Adjusting the influencing factors allows you to maximize the effectiveness of treatment for a particular patient, as well as to ensure the comfort and safety of treatment.


Apparatus for combined vacuum-magnetic therapy with alternating vacuum and traveling pulsed magnetic field

Control panel of the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus.

  • 1 - mode status indicator;
  • 2 - magnetic field indicator;
  • 3 - button for the number of cycles;
  • 4 - button for the frequency of pulses of the magnetic field;
  • 5, 8 - high vacuum adjustment buttons;
  • 6, 7 - reduced vacuum adjustment buttons;
  • 9 - Start button;
  • 10 - "Stop" button.

After turning on the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus with a power switch on the rear panel of the control unit, the indicator displays the number of two-minute cycles, the pulse repetition rate of the magnetic field in hertz, rarefaction in the high vacuum stage and rarefaction in the low vacuum stage in hectopascals (1 hPa≈0,001 atm.), which will be processed by the device after pressing the "Start" button.

Each of the listed parameters can be changed by pressing the corresponding button:

  • the required number of two-minute cycles is set by the "Cycle" button in the range from 1 to 10 cycles with a step of 1 cycle (the recommended number of cycles is 10);
  • the pulse repetition rate of the magnetic field is set by the "Field frequency" button (the recommended repetition rate of the magnetic field pulses is 6 Hz);
  • the magnetic field is turned off by setting the value "0 Hz" on the indicator by the "Field frequency" button;
  • rarefaction in the high vacuum interval is set by the buttons "Vacuum max" "▼" and "▲";
  • rarefaction in the low vacuum interval is set by the buttons "Vacuum min" "▼" and "▲";
  • The vacuum is turned off by setting the value on the indicator "0" using the buttons "Vacuum max" "▼" for the interval of increased vacuum and "Vacuum min" "▼" for the interval of reduced vacuum. It should be remembered that a decrease in the magnitude of the vacuum occurs due to the natural leakage of air from the flask through the seal.

After pressing the "Start" button, the device switches to the operating mode and ensures the execution of the procedure with the set parameters. The frequency of pulses of the magnetic field in the mode of initial settings is selected in an optimal way to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

Method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction with the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus

ATTENTION: It is forbidden to use the device when a patient uses implanted pacemakers.

In order to avoid the appearance of side effects, it is forbidden to carry out more than 1 procedure per day.

Sit on a chair in front of the device so that your hands can freely reach the control panel buttons of the control unit. Before starting the procedure, you must place (insert) the penis in a plastic flask with a seal. Place the penis in a plastic flask in the inductor. Then connect the control box and the plastic flask with a vacuum tube.

Attach the vacuum tube to the plastic bulb after placing it in the inductor.

  • Connect the power cord of the device to the 220 V.
  • Switch on the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus with the power switch. Perform the initial settings (automatically installed at power-on).
  • Put on the penis stimulation unit and proceed with the procedure.
  • Click the Start button.

During the procedure, it is possible to adjust the vacuum in the flask using the buttons "Vacuum max" "▼" and "▲" or "Vacuum min" "▼" and "▲" depending on the performed interval. Do not try to use a strong vacuum right away.

Apparatus vacuum magnetic therapy for impotence Soyuz Apollo
After completing the specified number of cycles, the device will enter the break mode for 10 minutes. At this time, the indicator will show the time remaining until the end of the break. A break in the operation of the device is necessary to cool the heating elements during outpatient use of the device. For individual use, after completing the procedure, you must turn off the device by pressing the power switch button and unplug the power plug from the socket.

The procedure for using the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus can be interrupted at any time by pressing the STOP button, without waiting for the automatic shutdown.

Features of the technique of the procedure:

  • Treatment is carried out once a day.
  • The recommended duration of the procedure is 10 two-minute cycles.
  • The usual course of treatment is 10 to 12 procedures.

In order to create the necessary vacuum in the flask during preparation for the procedure, the following sequence of actions is recommended:

  • Pull the vacuum tube through the inductor hole and connect the flask and the fitting on the control unit with it.
  • Cut off the end of the rubber seal with scissors (delivery in 2 versions is possible) by ~ 10mm.
  • Pull the seal over the penis, while trying to move it as close to the base of the penis as possible. If necessary, you can increase the diameter of the hole, but, in any case, the seal should fit snugly to the penis.
  • Put the seal on the flask and slide it towards the body.
  • During the procedure, the flask should be as close to the base of the penis as possible, since only that part of it that is in the flask is exposed.

Pay attention to the inadmissibility of air leakage through the sealing cap, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. As a rule, in such cases it is necessary to replace the sealing cap.

If the patient wishes to use only the vacuum effect of the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus, and the magnetic field can be turned off by setting the frequency to "0 Hz". During the procedure, the severity of an erection may be as follows:

  1. complete lack of erection;
  2. weak erection;
  3. average erection;
  4. strong erection.

The depth of the vacuum should be such that during the treatment procedure the erection is close to average. For this, during the treatment procedure, the vacuum depth can be increased or decreased.

If it is necessary to speed up an erection, a short-term use of an increased vacuum is allowed, provided there is no pain. The recommended minimum difference in vacuum in the intervals of low and high vacuum should be at least 50 hPa.

Flask and seal care during treatment

In the conditions of individual use of the device, after the end of the procedure, wash the flask and the seal with running water and let dry freely.

When using the Soyuz-Apollo apparatus in outpatient facilities, the flask and the seal must be used strictly individually. The patient during the course of treatment should be guided by this instruction. Store the rubber seal in a free state, not allowing the walls to come into contact with each other. Also, you need to protect the device from direct sunlight and other sources of heat radiation.

The device in the package should be stored in a heated room at an ambient temperature of +10 to +30 degrees and a relative humidity of no more than 80%.

Soyuz-Apollo device to restore erection and enlarge the penis Soyuz-Apollo device to restore erection and enlarge the penis Soyuz-Apollo device to restore erection and enlarge the penis Soyuz-Apollo device to restore erection and enlarge the penis Soyuz-Apollo device to restore erection and enlarge the penis

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