Prostaline - capsules for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Prostaline It is a natural herbal supplement for the treatment of prostatitis, which is available in capsule form. When using it, pain and irritation in the lower back, perineum, burning sensation during urination disappear after 7 days. At the second stage of taking the drug, inflammation stops. A single volume of urine increases, and the number of micturitions decreases.

According to statistics, inflammation of the prostate gland is recorded in 43% of men over 35 years old. The age of the sick is constantly decreasing, isolated cases are detected in eighteen-year-old boys. Acute prostatitis is characterized by pain in the genitals, disorders associated with the introduction of urine. If the disease is not treated, it becomes chronic. It is known that about 85 percent of patients suffering from prostatitis develop erectile dysfunction, which leads to a weakening of sexual libido, infertility, prostate adenoma occurs, which degenerates into a cancerous tumor.

Capsules Prostaline for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Medication does not always help to get rid of the consequences of prostate adenoma, therefore side effects often occur. Some doctors propose to fix the problem promptly, but not all men agree to put themselves in danger with more effective and modern drugs. This article will introduce you to an innovative product Prostaline, which revolutionized the world of medicine in the treatment of prostatitis. The manufacturer used a combination of unique medicinal plants, so the food supplement has no side effects.

You will learn what components are included in the preparation, how they work. The instructions for use describe the rules for using the medicine for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. The publication warns when and to whom Prostaline can not be accepted.

You will get acquainted with the opinions of specialists and patients about the effectiveness of the drug, make sure that the capsules for prostatitis really work, are safe. Prostaline not sold in pharmacies or on Amazon. The manufacturer values ​​its reputation and protects patients from counterfeiting. We will tell you where to buy a discounted drug, how to get it and pay for it. If you are aware of the action Prostaline and you are ready to purchase it, go to the "How to pay and receive the goods" section.

Causes and signs of prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate gland is called prostatitis. The organ produces fluid that provides nourishment and motility for sperm. The prostate forms libido and ejaculation. The gland surrounds the urinary tract. If the prostate becomes inflamed, it constricts the urethra. The urogenital canal narrows, the outflow of semen and urine is disturbed.

The prostate gland becomes inflamed under the influence of the following factors:

  • congenital predisposition;
  • adynamia;
  • local hypothermia;
  • chronic infections: tonsillitis, caries, bronchitis, colitis, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • physical overload;
  • stress;
  • malnutrition;
  • alcohol, tobacco smoking;
  • irregular sex life.

Prostaline - capsules for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

When a man discovers two or more of the following signs, he should see a doctor:

  1. Disorder of urinary function: frequent urge to urinate, especially at night - nocturia. Soreness before emptying, weak spray that splashes.
  2. Pain that occurs in the lower abdomen is transmitted to the perineum, anus, rectum.
  3. Weakening of libido.
  4. Ejaculation does not occur or is accompanied by discomfort.

Neglected situations are characterized by alternating diarrhea and constipation. Mucus or pus will drain from the urethra and rectum. Adenoma of the prostate develops, which, with a combination of adverse factors, degenerates into a malignant tumor.

Benefits of using capsules Prostaline

Clinical Trials of Capsules Prostaline held in 2020 at the Lerrach sanatorium on men aged 38 to 74 years. All volunteers were diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Patients in the control group received conventional medicine. Patients from the experimental group were given Prostaline... The experiment lasted 1 month. The results are shown in the table.

Symptom% cured
Pharmacy drugProstaline
Easing pain and burning sensation when emptying the bladder56100
Normalization of urination5797
Reducing the number of urges to normal2898
Reducing the size of the prostate to normal989
No exacerbations after stopping the medication3598

The table shows that the food additive is superior to the pharmaceutical preparation in all respects. Most of the subjects recovered their erection and resumed an active intimate life.

Properties of the preparation Prostaline

Composition and pharmacological action of capsules Prostaline

Prostaline released in cardboard boxes, inside which are placed instructions and a bottle with twenty tablets. For the manufacture of capsules, the following components were used:

  1. Pumpkin seeds: they contain a lot of zinc, organic biologically active substances. The seeds eliminate urinary stagnation, prevent prostate cells from being reborn into an adenoma, enhance immune defenses, and correct erectile dysfunction.
  2. Dwarf sereno palm fruit extract: improves overall well-being, normalizes the urination process, corrects erectile function, enhances libido.
  3. African plum bark - relieves swelling, prevents the development of aseptic inflammation, and stops the process of tumor formation.
  4. Ginkgo Biloba: increases immunity, destroys pathogens, regenerates damaged prostate tissue, expands the lumen of blood vessels, frees their walls from cholesterol plaques. Enhances testosterone production, stimulates the outflow of lymph from prostate tissue.
  5. Cranberry - contains antioxidants, detoxifiers, vitamins. Anthocyanides protect the walls of the urinary tract from the attachment of pathogenic bacteria. A person's health improves, his mood rises.
  6. Nettle extract: relieves pain during urination. Relaxes the smooth muscles of the ducts of the prostate, which facilitates the penetration of other active substances into the organ. Burning herb enhances erection, restores reproductive functions.

The combined action of the components of the food supplement resumes blood microcirculation in the small vessels of the prostate gland and surrounding organs. Prostaline enhances local immunity, suppresses the vital activity of harmful microbes, removes toxins from damaged tissues, removes excess fluid, stops the degeneration of parenchymal cells into a tumor.

The components of the food supplement for the treatment of prostatitis do not interact with antibiotics, antimycotics, antiviral drugs. The burning sensation and pain during urination disappears, the feeling of incomplete emptying disappears. Sleep is normalized because the bladder stops waking a man at night.

The state of health improves, the mood rises, so potency returns, libido increases. The patient changes his lifestyle. Refusal from strong alcoholic drinks, smoking, gastronomic excesses is fixed reflexively. The return to bad habits is accompanied by a deterioration in well-being. therefore Prostaline eliminates not only pain, but also the causes of their occurrence. A dietary supplement for the treatment of prostatitis improves family relationships, increases the ability to work and increases stress resistance.

The action of the composition of the capsules Prostaline for prostatitis

Instructions for the use of capsules for the treatment of prostatitis

Preparation Prostaline used to treat acute or chronic prostatitis. To achieve a positive result, the prerequisites must be met:

  • quit smoking, limit the use of beer and spirits;
  • exclude spices, salted and smoked foods, fatty foods, sweets, chocolate, pastries, tomatoes, beets, and other red vegetables from the diet;
  • eat boiled fish and meat, soups in broth made from vegetables;
  • replace caffeine-containing drinks with unsweetened compotes or herbal teas;
  • do not use sugar, honey, replace them with marshmallows or jam.
  • avoid stressful situations, do not overcool;
  • suspend intimate relationships until the pain symptoms disappear.

Once the prerequisites are met, proceed with treatment. Please note: the capsule protects the ingredients from gastric acid hydrochloric acid, so you do not need to open it and eat the powder. The membrane is dissolved by the enzymes of the duodenum. Take one tablet daily after meals. In order for the active ingredients to be absorbed into the blood as soon as possible, drink a glass of water.

Capsule use Prostaline with chronic prostatitis

If you fulfill the prerequisites and start treatment on time, the painful effects will disappear within a week. For a complete recovery, you need to drink from 30 to 40 tablets, that is, you need to purchase 2 bottles Prostaline.

If you give up drinking beer, strong alcoholic beverages, unhealthy food, tobacco, become stress-resistant and do not overcool, prostatitis will not return.

Despite the fact that the drug does not contain synthetic components, an allergic reaction to certain substances cannot be ruled out. These cases are reported to the doctor and the supplement is discontinued. Prostaline contraindicated during the recovery period after surgery to remove the prostate. Do not consume a food supplement without consulting your doctor if you have been diagnosed with chronic kidney, liver, blood vessel, or heart disease. In this case, it is recommended to use another drug, for example Prostero.

Customer reviews on the use of the drug Prostaline

Application Reviews Prostaline

The product information is complemented by expert and consumer reviews:

Karl Bemer, M.D .: Prostaline does not contain chemicals, consists of herbal extracts. The use of a dietary supplement for a month leads to a complete recovery. The drug facilitates the work of a doctor who serves patients with an insurance policy. I see patients only 2 times a year.

Fritz Stilike: I have a beloved woman. I wanted an intimate relationship, but the pain in my perineum did not allow me to be aroused. She is a doctor by profession, gave me capsules Prostaline... After a week the pain stopped, after another 3 days we “loved each other” again.

Gerhard Miller: I was tormented by pain in my back, scrotum, anus. The doctor recommended that the prostate be removed and sent me for examination to the Ludwig-Maximilian University, where they prescribed Prostaline... After a month of treatment I feel healthy. He refused the operation.

Silvio Veronetti: I was traveling in the mountains when a blizzard suddenly hit. They rescued me and my comrades, but after hypothermia they began to pester me with pains when going to the toilet. I woke up 4 times a night. Urination was excruciating. Intimate relationships became impossible, family problems appeared. I lost my job because I was physically unable to do it. The doctor diagnosed chronic prostatitis and suggested trying the capsules Prostaline... I took the pills for 2 months. I felt a little better, but I drank hard for Christmas. The pains returned. I do not know what to do.

Pavel: I have wandering pains: in the testicle, lower back, lower abdomen, back. The erection became lethargic, I stopped paying attention to women. I thought I was getting old, but I was only 62. The doctors prescribed pills Prostaline... It became easier, but I did not receive what I promised. It turned out that you need to go on a diet. What kind of medicine is it that deprives you of the last joy in life: you can't drink, you can't eat tasty food. I'll go to the doctor, let him prescribe a normal medicine.

Doctors and most buyers leave positive reviews about capsules for the treatment of prostatitis. Negative responses come from patients who do not fulfill the preconditions or the disease is so advanced that it does not lend itself to conservative treatment.

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How to pay and receive the goods?

On the Internet, you can see advertisements about drugs of the same name or drugs with similar names. So that you do not get confused, do not order counterfeit, buy tablets Prostaline in the official online store. Click on the "Order" button, fill out the form, leave your contact information.

In 15 minutes, the managers will call you by phone, find out the delivery address of the capsules, tell you about the conditions for receiving the goods. Within the countries of the European Union there is a discount, you will be sent Prostaline by mail at a price of 49 euros. Pay for your purchase with cash on delivery upon receipt.

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